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Chapter 362: The Plan for Taking Over

Regarding combat power, viciousness and brutality, presently, the Purple Flame Electric Beast that had been sealed for thousand of years was stronger than the current Bao Bao.

However, Bao Bao's flexibility and variability were strengths the Purple Flame Electric beast did not have.

Each of the four Heads of the Archaic Mysteries Sect led a team all stationed on different roads. They only retreated after receiving Gao Yue's instruction. They regrouped and rushed back to the headquarters.

Although they had no idea what had happened, it must not be something good since they were ordered to retreat immediately.

Cheng Qingsong, the Fourth Head could not help but ask: "Head Palace Master, that Nine Palace is taking it too lightly. On one hand, they let us set up roadblocks, and in return, they told us to retreat. What do they want!"

Gao Yue also had a stomach full of anger and questions. According to his instincts as an elite warrior, the truth would not be good.

However, the Nine Palace did not send a single person to meet them. They only gave them a signal to retreat back to their headquarter and await further news.

Naturally, Gao Yue was not happy about the actions of the Nine Palace. However, he had no choice but to obey. The current Archaic Mysteries Sect was tied to the Nine Palace. Regardless of his emotions, this was the path the sect had chosen.

On the other hand, Bai Gujing, the Second Hand still lingered on the death of the Devil Boy. He said while biting his teeth: "Perhaps the Nine Palace has already taken over the Stargaze Palace. With the power of those elite warriors of the Nine Palace, it would be a piece of cake for them to take down the Stargaze! And the Nine Palace also has those six Advanced Stage spiritual beasts with tremendous power. Naturally, they would not allow any fish to escape from the net. This way, there was no need for the roadblocks."

Cheng Qingsong smiled bitterly: "Second Head, I feel that your thoughts are somewhat your own wishful thinking. Even if the Nine Palace is strong, it's difficult to say with certainty that not even a single fish would escape their nets. And the Stargaze Palace is not stupid. For sure, they had made some preparations. When they knew that they could not beat the enemy, they could have reduced their numbers and escaped, the Nine Palace would arrived to an empty place…"

Gao Yue waved his hand and stopped their discussion:

'Stop making random guesses. Basically, with the Nine Palace sending a great army over the border, it's impossible for the Stargaze Palace to get lucky. However, this retreat has come strangely. I am worried, could the Nine Palace have encountered some type of setback!"

Bai Gujing denied this possibility: "Regarding of how much power the Stargaze Palace has, even if the other people do not know, how could we not know? What would the Stargaze Palace have to resist against the Nine Palace?"

Gao Yue gave a long sigh and suddenly, he changed his expression: "Be careful, an enemy is coming!"

His focused his hearing as he pulled out his weapon. Then, he stood in concentration and shouted in a low voice: "All disciples shrink the circle and gather!"


Bai Gujing was mid-sentence when suddenly, he also felt a wave of strong murderous intent that encompassed them.

Such strong murderous intent!

Each of the four Heads suppressed their breathing and looked around with intensity.

Suddenly, a wave of cloud and mist gushed from the front. The cloud and mist turned red instantly. Behind this red cloud, a strong force pushed forward rapidly.

 "Everyone watch out!"

Before Gao Yue could finish his sentence, suddenly, the red cloud seemed to have gotten turned into the wind and charged forward. Those cloud formed into a row of genuine fire to attack them.

Gao Yue shouted: "This is not normal fire, don't underestimate it!"

As he spoke, he jumped to the side.

Almost at the same time, like the shooting of the electric lights, the Purple Flame Electric Beast instantly appeared in front of them.

He extended his claws and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared and reappeared a few dozen meters away in front of a group of people. Then, he grabbed the Fifth Head of the Archaic Mysteries sect.

Without hesitation, he tore him into halves and flung each half into opposite directions.

With a creaking sound, the Fifth Head, an elite warrior at the Advanced Stage had been torn into two pieces without any time to resist.

This situation was terrifying beyond one's imagination.

The Purple Flame Electric beast unleashed his vicious side completely. After having mauled one person, he lowered his body and gave two loud and explosive roars with a nasty expression. Like a powerful tiger charging into a herd of sheep, he slashed with his claws. With each slash, he would catch one of the Archaic people. And his actions were always simple, direct, and brutal…

Instantly, the Purple Flame Electric beast had savaged five or six

six people.

When Gao Yue saw the brutality of the Purple Flame Electric beast, he knew this beast was formidable. He shouted with cold sweat emerging on his back: "Don't linger in battle, retreat! Retreat with all your power!"

This time, the Archaic Mysteries Sect had brought their full force. There were hundreds of them that included the Heads, Elders, Butlers and Core disciples.

However, under the charge of the Purple Flame Electric Beasts, these few hundred elite warriors were powerless like herds of weak sheep. All they could do was panic and embarrass themselves.

With Gao Yue's order, these disciples of the Archaic Mysteries Sect no longer cared about their pride and started running away. They only wished they had been born with two more legs.

When the Purple Flame Electric Beast saw the people of the Archaic Mysteries sect running everywhere, he growled to the sky and charged forward with a leap. In one jump, he caught up to Cheng Qingsong, the Third Head of the Archaic sect.

After all, Cheng Qingsong was at the Advanced Stage. Although he was escaping with his back open to the enemy, he sensed the danger behind him. Without hesitation, he twisted his body and dived into the ground.

The Purple Flame Electric Beast was enraged since he did not catch anyone. Then, he twitched his mouth into a faint smile and rolled his eyes. Suddenly, he lifted his paws and slashed the ground with two sharp and penetrating attacks that seemed powerful enough to slash open the sky.

With a crashing sound, two deep ditches appeared where the Purple Flame Electric Beast's had slashed.

After he had slashed open the ground, the Purple Electric Beast jumped into the crevice and widened it!

Boom, boom!

With his actions, the ground completely split apart. The fissure kept getting bigger and the earth kept sinking and becoming loose.

The Purple Electric Beast opened his mouth. A red light appeared as he breathed out another mouthful of genuine fire.

Like an enraged red dragon, this genuine fire burrowed into the ground. The power of this genuine fire was incomparable to normal fire.

As soon as the fire breath was unleashed, it instantly heated the entire underground like boiled water. The earth flared up and turned molten.

Since these few moves were extremely fast, that Cheng Qingsong did not get the chance to escape far enough. Thus, he was burned by this genuine fire and his body could not help but tremble. However, he knew that he must not stop. Once he stopped, he would be burned to

burned to death.

Immediately, he charged forward to escape from the attack zone of this genuine fire.

After a moment of sensing, the Purple Flame Electric Beast was outraged. Of course, he sensed that although that Cheng Qingsong found it difficulty, he was still getting away from the attack zone of the genuine fire step by step. Unfortunately, despite being a powerful beast, he was powerless against people that used underground techniques. He could only stare with his eyes and watched that Cheng Qingsong getting further.

 "Darn it, this guy is sly!" Of course, the Purple Flame Electric beast was annoyed since his enemy was escaping. While he cursed, the others had escaped.

Just when he was about to catch up to them, a laughter came from behind him: "Senior Lone, it seems you've encountered some problem. Let me help you."

Indeed, it was Bao Bao that spoke. He dashed forward and dived into the ground.

The Purple Flame Electric beast resented falling behind. Just when he was about to chase them, suddenly, Qin Wushuang said: "Lone, don't rush, give them a break. This time, not only must we eliminate the Archaic Mysteries sect, we must let them know our fame, our power. We cannot let them disappear easily and without notice."

The Purple Flame Electric beast was stunned: "Boss, I'm only in charge of tearing down people, why should I let them take a break?"

Qin Wushuang only smiled and did not speak a word. This was his strategy. Not only would they eliminate the Archaic Mysteries sect, they must display their might and let everyone knows about it.

There was only one purpose behind this action and that was to intimidate, to show their power!

They would shock the east, show their power to the Red Dragon and demonstrate their might to the Nine Palace.

Once the Archaic Mysteries sect was eliminated, the Stargaze Palace would not face any obstacles in their takeover of the east. The Dragon and Tiger sect would not even have their chance to voice their opinion!

When the Nine Palace attacked the Stargaze Palace, the Dragon and Tiger sect did not come to their aide. This had already determined that the Stargaze Palace would not view the Dragon and Tiger sect as an ally. They would not treat them with courtesy like before. They would either obey or face the same fate as the Archaic Mysteries sect!

The rise of an Upper Ranking Empire meant they must step on the other empires. And the Heavenly Lake Empire was the most suitable stepping most suitable stepping stone. The Vermillion Empire where the Dragon and Tiger sect resided could only obey.

 "Boss, then we are just letting them escape?"

Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "They will not escape. The monk can ran away, but not the temple."

 "What is the meaning of this?" These were the words from Qin Wushuang's previous world. Of course, the Purple Flame Electric beast could not understand.

 "It means that even though they have escaped, they cannot move the Archaic Mysteries sect. When they escape, where else could they go besides their sect?"

"Besides, how could I let them ran back to their mountain gate so easily?" Suddenly, Qin Wushuang's expression froze, " Lone, I order you to rush to the Archaic's mountain gate. You must get there before these people. Are you confident?"

The Purple Flame Electric beast said with arrogance: "With the sloppy footwork of these dumb people, it's too easy for me to get there before them! Only, what do I do when I get there? Shall I tear them down?"

"Don't tear them down yet. We cannot beat the grass to scare the snake. It's not too late for you to tear them down when the main force of the Archaic returns to the mountain gate. Your only task is to never let them get past the mountain gate. You must stop them at the mountain road!"

"Piece of cake, no problem."

The Purple Flame Electric beast was full of confidence as he roared: "Bao Bao, can you do it? If you can't, just get out."

Before the sound of his voice had disappeared, a furry head with a joyful smile emerged from the underground: "Senior Lone, you think I'm you. Of course, I get what I want when I step out."


Bao Bao hurried to the surface and held a person. It was Cheng Qingsong. However, his chest was torn as Bao Bao had consumed his entire dantian.

The Purple Flame Electric beast spat: "Bao Bao, you are so vicious, that you are consuming the dantian."

Bao Bao laughed: "Senior Lone, it doesn't matter if the others tell me that. You seem to be more brutal than me."

Bao Bao then chuckled: "It's great to consume the dantian. This way, it can stimulate my ancient monkey bloodline to awaken. I can enter the Void Martial Stage sooner."

 "No more talking with you, I'm going to carry out my mission." The Purple Flame Electric beast flashed and instantly travelled a few hundred meters away.

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