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A+ A- Chapter 353: Elite Warrior at the Void Martial Stage!

Qin Wushuang listened attentively. He knew that for a sect like the Stargaze Palace, they would definitely have some trump cards.

The other Core disciples listened with all their attention.

Zhuo Buqun said lightly: "The first trump card is the Perfect Stage! Besides me, another Palace Master is about to break into the Perfect Stage. I believe it will be in these next few days!"

Perfect Stage? Two?

This news was equivalent to a major bomb that exploded in the main palace. Everyone revealed a curious expression and started to ask around in discussion.

"For now, don't try to guess and don't doubt. This is for certain. When the time comes, it will reveal itself."

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang was stunned then his mood turned to great joy: "Teacher is going to breakthrough? At least right now, these three Palace Masters do not show signs to break into the Perfect Stage. Since the Head Palace Master said it this way, it should only be Teacher."

Zhuo Buqun said: "This second trump card is that Wushuang's spiritual arrow had severely injured Zhao Heng. It was the same as leaving the enemy with one less powerful warrior!"

Zhao Heng was severely injured?

Undoubtedly, this was another piece of motivating news!

Everyone had learned after the incident that Zhao Heng had retreated on that day not because the Head Palace Master had come out of isolation, but because he had been struck by Qin Wushuang's spiritual arrow and had been injured.

They didn't expect that he had suffered such serious injuries! He could not even come to battle!

Thinking here, everyone started to look at Qin Wushuang with some complicated feelings. What kind of divine weapon could it be that it could injure a Perfect Stage?

No wonder this Qin Wushuang was the elite of the elite among the younger generation. Indeed, he had his reason for rising up with such speed.

When Zhuo Buqun saw the atmosphere had become lively, he put up another finger and said: "The third trump card is the construction of the Stargaze Palace. The Eight Divinity Trigrams Palaces and the Five Element Palaces. These palaces contains a powerful defensive spiritual formation. Once a strong enemy attempts to destroy the roots of the Stargaze Palace, this spiritual formation will be activated and launch deadly attacks at the invading enemies! Unless, the enemy has a warrior at the Void Martial Stage. They would never be able to penetrate our defense formation. This trump card is the absolute trump card for the Stargaze Palace to survive in this


Qin Wushuang was moved. With such a trump card, it was not strange that the Head Palace Master had such confidence.

Of course, Zhuo Buqun was not blindly optimistic with this one trump card. Since they had their trump cards, for sure the Nine Palace would have their own.

Thus, this battle still had many different variables.

Regardless of who wins or loses, there would only be two outcomes to this battle.

It would either be Stargaze Palace's failure and decline along with the Great Luo Empire becoming a subordinate to the Red Dragon Empire. In the worst case, it would be absorbed by the empire.

The other outcome would be the Stargaze Palace's victory and the defeat of the Nine Palace. From that point, the Stargaze Palace would ride a tide toward becoming the most elite sect in the human countries. Next, the Great Luo Empire would follow the tide and most likely become the fourth Upper Ranking Empire of the human countries.

They would fight regardless and the Stargaze Palace had prepared for this battle to the death.

In March, at the Nine Palace Faction, with a long roar, Zhao Heng walked out of the secret chamber and laughed: "Great, no wonder it is called the Spiritual Infant Fruit. My internal injuries have healed completely! I have recovered my past power in half a month."

 "Congratulation teacher, congratulation Assistant Leader Zhao!"

Zhao Heng laughed madly and a trace of ruthlessness appeared in his eyes. He slowly muttered: "Stargaze Palace, Qin Wushuang…My lifetime fame was broken when I was struck by a young kid, ha ha… Just wait, if I don't tear down the Stargaze Palace, I will write my name backwards!"

He walked before the Lotus Flower Palace and a subordinate to Zuo Tianci stopped him in a rush: "Assistant Leader Zhao, Head Zuo is meeting with a VIP. No one can interfere with them for now."

Before the Lotus Flower Palace, Zhao Heng did not dare to act impudent. He asked in a whisper: "Even I'm not allowed to go in?"

That disciple nodded with a determined expression: "My teacher had instructed it."

 "Ok, then I will wait here."

At this moment, a disciple came out and said to Zhao Heng: "Assistant Leader Zhao, Head Zuo wishes to discuss some important matters with you."

Zhao Heng nodded: "Ok."

Currently, there were only three people inside the Lotus Flower Palace. Besides Zuo Tianci and Dao Haitang, there was another young man. On the surface, this young man had a calm expression like the breeze

breeze and the ancient moon. With one look, one would know that he had a different temperament from ordinary humans. Zhao Heng felt doubts and wonderful feelings that he could not describe in words.

 "Assistant Leader Zhao, come, let me introduce you." Zuo Tianci said with a smile, "This is Young Master Luo Yun from the Xuan Yuan Mound. He is like a distant cousin to me. Only I don't have much talent since I reside in the human countries. And Young Master Luo is the most exceptional disciple from the Heavenly Luo Daoist Dojo of the Xuan Yuan Mound."

This Luo Yun said lightly: "Tianci, no need to be so humble, everyone has different roles. Since you are the nephew of the Heavenly Luo Dojo, then the more accomplishments you achieve in the human countries, the more pride the Heavenly Luo Dojo will have. This time, the higher-ups of the Dojo sent me to inspect the human countries for two reasons. One is to see how you are managing the Nine Palace Faction, the second reason is also because we heard that someone burned your mountain gate."

Zuo Tianci was terrified as he said: "This incident was extremely strange. Thinking now, it's highly possible that I fell victim to a diversion."

Luo Yun waved his hand: "Doesn't matter, when do you plan to head to the east?"

 "Initially, we set the day to head out when Assistant Zhao's injuries was healed. It seems now is the time!"

Luo Yun nodded coldly: "Good, gather all the elite warriors at the Advanced Stage and head out. I will protect your gate. If the Nine Raven and the Sky Travel Empire comes to interfere, I will get rid of them for you."

Luo Yun's tone sounded calm and at ease. However, just these few words carried unquestionable authority. Inwardly, Zhao Heng was nervous: "Could it be that the strength of this Luo Yun surpasses Head Zuo's?"

Seeing Zhao Heng's expression, Zuo Tianci smiled bitterly: "Assistant leaders, Young Master Luo is an elite warrior at the Void Martial Stage! He could return to his true self or do Actual Hollow Shape Refinement. Don't be fooled by his appearance, he is only a few years younger than me."

Zhao Heng and Dao Haitang finally realized the facts. No wonder this Young Master Luo only seemed to be twenty or thirty years old. How much power would a person at this age have?

Unexpectedly, he was an elite warrior at the Void Martial Stage and had reached

had reached the Refinement stage where he could change his appearance! When thinking here, these two looked at Young Master Luo with a much more complicated look.

Suddenly, Dao Haitang chuckled: "So Young Master Luo did not show your true appearance. I am truly blind. Ah, how wonderful would it be if I can practice to your level?"

Zhao Heng joked: "Assistant Leader Dao, most likely you are more interested in the Actual Hollow Shape Refinement, right?"

Dao Haitang flirted with her eyes: "Senior Brother Zhao, which girl would not wish their youthful appearance would last forever!"

Zuo Tianci waved his hand and stopped these two's blabbering. He said: "Pass my orders, tomorrow before dawn, all the Advanced Stage Elders will assemble at the Lotus Flower Palace. We are heading east!"

Joy flashed across Zhao Heng's eyes as he stood up from the chair: "Head Zuo, I would like to be the vanguard!"

However, Zuo Tianci said: "For this battle, it's not about an army invading a country, but a clash between elite warriors. We only have one goal, and that is to destroy the Stargaze and the Dragon and Tiger sect! The primary goal is the Stargaze Palace! Once the Stargaze is down, for sure the Dragon and Tiger sect will be cut down like a hot knife through the butter! After taking out these two powerhouses, the Three Eastern Empires will become history. The foundation of the Nine Palace will officially encompass the east!"

"Thus, for this battle, we will go together. There is no need for a vanguard or rearguard."

Both Zhao Heng and Dao Haitang nodded: "Yes."

At the imperial capital of the Nine Raven Empire, Miss Mu Rong and Little Bamboo had just walked out of Shao Bailong's restaurant. Little Bamboo asked while following: "Miss, are we really going to the east?"

Miss Mu Rong said with a smile: "You don't want to?"

 "No, I'm just curious about how you can be so certain that Young Master Qin is Qin Wushuang of the Stargaze Palace?"

Miss Mu Rong said: "From the most recent analyzed information, it should be him."

 "Even if he is, with your high position, it does not seem right to travel so far to look for him?"

 "Girl, it's not that complicated for me to go find him."

Little Bamboo laughed evilly: "Miss, I didn't say anything. Where did the complicated saying came from?"

Miss Mu Rong berated lightly: "You evil girl with all your ideas."

Little Bamboo chuckled: "Alright, I know that Young Master Qin Young Master Qin is a charming person since he understood your music. You are sure that he is a person worthy to be a friend, right?"

"I do have such intention. Most importantly, I need to remind him. Zuo Tianci of the Nine Palace is related to the Heavenly Luo Daoist Dojo. It's not smart for the Stargaze to become enemies with them."

However, Little Bamboo said: "Didn't you say that Young Master Qin has the bloodline of the Godly Emperor Mountain?"

Miss Mu Rong sighed: "That is only my guess. I don't know if it's true."

Little Bamboo laughed: "Miss, if the Stargaze Palace becomes water and fire with the Nine Palace, wouldn't Young Master Qin be in immense danger? What do you plan to do?"

Miss Mu Rong said: "Let's go take a look. Besides, didn't Silver Monkey King inform us? Young Master Qin has superior strength and divine weapons to protect him. He should be capable of staying alive."

Initially, Miss Mu Rong paid visits to the three major powerhouses of the Disperse Praying Mountain. She finally managed to uncover some important information at the Monkey King Mountain.

Little Bamboo sighed: "Right. Miss, the Nine Palace is related to the Heavenly Luo Daoist Dojo. What if you were recognized by the people of the Dojo, wouldn't it be troublesome?"

 "It would not matter if they recognized me, would they dare to capture me to complete the wedding? Although the Dojo is strong, they are not that powerful to the extent of such arrogant actions!"

Little Bamboo chuckled: "That would be the best."

In the Stargaze Palace, the intelligence personnel had been sending up to ten messages a day.

 "Head Palace Master, the Nine Palace has assembled all Advanced Stage warriors and have begun their march."

 "Head Palace Master, all three Leaders of the Nine Palace are going out…"

Such urgent information arrived at Zhuo Buqun's ears one after another.

Zhuo Buqun was somewhat surprised: "All three Leaders are moving together? That Zhao Heng's injuries was healed? Or are they putting on a show to trick us?"

Tan Zhongchi said in a low voice: "If he was not injured, he would not have sent Zhu Dazhong to the Dispersed Praying Mountain. Since Wushuang is able to get the Spiritual Infant Fruits, the Nine Palace is also capable!"

The other Palace Masters all nodded.

Tian Zhixing said: "Head Palace Master, should we start our evacuation of the Core disciples?"

Zhuo Buqun nodded slowly: "Ok, carry out the original plan! Hand each of them their own path!"


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