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With the Old Devil Ji Yin being the first one to step forward to ignite the atmosphere and momentum, all the other powerhouses who intended to establish a close relationship with the Stargaze also stepped up to show their full support of the alliance.

This way, those hesitant powerhouses from a moment ago could no longer restrain themselves as they saw the general opinion had been established. As if they were supporting the alliance from the beginning, all of them could only follow the trend and started to enthusiastically promote the alliance.

Initially, the Dragon and Tiger sect had harbored some fantastical thoughts and hoped that other powerhouses would step up to dispute the alliance during the meeting. Now, it seemed that before absolute authority, all their fantasies were unrealistic.

Carrying a smile on his face, Tan Zhongchi looked at the Dragon and Tiger sect: "Everyone of the Dragon and Tiger sect, in the past, the eastern powerhouses only looked to the Stargaze, Dragon and Tiger, and the Archaic Mysteries sect. Now, with the Archaic luring the wolf into the den and suffering divine punishment, your opinions and input is extremely valuable to us in the formation of this eastern alliance. Head Shi, why not say a few words?"

Inwardly, Shi Chenglong was feeling depressed. However, they had already made preparations for the worst. Hearing Tan Zhongchi's question, Shi Chenglong said: "To any countries in the east, the eastern alliance would not be an unfavorable thing. Of course, the Dragon and Tiger sect supports it. Only, after the formation of the alliance, we must still think and plan how to establish order, how to execute, and how to divide benefits."

Tan Zhongchi glanced at Zhuo Buqun and stepped back.

Zhuo Buqun said with a smile as he walked up: "Everyone, after the eastern alliance is created, the internal affairs of all eastern countries will be resolved within themselves. If the eastern powerhouse becomes engaged in some conflict with foreign powerhouses, of course we will team up to resist. Or else, this alliance would appear pretentious."

Hearing Zhuo Buqun's words, all the other powerhouses were extremely overjoyed. Initially, they worried that the joint alliance would cost them their governing power. Now, it seemed that the Stargaze Palace was not interested in getting involved or interfering with all the countries.

As long as they don't interfere with each other's business, it would be a great thing to form an alliance to defend against the foreign enemies.

Zhuo Buqun said: "Everyone, the Stargaze Palace had discussed this topic before. The east is vast and close to the Endless Eastern Sea. We do enjoy exceptional advantages in terms of geographical location. If we use it well, we do have the power to become the top existence among the human countries in the Tian Xuan Land. We would not ask to invade or suppress others. However, at the very least, we must make sure that others will not bully us!"

 "Head Shi has said it very well. Order, execution, and division are all serious topics. The Stargaze's intention are clear. We are all powerhouse in the Tian Xuan Land, and we will respect the rule in the land. Everyone will do their share and the strong holds the most power. The Tian Xuan Land incorporates everything and it's not a place that will restrict the survival of weaker powerhouses. However, on the other end of this rule would be the stronger sects. Therefore, the eastern situation will follow this principle: Everyone is allowed to survive. Yet everything will be determined by your strength."

Speak with your strength. These were clear words.

 "Head Zhuo is right. You will enjoy the amount of authority corresponding to your strength. If that's the case, then it's easy to establish order!"

Zhuo Buqun nodded: "That's why I think all benefits in the eastern territory will be distributed to everyone. However, as for how much each person gets, it will be determined by your strength! The same goes with the Endless Eastern Sea exploration. The stronger you are, the more chances you get!"

The Endless Eastern Sea exploration rights?

All the powerhouses were stunned. In the past, the exploration rights were the rewards for the games hosted by the Three Eastern Middle Ranking Empires. It had nothing to do with the other powerhouses.

However, from Zhuo Buqun's tone, it seemed that he was going to share this opportunity!

Of course, this made everyone become excited and hot-blooded. All of them watched Zhuo Buqun carefully and wanted to see what he would say next.

Zhuo Buqun said with a smile: "I believe that everyone here is looking forward to earning the right to explore the Endless Eastern Sea. Through repeated discussion, the Stargaze Palace feels such opportunity should be open to all eastern powerhouses. Of course, whether you can get a spot will depend on your strength and luck. Head Shi, what do you and your sect think?"

Inwardly, Shi Chenglong was feeling doubtful. He knew that the Stargaze Palace was being this generous to warm up people's hearts. Perhaps, they would ask them for the spiritual key.

 "I am deeply impressed by your wisdom. Of course, I will not object and I support it wholeheartedly."

Zhuo Buqun said with a smile: "Good. As for the exact details on how to divide the exploration rights and the number of spots, we will discuss it in the future."

As he was speaking, suddenly, Zhuo Buqun took out an object from his chest. Indeed, it was a jade sword. When Shi Chenglong saw the sword, his heart sank. This was that spiritual key.

Zhuo Buqun put that spiritual key forward: "Everyone, the Stargaze Palace is willing to offer this spiritual key, the key object to opening the entrance of the Endless Eastern Sea, as the first gift to the eastern alliance. Regardless of which person becomes the head of the alliance, we will give this spiritual key to the head."

As soon as he said these words, Qin Wushuang also laughed inwardly. Of course, Head Palace Master's actions was merely pretending to be generous. Without a doubt, this spiritual key would return to the Stargaze Palace. How could the Stargaze let go of the head seat of the alliance since they were hosting it?

This action was only to show a courtesy to the Dragon and Tiger Sect and to let them offer their spiritual key by their own initiative.

Suddenly, Old Devil Ji Yin laughed: "Head Zhuo shows such nice temperament. I wonder if the heads of the Dragon and Tiger sect would offer their spiritual key. We shall wait and see, ha ha."

Shi Chenglong cursed at Old Devil Ji Yin for being so shameless and he was feeling bitter at the current situation. However, how could he push off his responsibility at this crucial moment?

Zhuo Buqun smiled casually and did not speak as he only looked at Shi Chenglong.

Shi Chenglong laughed drily :"Since Head Zhuo is being so generous, how could we be so miserly about a spiritual key. Only, that spiritual key of the Archaic Mysteries sect has gone missing. With one less key, we cannot open the entrance to the Endless Eastern Sea. This is a major problem.

However, Zhuo Buqun laughed: "Head Shi, the Stargaze will take care of it."

Inwardly, Shi Chenglong was feeling a little nervous. Hearing Zhuo Buqun's determined tone and with all other powerhouses watching his performance, he had no choice but to offer the key despite how unwilling he was.

Each of the other heads of the Dragon and Tiger sect revealed a solemn expression as they watched Shi Chenglong put that spiritual key up. They were deeply uncomfortable as if a chunk of their flesh had been .

Under such crucial moment, if they did not offer it, they would not only offend everyone but also offend the Stargaze Palace. It would be a mystery what the punishment they would receive in the future.

With the Archaic Mysteries sect being an example, they would not dare to take the risk.

Zhuo Buqun looked at these two spiritual keys with a smile: "Now, two of the three spiritual keys are here. For sure, the Stargaze will find the remaining one. The day when the three spiritual keys are reunited again will be the day of the opening of the Endless Eastern Sea. Now, only one and the most important topic is left. Who will lead the eastern alliance! For this person, we need everyone to gather your thoughts and elect a candidate."

As soon as he had finished speaking, someone shouted from beneath the stage: "No need to pick! In the current moment, no one is more suitable than the Stargaze."

"Yes, defeating the Nine Palace, annihilating the Archaic Mysteries sect, such power has met everyone's expectation. No need for an election. Everyone will not agree if we picked others!"

 "Support the Stargaze!"

 "Stargaze, be the leader!"

"Stargaze Palace, lead the east to prosperity!"

Waves of voices went up and down as everyone cheered almost for one side. At the scene, only the Dragon and Tiger sect were remotely qualified to be elected for the seat of the leader. However, under such momentum, a strong sect as powerful as the Dragon and Tiger sect had no choice but to lower their heads. Currently, they did not have the qualifications nor the courage.

As they faced waves of cheers louder than anything, all the Heads of the Dragon and Tiger sect felt extremely cold. They knew that the memories of the Three Eastern Empires had disappeared without a trace.

From this point, there would be only one powerhouse. That would be the Stargaze. No one would dare to defy the Stargaze. The Dragon and Tiger sect could only be the second-rated sect in the east!

Old Devil Ji Yin laughed strangely: "Head Zhuo, everyone's eyes are bright. In the current eastern territory, no other powerhouse has the ability to lead the entire east. The Stargaze should take the role. Head Palace Master Zhuo and the others, you should not push it off to avoid disappointing everyone."

Zhuo Buqun said with a smile: "Everyone, your kindness is misplaced. We still need to elect the ."

Old Devil Ji Yin said as if to curry favor: "To elect what?"

He shouted while stepping forward: "Those who are against the Stargaze should step forward."

For a moment, it was deadly silent as no one dared to move even half of a step.

Old Devil Ji Yin laughed eerily: "Head Zhuo, do you see? It is unanimous."

Zhuo Buqun shook his head: "This is somewhat childish."

Old Devil Ji Yin scratched his head and moved his eyes. Then, he said: "Alright. Please raise your hands if you support the Stargaze! Let Head Zhuo see everyone's passion!"

This way, with one motion, everyone raised their hands.

Only the Dragon and Tiger sect still seemed hesitant. Zhuo Buqun continued glancing at the Dragon and Tiger sect from time to time. As if without intention, Tan Zhongchi also took two steps forward and stood on the same row as Zhuo Buqun.

Despite feeling extremely unwilling, the heads of the Dragon and Tiger sect could only obey. Shi Chenglong took a step forward and cupped his hands: "Head Palace Master Zhuo, the Stargaze meet's everyone's satisfaction. Of course, us old friends supports you unconditionally. It is somewhat unnecessary to raise our hands, ha ha."

His last laugh sounded like a laugh, in fact, it sounded uncomfortably more like a sob.

Zhuo Buqun gave a long sigh: "With your kindness, I am deeply ashamed."

Old Devil Ji Yin laughed strangely: "Head Zhuo, another unanimous vote. I think the Stargaze Palace should not hesitate. Everyone wished for a powerful leader to protect and lead the east to greater prosperity. Of course, it would be even more wonderful if everyone could receive more benefits from before, under the leadership of a new head."

All the other Palace Masters of the Stargaze nodded and said to Zhuo Buqun: "Head Palace Master, it's rare that everyone is showing such enthusiasm. I think the Stargaze should face the difficulty straightforwardly and shoulder this responsibility!"

Letting out a long sigh, Zhuo Buqun nodded: "Ok, it would be bad for the Stargaze to brush it off! Since everyone supports us, for sure we will not let you down!"

 "Mighty head, mighty Stargaze Palace!"

For a time, congratulating words rumbled out continuously to all the surrounding areas.

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