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Chapter 364: In a Plight with No Way Out

Hearing a few miserable cries, Qin Wushuang knew that Bao Bao had struck again.

Indeed, Bao Bao called out from afar: "Boss, how many did you take out?"

Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "I attacked twice, I killed fifteen in total."

Bao Bao laughed: "I'm not good at maths. I seemed to have gotten twenty-seven. What's the total?"

"It's forty-two."

Bao Bao was overjoyed: "Then there is no mistake!"

After he regrouped with Bao Bao, he laughed: "Boss, where are we going next?"

 "To the Archaic's mountain gate!" Qin Wushuang said with determination.

In the end, the news of the slaughter that had occurred inside the Heavenly Lake Empire spread out of the empire and travelled to all major and small countries in the eastern territory.

As if the news had grown wings, it continued to spread.

Although no one knew which major powerhouse the Archaic Mysteries sect had offended to invite such calamity, everyone knew that they had brought the trouble on themselves.

Inside the eastern territory, besides the three Middle Ranking Empires, there were a few Lower Ranking empires, many free countries, and subordinate countries…

All of these countries had their own intelligence networks and knew the details of this matter.

The Archaic lured the wolf into the den and colluded with the Nine Palace. A year ago, Zhao Heng, the Assistant Leader of the Nine Palace went to the Stargaze Palace with the two Archaic Heads and injured Tan Zhongchi. Although the Stargaze did not announce the death of Tan Zhongchi, the outside world estimated that he should have died.

Although inwardly, the eastern countries were against what the Archaic Mysteries sect had done, they did not dare to get involved in this business. Regardless of the Archaic Mysteries sect or the Nine Palace Faction, they could not afford to offend them.

And this time, the Nine Palace Faction had aggressively launched a full-scale invasion of the east. They had targeted the Stargaze Palace directly. At the same time, everyone in the east was in danger. Yet, no one came to their aid. Including the Dragon and Tiger sect who had also maintained the attitude of only protecting their own home.

Currently, with the Archaic Mysteries sect facing extinction, they would not feel any sympathy for them. Instead, people only felt joy in their disaster.

While they were taking joy in their calamity, they could not help but think: "Just which powerhouse had slaughtered the entire sect's elite warriors? This power is truly terrifying!"

The fact was, the Archaic Mysteries sect was one of the three most powerful sects in the Three Eastern Empires.

They had held the same position and title as the Stargaze and the Dragon and Tiger sect for thousands of years!

 "Could it be that the Nine Palace had succeed in taking down the Stargaze and returned to destroy the Archaic sect after they had boiled the hound?"

Currently, all the countries in the east were collecting information.

The Dragon and Tiger sect were especially restless. Currently, in the main palace of the Dragon and Tiger sect, the five Heads of the Dragon and Tiger sect were gathered and nervously discussing the recent changes in the political outlook.

There were three main leaders in the Dragon sect. They were the Head Dragon Leader, Second Dragon leader and the Third Dragon leader.

There were two heads in the Tiger sect. They were the Head Tiger leader, and Second Tiger leader.

Shi Chenglong, the Head Dragon Leader looked through piles of information with a stern expression. After a while, he put down the information sheets and said with a solemn tone: "Everyone, the situation in the east is getting even more messy."

 "Head Dragon, any news from the Great Luo Empire?"

Shi Chenglong said with a bitter smile: "Nothing. It's still a mystery whether the Nine Palace had entered the Stargaze or had their forces attack them. From the information, there were no major signs of battle around the Stargaze Palace. Perhaps, the Nine Palace did not even launch their attack…"

The expression of the Second Dragon Leader was full of confusion: "Impossible. It's been too long since the Nine Palace arrived at the Archaic Mysteries sect. With the Nine Palace's style, they could not have just suppressed themselves and not make a move. Could they be conspiring something?"

Shi Chenglong gave a long sigh: "That's why I said the situation is getting more confusing."

The Head Tiger leader said: "Head Dragon, what exactly happened when you said that the Archaic had encountered an ambush?"

Shi Chenglong said: "The information only showed that the Archaic Mysteries sect suffered a heavy loss. However, there is no evidence of who or which powerhouse had attacked them. The only thing I'm sure is that almost all the elite warriors of the Archaic have been eliminated! Even the bodies of the Fourth and Fifth Heads were found. Besides Gao Yue and Bai Gujing, almost all their elite warriors are dead."

Although the entire Dragon and Tiger sect hated the Archaic Mysteries sect and despised them for luring the wolf into the den, they did not feel a single trace of happiness when their thousand year old

old competitor had encountered such calamity. Instead, they were feeling sympathy with a like-minded person in distress.

It was not because of they had some feelings for the Archaic Mysteries sect. On the contrary, they thought that since the Archaic Mysteries sect had been eliminated with such ease, then could it mean that their Dragon and Tiger sect was also powerless?

This fear of the unknown powerhouse left them unable to feel joy.

Suddenly, the Third Head Dragon said: "Head Dragon, logically, the Archaic Mysteries sect lured the Nine Palace and it would make sense if the news of the Stargaze's elimination had come. How come the Archaic got destroyed? Do you think that everything had been orchestrated by the Stargaze? The Stargaze was the one that colluded with the Nine Palace!"

When such terrifying theory was mentioned, the other four people were shocked.

"Impossible? If that's the case, how could Zhao Heng have kill Tan Zhongchi?"

 "Isn't it still uncertain whether Tan Zhongchi is dead or not? Besides, since this is their strategy, they must have put in more effort in this trick to injure themselves to gain the enemy's confidence. Or else, how would it work?" The more the Third Dragon Head thought about it, the more he had become suspicious.

 "Third Dragon, I observed that although Zhuo Buqun is a smart person, he has his own principles. For sure he would not collude with the Nine Palace. Besides, the Stargaze Palace had earned the most of the spots to explore the Endless Eastern Sea. They have no reason to borrow the power of the Nine Palace." Shi Chenglong gave a long sigh.

 "Head Dragon, this is the so-called saying in which we never know what a person thinks from looking at them. Sometimes, when things appear impossible it's when it might happen." The Third Head still held on to his theory persistently.

Shi Chenglong sighed: "Let's not be suspicious. You four stay to protect our home. I've decided to go to the Stargaze and see what is happening."

 "Head Dragon, how can you do that? Right now there is a crisis, if you go now and enter the Nine Palace's line of sight, wouldn't you be throwing yourself into the net?" The Head Tiger was the first one to object.

Shi Chenglong said with determination: "With the current crisis, it requires us to face it with initiative. If we wait for the news, how could the Dragon and Tiger sect act according to the situation when the Nine Palace army arrives on our doorstep?"

When everyone saw his determination, they knew

they knew that they could not change his mind. Thus, they could only say: "Head Dragon, be careful."

Shi Chenglong said: "I will be careful and won't expose myself. If there is a battle, I will come back quietly and make other arrangements. If there are no battles, I will act according to the situation and see if I need to pay a visit to the Stargaze Palace."

 "That's good, Head Dragon, have a pleasant journey!"

 "Safe travels!"

Before the Archaic sect's mountain gate, Gao Yue and Bai Gujing emerged from the deep forest in an embarrassing state. Both of them looked at each other shamefully.

Finally, they arrived before the mountain gate. As long as they made past the mountain gate, everything would turn around. Inside their mountain gate, there was a giant Archaic formation spell. Once they initiated it, it would not be penetrable unless a Void Martial warrior came!

Although this time the Archaic Mysteries sect had suffered tremendously, as long as their roots stayed alive, they would get another chance to rise.

 "Second, we must never mention this miserable loss when we return to the sect. It was not an honorable thing for us to abandon our disciples."

Bai Gujing said with a bitter smile: "Boss, do I look like someone that does not understand honor? I'm only depressed about who that guy is. He commanded two spiritual beasts at the Perfect Stage!"

Gao Yue said with a defeated tone: "It doesn't matter who they are. The Nine Palace is totally defeated and almost all their forces were eliminated. What could the Archaic do?"

Bai Gujing sighed: "I'm thinking that the Stargaze should not have such demonic strength."

Gao Yue said angrily: "Stargaze, everything happened because of the Stargaze Palace. I refuse to believe that the Stargaze Palace has such power. Most likely, this matter involves many unknown powerhouses. If you want to blame, we can only blame the Nine Palace for acting with such arrogance. If they acted according to our plan, how could this have happened? For sure the Nine Palace was being too arrogant and caused dissatisfaction among the other mighty powerhouses. That's why they attracted this disaster!"

According to Archaic Mysteries sect's plan, as long as the Nine Palace helped them to acquire an equal number of spots to explore the Endless Eastern Sea, they would share half of it with them.

They did not expect that the Nine Palace's appetite would be so insatiable and in the end, they wanted to invade the entire east and become the number one empire in the human countries.

Unfortunately, despite human countries.

Unfortunately, despite all the calculations, the entire enterprise had been ruined for the sake of one error in the end.

Instantly, these two ran at full speed and arrived before the mountain gate. Just when they were about to walk up, suddenly, Gao Yue stopped and his expression became extremely pale. He stopped his footsteps and he seemed to have aged ten years.

He looked up and saw that blocking their path, was a giant spiritual beast lazing on the mountain road. He was sizing them up with a strange smile and expression.

That expression was apparently the jeering and mocking of a prey walking themselves to up the hunter.

"It's him!" How could Bai Gujing not remember that this vicious spiritual beast was their nightmare. This mad beast had directly torn the Fifth Head into two pieces!

Gao Yue laughed miserably: "No wonder in the past few sneak attacks, he was not there… He had received orders to wait for us at the mountain gate."

A trace of vicious murderous intent flashed across Bai Gujing's eyes: "The mountain gate is right there, let's dash through it. As long as we get past it, we will have everything under control!"

Feeling helpless, how could Gao Yue not know the advantage of entering the mountain gate? However, the power of this vicious beast was apparent. Even if these two launched a joint attack, most likely they would not be able to get past him! This mountain road was narrow and easy to defend. Indeed, the situation was extremely perilous.

"Don't try to fight against him, let's retreat. It would be better if we could enter from the back mountain and go around than fighting with this vicious beast!" Gao Yue instructed.

Inwardly, Bai Guijing was shocked. Then, he nodded as he understood: "Go!"

These two instantly left and started dashing towards the stone stairs on the mountain road. The Purple Flame Electric beast laughed: "Where are you guys going, I'm not chasing you, why are you running so fast?"

He had learned the human language from Bao Bao. Initially, Bao Bao was not fluent with the human language. One could imagine how strange it seemed when the Purple Flame Electric beast spoke the words.

Inwardly, both Gao Yue and Bai Gujing were terrified since this vicious beast knew how to speak human language!

While they were running, a cold laugh came from ahead. Below the mountain road, a human and a beast had stopped before them and blocked their path.

Of course, this person was Qin Wushuang and Bao Bao who had come to block Gao Yue's escape route!

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