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As a sly and cunning man, Zhu Dazhong immediately sensed the strong aura coming from this lady. He immediately said: "Please hold on, Miss!"

Miss Mu Rong looked at Zhu Dazhong coldly: "You are going to stop me?"

As a grandmaster, Zhu Dazhong could not utter a word before a young lady that did not even seem to be older than twenty years old. However, he knew that nothing could happen to Young Master Zhao. Or else his Archaic Mysteries Sect would be done.

At the moment, he forced himself to speak: "My friend did not use right words and offended you. Please let me apologize to you."

When Zhu Dazhong said that, his old face was also blushing. He had acted arrogantly all his life. It was already a huge mark of shame when he had been forced to apologize to Qin Wushuang at the mountain road near the border of the Great Luo Empire.

However, right now he did not feel the slightest grievance. Before absolute power, he knew that any form of pride and arrogance was weak. The aura of this young lady was too strong that even he had lost his confidence.

Countless thoughts went through Zhu Dazhong's head and each of these ideas were terrible. He did not even have the courage to think more.

When Miss Mu Rong saw Zhu Dazhong come forward to apologize, she softened her presence and nodded: "Your friend lacks manners. If you are his friend, you must inform his senior to teach him a good lesson."

 "Yes yes."

Zhu Dazhong did not dare to voice any objection. He could only be a yes-man and nod in agreement. If people of the Heavenly Lake Empire saw this scene, most likely their eyeballs would fall out of their eye socket. Their mighty Third Palace Head was bowing and scraping, without any regard for his dignity.

Zhu Dazhong pulled Young Master Zhao away and left immediately. They did not stop for a moment nor create further trouble for Qin Wushuang.

When these two finally disappeared, Miss Mu Rong shook her head helplessly. Inwardly, she thought: "Elite warriors of the human countries only has such little self-awareness. How could they ever resist against a great calamity?"

Little Bamboo walked up and said: "Miss, why didn't you teach them a lesson?"

Miss Mu Rong sighed: "After all, they are reputable elite warriors in the human countries. What would happen if we teach them a lesson? Their hearts will not change."

Qin Wushuang went up and said: "Thank you for saving me."

 "Mister Qin, even if I did not step in, these two can do nothing to you."

Qin Wushuang smiled bitterly: "You think too highly of me."

Miss Mu Rong said with a determined tone: "Since I was young, I learned some skills on how to judge people. I observed your reaction a moment ago and you did not show the despair of one facing absolute elite warriors. Thus, I guessed that although you are not on par with that elderly man, you would have ways to deal with him."

Hearing her words, Qin Wushuang's heart was moved. Currently, he did not dare to interact too much with such people. That Li Buyi from back then was already making him mentally uncomfortable.

If this Miss Mu Rong also knew how to judge people, it would make him feel as if he were sitting on pins and needles.

It was not comfortable to be seen through by people.

 "Although that may be true, I still must thank you for saving me."

 "Yes, if you have business, please take care." Miss Mu Rong nodded with a smile.

Qin Wushuang cupped his hands: "Ok, I hope to see you again, Miss Mu Rong."

After he had finished, he started to walk away.

As Miss Mu Rong watched Qin Wushuang's departing back, inwardly, she could not help but feel somewhat disappointed.

 "Miss, stop looking, he is already gone." Little Bamboo chuckled, "We've also stayed here too long, it's time to go."

For the first time, Miss Mu Rong was lost: "Go where?"

 "Regardless of where we go, we must go somewhere else. Miss, I heard that the east is fun, and is close to the Endless Eastern Sea. Could you take me to the sea?" Little Bamboo suggested boldly.

Miss Mu Rong put on a stern expression: "Little girl, that Endless Eastern Sea is not a place we can vist whenever we want. The powerhouses of the Endless Eastern Sea is not friendly with the Xuan Yuan Mound. If we go there recklessly, it will not be easy to deal with them when something happens."

 "Miss, don't be afraid. A few shrimp soldiers and crab generals will not do anything to you. Even if they are great powerhouses, could they harm you knowing your background?"

Miss Mu Rong was not as playful as Little Bamboo as she shook her head: "We can go anywhere in the human countries. However, we cannot go to those restricted places recklessly."

Little Bamboo gave a long sigh lazily and said: "I only heard that Endless Eastern Sea is extremely fun. I wonder if I will ever get a chance to go."

Miss Mu Rong laughed as she knew this little girl's intention. However, she said: "Little Bamboo, talking about that Mister Qin, which country do you think he's from?"

 "Miss, you are this interested with Mister Qin?" Little Bamboo laughed evilly.

 "Yes, although this Mister Qin is an elite warrior from the human countries. I sensed an extraordinary temperament in him. It seems that he has a bloodline that surpasses those in human countries."

These two girls walked slowly through the street. They talked softly and used a specialized sound transmitting technique so they were completely free of worry about getting heard by others.

 "Miss, since he is a young man from the human countries, how could he have the bloodline that surpasses human countries? Aren't you complicating with your own words?" Little Bamboo asked curiously.

 "I do feel it is strange." Miss Mu Rong answered back with some skepticism.

Little Bamboo said: "Miss, you are this interested to Mister Qin and restrained yourself. You should go up and ask his background. And everything will reveal itself! Being a man, he would not be so cheap as to not tell you his background, right?"

Miss Mu Rong sighed lightly: "Girl, Mister Qin is a righteous man. For sure, he has his own hidden troubles he is not willing to talk about. Why should we force him and make him do things he did not want to? Besides, didn't we also conceal our background from him?"

 "Miss, you are a complicated person. If you don't want to , I will go ask." Little Bamboo said straightforwardly.

 "Little Bamboo, you go asking is the same as me doing so." There was a trace of disappointment and frustration in her tone. Suddenly, she said, "His surname is Qin…"

 "Right, his surname is Qin, what about it?" Little Bamboo felt strange since her Miss was acting weird today. She talked much more than usual.

"In our place, there is also a major powerhouse with the surname Qin, you know it right?"

Little Bamboo stopped and said with a surprised face: "Miss, you are not talking about that Heavenly God Mountain…"

Miss Mu Rong said seriously: "That's the place."

Little Bamboo stuttered: "This is…impossible. Compared to the Heavenly God Mountain, even the Mu Rong Family is not on par."

"Little girl, how could that be a little difference… Ok, let's not talk about it."

Since Miss Mu Rong did not talk about it, Little Bamboo had become rather curious as she said: "Miss, since you are so curious. Let's follow Mister Qin and see where he is going."

 "Follow him? Little girl, you come up with such strange ideas." Miss Mu Rong laughed. However, after a moment, she said, "If I've guessed correctly, Mister Qin should have gone to the Dispersed Praying Mountain."

"Miss, how do you know?" Little Bamboo could not believe.

 "Didn't you hear him say that his most loved one is injured and at the brink of death? When an elite martial artist in the human country is at the brink of death, they will usually go to the Dispersed Praying Mountain to search for a miracle medicine. I saw that in his determined expression, he should be carrying such thoughts. Besides, Mister Qin said that he had met with that elder at the branch of the Nine Raven Temple. If he is not a disciple of the Nine Raven Temple, most likely he went to the Temple to acquire the qualifications to enter the Dispersed Praying Mountain."

In a moment, Miss Mu Rong had come up with a lot of conclusion with her sophisticated mind.

Little Bamboo opened her mouth widely: "Miss, I could not tell. Usually, you do not like to talk, and once you talk, you surprise me. I would never have thought this."

 "Girl, when did you become a boot-licker."

Little Bamboo laughed: "Miss, since you know he is going to the Dispersed Praying Mountain, shouldn't we also go. This way, it does not count as following him. Besides, the Dispersed Praying Mountain is on your way home. It's reasonable for us to go in, as part of our journey home."

Little Bamboo was straightforward and also tried to show her smartness. She knew that Miss cared about that Mister Qin and tried to come up with excuses.

Miss Mu Rong said: "Sure, since we have nothing else to do. Let's go to that Dispersed Praying Mountain."

On the other hand, when Qin Wushuang had left the imperial capital, he would only think from time to time of Miss Mu Rong's music. Qin Wushuang was also a smart man. He had already made some deductions from Miss Mu Rong's style of clothing, she should have come from those hidden major sect above the human countries, like Li Buyi.

Qin Wushuang would not dare to offend such people. Regardless of becoming friends or offending them, it would not be good and it might bring unnecessary trouble.

He traveled forward and finally, he had arrived at the border of the Dispersed Praying Mountain. The entrance of the Dispersed Praying Mountain was completely sealed off. There were only a few established entrances.

There was a major city near the border of the Dispersed Praying Mountain. It was called the Sky Breaker City. The meaning behind this name spoke about how it was a city that breaks off between the human country and the taboo place.

One must go through the Sky Breaker City to enter the Dispersed Praying Mountain. With the Nine Raven National Scholar Command Plate, Qin Wushuang travelled smoothly. Only, he must wait another three or four days until the date of the summer opening day. Qin Wushuang could only rest for a few days at the Sky Breaker City. He could only go in when the day came.

Currently, a large group of adventurous people had gathered at the Sky Breaker City. Among these people, there were martial artists from the Nine Raven Empire, the Sky Travel Empire and freelance martial artists and disciples from the other countries.

There were countless countries in the human world. The ones that could make it here had at least come from level one of the free countries. Some of them were even elite warriors from the top empires.

Basically, those elite warriors from the Subordinate Countries was not even qualified to enter!

It was apparent that these elite warriors were on guard against each other. Besides those little groups, almost all of them never communicated with each other.

Naturally, Qin Wushuang would not go around causing trouble. He was determined to go find that Spiritual Infant Fruit without any delay.

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