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Indeed, Zhu Yun did not became suspicious as he mumbled to himself: "If there are Advanced Stage Pills, I can ask my teacher to come out. However, if there are not, teacher would be disappointed…"

 "Middle Stage Pills at the supreme quality is also good." Qin Wushuang encouraged him.

Zhu Yun's mood lifted as if all the blood in his body had boiled up. He had to admit that this was a very attractive prospect. It made him feel that he could take the risk. Even if his teacher stepped out and did not get any Advanced Stage pills, all those Middle Stage pills could also satisfy his teacher's appetite.

Zhu Yun inwardly calculated repeatedly. Suddenly, he asked: "Mister, since you have such a big secret, why didn't you find people from your own country, but go through the trouble of coming to the Red Dragon Empire? Is there any dirty tricks?"

Qin Wushuang laughed: "Master Zhu, if you are me, would you do this in your own country? Firstly, it's not easy to find someone to cooperate with. Secondly, to do this in my own country, it would be exposed easily. For this matter, the further away from the Sky Travel Empire, the easier to execute."

Zhu Yun thought for a moment and thought that Qin Wushuang's words made sense. He immediately drank all the alcohol in his cup and said boldly: "Let's do it!"

Qin Wushuang also exclaimed: "Good," and laughed while rubbing his palm: "Master Zhu is so heroic! I will also drink it!"

Zhu Yun said: "For this matter, I will make a promise you. However, my teacher still has to step out for us to succeed. At least, we need those Upper Sky Senior Brothers."

Qin Wushuang pretended to be curious: "I only heard Little Cui say how your teacher holds a high position in the Nine Palace, but I still don't know who your teacher is."

Zhu Yun said proudly: "Of course my teacher holds a high position in the Nine Palace Faction. Inside the imperial capital, even the Emperor must give him face. He is the general manager of the Nine Palace Faction and his surname is Zhang. You can go ask around for General Manager Zhang, I am afraid even a three year old child knows about him."

Qin Wushuang laughed: "I see, you teacher has such great power in the imperial capital, that's great. Even if we robbed these goods, we would not need to worry about matters afterward. Indeed, it would be like catching a turtle in the jar, and easy to catch."

Zhu Yun smiled: "Of course. As long as my teacher is willing to step out, there is nothing he cannot do inside the imperial capital of the Red Dragon Empire."

Qin Wushuang said with flattering tone: "If that's the case, then for sure, there is nothing to worry about."

Then, he said seriously: "Master Zhu, I will speak now. If this matter succeeds, I need my portion. I don't need much, but I must take what belongs to me. I have connections outside the imperial capital. If I am not alive after this matter, my friends will announce this matter to the world. At that time, everyone will know it's the Nine Palace Faction that stole the goods."

Qin Wushuang's move was the so called saying of retreat in order to advance. He had said these words deliberately to make this thing much more believable and to make Zhu Yun believe.

Although Zhu Yun felt his move was somewhat evil, he understood it after some thinking. If a foreigner came to the Red Dragon Empire seeking collaboration, if he did not give himself some escape routes, he would be sharing a skin with the tiger.

He immediately nodded and said: "You will get yours. However, regarding the exact amount, it would depend on my teacher. I do not dare to promise you anything."

 "I don't want much, I want five Initial Stage pills, two Middle Stage, and one Advanced Stage pill if there are more than three. If there are less than three pills, I will not take any. This division is not too much, right?"

Zhu Yun thought for a moment and also felt this requirement was not excessive. Indeed, by giving him five Initial Stage pills at the supreme quality from a dozen was not too much. After all, he had provided the information and made a contribution.

 "Ok, there is no time left. I will go back and ask what my teacher wants. However, my teacher has a big temper, and would never allow me to bring in outsiders. Thus, I am afraid that you must wait here for my news. Or, you can go to somewhere else to wait for my news. There are too many ears in this brothel."

At this moment, Zhu Yun was appearing careful. He knew his teacher's personality. He would be deeply scolded if he brought back a stranger.

In the worst case, it was also possible for him to receive a vicious beating. His teacher's temper was unpredictable. Thus, he must be careful when doing businesses. Or else, he would have nowhere to cry when he failed.

This Zhu Yun had also become muddleheaded from the thought of these Spiritual pills at the supreme qualities as he only wanted to do this thing. And he had analyzed that this Young Master Wu had no reason to play with him.

Unless this person was tired of living, otherwise he would be the type of person whose eyes grew in his pants if he intended to play around with General Manager Zhang and his disciple at the imperial capital.

Qin Wushuang said in a low voice: "If that's the case, I will go back first and rest at an inn. As soon as you have news, you will tell me?"

Zhu Yun was overjoyed: "That's the best. Let's go down together and I will take you to an inn."

Qin Wushuang smiled and knew immediately that this Zhu Yun did not carry good intentions. He was willing to find a inn for him because he had eyes in there to help him watch Wushuang.

At the moment, he did not bat an eyelid as he said: "Young Master Zhu, you should inform your teacher quickly. You need to fight for every second. Or else, it will be too late to feel regretful when those people passes us by."

Zhu Yun nodded solemnly: "If that's the case, you should check in at the Goldman Filling inn on the street ahead. Then, I will meet you there?"

 "Sure, it's a deal."

Qin Wushuang agreed with a smile.

Zhu Yun stood up and was about to walk out. As he was pushing the door, he turned to around and said: "Young Master Wu, on this matter, I hope that you are not lying to me. Or else, you will lose your head, and I will also suffer."

Qin Wushuang said extremely lightly: "Unless you miss the opportunity, or else there should not be any mistakes. My information is one hundred percent correct."

Hearing his words, Zhu Yun walked away feeling reassured.

After Zhu Yun had gone downstairs, Qin Wushuang followed him a moment later. He watched Zhu Yun's leaving back and like a ghost in the dark, Qin Wushuang followed him.

Inwardly, he said: "Please bless me with the chance to meet this Zhang Baidang, ancestors of the Stargaze Palace. Let me fulfill my duty so I can enter the Dispersed Praying Mountain quickly."

Qin Wushuang had acted with such care because he knew that this might be the only chance he had to assassinate this Zhang Baidang. Once he missed this chance, it would be impossible to approach Zhang Baidang again. Since he was able to become the General Manager of this imperial capital, he would be a crafty rabbit with three brows and many subordinates. If he startled him, it would be highly likely for him to startle the entire Nine Palace Faction.

Thus, he did not dare to make a reckless move. He would not make a move until he was sure.

He was also extremely careful while searching for information. After circling around many ways, he had made sure that he would not startle the snake in the grass.

Now, he would follow this Zhu Yun all the way to Zhang Baidang's home. It was equivalent to having a living map to Zhang Baidang.

Or else, even if he were to search, most likely no ordinary people would find Zhang Baidang's home. And he would be exposed by asking around directly.

It was perfect to have this Zhu Yun lead the way.

With Qin Wushuang's power, it required zero effort to follow this Zhu Yun. When he initiated his body movement technique, Qin Wushuang's entire body was like a dark fairy as he merged completely with the darkness. Although Zhu Yun moved quickly, naturally, he was not aware of being followed by an elite Upper Sky warrior, since he was only at the peak of the Pre-Sky Realm.

At this moment, Zhu Yun was still immersed in the thoughts of the "Initial Stage Pill of the supreme quality" fantasy. Inwardly, while feeling energetic, he thought: "If I can acquire these supreme quality pills, it would be a great contribution. For sure, my teacher would also rise all the way up in the Nine Palace Faction. If my teacher is able to enter the Advanced Stage Martial Force, he would be regarded as important! This way, with his rise, I will also become an official disciple of the Nine Palace Faction. If I am lucky, I could become a Core disciple, and it would be even more wonderful…"

While he was lost in thought, Zhu Yun walked even quicker. In a moment, he arrived at an alley. However, Zhu Yun could not understand as he thought: "Teacher is really being careful. As the General Manager of the imperial capital and the Butler to the Nine Palace, is he scared that someone will kill him? He does not live on those fancy streets and instead, he picked this little alley for a simple lifestyle."

Currently, the hour was becoming late. When he stepped into the alley that had the green flagstones, light sounds of "clattering" emerged. Zhu Yun did not suppress his footsteps deliberately. He rushed all the way and finally, he stopped before a little yard.

When he was about to knock the door, three or four figures flashed out from both sides as they shouted: "Who is this?"

 "Senior Brother Guo, it's me, Zhu Yun."

Zhu Yun immediately opened his mouth to speak. He knew that his teacher had eight trusted disciples and they were all Upper Sky Warriors. Four on the outside and four on the inside. They would serve as a double insurance. It would not be easy to pass through this gate.

 "Zhu Yun? Why did you run here so late at night?" One of the Upper Sky disciple asked with a serious tone.

 "Senior Brother Guo, please report for me that I have a piece of very important information to tell teacher. This is extremely urgent and not to be delayed. Please do it."

That stern voice berated him: "Don't talk nonsense. Teacher is already resting, you must tell him tomorrow regardless of the emergency."

Zhu Yun put on a solemn face: "Senior Brother Guo, this is extremely urgent. It is also extremely important and is related to our teacher and all of your futures. It is even related to our group's future."

Hearing the serious words from Zhu Yun, that Senior Brother Guo could not help but say: "Zhu Yun, this is not alarmist talk?"

Zhu Yun whispered: "For sure this is not alarmist talk. If we don't report this matter to our teacher, it would not pose any harm, but we would miss a great opportunity and lose out on a lot. Whether you all can enter the Middle Stage, or our teacher can enter the Advanced Stage, it all depends on this information."

Indeed, that Senior Brother Guo became intimidated by his bluff. They all knew Zhu Yun's personality. Although he was somewhat flamboyant, he was not someone that would catch false news. Without true evidence, he would not dare to speak.

After a moment of silence, that Senior Brother Guo said: "Zhu Yun, if you are not talking nonsense, I will report it to Master. If you are making things up, when Teacher blames me, you will also suffer greatly."

Qin Wushuang heard their answer and took in a deep breath. He knew that the opportunity was right before his eyes. Whether he could kill Zhang Baidang, it would depend on now!

Regardless of success or failure, Qin Wushuang knew that his only choice would be to retreat immediately! He must not get trapped in a battle. Or else, he would immediately be surrounded on all sides by the Nine Palace Faction.

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