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He had to get out of this Red Dragon Empire immediately. Perhaps, Zhang Baidang's death would only be discovered by his disciples during daytime. After they had it reported to the Nine Palace Faction, it would take the pursuers half a day to catch up.

To give himself some insurance, Qin Wushuang started to use that "Wind Walk Talisman" as soon as he had passed through the city gate. Indeed, this "Wind Walk Talisman" was extremely marvelous. As soon as he initiated it, Qin Wushuang felt as if wind embalmed his feet as his speed increased by multiple times. As if he was flying, he left in a direction the opposite of the imperial capital.

He could only use the Wind Walk Talisman three times, and it would help him travel tens of thousands of miles a day.

After a day of full speed travelling, the first charge of the Wind Walk Talisman gradually reached its limit. Qin Wushuang had also left the border of the Red Dragon Empire and entered the Nine Raven Empire.

Qin Wushuang did not stop and found a lofty and towering mountain. He ventured into the mountain's depths and settled in a hidden place. Then, he let out the white sable and instructed it to patrol within three miles. It would come to warn him of any abnormal events.

To Qin Wushuang, the Spiritual Qi he had absorbed from Zhang Baidang and two of his disciples was an absolute feast . The combination of these three's spiritual Qi was almost equivalent to the amount he had absorbed from Devil Boy. Thus, Qin Wushuang needed a few days to digest it and merge it completely within his own dantian.

Qin Wushuang's dantian was like an endless sea. Regardless of how much water or rain poured in, his dantian could still incorporate everything and absorb it all.

After all, this Zhang Baidang did not have mutated Spiritual Roots nor natural Spiritual Roots. Although he had a lot of Spiritual Qi, it was not difficult to digest. As for Yang Li and Guo Xiu, their Spiritual Qi was much easier to absorb.

Despite this fact, this consolidation process still took Qin Wushuang close to three days to finish.

Of course, to Qin Wushuang, these three days were equivalent to a normal person's three years of work. It had allowed him to advance another step forward in the Middle Stage.

Qin Wushuang slowly exhaled and discharged a mouthful of foul gas. He could not help but feel excited. This trip to the Red Dragon Empire had proceeded extremely smoothly. It had taken him less than two months from beginning to end.

The most fortunate thing was he had also absorbed the Spiritual Qi from both Zhang Baidang and his disciples. To him, it was a great step forward. It allowed him to take another shortcut on the path of martial arts training.

When Qin Wushuang used the "Power of Deep North," he did not feel guilty about using it nor did he feel it was some evil technique. He always believed that there were no great technique moves, and there was only a difference between levels.

There were no low status or high status people regarding the use of techniques. It would depend on who was using it. When an evil person used it, it would be regarded as a demonic technique regardless of how upright the technique may be originally. And when a righteous person used it, even the evil technique would shine.

Qin Wushuang was not a person without reason. He would never use the "Power of Deep North" on innocent people. Yet to the most treacherous people, he would use it without mercy.

He pulled out Zhang Baidang's corpse. And after Qin Wushuang searched through it for a moment, he found some good things. Besides a short knife at the Advanced Stage, this Zhang Baidang had a rare book titled: "Underground Travelling Secret Technique."

Underground Travelling Technique?

Qin Wushuang's interest was immediately piqued. Without holding back, he put this rare book into his chest.

Besides these two goods, Qin Wushuang lacked interest in the other raw materials. He checked them casually and threw it into the knapsack.

Following that, he did not found anything useful from Yang Li and Guo Xiu. There were only two different Upper Sky Initial Stage weapons. Additionally, there were also two pieces of armour that seemed to be good quality. Qin Wushuang did not need it, yet it would be good to keep on hand so he could give them away as a favor.

Qin Wushuang had always been interested in that underground technique used by Devil Boy and that Elder Chen dressed in grey robes from the Green Jade Mountain. Unexpectedly, he had been blessed with good luck and managed to acquire a book on this technique.

After his search, Qin Wushuang immediately destroyed the corpses of Yang Li, Guo Xiu, Zhu Yun. No one would be able to find any traces.

As for Zhang Baidang's corpse, he had to bring it back to the Nine Rave Empire as proof of completing his task.

Qin Wushuang called back the white sable and walked out from the deep mountain. He did not use the "Wind Walk Talisman" and used his own power to rush toward the imperial capital of the Nine Raven Empire.

In the Red Dragon Empire, a huge ruckus had emerged because of Zhang Baidang's death. When the elite warriors of the Nine Palace Faction had arrived at the imperial capital and at Zhang Baidang's home, they could not find any other evidence besides a dry and shattered female corpse. Qin Wushuang did not leave any evidence when he left.

Plus with so much time having passed, they . Naturally, they found nothing regardless of how much they searched. Although Zhang Baidang was not some core member in the faction, the Nine Palace did feel like had lost all their reputation since someone was able to capture Zhang Baidang unnoticed.

Zuo Tianci, the head of the Nine Palace Faction, had ordered a thorough search. In the end, they could not find anything.

Those brothel girls of the Wafting Fragrance Brothel were more obedient than anyone else. When they had learned that something had happened to Zhu Yun, each of them kept their mouth shut and did not speak a word. Otherwise, if the Nine Palace Faction had discovered that Zhu Yun had a meeting with a strange man in the brothel, and the brothel was the middleman, most likely the brothel would be instantly destroyed. Everyone would die.

In the last few months, Zuo Tianci had also been depressed. The news from the Archaic Mysteries Sect did not bring benefits to the Nine Palace Faction. Instead, Zhao Heng's had been injured.

Although Zhao Heng's injuries was much better than Tan Zhongchi's injuries, his dantian had been wounded. Without the Spiritual Infant Fruit, he would eventually lose his strength.

In total, there were only three Perfect Stage warriors at the Nine Palace Faction. If one of them got injured, the entire Nine Palace faction would be affected. Most likely, the other two Upper Ranking Empire would take advantage of the chance to invade.

 "Endless Eastern Sea…" For the first time, Zuo Tianci had looked forward to these words with absolute determination. He knew that in order for the Nine Palace Faction to advance, the Endless Eastern Sea was the most convenient and the most appropriate place.

Since they had already formed a grudge with the Stargaze Palace, they would not stop midway!

Zuo Tianci decided that once the opportunity arose, they would start an invasion to the south. Even if they were to pay a price, they must bring down the Stargaze and the Dragon and Tiger Sect. From there, they would build the absolute power for the Nine Palace in the Three Eastern Empires.

Once the Nine Palace had settled in the East, the Red Dragon Empire's territory would have greatly expanded. Regardless of advancing or retreating, they would have much more room to be flexible.

Of course, everything was in the planning stage. Zuo Tianci was not Zhao Heng. Naturally, being a heroic figure, he knew when to grasp the opportunity, and when to wait for one.

Qin Wushuang headed to the Iron Fan Gate the moment he returned to the imperial capital of the Nine Raven Empire.

In fact, Shao Bailong hadn't been very hopeful about Qin Wushuang's chances after he had left. He did not even think that Qin Wushuang would make it back alive.

After all, many people had tried to assassinate Zhang Baidang in the past. They had all failed.

When Qin Wushuang reappeared before Shao Bailong, he was initially stunned, then he smiled bitterly: "Mister, why are you back?"

Then, as if he was comforting him: "However, it's understandable for you to give up on this mission, I don't blame you. It's too difficult to kill Zhang Baidang in the territory of the Nine Palace Faction. Although the mission is attractive, life is more important."

Qin Wushuang said lightly: "Head Shao, why do you think I didn't succeed?"

Shao Bailong glared and shook his head: "You succeeded in two month of time? Don't joke around. In two month, it's already very good for you to know where Zhang Baidang lives."

Qin Wushuang did not speak anymore as he directly tossed out Zhang Baidang's corpse from the storage sack.

Shao Bailong was instantly stunned when he fixed his gaze on the body. Then, as if the hatred in his eyes had been lit like dry wood, his eyes became red. Next, he pulled out his waist knife and plunged it a dozen times into Zhang Baidang's body.

 "Ha ha ha…" Shao Bailong laughed with tears, "Traitor, you traitor, you finally met your fate today!"

With a trace of madness, Shao Bailong continued to roar: "Ten years, I waited for this day for ten years and finally, you got what you deserved. Shuangyun, Hu'Er, Le'Er, you guys can rest in peace now, you can close your eyes."

When his words ended, Shao Bailong's tears flowed like a waterfall, he cried while cowering on the ground. After his family had been murdered ten years ago, he was finally able to let out all of the grief that he had been holding in his heart for the last decade.

Although Qin Wushuang was an outsider, he could feel Shao Bailong's pain of losing his loved ones.

After a while, Shao Bailong suppressed his crying and rubbed his red eyes. He said apologetically to Qin Wushuang: "Mister, my apologies. I am sorry for letting you see me in such a sorry state."

 "No need for the apology, the greatest pain in the world is to lose your loved ones. I understand."

Instantly, Shao Bailong had a good impression of Qin Wushuang. He put on a forced smile: "Ok, the mission is complete, I will go with you to the branch of the Nine Raven Temple. I will vouch for your completing of the mission and hand out the mission rewards."

 "Please do, Head Shao."

 "I am thankful to you, you have no idea how appreciative I am…" Shao Bailong sobbed.

 "Head Shao, if you don't want any troubles, you need to take care the body of Zhang Baidang discreetly. Or else, when the Nine Palace Faction hears the news and seek revenge, it would be troublesome." Qin Wushuang reminded him with a kind heart.

Stunned, Shao Bailong nodded gratefully: "Yes yes, I am somewhat confused."

Then, he hid Zhang Baidang's body and accompanied Qin Wushuang to the branch of the Nine Raven Temple. Just as he walked through the door of the Nine Raven Temple, it was either by coincidence or some other destined fate, Qin Wushuang saw that young man who had previously came with Zhu Dazhong. He had just walked out from the branch with a joyful smile!

 "How come I don't see Zhu Dazhong?" Qin Wushuang was somewhat surprised. He knew that since this young man had a surname of Zhao and came from the Nine Palace Faction, he was related to Zhao Heng. When he thought here, an evil idea emerged inside Qin Wushuang's head.

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