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A+ A- Chapter 337: At the Edge of Breaking Through

At the moment, Qin Wushuang's current power was completely different from his isolation training. Like the airy wind, he jumped lightly and floated through the air.

He randomly poked with the tip of his finger three times and sent out the True Sword of the Coagulated Sword. It turned into three sword lights and shot toward the three Barbarians.

These three Barbarians did not expect that Qin Wushuang had had the ability to shoot out sword intention from the tip of his finger. All of them yelled out strangely and evaded it.

They waved their hands and shot the three pitchforks in their hands toward him. Like the roaring python and accompanied by an imposing manner, it flew at Qin Wushuang.

Qin Wushuang turned around in the air and with one wave, he swung the snake shaped soft whip and caught one of the flying pitchforks. Just as he was about to threw it back, he realized that this pitchfork had slipped through his whip like a slippery fish.

The three iron pitchforks danced interchangeable and formed a dancing formation. When the first person's pitchfork flew off, the second person across caught it. When the pitchfork of the second person flew out, it was caught by the third person. Through this continuous back and forth, the speed kept increasing. That iron pitchfork seemed to have been imbued with magic as Qin Wushuang failed to catch it with the snake shaped soft whip for a few times.

Qin Wushuang was shocked as he knew that these Barbarians must have practiced this attack formation for a very long time. It has proven to be a useful technique.

At the moment, he did not panic. He had many ways to kill these three Barbarians. Only, he did not know whether these three Barbarians had friends. Secondly, he did not wish to make more enemies.

Immediately, he shouted: "You three have a nice pitchfork formation, yet it's not enough to kill me. If you don't stop, I will not show mercy."

The Barbarian Clan was the tyrants of the Disperse Praying Mountain. They had always been unreasonable and savage like. Compared to the human clan and the monkey clan, the Barbarians had the most outrageous way of doing things.

Hearing Qin Wushuang's words, these three Barbarians felt extremely offended. All of them shouted at each other. Not only did they not stop, they even attacked more ferociously.

 "Stupid human, you are to become our fertilizer. Get ready to die!"

Suddenly, these three grabbed an iron fork and jumped from their original places. Like three firing cannons, they started to charge rapidly and threw it at Qin Wushuang.

From three directions, these three figures had closed off all of Qin Wushuang's escape path. The Barbarians had extreme flexible bodies. When they twisted and turned their bodies, they could borrow the power from the branches like a contracted meatball.

This way, the movements of these three Barbarians in the air made Qin Wushuang feel traces of pressure. He lowered his body and got ready to drop even lower.

 "These Barbarians are simple-minded and are not being reasonable. If I just step back, not only would they look down on me, it would not be good if I get trapped." When Qin Wushuang thought here, he grabbed the air with his hand and pulled out the Violet Sun Sword. Thus, he was holding the sword in one hand and the soft whip in the other.

He dropped to the ground and started to attack these three Barbarians with two different sets of moves.

Naturally, these Barbarians were shocked by these two set of moves. Qin Wushuang performed the "Virtuous Cloud Immortal Steps" and started to attack one of the Barbarians with his full power.

To the other two Barbarians, he used the evading footsteps strategy.

This way, under Qin Wushuang's powerful attack, the three against one situation had suddenly turned into Qin Wushuang hitting against one.

The dual-use of his moves made Qin Wushuang seem as if he had gro

wn three heads and six arms.

That Barbarian who was under attack kept yelling strangely and appeared in a sorry state.

At this moment, once again, Qin Wushuang felt another surge in his dantian. Once again, his dantian warned him that this was the second sign of a breakthrough!

Once this warning had appeared three times continuously, it meant that the breakthrough would be right before his eyes. Currently, the best option would be to find a good place to go in hiding. He would need to prepare for this breakthrough and that moment of spiritual Qi surging past of the bottleneck.

At the moment of the breakthrough, the surging Spiritual Qi would move rapidly, like collapse of a dam. If he did not lead the Qi well and lose control of the surging Qi, he would fall into a dangerous situation. The Spiritual Qi would rush out the dantian and go backwards through his entire body. In the end, he would fall into the obsession state.

When Qin Wushuang thought here, how could he still have the mind to fight with these three Barbarians?

He twisted his footsteps and rushed forward.

When these three Barbarians saw Qin Wushuang's position, they immediately understood his intention. They called out noisily and prepared to fight against Qin Wushuang.

These three Barbarians were extremely vicious as they would not even allow Qin Wushuang to get away!

When Qin Wushuang saw their attitude, he became enraged. He shouted lightly: "Bullying intolerably, do you truly think I don't know how to kill?"

He waved the Violet Sun Sword. Like the graceful cold breeze, this seemingly random sword move shot out. Only, as soon as the sword Qi left the sword body, the temperament suddenly increased tremendously and dashed forward…

Qin Wushuang's sword intention also changed. It seemed that a moment ago, the sky was cloudless and had turned into stormy rain in the next moment! The unstoppable sword intention kept piercing towards the closest Barbarian.

This attack was as fast as lightning and surged violently like the tide. That Barbarian who had been targeted waved the iron pitchfork from left to right in an attempt to protect himself.

With a cold sneer, Qin Wushuang waved with his left hand and a wave of sword Qi gushed out from the tip of his finger. One after another, combined with the attack of the Violet Sun Sword, dancing sword Qi flew out like the butterfly flying through the flowers.


With the sound of something piercing into the flesh, Qin Wushuang had hit the chest of that Barbarians with his Young Shang Sword.

Since Qin Wushuang had decided to kill these people, naturally, he would act without hesitation. He waved the Violet Sun Sword and cut off the head of that Barbarian.

This way, the other two Barbarians were scared out of their wits. They cried out strangely and threw the iron pitchfork at Qin Wushuang quickly. Then, they crossed their hands and made a strange posture with a solemn expression. They kept mumbling with their mouth as if chanting some strange spell.

Stunned, Qin Wushuang did not care about the tricks they were playing. With the Graceful Spiritual Bow and with two whooshing sounds, he fired two arrows consecutively.

He pursued a quick battle.

While those two Barbarians were in that strange pose and before they finished their moves, they saw two waves of green lights shooting at them. They opened their eyes widely and was about to jump away. Suddenly, a resplendent light shone from that green light.

The light had shone their eyes so much that they couldn't open them. The absolute brightness had engulfed all the surrounding space and caused them to feel an heavy sense of impending doom.



Almost at the same time, two sounds emerged and next, the green arrows of the Spiritual Graceful arrow shot at the two Barbarians directly. Like an explosive, the light quickly exploded with two booming sounds.

When the light faded, their flesh and blood were scattered everywhere.

These two Barbarians did not even understand what was happening as their flesh rained down onto the ground into piles of mince. The scene appeared extremely devastating.

Qin Wushuang glanced around coldly and cleaned the scene. He retrieved the two green arrows and disappeared from the place quickly.

He left the scene hurriedly and ran for half a day. Then, he found a remote and hidden cave. Qin Wushuang placed the Graceful Spiritual Bow besides him. As soon as someone invaded this place, he would pull out the bow and shoot the enemy to death without mercy.

Qin Wushuang knew that although his breakthrough would not take much time, it was crucial that no one be allowed to disturb him. At most, he would need a day and a night of time.

If someone interfered with him during the breakthrough and forced him to make a mistake in controlling the Spiritual Qi, the consequence would be severe.

Qin Wushuang knew that this was the true breakthrough sign. This type of sign had arrived continuously.

 "Perhaps, I will be at the Advanced Stage tomorrow morning! Maybe…" He did not dare to continue that line of negative thoughts..

It was because this time, the environment and the fact that he was alone was dangerous. He had no protection and besides the white sable patrolling the area, he had no one to protect him.

Thus, this time was ten times more dangerous than that time at the Green Jade Mountain.

After all, when he was at the Green Jade Mountain, he had nine fellow disciples defending him. And this time, besides the white sable, he had no one. Although the white sable was a spiritual beast, it would be ignored when it came upon any Upper Sky elite warriors.

Thus, this time, Qin Wushuang could only rely on the Graceful Spiritual Bow beside him.

Like a blowing balloon, Qin Wushuang's dantian continually expanded.

Currently, the spiritual Qi inside the dantian was surging like the river. Although it was surging, it was still under Qin Wushuang's control.

When this Spiritual Qi has finished tempering the dantian, it would force the region to evolve and arrive into the Advanced Stage.

During the breakthrough, Qin Wushuang would need to guide the Spiritual Qi to keep them constrained within the dantian. He would not allow them to go anywhere or outside the dantian.

Through the impact and the push of the spiritual Qi, the dantian continued to visibly increase . This was the entire process of the dashing stage.

Once he had succeeded in the dashing stage, it meant he had finished the breakthrough and enter the Advanced Stage!

Qin Wushuang did not dare to lose focus of even a trace of his concentration. For each dash, he controlled the qi with extreme care and did not act hastily. He knew that despite the vicious environment of the dashing stage, he could not cut corners. This is the so-called saying when you want something in haste, you would never get there. The more he tried to speed it up, the higher the possibility of things going awry.

Once the surge of the Spiritual Qi became too wild, he would lose control of the dantian. This was not something Qin Wushuang was willing to see, or anyone at the dashing stage would be willing to face.

After a night, drops of sweat had gathered Qin Wushuang's forehead. He felt fortunate that during this night, he did not meet with any danger or accidents.

He could say that the most dangerous night had passed. Although the remaining matter still needed to go through a process, the possibility of encountering an accident was unlikely.

Currently, all the Spiritual Qi had formed a familiar warm current that started to bake his dantian as it prepared to make the final step. During this step, this warm current would urge the impurity out and form a wave of impure air out of the dantian.

As long as he forced out this impure wave, it would mean that he would have formally entered the Advanced Stage!

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