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Chapter 360: Playing with Zuo Tianci

 "Boss Wushuang, from your energetic look, it seems your power has increased again!" Bao Bao scrambled out excitedly and jumped onto Qin Wushuang's shoulder. Bao Bao still enjoyed using cute and fluffy appearance when outside of combat.

Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "Bao Bao, in three days, we must arrive at the Red Cloud Mountain and regroup with Lone."

Bao Bao laughed: "Boss Wushuang, don't you have the Wind Walk Talisman. It's easy to get to the Red Cloud Mountain!"

Qin Wushuang nodded: "Let's 'go!"

Indeed, Zuo Tianci did not check his luck today. Currently, he was visibly carrying a stomach full of anger and feeling extremely strange. At the sheer cliff mountain road, he did not even manage to see the face of the spiritual beast clearly and two Elders had died.

Then, he had been lured away by a gold monkey and engaged in a strange battle. As a result, Zhao Heng had left the group on his own and caused the main force of the Nine Palace to be destroyed. The enemy's Perfect Stage seized the opportunity because of Zhao Heng and caused them to suffer a heavy loss.

Currently, he was rushing to the Stargaze Palace with his full power and decided to ignore any interference. However, a monster had jumped out and intercepted him.

This monster had acted with such rapid speed and breathed out fire from its mouth. Zuo Tianci wanted to evade the battle, yet he could not. He intended to kill this beast in one move, yet no matter how much he tried, he could only gain the upper hand but was unable to harm it. Apparently, this demonic beast was extremely cunning as it immediately retreated when it found the situation had become unfavorable. And Zuo Tianci could not catch up with its speed when it escaped.

When Zuo Tianci planned to continue his journey, the beast emerged again and spurt out a couple mouthfuls of genuine fire. It left Zuo Tianci with no choice but to fight and he had completely fallen into an unfavorable situation.

He could only bite his teeth in anger. There was nothing he could do.

Although his charge toward the Stargaze Palace had been effected, Zuo Tianci was determined to launch a slaughter over here to unleash his hatred.

After having walked for six or seven days, Zuo Tianci discovered with surprise that the spiritual beast was seemingly appearing less each day. On the eighth or ninth day, that spiritual beast had just disappeared.

It should have been a good thing. However, Zuo Tianci did not feel any joy. He felt this was

too strange. Most likely, a major scheme was brewing.

Zuo Tianci bit his teeth as he considered that in this invasion to the east, each step had suffered a massive setback as soon as they had entered the border of the Great Luo Empire. The difficulty level was on par with going to war with the Sky Travel or the Nine Raven Empire.

On this day, Zuo Tianci raised his head and saw a range of towering mountains. A trace of a cold smile appeared on the corner of Zuo Tianci's mouth: "Regardless of the tricks the enemies are playing, behind this Red Cloud Mountain is the imperial capital of the Great Luo. The southeast location of the imperial capital is the mountain gate of the Stargaze Palace!"

Since there were only a few hundred miles left, Zuo Tianci was determined. After he had finished travelling these few hundred miles of road, it would be his time to slaughter!

While he was lost in his thoughts, suddenly, a light flashed before him and the Purple Flame Electric Beast leapt out from the mountain road. He snorted at Zuo Tianci as if showing his intimidation and gave a low roaring sound from the bottom of his throat: "hum, hum!"

If this Purple Electric Flame beast seized control of this narrow mountain road, it would not be easy for Zuo Tianci to pass. He could either go around or beat him.

Zuo Tianci shouted coldly: "Animal, aren't you afraid of me chopping you up?"

At this moment, suddenly, a wave of cold laughter emerged from the slope: "Zuo Tianci, now you have chosen a solitary path and ventured deeply into the circle, you are just like a turtle in the jar with an arrogant attitude."

Qin Wushuang was standing on the middle of the slope and wore a mask. His smiling face made him appear at ease. Currently, Zuo Tianci was alone and in the territory of the Great Luo Empire. He no longer had the skills to make Qin Wushuang fear him.

Ever since Zuo Tianci had entered the Great Luo Empire, he had suffered countless setbacks. Today was his first time seeing the enemy!

The other times, he had always been engaged by the spiritual beasts.

Inwardly, Zuo Tianci was alert and was determined to take him as a sacrificial offering since he had appeared so proudly! Although he made this plan, he was not in a rush and kept planning.

He narrowed his eyes into a line and asked in a cold voice: "Mister, there is a limit to pretending to be a ghost. Who are you, how come you

you do not dare to show your true face?"

Qin Wushuang laughed: "Isn't Head Zuo a grandmaster who has never lost to anyone? Since you've got the courage to attack the Great Luo, then you should know all elite warriors from the Great Luo. Don't you know the old saying of, "Know yourself and know your enemy, and you shall never be defeated?"

Zuo Tianci laughed coldly: "The Great Luo Empire? You are hiding the head and showing the tail, You are not really from the Great Luo, right?"

Stunned, then Qin Wushuang laughed: "Head Zuo, it doesn't matter who I am. If you can take me out, everything will reveal itself."

After a moment's thought, Qin Wushuang understood Zuo Tianci's intention. This time, the Nine Palace had suffered a major loss and a major defeat. According to norms, the existence that had caused this major embarrassment to the Nine Palace should not exist in the Great Luo.

Thus, Zuo Tianci's doubts were reasonable.

However, to Qin Wushuang, the more Zuo Tianci became doubtful, the more he enjoyed it. If he could strike the Nine Palace deeply and make it seem like it was not related to the Stargaze, it would be a greatly beneficial thing.

When he thought here, he had an idea. He decided to continue pretending to be mysterious and make Zuo Tianci become more mistrustful.

Zuo Tianci was also scheming inwardly: "This person is so confident that he has backing, could there be an ambush on that slope?"

According to those Elders, besides a person who shot out deadly arrows that attacked Assistant Leader Dao, there was another Perfect Stage human warrior. Besides them, there was this demonic beast with outstanding speed.

When he thought here, suddenly, Zuo Tianci had an idea: "Launching a sneak arrow? Didn't Assistant Leader Zhao get injured by the Stargaze's deadly arrow previously?"

 "Could the Stargaze Palace be the ones playing tricks?" When Zuo Tianci thought here, an immense feeling of incredulousness emerged as he immediately denied it, "Impossible! The power of the Stargaze Palace was never this formidable. If they had such strength, the Great Luo would have become the leader of the east and risen to an Upper Ranking Empire status!"

Zuo Tianci was extremely familiar with the rules in the human countries of the Tian Xuan land. When one country had one Perfect Stage, most likely they would not have such strange reaction.

However, if they had two or three Perfect Stages, they would not be willing to remain in the same state. For sure, they would require more resources! With the Great Luo as an

as an example, if the Stargaze Palace had three or four Perfect Stages, how could they be willing to remain a Middle Stage and not raise up a giant flag and advance to an Upper Ranking Empire status?

"Zuo Tianci, do you still remember that giant fire that consumed the mountain gate of the Nine Palace?" When Qin Wushuang saw Zuo Tianci remaining in silent, he spoke again and used words to provoke him.

Zuo Tianci raised his head with surprise and a trace of anger appeared in his eyes: "Could it be, you are the ones that did it?"

That Purple Flame Electric Beast who was in the front gave a low roar. He rubbed his front claws and glared at Zuo Tianci as if showing intimidation. Apparently, he was telling Zuo Tianci that he was the one that had lit the fire.

Suddenly, Zuo Tianci saw the light: "So it was you that did it."

When Purple Flame Electric Beast heard Zuo Tianci curse at him, he was enraged. If Qin Wushuang had not gave him orders beforehand, he would have already charged at Zuo Tianci.

Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "Zuo Tianci, you ordered a couple of people to go to the Dispersed Praying Mountain, right?"

Zuo Tianci only felt his hairs standing upwards as he said coldly: "You know too much. It seems you already hold a grudge with the Nine Palace."

Qin Wushuang laughed: "You and the Nine Palace possess major ambition and intend to take over the Endless Eastern Sea and the human countries. How could such ambition stay concealed from people's ears? Those things are only a type of warning to the Nine Palace. Zuo Tianci, this time you mustered a major force and made a great deal of heading to the east. If you were to wound up in a situation in which your entire force was defeated, have you ever thought about whether you would ever be able to show your face anywhere again?"

Zuo Tianci said lightly: "Man can make plans, but only the heavens can see it through. Besides, do you have any other skills besides dressing up as a god, and pretending to be a demon? It will be in your dreams if you think you can cause all of the Nine Palace's forces to suffer a total defeat!"

Qin Wushuang said with a leisurely smile: "Is that so?"

Inwardly, Zuo Tianci felt his heart sink. When he saw Qin Wushuang's calm expression, he could not help but twitch inwardly as if a whip had struck him. The muscles on his face tightened as face tightened as he glared at Qin Wushuang coldly: "What do you mean?"

Qin Wushuang still showed his light smile: "Nothing. Two of my Perfect Stage friends already went to greet your eight Elders. If no accidents happen, they should have killed them before the cliff road. Of course, perhaps, two Perfect Stage warriors may not be able to kill all eight Elders. However, by launching a sneak attack, it should not be a problem to take out five or six, no?"

As if a heavy hammer had smashed against Zuo Tianci's chest, his pupila shrank rapidly and his chest heaved up and down: "Shouldn't you know your limits with your bluffs? Two Perfect Stages, where did so many Perfect Stages come from?"

Qin Wushuang said leisurely: "Doesn't your Nine Palace have three Perfect Stages? Only, you are the only left. Head Zuo, this Red Cloud Mountain is beautiful, you would feel somewhat lonely if this was to become your place of burial. However, it would not be unbefitting of your status, what do you think?"

Zuo Tianci laughed. At this point, he had rather thrown away all his burdens: "It's still undecided whose bones will be buried here!"

He raised his body in a sudden movement and initiated a wave of strong light from his hand. In that short moment, he had jumped up a few dozen metres and charged at Qin Wushuang.


With the sound of an angry roar from the slope, a giant gold monkey scrambled out from the grass. He carried a giant stick, and moved to smash Zuo Tianci's head.

With an "Ah" sound, Zuo Tianci faced it with the blade in his hand.


When the two mighty attacks clashed with each other, waves of spiritual wind storm spread out and caused the red trees on the side to fall down with a crisp sound.

The Purple Flame Electric Beast was a battlemonger. As soon as he saw the start of the battle, he gave a loud roar and jumped in. Then, he breathed out a mouthful of genuine fire toward Zuo Tianci's back.

With enemies in front and behind him, Zuo Tianci did not panic. He slashed backwards with the giant blade in his hand. The Purple Flame Electric Beast only felt a wave of wind fly over his head as he instantly lowered his body to evade the blade.

At this moment, about twenty miles outside the Red Cloud Mountain, there came another two long chants. Like the chanting of a dragon or the roaring of a tiger, this voice sounded extremely powerful and travelled forward at a rapid speed.

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