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In a moment, after Qin Wushuang had left, a few figures also left this valley area. These figures moved rapidly and were dressed in strange clothing. Each of them wore a cloak made of animal skin. Their arms were bare and strange stripes were drawn on their arms and faces. Additionally, they wore a strange hat on their heads with three peacock feathers decorated on the back of the hat.

The only difference between these people was the different design on the animal skin cloak on their upper body.

 "Did you see it? These were the two groups." A leader figure opened his mouth to speak.

"It's only the start, and two groups have come."

 "Haha, it seems these two groups are decent. However, are all the humans crazy? How could the Spiritual Infant Fruits be something so easy to find? Do they think they deserve it?" That leader said with a mocking tone, "But this is also good, it will make our lives much more interesting and we will have much more fertilizers."

 "Ga ga ga, kids, let's stay concealed!"

With a few laughs, these strange people dived into the forest and disappeared without a trace.

Qin Wushuang moved forward quickly and was oblivious to the changes happening behind him.

After a few days, in the deeper part of the Dispersed Praying Mountain, two unique figures walked on the road. These two figures were two young girls. Their charming bodies and graceful walks all conveyed their youth.

Of course, these two were Miss Mu Rong and her maid, Little Bamboo.

 "Miss, where are we going?"

 "What? You cannot walk anymore?" Miss Mu Rong asked.

Little Bamboo shook her head: "No, I am thinking, aren't we getting closer to the Xuan Yuan Mound the more we further we walk? If we are seen by someone we know, we will have no choice but to go back home."

 "There aren't that many people that know us. Did you forget that our home is far from this Dispersed Praying Mountain. Even if someone we know knew us and report back, it would take at least two or three month." Miss Mu Rong was confident.

Little Bamboo had no words to say when she heard her miss's words. Thus, she nodded: "Ok ok, I cannot win against you. Miss, where should we go?"

Miss Mu Rong said with a smile: "Little Bamboo, how many major powerhouses are in the Dispersed Praying Mountain?"

Little Bamboo said: "I don't know the exact number, about three or four?"

 "Then, let's go visit them one by one."

Although Little Bamboo could not understand, she did not speak anymore since her Miss had already decided. She said: "Ok, I will just accompany you."

By following the information, Qin Wushuang started to head over toward the second location where the Spiritual Infant Fruits had appeared before. He estimated that Zhu Dazhong and that Young Master Zhao was definitely heading over there. The map showed that in order to save time and increase efficiency, these two locations were closest together.

If one were to head to the other locations, they would take a huge roundabout and it would be a waste of time.

Thus, Qin Wushuang followed along the way and did not approach them. He knew that Zhu Dazhong had that annoying spiritual mouse. This beast was not easy to deal with. In the event he did not handle this situation carefully, he might become the prey. Thus, he followed them slowly in a neither hurried nor slow speed.

After seven or eight days, Qin Wushuang arrived at a place that was about three hundred meters away from the second location marked on the map where the Spiritual Infant Fruits had previously appeared. Only to his surprise, many people had gathered in this place.

In this open area, a dozen group of people had gathered. Qin Wushuang looked from afar and did not see that Zhu Dazhong or Young Master Zhao.

Feeling curious, Qin Wushuang wondered what these people were doing here in this place?

He felt even more curious why Zhu Dazhong and Zhao had not come here.

 "Could it be that Zhu Dazhong is ignoring logic and would rather reject what is near and seek what is far, to be one step ahead of others?" Questions filled Qin Wushuang's head.

He headed to that open area and planned to ask about the situation with anyone. However, Qin Wushuang discovered that all these people had the same expression on their faces—alertness.

It was as if they did not trust anyone as each of their faces were filled doubts of the others.

Qin Wushuang understood his situation as he decided remain silent instead. Instead, he listened attentively to the discussion all around. After listening for a moment, Qin Wushuang finally understood the situation.

The story was that these people had stopped advancing not because this place was strange, but that it was rumored that a trail of strange incidents had happened at one of the mountain valleys ahead.

In these past few days, the elite warriors who had passed through there had all gone missing, without exception. The incidents also appeared extremely bizarre.

 "Indeed, this Dispersed Praying Mountain is full of danger. We are only this deep and it's already this dangerous. Boss, I say, let's retreat. Or we should go around." One of the guys said in a whisper.

However, that giant guy besides him shook his head unwillingly: "We are already here, I don't want to give up!"

 "Boss, of all the important things, our life is the most important."

"Ok, Third, don't try to persuade me. We will not blame you for wanting to go back. Second, what do you think?"

 "Boss, I will listen to you."

While these three people held their discussion to the side in whispers, Qin Wushuang had no intention to listen anymore. He said with a smile: "Everyone, I wonder, where did this news come from?"

Although he had spoke suddenly, no one bothered with him. Instead, they stared at him. Apparently, they did not trust him, who had come out of nowhere.

Qin Wushuang said: "It's true that this Dispersed Praying Mountain is full of danger. However, I want to ask, do you personally know of anyone that went missing over there?"

"Eh, no…"

 "Right, no one we know of had gone missing."

Qin Wushuang smiled: "Since everyone is having so much doubts and stopped here, you should either leave or go forward. It's not a solution to just stay here and waste time."

When these people saw Qin Wushuang speaking frankly with confidence, someone could not help but asked: "You talk big, you should go try."

Qin Wushuang smiled: "I will go, I am only afraid that you guys are scared to go with me."

Qin Wushuang knew that most likely, these people had come for the Spiritual Infant Fruits. These people were all potential competitors. However, if he used them well, he could work with them temporarily.

Naturally, these people mustered their courage when they heard Qin Wushuang would take initiative. All of them stood up and voiced their opinion: "As long as you go first, we will follow you."

Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "It's your decision to go or not, I am going."

After he had finished, Qin Wushuang walked forwardly quickly. These people were shocked when they saw Qin Wushunag acting without hesitation. They felt somewhat conflicted and indecisive as they watched Qin Wushuang's departing back.

 "Bro, should we go or not?"

 "Go! He dares to go alone, how could both of us not dare to go?"

This was the conversation between two friends.

All the others were influenced by Qin Wushuang's attitude as they said: "Let's go, we are all human elite warriors. Does he have three heads and six arms? Since he dares to go and if we don't go, wouldn't we be laughed at?"

This way, those people who were planning to give up could not help but feel their blood boiled up. All of them followed after Qin Wushuang. Qin Wushuang did not stop while he thought inwardly: "Most likely, it was a trick played by someone. I refuse to believe that so much danger exists before we've even reached the deeper parts of the Dispersed Praying Mountain."

Although he was mustering courage for himself, Qin Wushuang did not dare to let down his guard. The more he got closer, the more cautious he became. After walking for a few hours, he climbed up a tall slope. Then, he saw a zigzag and spiral valley as he looked down. This valley continued downwards in a spiral shape and appeared a spectacular sight as if it was borehole made from nature.

Qin Wushuagn was inwardly shocked: "Indeed, this Dispersed Praying Mountain is a rare and amazing place. It's not strange for this place to be called the Deep Spiral Valley for it's terrain."

In the deep part of the Spiral Canyon, two figures hid in the dark. They looked over with their hawk like eyes. Indeed, it was Young Master Zhao and Zhu Dazhong.

That Young Master Zhao swore: "Darn it, these bastards are not afraid of death? Head Zhu, it seems the rumors we spread did not work."

Zhu Dazhong said: "There are always some people who are not afraid of death. It's impossible to stop everyone from coming. Young Master Zhao, when this person comes down, I will launch a sneak attack. You stay here and keep quiet. If we can kill one or two elite warriors and arrange their bodies into miserable conditions, it could intimidate the rest. Then, our rumor will have a stronger effect."

Young Master Zhao nodded: "Ok, I will wait for Head Zhu's exquisite moves."

Zhu Dazhong fixed his gaze on the distance. Suddenly, his expression changed as he swore: "Damn it."


Young Master Zhao looked up and saw groups of people continually rushing over from the tall slope. Young Master Zhao also cursed: "What is happening, how did these people change their minds?"

Zhu Dazhong said with face full of hatred: "For sure someone had encouraged them. Or else, these people would not all have come in this clean orderly manner."

While he talked, Zhu Dazhong suddenly glared: "Young Master Zhao, don't you think that person looks somewhat familiar?"

Young Master Zhao looked: "It's him!"

Zhu Dazhong said viciously: "How come we see this guy everywhere?"

Young Master Zhao looked around and said: "This time, those two girls are not with him!"

Zhu Dazhong smiled bitterly and said: "Young Master Zhao, could it be you still plan to provoke him?"

Zhu Dazhong had been left with a deep impression after suffering a great shame in front of the restaurant. He did not wish to attract any trouble. The temperament of that lady had created a lingering fear in Zhu Dazhong whenever he thought about it!

Young Master Zhao said angrily: "This kid caused me to lose face, if we don't teach him, I cannot swallow this grudge! Head Zhu, if that girl is not here, is this kid dangerous?"

Zhu Dazhong rolled his eyes and suddenly, he laughed: "Right, we can use this strategy since the last one did not work!"

Young Master Zhao immediately asked: "What?"

 "To get someone else do the dirty work!" Zhu Dazhong laughed and whispered besides Young Master Zhao. That Zhao nodded: "Zhu Dazhong, nice plan."

Zhu Dazhong laughed: "Let's go out and meet them. Remember, when we meet with that kid, we shall not react too much. Let's just act as if we have forgotten the whole thing. We must not expose any of our plans."

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