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A+ A- Chapter 344: Saving Teacher from the Brink of Death

At first Qin Wushuang was stunned, then he could not help but laugh. He pulled off his mask and revealed his original look: "Senior Brothers, I am Qin Wushuang."

"Junior Brother Qin Wushuang?" These Core disciples who were on guard, of course, recognized Qin Wushuang. Although they were not part of the top ten and did not spend time with Qin Wushuang, they had seen each other many times during the year-end exam. Thus, they recognized him immediately.

 "Indeed, it's Junior Brother Qin!"

 "Junior Brother Qin, you are back? Where did you go during these days?"

Qin Wushuang laughed: "Senior Brothers, let's talk about this later. During this last year, how was the situation at the mountain gate and did the Nine Palace Faction send people to harass us again?"

"The Nine Palace did not come, go in quickly, Junior Brother Qin."

As soon as Qin Wushuang walked in the mountain gate, he went to the Main Palace.

Although it was still far from the three year promise, Qin Wushuang did feel extremely anxious. He felt his teacher's injuries like they were his own.

If the monkey clan had not invited him so insistently, he would have returned the moment he had gotten his hands on the Spiritual Infant Fruits.

Currently, the four Palace Masters were sitting inside the main palace and discussing strategies. Although in the past year, the Nine Palace Faction had not sent anyone in search of revenge, it seemed more dangerous the more they remained calm. Most likely, the Nine Palace Faction was brewing up a storm. Once they decided to launch an attack, it would be terrifying.

Although Zhuo Buqun had consolidated his Perfect Stage, considering the formidable power of the Nine Palace Faction, the Stargaze Palace was not yet rid of the danger. It could be said that they were being tossed about in the wind and rain.

Of course, as a major sect that had persisted for a few thousand years, the Stargaze Palace had their trump cards for such moments of crisis.

 "Boss, it seems that Second's injuries is not going well." Tian Zhixing, the Fifth Palace Master was the first one to speak.

Zhu Buqun nodded slightly: "Don't feel rushed, although there are some flaws with our Four Division Locking Seal preventing it from lasting three years, it should still hold for two years. With Wushuang's luck, perhaps, he can get the Spiritual Infant Fruits back in time."

Tian Zhixing sighed: "Indeed, Wushuang, that young man has deep fortune. I only wish that he has enough luck to get the Spiritual Infant Fruits and save Second. I will not feel good if any of the five Palace Masters were to disappear. In this year, we've felt much more rushed when taking care of matters in the Stargaze Palace. With one less person, everything is becoming disordered."

In the past, Zhong Wuyin, the Third Palace Master had never interacted well with Tan Zhongchi. Currently, he was also feeling deeply touched: "My personality has never meshed well with Second, but I truly feel that it would be troublesome if the Stargaze Palace lost him. Boss, you mentioned that Spiritual Infant Fruit blossoms every few hundred years, can Wushuang really find it? This concerns Second's life."

Zhuo Buqun spoke with an even calmer tone: "Although Wushuang carries such deep luck, I would not dare to speak so certainly of such things, that occur by chance."

While they were talking, a female disciple ran inside and said with an anxious expression: "Head Palace Master, come take a look. It seems that Second Palace Master's injuries has deteriorated, please go take a look."

Zhuo Buqun stood up suddenly as the expression on his face changed slightly: "Let's all go."

The other three Palace Masters all showed a worried expression and followed him.

Tan Zhongchi lay on the bed and the look on his face had turned red as the red paper. Zhuo Buqun was shocked: "Second, concentrate."

On the corner

of Tan Zhongchi's mouth, he still carried that feeling of seeing through everything. He said with effort: "Everyone, I am selfish and I am afraid that I must go first. The future of the Stargaze Palace will rely on you four."

Tian Zhixing mumbled: "How did this happen? How could this happen?"

Zhong Wuyin walked in circles anxiously. Leng Qiuchi stood to the side of the Head Palace Master and asked in a whisper: "Head Palace Master, how is it?"

Zhuo Buqun said with a pale face: "The Four Division Locking Seal did not seal Second's shattered dantian. The dantian started to collapse and the blood, and spiritual Qi started to spill. Without the Spiritual Infant Fruits, nothing can help him."

Tan Zhonghci gave a light sigh: "No need to feel sad, when Wushuang returns, please tell him for me… Despite being his teacher, I won't be able to see him shine and make the Stargaze Palace great again. After my death, please spread my ashes over the sky of the Palace. In the unseen world of spirits, I will protect…protect the Stargaze Palace…"

Zhuo Buqun poured a wave of Spiritual Qi into Tan Zhongchi's body and said in a whisper: "Second, don't talk, concentrate, I am going to use spiritual Qi to stop your blood from flowing. I will do it to save time. You three protect me, at the very least, I can stop Second's blood for seven days. After seven days, we can think of other ways if there are no Spiritual Infant Fruits."

Tan Zhongchi gave a long sigh: "Head Palace Master, no need to waste your Spiritual Qi."

Zhuo Buqun said seriously: "Second, since you've already taken in Wushuang as your disciple, you must believe in him. Many times, he has created a miracle. This time too, why can't you continue to trust in him?"

Tan Zhongchi was stunned and at this moment, that female disciple outside the door ran inside as if she was falling: "Head…Head Palace Master."

Zhuo Buqun felt somewhat annoyed when he got interrupted. At this moment, from behind that female disciple, a figure rushed in quickly: "Teacher, your disciple is back to see you."

Just as Qin Wushuang walked to the main palace, he saw this female disciple who took care of his teacher standing there anxiously. Naturally, he did not recognize this female disciple. Just as he was about to ask, this female disciple recognized Qin Wushuang as she asked: "Aren't you Senior Brother Qin Wushuang?"

After receiving Qin Wushuang's firm answer, this female disciple immediately revealed the current situation. Qin Wushuang felt panicked inwardly and immediately asked her to lead the way.

"Wushuang?" All Five Palace Masters were shocked. Tan Zhongchi could not help but straighten his body and extend his trembling arm to touch Qin Wushuang, "Wushuang…is that really you? You are back?"

Having not seen him for a year, his teacher had become even more thin. His entire body was skinny like a dried twig and his originally smooth and full face now appeared as rough as a dried pomegranate.

 "Teacher." Qin Wushuang threw himself toward the bed and took out that jade green bottle. He said with a sobbing voice: "Teacher, I did not fail my mission and I've brought back the Spiritual Infant Fruits. Please consume it now."

Zhuo Buqun was overjoyed: "Spiritual Infant Fruits?"

All the other three Palace Masters gathered around him. They did not expect that Qin Wushuang would make it back at this moment of crisis. He had grasped the timing perfectly.

They would not believe that this was not the will of Heaven.

After smelling it and looking at it, Zhuo Buqun was triumphant: "Second, you will be saved."

A joyful smile hung on Tan Zhongchi's face. Within this smile, there was gratification, pride and not that feverish joy of someone who had escaped death.

With such a disciple, he would not have any regrets even if he were to die.

Tian Zhixing gave a long sigh: "Second, the Head Palace Master is right. Many times, Wushuang had created a miracle. This time, you should have trusted in him, right, ha ha?"

All the other Palace Masters nodded and asked: "Boss, how do we use the Spiritual Infant Fruits?"

Qin Wushuang immediately explained: "Just swallow it."

Zhuo Buqun turned the jade green bottle toward Tan Zhongchi's mouth and initiated his Spiritual Qi slightly to pour it into his mouth. Although the Spiritual Infant Fruits appeared large in size, it would melt as soon as it had entered the mouth. As soon as it entered Tan Zhongchi's mouth, it turned into waves of cold and raw Spiritual Qi. As it continued to rush into his body, instantly, it felt as if ten million waves of Spiritual Qi were brought together to repair all the blood and vessels inside Tan Zhongchi's body. Then, it formed waves of air that flowed toward his dantian.

This strands of air formed into a wave of gentle Spiritual Qi. Like a silkworm cocoon, it wrapped Tan Zhongchi's dantian, not only restoring it, but also nurturing it…

No wonder the Spiritual Infant Fruits were considered a divine treasure that could bring people back from death. In a moment, strange changes had happened to Tan Zhongchi's skin.

Like the skin cast off during the molting of a python, layers of skins slowly split open and automatically peeled off. What replaced it was a layer of new skin, which had the gloss and smoothness of a baby's.

Such change spread from his face, to his neck, to his arms and throughout his entire body.

 "Second, how do you feel?" Zhuo Buqun asked in a low voice.


As soon as he spoke, the others were shocked. It was because it was not Tan Zhongchi that had answered, but a little gold monkey that was perched on Qin Wushuang's shoulder.

Qin Wushuang berated him lightly: "Bao Bao, these are my seniors, don't act discourteously."

Bao Bao creaked and cupped his hands while imitating human gesture as he said: "It's a pleasure to meet with all the seniors, ha ha."

Bao Bao's human language skill was not as proficient as Qin Wushuang's beast language. Thus, it sounded extremely funny and even Tan Zhongchi could not help but laugh.

When they saw Tan Zhongchi laugh, the other four Palace Masters felt at ease as they knew the Spiritual Infant Fruits was working.

Tan Zhongchi sighed: "Indeed, it is as he had said, I feel wonderful."

Qin Wushuang was overjoyed as he held his teacher's hands tightly. Finally, the gloom in his heart was also slowly put at ease. Bao Bao said proudly: "How could the Spiritual Infant Fruits from the Monkey King Mountain not be good?"

Qin Wushuang introduced him: "Teacher, Palace Masters, Bao Bao is a good friend I made at the Monkey King Mountain of the Dispersed Praying Mountain. He is very interested in the human countries and came with me to experience it. This time, it was also thanks to his help that I was able to get the Spiritual Infant Fruits."

Naturally, Zhuo Buqun knew there was a monkey clan at the Dispersed Praying Mountain as he sincerely said without delay: "Thank you so much, Bao Bao."

 "Ha ha, no need to thank me. Boss Wushuang helped the Monkey Clan greatly. This Spiritual Infant Fruits is only payback."

Bao Bao struggled with the human language. However, even such an earnest attempt from the beginning made people laugh.

After about two hours, Tan Zhongchi opened his eyes again and slowly sat up while holding on to the edge of the bed. He sighed: "No wonder the Spiritual Infant Fruits are considered spiritual treasures, I no longer feel any injuries to my dantian. Although it's still weak, it has been healed. Give me a month or two, I can return to my previous strength!"

All four Palace Masters went up to congratulate him: "Second, congratulations, you have received a new lease on life after the calamity. Also congratulations on taking in such a good disciple."

Tan Zhongchi returned the bow to each one of them.

Bao Bao laughed: "Second Palace Master, since you are the teacher of Wushuang, I will tell you that you won't need one or two month, half a month is enough. You still haven't experienced the full aftereffects of the Spiritual Infant Fruits. Would you believe me if I said that you will be able to break into the Void Martial Force?"

Void Martial Force? All four Palace Masters were stunned and looked at Bao Bao with an awed expression.

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