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Chapter 358: Inflicting Serious Damage on the Nine Palace Facti

Tan Zhongchi put on his mask again and made a gesture with his hand to Zhuo Buqun. Then, the two of them retreated.

According to plan, Qin Wushuang gathered up Zhao Heng's body. In a flash, he disappeared into the forest. After a moment, Qin Wushuang was once again back to the nearby area where the Nine Palace main force had made camp.

 "Roar!" A low roar shook the forest. Suddenly, a figure that moved as fast as lightning scrambled out from the sky.

Layers of shadows spread among the sky. Suddenly, the shadow attached itself to a spiritual beast with a giant body. That spiritual beast unleashed dozen of sharp winds with his claws. With a popping sound, it accurately swept toward each of the Nine Palace people that was at the scene.

Dao Haitang shouted in a low voice: "Be careful."

She pulled out a short sword in her hand and slashed smoothly towards the direction of the arriving wind.

Another boom!

When the two waves of power clashed with each other, the strong wind blew in all directions. Dao Haitang only felt a sense of heaviness from her dantian. The recoil of that Spiritual Qi caused her dantian tremble.

 "This animal, such strong power!" Inwardly, Dao Haitang was getting a bit nervous. She flicked two of her sleeves and two streams of cloth flew out from her sleeves. With a flash of light, the streamers seemed to have been bestowed with spiritual life force as it flew to catch the back legs of that spiritual beast with a dragon like force.

Of course, this spiritual beast was the Purple Flame Electric Beast.

Bao Bao was in charge of luring away Zuo Tianci and Qin Wushaung would use the chance to provoke Zhao Heng and lure him away. They had separated the three Perfect Stages completely to build a chance for the Purple Flame Electric beast.

As long as the two Perfect Stage warriors were absent from the scene, he could do whatever he wanted!

Before Da Haitang's flying streamer attacks reached him, the body of the Purple Flame Electric beast had already jumped away. Suddenly, he rolled his body and started spinning in circles.

His spinning speed was too fast and the layers of shadow formed a giant circle. The flapping sound that emerged seemed to have drawn a circular prohibition.


Suddenly, the Purple Flame Electric Beast opened his mouth and breathed out a stream of raging flames. With the initiation of this flame, a roll

of fireballs shot out with imposing manner one after another.

Once he had initiated the temperament, he had for sure grasped control of the battle.

The fire coming from the Purple Flame Electric Beast contained the genuine fire essence of the fire attribute. Although he had not reached mastery, his breath of fire had instantly surrounded all the Elders who were inside the circles.

Inside this circle, fire danced and the spreading smoke devoured all the vegetation.

Although those Elders were at the Advanced Stage, before this powerful fire, they could only use all their power to protect themselves. For a time, they kept initiating fire evasion tools to barely stay alive. Each of them scrambled about in a sorry state inside the circle.

If the spiritual beast remained here and confined them in the circle, how would they have other methods to protect against the fire when their fire talismans ran out?

Thus, there was only one way to stay alive. That was to charge through this circle. Only this way could they stay alive.

Only, the Purple Flame Electric beast was intoxicated by bloodlust at this moment. Finally, he had received a chance to let out the anger of being sealed for thousand of years. Naturally, he was about to wreak havoc. He would not allow these Elders to escape with ease as he breathed out genuine fire everywhere.

He charged forward and the remain of a shadow flashed. Already, the Purple Flame Electric beast had drawn a wave of arc light with his front claws, kcha!


An Elder got hit by this slashing light directly. In one move, his body broke into two and fell forward. Instantly, blood flowed the ground.

After he saw the fresh blood, the Purple Flame Electric Beast became even more ferocious. He charged recklessly toward those Elders. He opened the path with his genuine fire and gushed it out.

He forced the approaching Dao Haitang to step back. Then, he pushed down an Elder with both of his front claws.

Regardless of speed or spiritual Qi, that Elder was inferior. With no time to react after being pushed down by the Purple Flame Electric Beast, the Purple Electric Beast exerted both claws and tore his two arms off completely!

Then, he used his back leg to kick the remains of the Elder's body to the sky. Again, he grabbed the legs of that Elder and flung it toward the other direction.

The sound of a crash emerged.

This tearing power had torn that

that Elder all the way from his feet to neck. He had torn him in half like a sitting duck. His five viscera and six bowels slowly rained down with wet slapping sounds.

The Purple Flame Electric Beast shouted: "Refreshing, so nice! The one with the formidable strength is only me, the Purple Flame Electric Beast. Regarding the brave and savage one, it would depend on me, Lone!"

While he wreaked havoc, he charged forward and broke the formation of the Elders into pieces. Each of these Elders were at the Advanced Stage. In their entire life, they had rarely missed their target even if they were facing them alone. However, these ten elders were left with no options despite being in a group. They had lost their wits completely and two of their friends had been killed instantly!

The fast attacking speed of the Purple Flame Electric beast gave them no chance to muster up a group attack. His lightning dash and charge was like a sickle flitting across the wheatfield that took a life in a blink.

Dao Haitang was utterly discomfited. After all, she was a Perfect Stage. However, no matter how much she attacked the enemy, she could not keep up with the speed of this spiritual beast. With her tempo disrupted, any random breath of genuine fire from the enemy would make her becoming flustered.

She kept sending out whistles to summon help. With the current situation, if Head Zuo and Assistant Leader Zhao did not come to her aide, most likely, the whole group of the Nine Palace's elite warrior would be killed here in this remote forest.

At this moment, the sound of a cold hoarse chuckle came from outside: "This old lady, you kept whistling, are you asking for help from Zhao Heng? He is back."

This voice was Qin Wushuang. As he finished speaking, he threw the whip and tossed out Zhao Heng's head.

Dao Haitang rolled her sleeve to catch this thing subconsciously. Then, she fixed her gaze on the object and saw it was Zhao Heng's head. This shock almost made Dao Haitang's blood roil and spit out a mouthful of blood.

 "Assistant Leader Zhao?"

Although Dao Haitang was never friendly with Zhao Heng, at this moment, she was filled with terror and shock. She knew that with Zhao Heng's death, the Nine Palace had suffered a heavy loss and had met some terrifying people!

Although she hated Zhao Heng for leaving the team due

team due to his selfishness, she could not help but feel sympathy with a like-minded person in distress when she saw his head.

She continued to send out another three sharp whistle to warn Zuo Tianci. This was the most urgent cry for help between the higher-ups of the Nine Palace. When one heard this sound, regardless of the situation, they must come to their aide!

In fact, Zuo Tianci had not gone far. He was fighting viciously with Bao Bao, who had transformed his shape, a few dozen miles away. Naturally, when Bao Bao changed into the Gold Monkey King, he had rewritten the playful appearance he had previously shown to Zuo Tianci. Thus. Zuo Tianci had no idea that the monkey he was engaged in a vicious battle with was that fluffy spiritual beast who had lured him away while the mountain gate was burned.

Upon hearing such a sharp whistle, Zuo Tianci's heart sank as he knew the situation was not going well. He swung his weapon and changed into a wave of yellow light as he dashed away. He shouted: "You darn monkey, don't let me meet you again in the future!"

Bao Bao knew Zuo Tianci's power. He was also struggling while battling with Zuo Tianci. However, this battle had allowed him to consolidate his Perfect Stage.

Unconsciously, he had achieved a solid advancement during an actual battle.

When he saw Zuo Tianci retreating, although he intended to keep him here, he knew that he could not lock him down with his current power.

Thus, he followed behind Zuo Tianci and shouted again: "Nine Palace, enter the tomb; Zuo Tianci, go eat poo. Ha ha, Zuo Tianci, did you not prepare a few more coffins on your trip?"

Bao Bao kept provoking Zuo Tianci.

Inwardly, Zuo Tianci was at the peak of his rage. However, he suppressed his anger forcefully and rushed back to the main group.

Qin Wushuang was already preparing the Graceful Spiritual Bow in a dark corner. He carefully lifted the bow and aimed it at Dao Haitang. He moved his lips and let out a whistle.

The Purple Flame Electric Beast understood and suddenly, he left those Elders. In a whoosh, like a small mountain dropping down, he charged at Dao Haitang.

Dao Haitang shouted angrily: "You animal, I'm going to chop you!"

She flicked her streamers and sent out two sharp blades of light towards the stomach of the Purple Flame Electric Beast.

The Purple Flame Electric Beast snorted with disdain. snorted with disdain. He pressed down with his two claws and waved two balls of air downwards. With two booming sounds, the air ball hit the blade of light and the energy of the attacks dispersed.

Dao Haitang did not fear the Purple Flame Electric Beast. She knew that that this beast was fast and could breathe out fire. Although Dao Haitang could not kill the Purple Flame Electric Beast, she could protect herself.

Like a female celestial flower spreading its petals, she rolled her two streamers and kept sweeping out lights of blade that slashed towards the Purple Flame Electric beast.

At this moment, a trace of a satisfied smile emerged on the corner of Qin Wushuang's mouth. He loaded the arrow and shot it!


This arrow flew with preparation and full of intention!

The initiation of the power approached the back of Dao Haitang with an engulfing temperament and the speed of lightning. Suddenly, Dao Haitang felt a wave of despairing murderous intent surging over her.

Under the dire situation, with no time to think carefully, she initiated a protective gold light talisman. Whoosh!

A gold light wrapped around her entire body! Waves of gold light shot out and enfolded that green arrow inside.

Boom, the power of the green arrow exploded.

It had dissolved that golden light. At the same time, Da Haitang used this chance and jumped to the side.

 "Humph, where are you going to escape?"

Suddenly, a wave of blade light shot from the forest on the side. As soon as this blade had arrived, it had locked the opening space and all possibilities for Dao Haitang to move forward!

Now, Dao Haitang realized that this path was blocked by the elite warrior.

The power of this blade had the imposing manner of a Perfect Stage. Inwardly, Dao Haitang last thoughts were: "Where did so many Perfect Stage come from?"

As she turned her head, Qin Wushuang's second and third arrow had arrived.

Whoosh, whoosh!

Two sharp green lights swiftly penetrated deep into Dao Haitang's body. After the green light had entered her body, it had disappeared suddenly. Then, with a boom, it exploded out of her chest!

Instantly, two bloody holes had appeared on Dao Haitang's chest.

Dao Haitang's body jerked to a stop as her entire body stiffened. She looked down with despair and her expression became strange.

 "How did this happen?" When Dao Haitang looked back with disbelief, she discovered that the Spiritual Qi inside her body was seeping away. Her dantian had been shattered!

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