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Zuo Tianci said in a low voice: "As soon as Assistant Leader Dao has returned, we will begin the invasion of the Eastern Empires."

However, one of the Elders with a head full of white hair asked: "Head Zuo, it's not a problem to invade the east. I am only afraid that the Nine Raven and the Sky Travel Empire would not like to see the Red Dragon Empire becoming stronger. For sure, they would interfere!"

Zuo Tianci waved his hand with a light smile: "Head Elder, rest assured. Everything is within my calculations. Ever since Gao Yue of the Archaic had come here, I already made a full layout of the plans. In the past, the Three Eastern Empires were a tightly knit group and we could not extend our hands in. Since a crack has opened up internally, the Archaic Mysteries sect came to us, then for sure, the remaining two Empires will not be able to stop the footsteps of the Nine Palace marching to the east! Even if the Nine Raven and the Sky Travel Empire intends to interfere, they would not have enough time. Everyone go make preparations for the invasion of the Three Eastern Empires. It will be begin within these next three month!"

Zuo Tianci's style had always been making plans first, then movements after. Thus, he had a very good reputation and absolute authority in the Nine Palace.

Another Elder asked: "Head Zuo, how many people are we going to send for this invasion?"

 "Three Heads, and twelve Advanced Stage Elders are all going out!"

Zuo Tianci smiled casually and instructed: "Let Gao Yue come see me, and ask him to make preparations."


Zhao Heng opened his mouth, however, Zuo Tianci spoke before he had a chance to say anything: "Assistant leader Zhao, no need to worry. Once Assistant Leader Dao returns, everything shall reveal itself."

 "Ok, everyone should go make their own preparations and be ready for any assignment!"


After the meeting between the higher-ups had dispersed, Gao Yue came to meet him. Zuo Tianci gave him instructions. Gao Yue could not help but keep nodding with a serious expression.

At this moment, Gao Yue was also feeling that it was impossible to stop halfway. After a few days of observation, the Nine Palace seemed to be determined to move out.

However, once it had happened, it far surpassed what he had expected. Initially, he only wanted to deal the other two Empires through the Nine Palace.

With the Nine Palace mountain gate being burned, the situation had changed all of a sudden. It

was as if the Nine Palace had instantly become the main characters and the Archaic Mysteries had become the background!

However, before the mighty Zuo Tianci, Gao Yue had no right to utter a single refusal. Fortunately, Zuo Tianci was rather courteous as he had promised to maintain the position of the Heavenly Lake Empire. And in the future, even if they were to explore the Endless Eastern Sea, the Heavenly Lake Empire would still be a part of it. They would only receive more benefits than before.

Of course, the pre-set conditions were in the future, the Heavenly Lake Empire must side with the Red Dragon Empire in all future and major events in the human countries.

Gao Yue knew that it was impossible to disembark from the pirate boat of the Nine Palace. Considering how the Nine Palace had a relationship with the Xuan Yuan Mound, Gao Yue decided to be a part of it after some hard thinking.

It would be better to stay alive on their knees than dying on their own two feet!

The Stargaze Palace, and the Dragon and Tiger sect were stubborn, proud, and did not listen to the nice words from the Nine Palace. What would happen to them?

Once the elite warriors of the Nine Palace arrived, they would surely sweep away the entire east.

Qin Wushuang returned to the royal mansion. Besides everyday training, he spent time with his family or taking Bao Bao and the Purple Flame Electric Beast to the streets.

Fortunately, the Purple Flame Electric Beast listened to Qin Wushuang and shrunk his body to a much smaller size. He also had to pretend to be a good and adorable beast to not scare the others.

Qin Wushuang resided in his old home for a month and two until the new year had passed. Then, he made preparations to leave the Bai Yue Country.

After consuming the "Green Ice-Heart Fruits," Qin Wushuang's family had turned over a new leaf. Each person had an obvious change to their bodies.

Da Xi Ming said with joy: "Wushuang, after undergoing the transformation of this Green Ice-Heart Fruits, for sure, Cheng Cheng will have an outstanding potential for martial arts. This child, please spend some time to plan his future, you being the uncle."

Qin Wushuang nodded seriously: "Brother-in-law, I've always thought about Cheng Cheng. When the situation in the human countries has stabilized, I will send him to the Stargaze Palace."

Da Xi Ming said happily: "That's great."

After walking out the door, Xiao Guan was already waiting for him and was prepared to send Qin Wushuang

Wushuang off.

 "Xiao Guan, you are now the internal manager of the royal mansion. You must help Uncle Si Hai take care of things. He is already at an old age and will retire in the future. Sooner of later, the majority of responsibilities will fall to you."

Xiao Guan said seriously: "Sir, I will work with all my efforts."

Qin Wushuang nodded: "You should also strengthen your own training. I've prepared a Supreme Quality Initial Stage pill. Next time when I return, I hope you will already be at the peak of the Stage Nine of the Genuine Force. At that time, I will let you take this pill and advance to the Upper Sky."

Xiao Guan was extremely grateful: "Sir, I will work hard."

After bidding farewell to his family, Qin Wushuang started travelling again. In less than a day, he returned to the Stargaze Palace.

As soon as he had returned to the Stargaze Palace, Qin Wushuang was summoned to the main palace to discuss some matters. Without delay, Qin Wushuang walked toward the main palace as he knew the seriousness of the matter.

Zhuo Buqun had returned from the Dragon and Tiger Sect before the new year. Only, he did not bring back good news.

Currently, Shi Chenglong, the head of the Dragon and Tiger sect had yet not broken through to the Perfect Stage. Although they were dissatisfied with the threat of the Nine Palace invading the Three Eastern Empires, they seemed to be hesitant to form an alliance.

It was because when Zhao Heng had come that time, they had fallen back after their visit to the Stargaze Palace and had ignored the Dragon and Tiger sect. It made the entire Dragon and Tiger sect wonder, could the Nine Palace hold some personal grudge with the Stargaze Palace?

Although Zhuo Buqun used all his efforts to apprise them of the severity of the matter, Shi Chenglong still remained hesitant and unwilling to voice his stance. Of course, he would not agree to form an alliance.

He only said he would wait see the changes of the matter.

Ua conclusion after repeated persuasions, Zhuo Buqun understood the apprehensions of the Dragon and Tiger sect. They did not understand the pain since Zhao Heng's heavy punches did not land on their bodies. Naturally, they could not feel hatred toward the enemy like the Stargaze Palace.

And with the power of the Dragon and Tiger Sect, even if Shi Chenglong was confident, he knew it would be hitting a stone with an egg by becoming enemy with the Nine Palace.

With all these worries, it

worries, it made sense that Shi Chenglong was not willing to form an alliance easily.

Although Zhuo Buqun was somewhat depressed at not having achieved anything, he did not despair. He knew that with the changes in the situation, the Dragon and Tiger sect would either be destroyed or become servants.

Or else, they could only fight back with everything.

Currently, besides Tan Zhongchi who was still kept out of the light, the other four Palace Masters had all arrived.

Besides them, the eight Shakyamuni, sixteen Elders, ten Palace Emissaries and the top twenty Core disciples were all counted among the gathered members.

When Qin Wushuang walked in, those younger generation disciples all became excited after not seeing him after such long time. Zhou Fu waved at him to sit next to her.

Qin Wushuang did not act arrogantly and walked to his position at the Core disciples to sit down.

Zhuo Buqun nodded: "Everyone, there is only one thing to be discussed when I called all of you here. Our intelligence says that recently, the Nine Palace is showing abnormal movements. All elite warriors have returned to the sect to await instructions. Although, there is no direct evidence showing their intention to invade the east, to the Stargaze Palace, we must make some precautions."

 "For this battle, it's not about me making others proud or destroying our own pride. If the Nine Palace invades the east, regardless of anything, the Stargaze or the Dragon sect does not have the power to resist against them." No wonder Zhuo Buqun was the head of a Palace. He assumed the responsibility and he did not add any decoration to these words.

 "However, the Stargaze Palace has lived for a few thousand years, for sure we will not lay down and let the Nine Palace take whatever they want. Thus, we will make two layers of preparations. The first one is the battle. The second one is the relocation of the younger generation disciples. These young disciples are the future of the Stargaze Palace. With them living, the legacy of the Stargaze will not die. Even if we suffer a heavy loss this time, as long as the young people make the effort, the Stargaze will come back to the top! I have all the reasons to say that I think you guys can do it!"

Zhuo Buqun's expression was extremely firm and determined. It was apparent that this head of the Stargaze Palace had made all preparations to defend the Stargaze Palace.

 "I will now ask you! Will you all honor the Stargaze Palace? Will you be willing to die willing to die for the Palace? Will you fight with your life for our thousand years of legacy?"

These continuous three questions had immediately made the atmosphere of the scene intense. Among the younger generation, a few people's eyes had already become red. The hairs of their entire body stood up and their blood surged.

Has the Stargaze Palace truly arrived at a life and death moment?

Everyone stood up after Zhuo Buqun's three questions.

Each of them were selected by the Stargaze Palace at a young age. They had lived through the sun, rain, and dew under the Stargaze Palace. Since they were young, they had been the pride of the Stargaze Palace and the most elite warriors. At the same time, they viewed the Stargaze Palace as their home and were connected by those flesh and blood bonds.

The Stargaze Palace was their home. It's where their bodies were attached and their souls final destination!

Even if they had to pay for it with their life, they would not blink their eyes to defend the Stargaze Palace.

What was so scary about dying?

Too many people of their generation had died for the Stargaze Palace at such a young age. And they had lived until now. They had the skills and could die for the Stargaze Palace, their most prized sect at anytime!

Zhong Wuyin shouted: "Everyone answer me, are you willing to stay and live or die for the Stargaze Palace! Are you willing to?"


Everyone roared in unison with a sound reaching to the clouds.

Each face had the same expression of viewing death as returning home!

For their sect, for the thousand year legacy of the Stargaze, to protect their home, what else was as worth dying for?

Even if their country had fallen, even if their sect was destroyed, they must fight to tear down the mountain and river. How could they just give away their most wonderful homeland?

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang's heart thundered as he became affected by the atmosphere. He squeezed his fists lightly and thought: "Stargaze Palace, the sect…This is our legacy. With such spirit, how could one worry about the country flourishing?"

Zhuo Buqun felt extremely gratified as he nodded: "Great, great! This battle, the Nine Palace was absolutely unrestrained. How could they not know that we have trump cards? This is definitely not a death march. We will be looking at our winning chance through this crack of survival!"

Hearing Zhuo Buqun speaking this way, these people all revealed an overjoyed look. All of them pricked up their ears in anticipation of hearing about the Head Palace Master's trump cards!

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