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 "Why is he here?" Inwardly, Qin Wushuang's heart thumped and just as he was about to walk away, that person walked up with a smiling face. Still, he spoke with his catchy slogan.

"Excelling in astronomy, and geography, costing nothing to look at your fortune…"

Even in his dreams, Qin Wushuang would have a headache when he heard these words. Not to mention actually meeting this Li Buyi again as he was the most troublesome person he had ever met.

He would rather meet Miss Mu Rong than this Li Buyi.

Although after a general discussion with his Head Palace Master his teacher, they all felt this Li Buyi did not carry ill-intentions. He should be a playful elite warrior that lived outside the secular world.

Despite that fact, Qin Wushuang was still full of restrained fear toward this Li Buyi. Qin Wushuang disliked being seen through by the others in one look and especially when he had no idea about the other's background. Before Li Buyi, he had a sense of insecurity of being naked. This resistance to unknown things were borne by humans naturally.

 "This brother, you have an imposing manner with your walk, please hold on."

This Li Buyi approached him with a carefree tone.

Qin Wushuang already knew that this guy had recognized him. He sighed helplessly and said angrily: "Can you not come near me each time you appear?"

Li Buyi showed a face full of innocence: "I also do not want to, but we are destined to meet again. It seems that we will always meet together after walking around. Could this be the legendary 'fateful encounter?'"

Qin Wushuang was already used to his style of making things up. He said depressingly: "Perhaps it is fate. However, shouldn't you change your lines each time we meet? Don't you feel it's boring to repeatedly say those same few words?"

Li Buyi did not mind as he said with a thick skin: "Just these few words have cost me a lot of time thinking. I would die of overwork if you want me to change my lines each time I meet with someone."

After he had finished complaining, he talked to himself: "Ah, how come my craving for alcohol spikes up each time I see you? I do have a bad habit. Each time my craving occurs, I cannot guard my mouth. Do you think this habit can be fixed?"

Qin Wushuang knew that this guy was asking for drinks in a roundabout way. At the moment, he could only speak helplessly: "For sure, I must have owed you in a previous life. Let's go, pick the location."

Li Buyi laughed: "You didn't owe anything in your former life, maybe you do in this one."

After he had finished speaking, he pulled his arm to walk towards a restaurant as if he knew Qin Wushuang well.

Qin Wushuang specifically picked a quiet room and asked for a table of drinks and dishes.

Li Buyi did not know how to write the word "Courtesy" as he drank three cups by himself in one continuous motion. Then, he said with a smile: "Little Bro, after that farewell at the Heavenly Lake Empire, I finally calculated your identity."


Qin Wushuang remained calm and quiet. He would like to see how much this Li Buyi knew.

"Your surname is Qin, ha ha." Li Buyi picked a piece of beef and threw into his mouth. He chewed it to his delight and pretended to be a profound person. It made Qin Wushuang want to punch his nose.

However, Qin Wushuang would not dare to offend him since he knew that this Li Buyi was not ordinary. If he acted outrageously, most likely he could use one of his finger to make him obey. He should not try to shame himself.

 "Eh, Mr. Fortune Teller, I am curious, if you have such skill, why do you need to cause me trouble. There are millions of people in the Tian Xuan Land, more than hundreds of billions, why do you have to come to me…"

Li Buyi laughed: "Look at what you are saying, when did I ever cause trouble for you. I just feel familiarity at first sight with you! You see that even the heaven arranged for us to meet.You came to the Red Dragon Empire, and that does not seem to be my fault."

Qin Wushuang could not argue against Li Buyi as he sighed helplessly: "I'm scared of you."

"Don't, why be scared of me? By the way, Junior Bro Qin, this is the second time you came to the Red Dragon Empire, right?" Li Buyi said with a smile.

 "News travel quickly." Qin Wushuang sighed.

Li Buyi said with a smile: 'Last time, you came to kill Zhang Baidang to get the Nine Raven National Scholar Command Plate. This time, why are you here? You are not here to declare war on the Nine Palace Faction, are you?"

Qin Wushuang gave a hmph and did not answer.

Li Buyi did not mind as he said with a meaningful and heartfelt tone: "Little Bro, I advise you to hold back. Although I heard that you have a powerful spiritual bow, that Zuo Tianci is different from Zhao Heng. Even though you can deal with Zhao Heng with that bow, it might not work with Zuo Tianci."

 "Mr. Fortune Teller, from your words, you seem to know a lot about the Tian Xuan Land."

"Think about it, I know everything from astrology and the geography. How could this little thing escape my eyes?" Li Buyi was proud, "Also I will tell you a little piece of information. Zuo Tianci's background is also not ordinary. He has a powerful backer in the Xuan Yuan Mound. With this backer, any warrior from there can wipe out the Three Eastern Empires."

Qin Wushuang's face was solemn. He knew that Zuo Tianci had a supporter in the Xuan Yuan Mound. Only, he never learned the identity of this powerhouse backer. This time, hearing the words from Li Buyi, he could not help but feel a somewhat heavy heart. If Zuo Tianci had a strong powerhouse backer, then he must grasp the right amount of appropriateness to become enemies with the Nine Palace Faction.

 "Could it be that to become enemies with the Nine Palace, I can only protect myself, and not attack?" Qin Wushuang thought with a gloomy mood.

Suddenly, withdrawing his playful smile, Li Buyi said with a serious expression when he saw Qin Wushuang remaining silent: "Qin, I heard that you interacted with a girl named Mu Rong at the Nine Raven Temple?"

Qin Wushuang said with annoyance: "Aren't you a really good fortune teller? How come you are saying that you heard something?"

Li Buyi laughed: "I truly heard this one. Actually, everything from here has been investigated by the Nine Palace. I only heard them talking after walking through the streets."

Qin Wushuang did not deny as he said: "What about it?"

Li Buyi laughed: "If you are friends with Miss Mu Rong and her family is willing to back you up, then you will not need to be so scared of the powerhouse behind the Nine Palace. At least, they need to show some respect to her family."

Qin Wushuang said unhappily: "Mr. Fortune-Teller, I only met that Miss Mu Rong once, it's far from helping each other."

Li Buyi laughed: "That might not be the case. I heard that Miss Mu Rong is asking for you around the whole world. For sure, you left a deep impression on her. Ha ha ha."

Qin Wushuang was speechless at this Li Buyi, what are gossip people? Truly, this Li Buyi was a true gossiper. It seemed wherever he go, he could get out lots of things.

Li Buyi drank the last cup when he saw Qin Wushuang remaining silent. He said in a whisper and got closer: "Junior Bro Qin, would you like to hear a piece of advice?"

"Please," Qin Wushuang said lightly.

"You can do whatever you want to fight against the Nine Palace. However, you must remember one point."


 "You can destroy the Nine Palace, but you must never kill Zuo Tianci, that is the utmost limit. Or else, you will get endless troubles. Be extremely careful."

When Li Buyi said that, he grabbed a piece of chicken leg and stood up. Still, he carried that playful smile on the corner of his mouth.

However, Qin Wushuang said: "It seems that you think I will win for sure."

Li Buyi said with a faint smile: "From my viewpoint, the Nine Palace is not a big problem. In less than a year, I believe I will see the result. Ha ha…"

 "A year?" Qin Wushuang frowned.

 "One year!" With one hand, Li Buyi grabbed the chicken leg and with the other, he carried his fortune teller brand and walked to the outside. He also whispered: "Remember my words."

Qin Wushuang felt somewhat disappointed as he watched Li Buyi's departing figure. He knew that this Li Buyi was not ordinary. However, the more he got to talk him, the more he felt anxious.

He also knew that Li Buyi did not make up his words. Since Zuo Tianci had such a powerful backer, they would definitely go after this matter when he had killed Zuo Tianci and caused them to lose face. At that time, how would the Stargaze Palace resist against this even bigger threat?

The Xuan Yuan Mound was a spiritual taboo place. Thus, the strong powerhouses in the Xuan Yuan Mound was not understandable to the human countries.

 "Who is this Li Buyi? From his words, he seemed to truly know everything about the Tian Xuan Land. Even those small things did not escape his ears. Why is such an elite warrior playing around in the secular world? And why is he coming after me to look for fun?"

Qin Wushuang was full of confusion and questions.

 "How many powerhouses are in the Xuan Yuan Mound…" Qin Wushuang felt extremely gratified. That Xuan Yuan Mound extended for a hundred thousand miles and was ten times bigger than the human countries. For sure, there were a lot of hidden talents.

Compared to that, the major powerhouses in the human countries only had the Three Upper Ranking Empires and the Nine Middle Stage Empires.

Besides, the major human powerhouse seemed like shrimps if comparing to the Xuan Yuan Mound. It was the same as having the status of the Humble Class in the human countries.

After walking out of the restaurant, Qin Wushuang walked around. Suddenly, he felt a slight movement beneath his feet as Bao Bao extended his heads from the corner of his pants. He scrambled onto Qin Wushuang's shoulder with excitement: "Boss, go go."


"Old Purple is so powerful. He went outside the Nine Palace and blew ten mouthfuls of fire and lit up all the palaces except the main palace, ha ha."

 "Except the main palace?"

Bao Bao nodded: "That Lotus Flower Palace of the Nine Palace Faction should have some type of spell attached to it. Old Purple's firepower could not light it up. Boss, hurry and go, Purple is waiting for us."

Qin Wushuang asked in a low voice: "Did you guys get exposed?"

Bao Bao laughed: "I was exposed. However, Zuo Tianci won't be able to recognize me with my current appearance. I was in charge of playing hide and seek with Zuo Tianci and wandered a few circles at the back mountain of the Nine Palace Faction, ha ha. Zuo Tianci was too greedy as he wanted to catch me and make me his contract beast. He didn't know that I was a diversion, ha ha ha. Old Purple's fire has lit everything up with full power."

Qin Wushuang said with joy: "Bao Bao, go tell Old Purple to go back to that cave. Be careful to not be followed."

Bao Bao nodded: "Ok, what about you?"

 "I will leave the city slowly to prevent others from noticing me. Wait for me outside the city gate."

Bao Bao nodded: "No need for all that, find a remote place and I will bring you out of the city town with the underground technique."

Qin Wushuang had forgotten that Bao Bao had such skill. Immediately, he was overjoyed and brought Bao Bao back to the inn. Bao Bao grabbed Qin Wushuang and spun their bodies. In a gold flash, he carried Qin Wushuang into the earth. In a moment, they were outside the city and regrouped with the Purple Flame Electric Beast.

The Purple Flame Electric Beast was excited: "Boss, blowing fire is so fun. Unfortunately, I regret being unable to tear into some people."

"Tear some people? Next time. There will be many opportunities. Let's go quickly. For sure, the Nine Palace is furious after being set aflame, let's go back first." Qin Wushuang called the two beasts and returned.

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