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A+ A- Chapter 348: Third Loop of the Formation

Qin Wushuang recited a few spells lightly and continuously manipulated the power to slowly control the purple light in the stone room. After roaring a few times, that Purple Flame Electric Beast slowly withdrew his roars. Then, he could not help but shake its fur as if it was stretching its body.

Bao Bao cried out excitedly. Apparently, he found this scene to be extremely invigorating.

That entire body of the Purple Flame Electric Beast trembled and walked before Qin Wushuang. At first, he sized him up from head to toe. Then, he approached closer with its giant body and arched its back to Qin Wushuang as if showing its friendliness.

Different than Bao Bao, this Purple Flame Electric Beast had a vicious looking appearance. Of course, when such vicious beast showed this friendly and gentle movement, it appeared somewhat rough.

However, Qin Wushuang could see the sincerity of this Purple Flame Electric Beast. He patted him: "Buddy, do you feel annoyed having being sealed for this long?"

The Purple Flame Electric Beast roared twice and kept nodding.

Bao Bao scrambled over and said with a joyful expression: "Hello, my name is Bao Bao, what do I call you?"

Apparently, the Purple Flame Electric Beast had been influenced by Qin Wushuang and Bao Bao's enthusiasm as he nodded sturdily. Yet, he could not say anything intelligible.

The cause was he had not yet regained complete recovery of his brain after having been sealed for such a long time. He wanted to speak, yet he could not express himself.

Qin Wushuang said to Bao Bao: "Bao Bao, chat with our new buddy, let me take look at this formation."

Bao Bao said with a smile: "Alright."

The Purple Flame Electric Beast tilted his mouth and appeared arrogant as if he did not take Bao Bao, this tiny guy into his eyes. However, with Qin Wushuang to the side, it seemed that it was inappropriate to refuse.

With one glance, Qin Wushuang saw through his intentions as he smiled: "Buddy, don't underestimate Bao Bao. His strength is no less than your's."

The Purple Flame Electric Beast sized Bao Bao up and his face expressed his strong disbelief.

However, Bao Bao was not offended as he laughed: "Big guy, do you think that having a bigger body, you are more powerful than me. If I change, I will be ten times bigger than you."

Qin Wushuang had witnessed the scene where Bao Bao had transformed into the Gold Monkey King. He had been left with a deep impression as he said: "Alright buddy, I can prove that currently, Bao Bao's power is also at the Perfect Stage and he will be able to advance continuously. Thus, you still have that in common."

Hearing Qin Wushuang's repeated explanations, the Purple Flame Electric Beast believed him a little more.

 "Bao Bao, for you two, are you going to keep exploring the place, or stay here to protect me?"

The Purple Flame Electric beast made his first statement: "I'm not going."

Since the Purple Flame Beat had been sealed here by the unknown owner of the formation for no reason, he had developed a grudge. He dislike this formation deeply. However, to Qin Wushuang who had broken his seal, he still felt deeply grateful. And with the initiation of the spiritual Power, he had launched the contract from his body and completed the contract between him and Qin Wushuang.

However, Bao Bao was different as he said with extreme interest: "I want to go."

With one wanting to go and the other one not, it made the situation difficult. The Purple Flame Electric Beast could only give in when he saw Qin Wushuang looked at him: "Go, go."

Qin Wushuang laughed: "Ok, let's all go take a look. Come into this reason. The transportation circle is extremely powerful. During the transportation, you must not make any excessive movements. Or else, it would be troublesome if you got swallowed by the lights of the transportation."


two beasts nodded to show understanding.

Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "Come!"

He sat up on the place of the green stone and once again, Qin Wushuang initiated the power that had been baptized by the spiritual light. With the injection of this power, the formation circle started to change. In a flash, it covered one human and two beasts from within. In a flash, they had disappeared.

The lights of this transportation circle was the same as when Qin Wushuang had been transported from the Green Jade to the Great Cang Mountain. It moved quickly and delivered them to another place.

Everything felt extremely familiar. With the familiar feeling, it felt as he was reviewing an old dream.


Again, a thunder-like explosive sound rang besides Qin Wushuang's ears. In a moment, that airwave which held them withdrew and the five colored lights retreated.


Qin Wushuang exhaled lightly and opened his eyes. Then, he saw an almost identical space like the Second Circle.

The third Circle of the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays!

Qin Wushuang stood up and glanced around slowly. He discovered that he, Bao Bao, and the Purple Flame Electric beast stood on the centre of that transportation circle.

Bao Bao was extremely curious as he started wandering around: "What is this place?"

Qin Wushuang immediately said: "Bao Bao, you guys can look around, don't touch anything. Or else, a mechanism might activate to attack you."

Bao Bao replied with a chuckle: "Alright, I will just look."

Since this Seven Deadly Formation Arrays was bound by the master, it could be said to be Qin Wushuang's personal property. For anything in here, only Qin Wushuang could break the seal of the mechanism.

Qin Wushuang brought the two beasts and looked inside. The size of this cave was much smaller than the one in the Second Circle. However, since it was also located in the middle of a sheer cliff, it was not difficult to find.

Qin Wushuang thought inwardly: "I wonder which country this cave of the Third Circle is in?"

Qin Wushuang wandered around and returned before the transportation circle. Only at this area would there be the voice instruction left by the owner of the formation.

Qin Wushuang poured in his spiritual Qi to activate the formation. Indeed, after a moment, a wave of five colored lights emerged from the stone plate on the centre of the formation. This light rose slowly and gradually, it formed into a human apparition.

"Lucky one, congratulations on entering the Third Circle of the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays!"

Now, Qin Wushuang did not find it strange. In the Second Circle, he had already experienced the method of this voice instruction. At the moment, he did not make a sound. He knew that this was only a voice recording left by the owner of the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays and did not possess communication skills.

He could only listen and not ask anything.

 "To be able to enter the Third Circle proves that you are at least in the Advanced Stage. In the human countries, having such power is already a great existence. With the loyal Purple Flame Electric Beast, not many people will be able to threaten you in the human countries. Of course, the work needed to make it through the Third Circle would not be less than the Second Circle. Thus, for this Circle, besides of having an additional cave, you will receive some extra rewards."

 "Firstly, you will get that nine meter long Fury Dragon Soul Whip that has entrenched itself outside the formation. This is a weapon at the Void Martial Sage. As long as you have enough power, you will be able to call out the Fury Dragon Soul to attack. Even if you have not reached the Void Martial Stage, this whip will unleash a strong power that is more than ten times stronger than any weapon at the Spiritual Martial Force. The second reward is a set of armour at the Void Martial Force. No one will be able to notice you wearing it inside your clothes. Also, almost no attacks at the Spiritual Martial Force will penetrate its defense. Even a Perfect Stage warrior will not be able to seriously injure the person wearing it."

After stopping for a moment, this voice continued: "The third reward is the greatest of the Third Circle. It's a map of the Xuan Yuan Mound! There are ten scrolls in total! The one hundred thousand miles of the Xuan Yuan Mound is all illustrated within in these map!"

The third reward was the complete map of the Xuan Yuan Mound. Although Qin Wushuang felt somewhat doubtful inwardly, despite the usefulness of this reward, it did not seem to be that great.

However, soon this voice answered his doubts: "Lucky one, perhaps you have some doubts on your mind. How great could a map be? If that is your thought, then you are mistaken. Ha ha ha, the Fourth Circle of the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays is located within a mysterious place in the Xuan Yuan Mound!"

Shocked, Qin Wushuang finally realized what was going on. The Fourth Circle was not in the human countries, but inside the Xuan Yuan Mound.

Thinking carefully, it seemed understandable. It was because after entering the Third Circle, he needed to be at the Advanced Stage. For sure, a higher requirement would needed to enter the Fourth Circle.

 "Lucky one, the minimum requirement to enter the Fourth Circle is to enter the Void Martial Stage! And the elite warrior that enters the Void Martial Stage should not stay in the human countries to waste time. Thus, if you'd rather stay mediocre, then waste your life away in the human countries. If you have some ambition, you should work hard to explore the Fourth Circle! From the Fourth to the Sixth Circle of the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays, they are all located within spiritual taboo places. As for the Seventh Circle… Ha ha, you can only find out when you've entered the Sixth Circle."

 "Lucky One, the Third Circle is only a bridge between the human countries to the spiritual taboo. I did not prepare much. These three items are enough for you to protect you in the human countries. What you need to do now is to practice hard and advance into the Void Martial Stage! Only at the Fourth Circle, will you truly realize the true power in the Tian Xuan Land! Work hard, Lucky One."

With the encouraging words of this voice, Qin Wushuang nodded silently. There was never the saying of "Enough" in martial arts training. Since there was a higher stage, then being a martial artist, they could only use all their efforts to face the difficulty. One would be a coward to step back and would not deserve to survive in the martial arts world.

Thus, he did not even need the encouragement as Qin Wushuang would work hard to advance to the Void Martial Stage anyways.

While he was thinking, that voice laughed: "Additionally, the exact location of this Third Circle is at the Divine Dragon Mountain Range of the Red Dragon Empire. Even the elite warriors of the Red Dragon Empire find it difficult to locate it. And even if they were lucky to excavate this place, it would be impossible to unlock the area. Thus, don't worry about having this secret place exposed! Besides, starting from the Third Circle, each Circle will have double transportation circles. It means that in this Third Circle, you can travel to the Fourth Circle or return to the Second Circle. With such a design, it would save you time from having to travel around."

Qin Wushunng nodded and inwardly, he thought that indeed, this Seven Deadly Formation Arrays were well-designed works. From the First to the Second Circle, it was a dead Circle as it could only get used once. After the transportation, the First & Second Circle would be destroyed.

And the Circles after the Third would allow him to travel freely. He could travel as many times and with as much people as he wanted. This design would be a massive convenience for the person that acquired this formation.

"Red Dragon Empire?" Qin Wushuang slowly thought about this name and some strange thoughts emerged in his head.

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