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Feeling discontent, Shi Chenglong stood up and said to everyone: "You guys keep discussing and I will go take a look."

Although he was in the Great Luo Empire, in the east, Shi Chenglong was after all, a grandmaster. Currently, in the east, besides a few Perfect Stage warriors, he was the number one. If he hadn't been distracted by these miscellaneous matter of the east in the past few years, he most likely would have already made it to the Perfect Stage.

After he had reached the door, he said to that Core disciple: 'Who is it?"

 "I don't know. That person was dressed in a giant cloak to hide his appearance. He appears to be mysterious and I only came to report it to you because I think he possesses tremendous power."

Shi Chenglong nodded: "Lead the way."

After a moment, he arrived to the opposite side of the inn and that disciple pointed to that side: "Head Dragon, he's over at that balcony. That person said he will wait for you over there."

Shi Chenglong nodded: "You can go now."

After that disciple had departed, Shi Chenglong was not in a hurry. Instead, he walked over there slowly and used his perception to sense the surroundings. Indeed, a person was at the balcony. He did not harbor any murderous intent and hostility. Thus, Shi Chenglong walked over.

Indeed, a person was standing on the balcony. With a towering figure, his entire body was covered by a black cloak. Yet, he emitted his own formidable aura. He sensed that Shi Chenglong appeared behind him and spoke lightly: "Head Dragon Shi, you wouldn't mind me visiting you like this, right?"

After sensing for a moment, Shi Chenglong replied: "If you can take off your cloak and reveal your face, then I would not mind at all."

That person smiled lightly and turned around: "My appearance is somewhat terrifying. If I didn't cover myself with the cloak, I am afraid I will scare the bystanders. Thus, I dressed this way, not because I am pretending to be mysterious."

 "I would rather see." Shi Chenglong said lightly.

After a moment of hesitation, that person nodded and took off the mask from his head to reveal a face. Indeed, this face was terrifying. Like the burning injuries, his face was full of scars and bumps. Even his facial features appeared distorted. Like the skin of the toad, the scars on his face appeared extremely ugly and would make one's scalp tickle if they looked at it for too long.

Shi Chenglong was surprised: "It seems that your face has been injured greatly."

"Head Shi, I will put my mask back on."

Shi Chenglong nodded: "Please do."

That person twitched his mouth and revealed a trace of a strange smile. He only spoke again after putting his mask back on: "Head Shi, this time, your sect is feeling great pressure with the Stargaze Palace hosting the alliance meeting, right?"

Shi Chenglong was somewhat alert as he sized this person from head to toe: "Who are you? Which country, and which sect of the eastern territory are you from?"

That person chuckled: "The east? I am not from the east. Head Shi, it is unnecessary to make random guesses. I will just ask straightforwardly, this eastern alliance meeting is the Stargaze's first step in their ambitions. Does your sect plan to obey, or resist?"

 "This matter concerns my sect's internal affairs. Since you are not from the east, you shouldn't be so concerned with the eastern political outlook." Shi Chenglong answered without revealing any weaknesses.

That person laughed strangely: "Indeed, I should not concern myself with your eastern affairs. However, with the current tide, the Great Luo will doubtlessly declare themselves an Upper Ranking Empire. This way, this matter concerns me."

Shi Chenglong said with a playful tone: "Perhaps, you are from one of the three Upper Ranking empire? Which powerhouse are you speaking for? The Emperor Buddha Palace? Nine Raven Temple? Or the Nine Palace of the Great Luo?"

 "Head Shi, you are not being straightforward!"That person shook his head, "From your answers, I can see the reason why the Dragon and Tiger sect is not the one taking over the east, but the Stargaze Palace!"

A trace of anger flashed across the eyes of Shi Chenglong before he immediately returned to calm: "It would be in your dreams if you wanted to stir up the eastern outlook. I will not fall into your trap."

That person laughed: "Stir? Do I need to? Head Shi, if I've guessed right, before meeting me, all of the heads of your sect were gathered and should have been discussing how to deal with this eastern alliance meeting?"

Shi Chenglong said lightly: "Since this is an eastern alliance, it's necessary for the eastern powerhouses to discuss the corresponding strategies."

"No no, I am sure that the Dragon and Tiger sect is unwilling to accept it. All of you are capable of seeing that this time, the Stargaze is determined to dominate the East! Despite knowing this fact, of course the Dragon and Tiger sect are unwilling to see that the powerhouse who were on par with you have climbed on top of you to show off. It would be impossible to not having this mindset. Head Shi, if you refuse to admit it, it would be too funny."

Shi Chenglong still remained calm and collected as he said lightly: "There is the so-called saying of 'the outlook is greater than humans.' Even if we were feeling unwillingness, all of us understand the principle of recognizing and following the trend. The principles of the Tian Xuan land rise and fall. The new and the old exchange themselves. The Dragon and Tiger sect would not be the first one to encounter this situation. Of course, we will not push ourselves onto the knife's edge."

"Ha ha, your words are rather straightforward. I just don't know if you truly feel this calm inside. I am afraid that after the Stargaze Palace consolidate their power, you will be the first one they use as an example. The Archaic Mysteries sect was an example. Now, with them annihilated, your sect is the only one that will threaten them. How could one tolerate a stranger sleeping by the bed? I am sure that Head Shi realizes this principle more than me."

Shi Chenglong fell into silence. These words had struck deep in his heart. Inwardly, he feared that the Stargaze would deal with the Dragon and Tiger sect the same way they did the Archaic, with annihilation!

The Dragon and Tiger sect would only be able to submit to them temporarily.

One was scared that the Stargaze's ambition would soar and would not tolerate the Dragon sect to stay in the east.

That person seemed to have expected Shi Chenglong's reaction as he laughed: "To follow the trend is the truth. You only need to be afraid that when you submit to the trend, the trend could not incorporate you."

Shi Chenglong shook his head: "What about it if the Great Luo were to dominate the east, and advance to the Upper Ranking Empire? Among the Sky Travel Empire, Nine Raven, and the Red Dragon, there are Middle Stage Empires. They all lived peacefully. In the Tian Xuan Land, killing all is not the only way. Even the Slave Tribes have their own room for survival. The Tian Xuan Land encompasses all. Or else, the human countries could never have survived in the Tian Xuan Land."

That person rubbed his palms and laughed: "I must say that Head Shi knows how to comfort yourself. If the Great Luo had always been an Upper Ranking Empire, you guys will remain the way you are now. Unfortunately, a newly risen Upper Ranking Empire requires some stepping stones. I think that out of the entire eastern territory, the Dragon and Tiger sect would be this stepping stone. Feel free to mention anyone who is more suitable than you guys!"

Shi Chenglong argued: "I do not believe your words regarding being the stepping stone. The rise of the Stargaze Palace is unstoppable. The so-called stepping stone is the Nine Palace, or the Archaic Mysteries sect. With these two stepping stones, the Stargaze would find it enough to achieve the position they want. The Dragon and Tiger sect has always been in a good relationship with them. At the very least, we will not be consigned into becoming a stepping stone."

That person laughed leisurely: "Great, since you are this optimistic, I've thought too much. I will take my leave now. Only, I don't know if I should ask a question."

 "Please do." Shi Chenglong said lightly.

"Ok, during the alliance meeting, if, let's say the first thing the Stargaze Palace do is to ask you to hand over the spiritual key that opens the Endless Eastern Sea. What would you do?"

Like a heavy hammer smashing onto Shi Chenglong's chest, these words carried a heavy weight. This person knew about the spiritual key! For your information, the secrets of the spiritual key were absolute secrets in the east. Almost no outsider would know about it except the higher-ups.

Everyone knew that the Eastern Three Empires blocked the entrance with a seal. However, the outside world knew nothing about the exact seal. This person had in fact knew about the exact content of the Eastern Three Empires, and knew about the spiritual key!

This person was not ordinary!

"Are you possibly from the Nine Palace?" At this time, Shi Chenglong could only think it this way. It was because after repeatedly thinking about it, most likely only the people of the Nine Palace Faction would know this secret. For sure, it would be the destroyed Archaic Mysteries sect who had sold this secret!

That person laughed: "It's too soon to ask about me, do you have the confidence to answer the question!"

Shi Chenglong said angrily: "You knew about the spiritual key, yet you still hide your identity. With your actions, I don't think it's necessary for us to keep discussing it."

That person said: "If you wish to leave, you can leave anytime. It would be my loss if I stopped you even for one second. There is no need to hide from you that I do have a smart idea to help you deal with it."

Shi Chenglong said: "What smart idea?"

 "It's simple. If the Stargaze Palace ask you to hand over the spiritual key, you must hand it over to protect yourselves. At that time, at most, you can negotiate with them to win some little benefits. However, my idea will allow you to not hand over the spiritual key."

Of course, Shi Chenglong would not believe that this person had such good intentions.

That person laughed: "I know you feel suspicious. But my strategy will work for sure. The Three Eastern Empires have three spiritual keys. You have one, the Stargaze and the Archaic have one. It is rumored that the Stargaze did not get the spiritual key from the Archaic. If the Stargaze ask you guys for the key, you can just answer that you will offer them the key when they find the key of the Archaic. This way, the Stargaze will have nothing to say."

Shi Chenglong rolled his eyes because for sure, this was an excuse.

 "The Stargaze did not get the key from the Archaic?" Shi Chenglong could not believe him, "The Stargaze Palace had even destroyed Archaic, how could they did not get the spiritual key?"

That person laughed coldly: "It's the truth. If this is a lie, let me receive punishment from the heavens!"

Shi Chenglong finally believed him after hearing his vow. He said in a low voice: "So where did that key of the Archaic sect vanish to?"

That person said: "I do have some leads in this matter. Overall, the Stargaze doesn't have it. When the right time comes, this spiritual key will reveal itself. As long as the Dragon and Tiger sect takes care of their key, that Stargaze Palace will never realize their ambition of initiating the Endless Eastern Sea alone. Head Shi, you should clearly know the weight of this matter, right? If we allowed the Stargaze Palace to gain the sole exploration rights to the Endless Eastern Sea, from that point, your sect will never be able to rise again. It would be enough for them to just go in once!"

Inwardly, Shi Chenglong was deeply moved for he knew his words were the truth. Now, he started to hesitate.

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