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Qin Wushuang remained calm and followed Shao Bailong upstairs.

Since this Young Master Zhao had come, it would be easy to carry out his plan. Qin Wushuang gradually came up with some ideas. However, he did not plan to make a move at Shao Bailong's restaurant.

The third floor of the restaurant was a wing. Inside one of the rooms, one of the maids that had two pigtails said with a tender smile: "Mistress, why are you blushing?"

The "Mistress" she was speaking to was sitting at the side of the bed. She argued: "Did I blush?"

That little maid said with a laughter: "Of course, look." That maid brought a copper mirror and walked up to that Mistress.

That Mistress immediately shook her hand: "Little Bamboo, I don't want to look."

 "Ha ha, then you admit that you are blushing."

That Mistress rubbed her cheeks lightly and did not speak a word as if she was thinking back to that scene. She had to admit that the moment that young man looked at her, her heart was moved.

That glance back was felt as if it had been designated by fate. That look had made her heart move. Before she was only bored and looking out at the street before the window.

She only looked over when a person had shot out from the bar on the other side of the street. Thus, she had witnessed the entire incident.

Initially, she did not pay much attention. Although Qin Wushuang's move appeared smart, she did not feel he was outstanding. Only when Qin Wushuang had remained calm and collected while facing threats, it made her feel that this young man seemed different than normal young people.

From this young man, he did not have that intimidation nor that form of arrogance. Instead, he had a light weighted temperament and made this Mistress feel that he was not pretending to such temperament. He showed that he had carried such a temperament like a grandmaster since he was born.

That maid, Little Bamboo, had always served this Mistress. Thus, her behaviour around the Mistress was not restrained by her station as a servant, instead, they had more of a friendly aura like sisters.

When she saw her Mistress was acting strangely, she could not help but ask: "Mistress, what are you thinking?"

That Mistress smiled lightly: "Little Bamboo, you are becoming more of a gossip girl. Why don't you guess what I am thinking?"

That little maid looked to the side and thought for a moment. Then, she said with a smile: "Are you thinking about what happened downstairs? Little Mistress, what did you see? Was it some handsome young man?"

 "I didn't pay close attention to his appearance, however, that young man appeared confident and at ease. Little Bamboo, we have left home to travel countries for about two or three years now, it's the first time I have seen such young man."

A trace of a dubious smile emerged from the corner of Little Bamboo's mouth: "Ha, Mistress, are you moved? This is not like you. Our princess of the Mu Rong Family is like the ice and snow, she's not so easy to melt."

That Mistress's surname was Mu Rong, she smiled lightly: "Little Bamboo, you know how to talk. You can get more out of my words."

Little Bamboo chuckled like a frail branch trembling: "Mistress, honestly, I feel that Young Master Luo is not bad. Why do you hate him? This time, the Mu Rong family is facing huge pressure since you have ran away from that marriage."

That Mistress said unhappily: "Little Bamboo, if you mention Young Master Luo again, I will not talk to you."

Little Bamboo smiled apologetically: "Ok ok ok, Mistress, I spoke out of turn, you have to talk to me. Or else, I will die of boredom. By the way, Mistress, it's not good for us to wander around mindlessly."

That Mistress said: "It's much better than going back to marry that Young Master Luo."

Little Bamboo gave a long sigh: "Mistress, regardless of when you return, don't be scared. I am just worried that the head of the family will beat me to death."

 "Why beat you? It's not you who ran away. I took you."

Little Bamboo said with grievance: "That may be true, but you are the princess to the head of the family, how could he beat you. If he wants to let out his anger, it would be on me."

 "Look at your little tricks, do you truly think that my daddy is such a small minded person. Besides, if he dare to beat you to death, I will die with you. I promise he will not lay a hand on you for the rest of my life."

Little Zhu turned grief into happiness: "Mistress, you are the best. I am willing to serve you all my life."

That Mistress joked: "Sobbing cat, you are not ashamed."

Little Zhu sighed lightly and said: "Mistress, would you play the zither?"

That Mistress said: "Sure, let me play a piece."

Inside the VIP room, Shao Bailong was proposing a toast to Qin Wushuang. Today, he was in a great mood and all his depression had disappeared. The negative feelings that had accumulated in his heart for the past ten years had been let out. Of course, he was extremely grateful to Qin Wushuang.

That drunk person seemed extremely clear as he did not speak. He only took a pot of alcohol and kept pouring himself full cups of drinks.

Qin Wushuang looked at this young drunk man with some interest. He could not help but ask curiously: "Head Shao, did you say this young man's surname is Xiao? What kind of background does he have that he offended the Marquis?"

Shao Bailong smiled bitterly: "Sir, this is a result of a dispute between aristocrats. It is not news anymore. In the past, the Xiao family was an authoritative figure and had different opinions than the family of Marquis. These two families had fought for a dozen years. The result was that the Xiao family collapsed. Their family went down and some died, and only elderly people remain. When the trees topple, the monkeys scatter, and only this kid is left. He went missing for many years, and he had only reappeared in the imperial capital recently. Since he had reappeared, Marquis Fei will not let him go."

Qin Wushuang nodded and did not ask anymore. He asked: "What is the name of this young man?"

Shao Bailong smiled bitterly for how could he know a person left behind of a falling family? Suddenly, that drunk person said: "Call me Xiao Guan."

 "Xiao Guan?" Qin Wushuang frowned, "Are you the only one left of the Xiao Family?"

Suddenly, Xiao Guan's eyes became extremely lucid as he looked attentively at Qin Wushuang. He was completely different from his drunken state. Then, he suddenly sobbed on the table.

For all these years, he had wandered and no one had asked him with such caring words. Sometimes, they would not even look at him.

Shao Bailong gave a long sigh: "Sir, this Xiao is a poor child. If you have a way, it would be best to take him out of the imperial capital. If he stays here, sooner or later he will die at the hands of those subordinates of Marquis Fei."

Although Shao Bailong held a somewhat respectful position in the imperial capital, he could not take in Xiao Guan. He could not get involved in the boring political dispute.

Although Xiao Guan had been drinking and appeared drunk, he had been paying attention to Shao Bailong and Qin Wushuang. When he saw that Shao Bailong was been respectful to this person, he knew that this person held a high identity.

Suddenly, he stood up and kneeled with one knee before Qin Wushuang: "Sir, please take me in. I will serve you with everything I have."

Qin Wushuang said: "What talents do you have?"

 "I know how to use knife, spear, books and calculate accounts. There is nothing I don't know." From the tone of Xiao Guan, it was full of confidence and completely different from his drunken state. His eyes appeared clear as water that showed much sincerity.

Qin Wushuang could read a person from their eyes. This Xiao Guan had clear eyes and appeared an inexperienced young teenager. His sincerity and unsophistication made people want to like him.

 "Get up first, right now I have some important things to do. I cannot bring you even if I take you in."

Shao Bailong said with a smile: "Sir, if you are going to take him, I can take care him for now."

 "Ha ha, since Head Shao said these words, it would seem that I am not an affectionate person if I don't take him. Ok, Xiao Guan, you will live at the Iron Fan Gate for now. I will come for you after I have finished my business. It could be as quick as a few months, but no more than three years, how about it?"

Xiao Guan was overjoyed as he swore to the heavens: "I am willing to follow you, regardless of life and death. If I go back with my words, let me be pierced by tens of thousands of arrows."

Indeed, Qin Wushuang liked this young person. He waved his hand and was about to speak. Suddenly, he stopped because he heard the faint melody of a zither.

The sound of this zither was faintly discernible and as beautiful and secluded as the empty air. This light sound of the zither caught one's heart immediately and make one want to know the person.

Qin Wushuang listened attentively and his expression also changed with this spiritual melody . He finally regained his senses after the music had ended.

Still, as if sobbing and telling a story, as elegant as the flowing water from the high mountain, as ancient as the pine tree and as cold as the icy land, the sound still lingered besides his ear. It sounded as if a Celestial being was playing, and had a fainter presence than the smoke and fire of the human world.

 "Head Shao, I didn't expect that such rare zither melody would appear in your restaurant. It is the sound of the purest nature." Qin Wushuang sighed after a while.

Initially, Shao Bailong was stunned, then he seemed to have remembered something as he smiled bitterly: "It's not my people that played this music, it seems to be two foreign ladies. They have been living here for a number of days. Each day, they would play three or five times and rarely would no one pay attention. You understand this music?"

Qin Wushuang sighed: "Only in heaven can such music be heard, how rarely would it echo in the human world?"

Just as Qin Wushuang had spoke these words, that Mistress who played the music blushed again. Her heart thudded and she was feeling extremely moved.

This time, her maid, Little Zhu, could not understand: "Mistress, why are you blushing again?"

That little Mistress mumbled: "Little Bamboo, go reserve a room. I am going to treat someone to drinks."

 "Which one?" Little Bamboo asked with shock, "Do you know someone here?"

That Mistress shook her head: "Just go."

Little Bamboo followed all of her Mistress's instructions. Although she grumbled, she still walked downstairs. She didn't know that when her Mistress had finished playing the music, she had extended her spiritual sense across the entire restaurant. Unintentionally, she had locked it onto Qin Wushuang's room and had just heard his comments—Only in heaven can such music be heard, how rarely would it echo in the human word.

Like a hammer falling from the sky and smashing down on tens of thousands years old hard ice, these words caused the heart of this Mistress to jump.

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