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Inside the Xu family's business hall, more than twenty men from the Xu family's main force had arrived as a group.

Before, they had viewed the Qin family as ants to be crushed under their foot. However, once someone threatened their social status, all the youngsters and the elders of the Xu family took it personally as if someone had robbed their ancestral tomb. Each and every one of them had an angry expression. The atmosphere in the Xu clan was quite gloomy.

Xu Sanli was the current patriarch of the Xu family. Though he still had two elder uncles from an older generation. They were both Genuine Force Warriors that were as strong as him.

In his generation, there were six offsprings in the main Xu family.

In the next generation, there were seventeen people.

Among these twenty-six Xu offsprings, twelve of them had reached the Genuine Force stage!

It was why the Xu family became one of the four big households in River County. The Wealthy Class Xu was not some paper tiger in River County as they certainly had the strength to back themselves up.

Xu Sanli remained silent with a serious expression on his face. He glanced across the hall with a pair of cold eyes. After a while, he slowly started to talk.

"Children of the Xu family, I believe that right now, your blood must be boiling! If you still remember the surname that you carry, then give me one hundred percent of your effort and your spirit!"


Every child of the Xu family roared like a wolf. The Xu family had always used this kind of cheering method.

"It has been hundreds of years since the Xu family became a Wealthy Class! We have been through six "Family Class Evaluation" sessions and have always been stable in our Wealthy Class status. However, today, someone dared to look down on our family. Regardless of the opponent, the Xu family's motto is to—Fight with all our strength; we will never retreat unless we have destroyed the enemy!"

Xu Sanli's fist slammed on the chair and the high-quality wooden chair collapsed with a loud bang.


Every offspring of the Xu family could feel the anger from the patriarch. In fact, they were also furious.

It was unacceptable to them since people had challenged the Xu family at the "Family Class Evaluation." Regardless of winning or losing, they had already lost some of their face.

How come they did not challenge the Yun or the Qian family?

Did they just happen to choose the Xu family? To put it bluntly, they obviously must have thought that the Xu family was the easiest to bully among the three Wealthy Classes!

This kind of challenge was a no longer a simple matter that had offended them. It also involved the issue of the power and prestige of a Wealthy Class family.

The one-eyed elder, the most experienced of the two elders, said harshly: "Patriarch. I must speak. This matter is not just a simple provocation to the Wealthy Class Xu. We must not take it lightly, and we must raise this issue to the level of life and death."

Xu Sanli nodded: "Uncle Kai is right. The duels in the "Family Class Evaluation" involves our family's honor and prestige. It will be a life and death battle. I will announce it here. All warriors must fight with their full strength, regardless of the power of the enemy. Ultimately, your goal is to kill the enemy!"

That one-eyed elder nodded. He was satisfied with Xu Sanli's attitude and did not speak any further.

The other elder, Elder Yue, also opened his mouth: "I am ninety-seven years old. I have been through four "Family Class Evaluation" sessions. I must mention that, since this Qin family dared to sign up for this challenge, they would not have signed up without any forethought or planning. The "Family Class Evaluation" is not a game. Since the Qin family had dared to target our Xu family, they must have a hidden trump card!"

Xu Sanli fell into a silent contemplation. He had also dwelled upon this problem repeatedly. He also did not believe that the Qin family did not have any hidden trump cards. He had received quite a shock on the day that they had released the exam rankings. Even now, that scene was still quite vivid in his mind. Whenever he thought about it, he felt uneasy.

Not to mention that a warrior of the Zhen Wu Holy Place had delivered a letter to the son of the Qin family. The meaning behind this event was profound.

Qin Lianshan was a mature person. If it were under ordinary situations, he would not be crazy enough to challenge the Wealthy Class Xu since he did not have the skills.

Unless each and every one of the Qin family members was feeling like had lived too long.

Without a doubt, the Humble Class Qin must have gotten ahold of some unknown trump card.

However, what kind hidden trump card would the Qin family have? Only the son and the father of the Qin family could fight. One of them was at Stage One of the Genuine Force, and the other one was only a level seven martial arts student. Even if he were a level nine martial arts student, his strength would still be insignificant against the Xu family.

No matter which angle you looked at it, the Humble Qin family did not seem to have the qualifications to challenge the Wealthy Class Xu. Even if they were connected to the people from the Zhen Wu Holy Place, they could not cheat on this "Family Class Evaluation." In the end, they had to use their own strength to win.

"Elder Uncles, from your perspective, which one would they send out, Qin Lianshan, or Qin Wushuang?"

Xu Sanli still could not figure out this question.

Elder Yue considered the question for a moment before he shook his head, he was also uncertain about the answer.

That one-eyed uncle said: "Regardless of which one of them is entering the fight, we must send out our strongest team. We must also carefully plan out who to put in the groups. Of course, the father and the son of the Qin family might just be a spreading a smokescreen to confuse our strategy and plans."

Elder Yue also said: "That's right. Nobody knows if both the father and son are going to fight. They might have deliberately said that only one person is going to fight all the matches. This way, they can confuse our strategy."

Xu Sanli nodded: "Yes, regardless of their tricks, we cannot panic. No matter what their plans are, the first round will be a one-on-one match. We can test their strength. We cannot send out our strongest warrior, nor our weakest! Who wants to go first?"

One of the offspring, Xu Wugen stood up and patted his chest: "Patriarch, I will go first!"

This Xu Wugen was the leading guard in their generation. He had a forceful personality and always used ruthless methods. He had previously killed a family of thirty-six people because of the internal conflicts in the Xu family. He was the most famous butcher in the Xu family.

Because he had the strength of a Stage Three Genuine Force Warrior, he was ranked as one of the top five warriors in the family!

"I think it's good for Wugen to go first." Uncle Kai said.

"Good, then Wugen will go first! The second match will be crucial. Regardless of the win or loss in the first fight, we must not lose in the second fight. I want to ask one of the uncles to lead this fight." Xu Sanli said.

"I will do it!" Uncle Kai glared coldly through his only eye, "If the Qin family changes their fighter, then I will deal him myself. If it is the same person from the first match, then I will fight together with my son."

Xu Sanli immediately became jubilant: "If Uncle Kai is willing to go, you will surely take the second match. In the third fight, I am planning to go. I will bring Xu Qing and Xu Ming."

Xu Qing and Xu Ming were twins in the generation after Xu Sanli. They were both powerful and at Stage Two of the Genuine Force.

Uncle Kai nodded: "That's right. If we win the first two matches, we should continue the momentum to the third fight. It's good that you are going to lead this match! If there is a fourth round, then please, Little Brother Yue, you should go."

Uncle Kai threw his gaze toward that Elder Yue.

Elder Yue nodded: "Family matters are unshirkable responsibilities. I am not afraid to be labeled a bad guy fighting in a group of four against one! I will lead the fourth match!"

Xu Sanli smiled confidently: "With Uncles overseeing the situation, and me, we will surely win the four fights. Of course, we should not overlook the fifth match. We will send our five best offsprings just in case!"

After the arrangement within the family, all twelve mighty warriors ranked at the Genuine Force had received a task. Even though their lineup seemed as though they were sending a lion to kill a rabbit, none of them felt like it was overkill. After all, it was a matter of the family's survival.

Nothing was considered trivial when it came to the family!

At the same time, inside the castle of River County's Venerable Da Xi family, a middle-aged man dressed in embroidered clothing sat in the study room. He was playing Go with one of the elders of the family.

This well-dressed middle-aged man had a gentle appearance with a face that looked like Da Xi Ming. He was the current patriarch of the Da Xi family, Da Xi Heng.

"A' Heng, I heard that recently, the Wealthy Class Xu haven't been having good days?" The elder that sat across Da Xi Heng had a pair of eagle-like eyes and an eagle-like nose. Overall, he appeared quite ferocious.

Da Xi Heng casually placed down one of the white Go chess pieces onto the board. He smiled: "There are not many smart people in the Xu family. Sooner or later they will have to face their problems. Only this time, the issue they face is somewhat unusual."

"It is certainly interesting…" The eagle-eyed elder set down a black Go chess piece, "The Humble Qin family challenged the Wealthy Xu family out of the blue. This kind of "Family Class Evaluation," where a family is challenging a class two levels above them has never happened in the history of our River County, right? What kind of new methods does this Qin family have, have you conducted any investigations, A' Heng?"

"The Qin family has a long history in River County. Their ancestors were also part of the Wealthy Class. A hundred years ago, after a high number of the Qin family's offsprings disappeared, their power declined which caused their social status to drop. However, I do not believe that Qin Lianshan could threaten the Xu family. Most likely, the true threat comes from his level seven martial arts student son."

Da Xi Heng spoke with a casual expression and tone. He appeared calm and composed as if he would not be disturbed even if the sky had fallen.

"A level seven martial arts student?" That eagle-eye elder furrowed his white eyebrows, "Since when did a level seven martial arts student become so enchanting? Isn't Yang'er a level eight martial arts student?'

Da Xi Heng said: "I am not sure about how enchanting a level seven martial arts student can be. But I do remember that a few days ago, Ming'er told me that a level seven martial arts student had killed a warrior at the peak of the Power Force in mere seconds during a duel at the River Square."

"A level seven martial arts student killed someone at the height of Power Force instantly?" The eagle-eye elder momentarily paused as he held the black Go chess piece in mid-air, "A' Heng, you are not joking, right?"

"Ming'er does not seem to be the type that would speak without thinking, right?" Da Xi Heng smiled.

"Ming'er… this poor kid, had he recently returned to the family?"

With a calm expression, Da Xi Heng did not answer this question. He stared at the Go board and did not speak for a while. Suddenly, he gave a long sigh. A disinterested expression appeared on his calm face.

"He must return! He is already twenty-seven years old. He should understand that no matter how much he tries to evade it, he will still need to face it. However, this time I saw that he has become much happier. Deep in his heart, he would never forget that he is one of the offsprings of the Da Xi family. This child… As a father, I feel guilty toward him."

That elder shook his head: "A' Heng, it's not only your fault on this matter. It was an embarrassment to all our Da Xi family. Under that circumstance, it's difficult for you to refuse. In Bai Yue Country, the Xi Men family is ranked fifth among the "Twelve Great Feudal Lords." Regardless of their power or social status, they have completely suppressed our Da Xi family. When they had wanted to marry a daughter into our family, to them, it was an act of condescension."

Da Xi Heng sighed bitterly: "We don't need this form of condescension. Each time I see Ming'er's sad expression, my heart feels so much pain as if a knife had sliced through it. The daughter of the Xi Men family has an awful reputation. I heard that she also has some complicated relationship with an elder of the Xi Men family… Cheerful and open-minded would certainly not be the words I would use to describe her."

The elder also said desolately: "A' Heng, even if she is an ugly sow, we have to marry her since the Xi Men family wants to marry her into our family. Or else, if the Xi Men becomes angry, our Da Xi family will disappear from the map of Bai Yue Country in less than half a month. Since Ming'er is part of the Da Xi family, it would be nice if he could understand. If he cannot, then he must simply force himself to accept it!"

Da Xi Heng revealed a weak and bitter smile: "I've constantly reminded him. But in these past few days, I've seen him going outside frequently and he'd mentioned the Qin family to me for several times. In between the conversations, he'd let his thoughts about the daughter of Qin Lianshan reveal his heart. I am worried that at this critical moment, he is beginning to develop some other ideas…"

"Qin Lianshan's daughter?" The elder was stunned, then he immediately shook his head, "A' Heng, you must watch him carefully. He must not have any other ideas. If he causes any trouble at this critical moment, he will not only drag the Da Xi family down but will have also involved the Qin family in our problems."

"I will warn him!" Da Xi Heng put down a white Go chess piece and smiled, "Uncle, for this round, you've lost again"

The elder became surprised for a moment. He stared at the chess board for a while and pointed at the chessboard: "A' Heng, since you've become the current patriarch of the Da Xi family, you have gotten used to being a winner."

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