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Chapter 359: Absorb, another Absorbtion!

At this time, Zuo Tianci's chanting hiss was slowly approaching.

"Assistant Dao, what is going on?"

As soon as Zuo Tianci arrived, Tan Zhongchi made a hand gesture to Zhuo Buqun by his side and retreated again. They knew that Zuo Tianci's power was not comparable to Zhao Heng and Dao Haitang's.

Qin Wushuang whistled and rushed away quickly while dragging Dao Haitang's body. Then, both he and the Purple Flame Electric beast fled the scene and disappeared into the vast forest.

Earlier, when Qin Wushuang had grabbed Zhao Heng's body, he had used the Power of Deep North to absorb Zhao Heng's spiritual Qi completely. Now, with Dao Haitang's dantian shattered, her spiritual Qi was quickly dissipating away. While Qin Wushuang walked, he used the Power of Deep North technique to absorb her Qi once again.

It would be too unfortunate if he did not absorb such meal.

He only absorbed two thirds of Zhao Heng's spiritual Qi. One third of it had been lost.

However, half of Dao Haitang's spiritual Qi was lost. Despite this fact, Qin Wushuang still absorbed much strong and powerful Qi through the process.

One could imagine the power of the spiritual Qi from two Perfect Stages.

To Qin Wushuang, this great feast was a great boost. It was a great opportunity for his power to advance. If he used it well, not only could he further consolidate his Advanced Stage, he could also use it to charge into the Perfect Stage!

When he thought here, Qin Wushuang had a strong expectation. He knew that in the human countries, Advanced Stage was not much of an insurance.

When he met a Perfect Stage and without the Graceful Spiritual Bow, he would still be in the situation of being defeated.

However, everything would be different once he had advanced into the Perfect Stage!

It would not take him much time to absorb the Spiritual Qi. However, to digest and to merge the Spiritual Qi required a safe place and a longer time to accomplish.

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang was excited.

Regardless of Zuo Tianci's powerhouse backer, for now, the Nine Palace was unable to continue marching to the east to deal with the Stargaze Palace! Without a doubt, in this battle, regardless of power or motivation, the Nine Palace had fallen to the bottom of the abyss.

When he thought here, Qin Wushuang regrouped with his teacher and the Head Palace Master in

the forest. Bao Bao also made it to the appointed location in the midst of the chaos.

Joy and surprise filled the expression of Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhongchi. Indeed, they had received a good harvest from this battle. They had completely shattered the Nine Palace's invasion plans.

"Head Palace Master, the two Assistant Leaders of the Nine Palace were both killed. The crisis of the Stargaze Palace should be resolved, no?" Tan Zhongchi was feeling extremely refreshing.

Although Zhuo Buqun was also excited, he remained rather calm: "If Zuo Tianci does not lose his wits, he will not continue forward. However, regardless of whether he chooses to advance or retreat, we must pursue the retreating enemy!"

Tan Zhongchi agreed profoundly: "Yes, pursue the fleeing enemy. It would be best if we can kill all the elite warriors the Nine Palace sent to invade the Great Luo Empire!"

However, Zhuo Buqun shook his head: "We can kill all the others, but since Zuo Tianci has ties to the Xuan Yuan Mound, I am afraid the Mound will not let us go easily if we are to kill him."

Tan Zhongchi said: "After this failure, would Zuo Tianci just give up? To kill him or not, I am afraid it will bring the elite warriors from the Xuan Yuan Mound either way."

Zhuo Buqun sighed: "There is a huge difference in killing Zuo Tianci or not."

Qin Wushuang said: "Head Palace Master, Teacher, time is not to wasted, let's go give Zuo Tianci another surprise. Currently, he only has eight Advanced Stage warriors with him. Regarding the absolute power, we already have the upper hand!"

When Zuo Tianci returned to his camp, besides the wreckage everywhere, each of the eight Elders came up to him to admit their failurefearfully.

Zuo Tianci could not even believe his eyes. He glanced around: "Where is Assistant Leader Zhao and Dao?"

 "Head Zuo, Assistant Leader Zhao did not listen to Assistant Leader Dao and left the group. He was assassinated and his only head was tossed back. For Assistant Leader Dao, first she got attacked by a spiritual beast at the Perfect Stage, then someone launched a sneak arrow in the dark. Additionally, a Perfect Stage that wielded a blade struck her from when she was cornered. Three Perfect Stages launched a group attack at Assistant Leader Dao. They even took her body."

Dumbfounded, Zuo Tianci

Tianci felt extremely regretful.

 "I'm being fooled, fooled!" Zuo Tianci muttered inwardly, "That demonic monkey kept provoking me to lure me out. I thought with two Assistant Leaders here, they can oversee the situation. Unexpectedly, Zhao Heng did not obey the order and left on his own account! Then, it resulted in such total defeat…"

In his whole life, it could be said that Zuo Tianci had never suffered real loss. He had never experienced such devastating failure regardless of which powerhouse he faced! He did not even know the identity of the enemy and the majority of the elite warriors of the Nine Palace had been killed.

"The enemy has at least three or four Perfect Stages, and even the spiritual beasts are at the Perfect Stage. Which country in the human world has spiritual beasts at the Perfect Stage? And two had come at once!" The more Zuo Tianci thought about it, the more he felt it was strange.

No wonder Zuo Tianci was a grandmaster of his generation. After a moment of chaos, he regained his calm as he ordered: "You eight retreat immediately. Use your best Wind Walk Talisman and get out of the Great Luo!"

One Elder asked while feeling stunned: "What about you, Head Zuo?"

Zuo Tianci laughed coldly: "Since they fear the Nine Palace going to the Stargaze Palace, I am going to take a look! Stargaze, I will ask you to pay back ten times the amount of lives the Nine Palace has lost!"

"Head Zuo…"

 "No need for any words! I will be fine. In the human country, a person who can harm me has not been born yet!" Naturally, Zuo Tianci had his confidence.

Those Elders were speechless and obeyed his orders.

 "Let's go!"

Currently, Zuo Tianci already knew the enemy's tactic. They had lured him away and started killing his subordinates. They had systematically killed his subordinates and left him, a lone commanding officer of an almost extinct force.

Thus, by ordering his subordinates to leave, he would no longer have any lingering attachments to distract him. This way, he could deal with the enemy at ease.

Those elders did not dare to hesitate and initiated their Wind Walk Talismans. They left with the fastest speed and did not dare to stay a moment longer.

Zuo Tianci gave a long whistle: "Deceitful thieves that used sneak attacks, I know you guys are close. If

close. If you have the guts, come out and fight me. It's not true strength to hide and attack from the shadows! Since you are scared of me going to the Stargaze Palace, I will come to you and kill everyone to sate my anger!"

Qin Wushuang was a little nervous: "Head Palace Master, Teacher, it seems that Zuo Tianci has dismissed his subordinates."

Zhuo Buqun also nodded solemnly: "Indeed."

Tan Zhongchi swore in a whisper: "This Zuo Tianci is truly cunning. He saw through our tactics."

However, Qin Wushuang said: "So what if he has seen through our tactics? Since they are leaving, for sure they used things like the Wind Walk Talisman to increase their speed. Head Palace Master, Teacher, you two should chase those Elders. I will play with Zuo Tianci with two of my friends."

Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhongchi looked at each other and nodded: "Ok, Wushuang, our goal for this battle is to kill all the main force of the Nine Palace. We cannot push ourselves when fighting with Zuo Tianci. You are only allowed to delay him. You must remember this point."

Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "I know what I'm doing."

Tan Zhongchi said seriously: "Wushuang, don't act impulsively."

Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhongchi initiated their Wind Walk Talismans and headed toward a shortcut to catch up with the escaping Elders. They must catch up to those Elders before the mountain road on the cliff.

Qin Wushuang said to Purple Electric Flame beast: "Lone, this time you will go lure Zuo Tianci. You will restrain him. If you can restrain him for three or five days, it will be your merit! After ten days, let's regroup at the Red Cloud Mountain outside the imperial capital of the Great Luo Empire."

The Purple Flame Electric beast was extremely excited: "Finally it's my turn!"

In a flash, he disappeared from view.

Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "Bao Bao, come with me. I need to find a hidden area to train in isolation for a few days."

Bao Bao's eyes lit up: "Boss Wushuang, you are going to break through?"

Qin Wushuang shook his head with a smile: "It's far too early for that. However, if I can consolidate my strength well, it might be possible to get closer to breaking through."

Bao Bao said with excitement: "Great, if Boss Wushuang can breakthrough, Wushuang can breakthrough, for sure it would be awe-imposing if the three of us Perfect Stage wanders around the world."

"Stop talking, let's go."

This absorption technique had been Qin Wushuang's greatest gain since he had first started using it. He had absorbed the spiritual Qi of two Perfect Stages. Although he did not absorb their Qi fully, it was incomparable to anything from the past.

Qin Wushuang only felt the waves of contractions in his dantian. Two waves of completely different spiritual Qi was already wandering around his dantian. The presence of these two waves had resulted in a conflict like rivals standing on a narrow path.

Qin Wushuang knew that Zhao Heng's spiritual Qi was masculine and Dao Haitang's was feminine and gentle. It would take him some time to fully absorb these two different Qi.

Fortunately, he had Bao Bao, this useful helper. It was for Qin Wushuang to find a quiet place and start another of his isolation trainings.

With Bao Bao defending him from external threats, Qin Wushuang would be free of worry and danger. Even if Zuo Tianci accidentally stumbled upon them, Bao Bao would be able to delay him long enough for Qin Wushuang to finish.

Two waves of strong and powerful spiritual QI jumped and clashed with Qin Wushuang's dantian. Qin Wushuang was not in a rush as he guided the spiritual Qi slowly.

The speed of the qi convergence would influence the purity of the spiritual Qi. If he went too fast, it would decrease the purity. If he was too slow, it would influence his efficiency. Thus, he must grasp a balance.

Fortunately ,Qin Wushuang was already extremely familiar with this process. Although the spiritual Qi he absorbed was on a completely different level than before, the method was the same.

It took seven days, after seven full days, Qin Wushuang opened his eyes. When he slowly initiated his dantian, a strong presence without a single trace of impurity circulated around his dantian.

He had succeeded!

 "Zuo Tianci…" A trace of a playful smile emerged from the corner of Qin Wushuang's mouth, "Although Li Buyi said I cannot kill you, am I a person that would bind my own feet? Since you insist on coming after the Stargaze Palace, even if you are someone forbidden from being killed, sooner or later, I will kill you! Now, let me play with you and teach you a lesson!"

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