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A+ A- Chapter 351: Two Major Buffoons

Qin Wushuang, Bao Bao, and the Purple Flame Electric Beast returned to the Divinity Dragon Mountain Range and that cave swiftly. After they had made sure they did not leave behind any tracks, they entered that cave.

After entering the cave, they were absolutely safe.

Bao Bao thoughts lingered on that scene: "It felt so good. Old Purple, I am somewhat impressed by you."

The Purple Flame Electric beast laughed: "Just somewhat? How come you are not extremely impressed?"

Bao Bao chuckled: "If you can kill Zuo Tianci of the Nine Palace, I will be extremely impressed, ha ha."

The Purple Flame Electric Beast said straightforwardly: "Bao Bao, regarding Zuo Tianci, I am somewhat impressed by you. You played hide and seek with that old dude and left him confused. Nice skill."

Bao Bao said proudly: "Of course, why don't you look at my bloodline."

The Purple Flame Electric Beast also had a high standard. However, he would not be so arrogant before such powerful warriors. Thus, he was not opposed to Bao Bao's self-praise as he said: "Bao Bao, since you have such a good bloodline, let's compete and see who will advance faster in the future!"

Bao Bao laughed: "Old Purple, then for sure you cannot beat me."

The Purple Flame Electric Beast laughed: "Not so fast. You do have good a lineage with the bloodline of the ancient spiritual monkey. However, I also have some little secrets. Ha ha."

"What secrets, hurry and tell us!" Bao Bao said seriously.

"Ha ha, allow me to keep you guys in suspense."

Bao Bao twitched his mouth and scratched his cheeks. As if he had suddenly remembered something: "Old Purple, you are after all, a spiritual beast at the Perfect Stage. Could it be, you have no name?"

The Purple Flame Electric Beast said with despondency: "I've always moved around the beast clan, if I hadn't gotten sealed by the owner of this formation, how could I have gotten here? Names are just nothing."

Bao Bao shook his head: "No way, since you are with Boss Wushuang, you must have a name. Or else, you are bringing shame on Wushuang's pride. It's also not good when you present yourself before the others. When others discuss about you, for sure they would say, that thing, that beast…"

 "You are a beast." The Purple Flame Electric Beast moved his pupils and felt

Bao Bao's words made sense.

Bao Bao laughed: "I have a name and it is not a problem since others know I am called Bao Bao. You don't have a name, how will the others address you?"

The Purple Flame Electric Beast said to himself: "It sounds reasonable. Bao Bao, then what kind of name do you think it will sound impressive?"

Bao Bao said: "Regardless of how impressive you are, you cannot have a name that is more awe-inspiring than Boss. Qin Wushuang, unrivaled in the world."

 "It should be somewhat awe-inspiring? It's fine if it's less than Boss."

Bao Bao tilted his little head: "Let me think about it."

Qin Wushuang laughed: "You two take your time to think on a name. Let me discover how to initiate this transportation circle. I would not want to make a mistake and teleport over to the Fourth Circle. It would be unfortunate if we get swallowed with our lack of strength."

After a momentary inspection, Qin Wushuang saw two direction signs on the transportation stone. Where the direction were, there was a "Second" and a "Four" character. Although they were carved as a seal script, Qin Wushuang still recognized it. Then, he had an idea. He knew that since the spiritual Qi direction pointed this way, it should be the method to initiate the return transportation circle.

Suddenly, Bao Bao cried out exaggeratedly at this moment: "Old Purple, you have been sealed for thousand of years, right? Then you must be lonely and alone, why not call you Lone. This is an impressive name."


 "Yes, this is a such special and poetic name. It suits your outstanding abilities. All other names cannot express a tenth of your thousand-awe-inspiring power." Bao Bao encouraged.

The more Qin Wushuang heard their words, the more he felt exasperation at these two buffoons. They had even brought out the word "Lone." In his previous world, this word had been an extremely hot topic on the internet.

Initially, he thought that the Purple Flame Electric Beast would refuse. Unexpectedly, this guy had taken it in deeply as if he had ingested Bao Bao's poison as he nodded: "Bao Bao, I didn't expect that you had such skill."

Bao Bao had become even more proud: "Of course, I am the number one scholar of the Monkey Clan. Old Purple, think about it, you have outstanding skill and cannot find anyone

anyone on par with you. While standing on the top of the world, with the mood of desiring for a defeat, aren't you extremely lonely? Thus, the name Lone matches with your power one hundred percent. Perhaps, it's also possible to surpass Boss Wu Shuang's impressiveness."

The Purple Flame Electric Beast nodded heavily: "Makes sense. Bao Bao, I am much more impressed by you right now."

Bao Bao laughed: "Yes yes, thus from this point, our Old Purple is the world famous Senior Brother Lone. Whether it be human or gods stopping you along the way, kill them all!"

The Purple Flame Electric Beast laughed: "No no, I don't like to kill, I like to tear. My favourite hobby is to tear enemies into pieces."

"You two, stop talking. We are going back. Qin Wushuang shouted lightly, "Old rules, stay by my sides, don't move recklessly."

These two obeyed Qin Wushuang. Bao Bao extended his tongue and the Purple Flame Electric Beast showed off his new name: "Boss, Bao Bao gave me this impressive name, what do you think?"

 "Great and powerful." Qin Wushuang couldn't care less. How could he not know that Bao Bao was playing around this guy. Too bad that the Purple Flame Electric Beast believed him. This name had no characteristic, where would the awe-inspiring aspect come from?

However, he did not expose him to prevent this buffoon from holding a grudge.

Bao Bao still encouraged: "The Purple Flame Electric Beast is the only one with unmatchable strength. Swift and brave is what Senior Brother Lone is all about."

Qin Wushuang shouted in a low voice: "Bao Bao, don't talk, I'm going to initiate the formation."

Once he initiated the formation, the five colored spiritual lights swelled tremendously and engulfed the one person and two beasts. In a flash, they had disappeared from the formation leaving only an empty stone plate behind.

No one knew how long had passed. In a flash, they arrived at the cave of the Second Circle in the Great Cang Mountain.

When the human and two beasts dropped, Bao Bao cried out: "Boss, it's so intriguing! So exciting! This formation is too fun. In a whoosh, we arrived at the Red Dragon Empire that is hundred thousand miles away. In another whoosh, we are back?"

Qin Wushuang laughed: "Ancient transportation circles are like this. You two must protect this secret."

Bao Bao said seriously:

said seriously: "For sure we will keep it a secret."

The Purple Flame Electric Beast was still feeling happy about his new name as he muttered: "I will never speak of it upon my death. It would be a shameful thing to speak about it."

Qin Wushuang knew that the Purple Flame Electric Beast was depressed about his imprisonment thus he felt ashamed about it.

"Ok, let's return to the royal mansion. After the ruckus you two have caused, the Nine Palace is sure to panic and treat everyone as an enemy. It will be very interesting, ha ha."

 "The more interesting it is, the more exciting it gets." Bao Bao was not scared of the chaos.

"I don't care whether it be interesting or not. If that Zuo Tianci dares to come, I will tear him down before Bao Bao. By that time, Bao Bao will be extremely impressed."

 "Of course, I will be extremely impressed by you if you can tear down Zuo Tianci."

Qin Wushuang remembered Li Buyi's advice. However, he did not speak it out loud. After all, at this time, he did not wish to appear weak before his comrades or make them feel like they could not offend Zuo Tianci. In that case, it would not be a good trade by causing them to lose their morale.

Besides, even if they listened, it would be another matter whether they would fear Zuo Tianci. After all, they were all extremely talented spiritual beasts. Most likely, they wouldn't care even if he had backup from the Xuan Yuan Mound.

And it was just as Qin Wushuang had predicted.

This time, the Nine Palace had been badly burned about the head and was extremely depressed.

The instant Zuo Tianci had discovered Bao Bao, he knew that this spiritual beast had talent. He wanted to catch it to let it become his contract beast. Unexpectedly, after a few days of running around, he could not even touch a single fur on its back.

And while he was busy, someone had burned the gate of the Nine Palace Faction. The most depressing thing was that they could not even figure out the person who had burned the mountain gate.

After making assumptions repeatedly, Zuo Tianci felt that most likely, he had been played. He had fallen victim to someone's bait.

 "Could it be that furry spiritual beast had a master? And his master had let master had let him lure me away intentionally to burn my mountain gate?"

Although the fire had been put out and they did not suffer a heavy loss, with their mountain gates burned, it was equivalent to someone slapping your face. It made the entire Nine Palace faction feel frustrated.

All the Elders had been called to the Lotus Flower Palace by Zuo Tianci.

Although Zuo Tianci was in a bad mood, he put on a light expression. He also knew that despite their failure, the Nine Palace was far from reaching the state of feeling depressed. At this time, he should encourage everyone.

One of his disciple said: "Teacher, all the higher-ups are here. Besides Assistant Leader Dao who is out doing business, all the rest have arrived."

Zuo Tianci nodded: "Everyone, are there any among you that have found any strong evidence of who may have lit the fire?"

Everyone shook their heads to show that they had no idea.

Zuo Tianci nodded: "Assistant Leader Zhao, did you sense anything?"

Zhao Heng's face was a withered yellow color. He coughed two times and said: "Head Zuo, with my serious injuries, each day I only concentrated on keeping my life. I did not sense anything."

Zuo Tiancni nodded: "Zhu Dazhong and your grandson have been gone for so long and have not returned. I think it's inauspicious. Thus, earlier this month, I sent Assistant Leader Dao to uncover some news at the Dispersed Praying Mountain. Secondly, I asked her to go to the Xuan Yuan Mound to request a Spiritual Infant Fruit to restore your dantian."

Zhao Heng said with appreciation: "Thank you so much, Head Zuo. My grandson…"

Zuo Tianci sighed: "You have spoiled your grandson too much. Zhu Dazhong is a sophisticated person. If something had happen, it must have been caused by your grandson. Don't blame the Archaic Mysteries Sect."

Zhao Heng remained silent and could only nod.

Zuo Tianci said: "For the arson incident, regardless of whether it is related to the Stargaze or the Dragon and Tiger sect, we must speed up our invasion of the Eastern Empires to prevent a long dream in the night!"

Once he said these words, all the higher-ups showed a fanatical expression. Apparently, all of them looked forward to the rich fertile lands of the East, and the immense abyss of the Endless Eastern Sea!

Invade the East! These words made their blood boil!

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