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A strange look flashed across Da Xi Ming's face as he smiled: "Brother Qin, nicely done! You've deceived me, and I have underestimated you. It seems that in this Martial Arts Student Exam, they concealed your grade."

"Too bad, that Xu Yuan is much more slippery than the son of the Zhang family." Qin Wushuang sighed regretfully.

"This guy may have escaped from the battlefield, but he will not live long even if you had not killed him," Da Xi Ming said with disdain.

"Why? Would his father cut him down?" Qin Wushuang asked curiously.

"Haha, a tiger, though cruel, would not devour its cubs. His father will not cut him down. But don't forget, he bears the name of one of the "Seven Young Masters." He lost his face and the resulting damage caused a drop in the reputation of the other "Seven Young Masters." Do you think they will forgive him?" Da Xi Ming's reasoning once again stunned Qin Wushuang.

Sometimes, the logic of this world was both funny and incredibly embarrassing.

"I heard that big brother Da Xi is the leader of the "Seven Young Masters." Do you also think that you have lost face?" Qin Wushuang knew that Da Xi Ming was the older brother of Da Xi Yang and one of the legendary figures of River County.

Da Xi Ming smiled lightly and sighed: "I have never liked the title of the "Seven Young Masters." I am me, the only and one Da Xi Ming. I don't need to be equally famous as other people."

"It was them who carried your name and used you as a powerful connection to intimidate people. Xu Yuan is one such example. Someone like him dared to share the title with you; he has stained you."

Qin Wushuang's words evoked the same feeling in Da Xi Ming. He extended his hand and shook with Qin Wushuang's: "Good brother, when you are free, come and see me at the Da Xi family."

At the same time, he also looked at Qin Xiu and did not act pretentious. On the contrary, he said politely: "I would also like invite Missy Qin Xiu to come as well. I will clear the way to welcome you."

"Sure, sure." Qin Wushuang never forgot his manners when facing someone powerful.

However, Qin Xiu gently nodded and smiled lightly. Inwardly, she was somewhat happy. This Da Xi Ming was graceful and had a good temperament. He had left an excellent impression on Qin Xiu.

Da Xi Ming walked to the center of the square and shouted: "Everyone, today's duel was fair. I, Da Xi Ming, acted as the officiator. If there are any who would object to my judgement, then you can come seek proof from me at the Da Xi residence."

In River County, the Da Xi family was very prestigious. In the current situation, people clapped for Da Xi Ming and created a loud and booming sound.

"Who would object when Young Master Da Xi himself had officiated the duel?"

"Right, right. It was a fair duel. Everyone at the scene has seen this. There were no deceptions."

The audience at the square did not immediately scatter. Everyone was still thinking back to that duel and was mesmerized by that exciting moment.

In this world, there were many martial arts nerd like Qin Wushuang in his previous life as Wu Xinghe. They gathered in two's or three's and discussed the details of that fight.

The only unfortunate fact was that the battle had been too short. There was almost nothing to discuss. However, it was also because it was such a short fight that it had become a classic worthy of discussing.

Even the young people had not ever heard of a situation in which a level seven martial arts student had instantly killed someone at the peak of the Power Force. Even If you had searched back five generations of records, it would be guaranteed that no one would have heard such a thing.

For half a day, people everywhere in the city openly discussed this gigantic piece of gossip. Public opinions gradually swayed towards heroism as people had formed a vivid image of a teenage martial arts student.

Qin Wushuang, the martial arts student from Eastwood Town soon became the number one idol of many young warriors.

At the Zhang residence, Zhang Maorui hugged his son's corpse tightly as his whole body trembled.


A punch landed on one of the chairs. And with a sound of a "Ka," the entire seat had been splintered into pieces. He remembered the corpse of the Stage One Genuine Force Warrior he had previously sent and the message that was found hanging on the door of his home.

Next—Zhang Yao.

Even after the threat, he'd still taken it lightly; and as a result, he had thrown away his elder son's life. If you were to ask his feelings now, there were only two words—Endless Regret.

He had fallen at the same place twice! The methods and the process were almost the same. Just these two times, and now two of his once lively sons were gone. He had wanted to break the heir of Qin Lianshan; instead, he'd lost his first.

Zhang Maorui became so regretful that he wanted to kick himself. However, where could he buy the medicine for regret in this world?

There had been six people in their group, and again, only his son had died! Zhang Maorui felt that it was too unfair. Why were the other children still alive, and only his son had died?

This time, he also felt hatred for the Xu family.

However, no matter how much hatred he had, he could not bring back his son's life. And the murderer still got away and lived freely!

On the battleground of the duel, the enemy had only moved one of his fingers to instantly kill his son.

He was even more frustrated when he had heard the details from the observers. After all, his eldest son was a warrior at the peak of the Power Force and was only one step away from the Genuine Force.

A level seven martial arts student had killed him within seconds? How was this possible? Ridiculous!

He would not believe it. He felt that someone had played some dirty tricks. Some mighty warriors must have secretly assisted the Qin family from the shadows. And this mighty warrior was not someone ordinary!

A character that could kill someone at the peak of the Power Force instantly would at least have the strength of a Stage Three to Four Warrior of the Genuine Force.

Zhang Maorui had reached Stage Three of the Genuine Force. Among the Prominent Class families, his strength ranked at the top. If he did not have this strength back him up, he would not have had such a big appetite and gone after the Qin family openly.

Twice now, when the son of the Qin family had killed his sons, the Da Xi family had acted as the witnesses. It made him even more frustrated. In the midst of his frustration, he started to become worried.

"Qin Lianshan, I promise that I will kill you and your entire family!"

Zhang Maorui clenched his teeth very hard. After everything that had happened, his sons could not die in vain!

He suddenly got up and briefly said to his "nephew" at his side: "You will stay at home. Don't go anywhere, remember this!"

Right now, he feared to lose any more sons. Although he was an illegitimate child from him and his in-laws, that child was his last bloodline after all. That child was his last resort, and nothing could happen to him!

If anything happened again, then he would be left without an heir.

Inside the Xu residence, the atmosphere was also depressed. When Zhang Maorui arrived at the Xu residence, Xu Yuan was being heavily caned. Xu Sanli, the patriarch of the family, currently had a dark and severe expression on his face.

When he noticed Zhang Maorui's presence, he shook his hand: "Let's stop for now, we will make up for the rest of the thirty canings later!"

"Old Master Xu…" Zhang Maorui almost cried out, "My…My two sons have died in vain! I've promised to destroy the Qin family, so please help me on this matter!"

If he hadn't been acting on behalf of the Xu family, Zhang Maorui would not have wound up in this situation.

"I am also troubled by this matter. Da Xi Ming had left his words. Whoever objects, they could argue with him at the Da Xi family. What do you want me to do?" Xu Sanli also felt this was a complicated matter.

When Qin Wushuang had killed the youngest son of Zhang Maorui, the youngest son of the Da Xi family had stepped forward as a witness. This time, when the eldest son had been killed, another son of the Da Xi family had validated the entire incident. He felt injustice because it seemed that the Zhang family had suffered a lot because they had wronged the Da Xi family.

He could not compete with the Da Xi family, but the Qin family…

Even if the Qin family had latched on to the Da Xi family, he would make them pay a heavy price!

"Is this it? My two sons have died in vain?" Zhang Maorui growled because he was unwilling to accept this fact. His face became particularly malevolent.

"Of course not. Don't forget, there is still the "Family Class Evaluation." If we want to destroy the Qin family, we must first take their Humble Class qualification." Although Xu Sanli felt discontent when that Zhang person had yelled at him, he could understand the pain of him losing his sons.

"But Qin Lianshan's son has such mighty strength. He had the strength to kill my son instantly. Even if I had gone to fight, I would most likely not win!" Zhang Maorui clenched his teeth and said.

"As a sixteen-year-old martial arts student, he could not have such power even if he had started training from his mother's tomb! You genuinely think that a martial arts student killed your eldest son?" Xu Sanli asked with a harsh tone.

"Who else could it be, besides him?"

Xu Sanli's face showed a change of mood. After a moment, he twitched his face and said: "Don't forget, at that moment, Da Xi Ming was standing ten meters away from the dueling grounds! And I already asked Xu Yuan and his people. They said that Da Xi Ming was flirting with Qin Lianshan's daughter, they were quite intimate…"

Zhang Maorui was shocked: "Old Master Xu means that Da Xi Ming is the one that did this? Could it be that the Qin family have latched on to the Venerable Da Xi family? And both time, the offspring of the Da Xi family protected them?"

"Da Xi Ming is at least a Stage Four Genuine Force Warrior. Some people even said that he had achieved Stage Five! How many are there in River County that could kill your son instantly? Besides, that son of the Qin family dared to act so wantonly, do you really believe that he has no one at his back?"

Xu Sanli had repeatedly interrogated Xu Yuan and had assessed the situation countless times. Finally, he felt that it would be impossible for a martial arts student to instantly kill a warrior at the peak of the Power Force.

Thus, it was clearly Da Xi Ming that had secretly murdered Zhang Yao.

He became scared when he had arrived at this assumption. If the Da Xi family had schemed everything up with the Qin family, there would be a high possibility that there was a hidden meaning to everything that had happened—The Venerable Da Xi family did not like his Xu family and had used the Qin family to strike at them.

Most importantly, the Da Xi family was likely dissatisfied with the current situation of River County. They were planning to shake up the hierarchy in River County.

Xu Sanli's words made the already stunned Zhang Maorui instantly collapse into a chair. He said with a dazed expression: "If Da Xi Ming had done this, then I can not get my revenge!"

"Maorui, you had better think it through now. It would be best for you to forget about the matter with Da Xi Ming. You just have to pretend that it was the son of the Qin family that had killed your child, understand? If you dare to give voice to these thoughts, then don't even mention your Zhang family, even my Xu family would instantly disappear from River County. Don't doubt that the Venerable Da Xi family don't have the power to do this!"

Xu Sanli immediately gave him a severe warning.

"Then what should we do?"

"Wait for the "Family Class Evaluation" to finish. To the Venerable Da Xi family, the Qin family would no longer be useful when they have lost their Humble Class seat. By that time, our two families will combine our forces and destroy the Qin family. Right now, we must pretend nothing has happened, and we should ignore the matter of Da Xi Ming flirting with the daughter of the Qin family. This way, we can go around the Da Xi family when going against the Qin family. In case they ask about it, we can just say we didn't know. Of course, it would be best if there is an opportunity to destroy the people of the Qin family!"

"Humph, that Da Xi Ming was surely just playing around. As a son of a Venerable family, how could he set his eyes on that failing Humble Class? Besides, doesn't he already have an arranged marriage?" Zhang Maorui said with a hateful tone.

"This is none of our business." Compared to Zhang Maorui, Xu Sanli was much smarter than him and thought a lot more than him.

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