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Chapter 380: Eastern Alliance Conference

However, Tan Zhongchi said: "Head Palace Master, I think that we don't need to go to this Nine Raven Temple. With the eastern alliance around the corner, this is more important. Wushuang is vitally important to the Stargaze Palace. Even if he has to go to the Nine Raven, he should wait until this is over."

Tan Zhongchi's suggestion made Zhuo Buqun feel that it made sense. He nodded and said: "Second is right. We should host the eastern alliance with care. If the eastern alliance succeeds, soon the Great Luo will rise up to become an Upper Ranking Empire. By that time, regardless of the Nine Raven Temple or the Emperor Buddha Palace, they would all send representatives. By that time, we will talk with the Nine Raven Temple…"

To ascend to the Upper Ranking Empire status, the Great Luo must receive recognition from the Nine Raven and the Sky Travel Empire. To receive recognition, it was inevitable that they would go through a lot of communication.

After reaching this agreement, the Stargaze Palace locked Luo Guiyun up for now.

Finally, the eastern alliance conference had begun.

Outside the big square of the Stargaze Palace, hundreds of major and minor representatives and powerhouses from all around the eastern countries had gathered. Each powerhouse had sent almost all of their elite warriors. Thus, the entire Stargaze Palace was bustling with activity.

In the Stargaze Palace, from normal disciples to Palace Masters, each of them were brimming with joy at the prospect of being host.

The Five Palace Masters, eight Shakyamuni, sixteen Elders, Core disciples, and the Palace Emissaries were all standing at the most obvious positions.

Zhuo Buqun spoke as he watched all these guests from all around the eastern territory: "Everyone, we, the Stargaze, are grateful for all of you for coming to attend the conference. In this invitation, please excuse us if there are any inappropriateness."

Most of these powerhouses wanted to form a close connection with the Stargaze Palace. All of them said: "No need to say that. To the east, the alliance meeting is a great thing."

 "Yes. The eastern territory should have formed an alliance way earlier. We need to form a solidified fortress."

 "Yes, forming an alliance is the best way for the east to protect itself and to become stronger. Of course, by forming this alliance,

we must elect a Leader. I think the Stargaze is the most appropriate choice."

Different powerhouses started to engage in discussion beneath the stage. Some of these people were sincere and some were not. However, regardless of speaking from the bottom of their hearts or pretending to go along with the show, none of them dared to show disrespect to the Stargaze Palace.

All these people were extremely cunning. During this time, the situation regarding eastern territory surged like a gathering storm. The Stargaze Palace had become famous through defeating the Nine Palace and annihilating the Archaic Mysteries sect. All these thunderous methods had predicted that the Stargaze Palace would rise indefinitely.

And the Stargaze's series of recent activities also vividly showed that the second step for them was to take over the east!

To most powerhouses here, it would not affect them too much. Thus, they were not worried about the Stargaze Palace taking the lead.

Initially, it was the three Middle Ranking Empires that governed the east. It would not pose a major problem to them if the Stargaze were to take over.

Furthermore, with a powerful sect governing the east, at least it could maintain the competitiveness of the eastern powerhouses and urge development.

Thus, among these powerhouses, sixty or seventy of powerhouses would like the Stargaze to realize their ambition of dominating the east. And if they could use this chance to establish a good relationship with the Stargaze Palace and pick up a few benefits from whatever that remained, it would be even better than the previous situation.

If one compared the eastern territory to a large flat bread, the remaining people would almost have nothing to eat when the three Upper Empires ate it. If this flat bread were eaten by one Empire, more or less they would get some remains. As for which mouth these remains would fall to, it would depend on the competition.

At the very least, the situation would remain the same as before in which they would get nothing.

The remaining thirty to forty percent of the powerhouses were either connected to the border of the Great Luo and were alarmed by the rising Great Luo empire, or held some grudges and conflicts fueled by self-interest with the Great Luo.

The last kind was the Vermillion Empire represented by the Dragon and Tiger sect. Initially, they

they were the sect that stood on par with the Stargaze Palace. However, now they could not accept this fact that they must obey the Stargaze.

Zhuo Buqun's words caused a lively discussion.

When everyone's discussions had gradually diminished, Zhuo Buqun said: "Everyone, this time, we invited you all to announce some recent news that has happened in the east."

After he had finished speaking, he turned to speak to Tan Zhongchi: "Second, tell us about it."

Tan Zhongchi nodded and walked to the front: "Everyone, I believe that in many of your eyes, I was a dead person recently. That's right. A year ago, Zhao Heng of the Nine Palace came to the Stargaze Palace and indeed, he shattered my dantian. I was on the brink of death."

Tan Zhongchi spoke with an awe-inspiring manner. The sound of his voice rolled out through the area accompanied by the temperament of a Perfect Stage. Instantly, his surging momentum had silenced all discussions.

At the same time, everyone started to look at Tan Zhongchi and focused all their attention onto him. Many people had heard the rumors about Tan Zhongchi. However, they had no clue about the truth. Naturally, seeing Tan Zhongchi appearing alive and well here, they wanted to listen to the truth.

Tan Zhongchi said lightly: "If it weren't because the heavens did not wish to let me die, I would have been in a different place than everyone else right now. Everyone, how many of you have strength that can surpass mine?"

When Tan Zhongchi asked this question, everyone drew a breath of cold air. Many people's breathing started to become suppressed as they thought Tan Zhongchi was going to show off his power.

Tan Zhongchi laughed casually: "I only advanced into the Perfect Stage recently. Let me just talk about the time when I got injured by Zhao Heng. Even at that time, I think not more than three people from the east would dare to say that they can beat me, right?"

If one looked back on that time period, only the number one warrior of the Archaic and the Dragon and Tiger sect could win against Tan Zhongchi. Indeed, there were no more than three people.

Everyone nodded. However, Tan Zhongchi said: "Even in this case, that Zhao Heng still easily beat me to the brink of death."

 "Everyone, even with my

with my power and position in the east, I still could not protect myself under that circumstance. Let me ask you, if such thing were to happen to you, do you think you could survive?"

Tan Zhongchi's words were straightforward and sharp. After having asked this question, he also looked around with a pair of sharp eyes and forced these people from being able to evade his gaze.

 "Palace Master Tan, even you were injured. If it's us, we can only die!"

"Yes, for sure."

When someone started to speak, everyone started to voice their opinion in agreement with Tan Zhongchi.

When Tan Zhongchi saw everyone start to re-engage in discussion, he did not stop them and only nodded after everyone had almost finished. Then, he said: "Everyone, I did not mean to show off my power with these words. I only want to tell you that the east may appear vast and seem as though we have a lot of powerful countries. However, we do not hold a high position in the human countries. The true warriors could come as they want! Why is that?"

Suddenly, Tan Zhongchi raised his voice suddenly.

 "Without a doubt, they dare to come bully us because they see that although the east is big, it's a plate of scattering sand that does not have a centre, nor a strong powerhouse as a protector. The countries in the west have the Sky Travel Empire. The entire northern regions have the protection of the Nine Raven Empire. The southwest and central west is governed by the Red Dragon Empire! Only the east has no powerful alliance and a centre. The foreign powerhouses could come and go as they want freely!"

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang smiled. He knew that finally, his teacher had laid out the main point after leading the discussion. The east lacked a strong centre. Currently, the most suitable candidate of this centre had appeared!

Tan Zhongchi's words made everyone nod.

This time, they were not only nodding to go along with the trend or sucking up to him, many people were thinking deeply about everything Tan Zhongchi had talked about. They thought that the situation was as he had said. Only the east lacked a strong and powerful core.

These people were all smart. Through analysis, they further understood the the Stargaze Palace's intentions for hosting this alliance conference. It alliance conference. It seemed that from the beginning to end, the Stargaze had already planned all the details.

Smart people knew what to do in this situation.

The general consensus had been formed. If they objected, it would be going against the Stargaze Palace. It would only pose great harm to themselves rather than any benefits.

At this moment, suddenly, the Old Devil Ji Yin among the crowd saw Qin Wushuang was looking at him with a faint smile. Feeling nervous, he instantly understood something as he cleared his throat to speak: "Mr. Tan's words have truly made me see the light! I think that the east needs a strong and powerful alliance, plus a good core. Everyone, don't you think so?"

Most people knew that there was grudge between the Old Devil Ji Yin and Tan Zhongchi. Now, seeing him agreeing with Tan Zhongchi, most of them felt suspicious. Why did this Old Devil Ji Yin turn?

Qin Wushuang smiled lightly and nodded to show his satisfaction with Old Devil Ji Yin's words.

Upon receiving this hint, the Old Devil Ji Yin had been encouraged even more: "Everyone, you know that Palace Master Tan and I were engaged in some small conflicts. In that time, I always felt that I was being wrongly accused and even thought about leaving the Great Luo Empire. However, soon I thought that it was not worth it. If I leave the Great Luo and my homeland, it would be the same of a falling leaf leaving this land, what good would come out of it? In the end, we are people of the Great Luo, people of the east. We are nothing after leaving the east. Thus, a strong eastern territory will not only be beneficial to the Ji Yin Sect, it would be good for everyone. Thus, I decided to forget and forgive everything in the past to support the eastern alliance with everything! Everyone, let's work together to elect a powerful Leader to lead the east to prosperity!"

Old Devil Ji Yin's words instantly won a wave of loud cheers. Even Tan Zhongchi did not expect that this Old Devil Ji Yin had such wisdom to recognize the general trend.

Qin Wushuang only smiled. Inwardly, he thought that this Ji Yin would be a talented person if he were to use him well.

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