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Chapter 319: Destinies Will Make Enemies Meet

As for the two people that walked over, one of them was Zhu Dazhong, the Third Head of the Archaic Mysteries Sect! This guy had a depressed look as he followed behind a young man.

That young man also showed a face of unhappiness. He walked into the lobby and glanced around. He stopped to look at Qin Wushuang for a moment before he headed into the inner lobby.

That elder who received Qin Wushuang also walked out coincidentally. He walked up with a professional smile: "What can I do for you two?"

That young man said: "We would like to enter the Dispersed Praying Mountain."

Initially, Qin Wushuang wanted to leave right away. However, he stopped and wondered about their motives. Why was this Zhu Dazhong looking to enter the Dispersed Praying Mountain? Instantly, he walked to the other side of the lobby as if nothing had happened and started to pretend to look through some information pamphlets. At the same time, he kept his eyes sharp waiting to catch some traces of evidence.

Fortunately, that elder was extremely professional. Although he felt it was somewhat strange inwardly when he heard that these two wanted to enter the Dispersed Praying mountain, he did not look towards Qin Wushuang. Instead, he said: "Are you two martial artists from the Nine Raven, or the Sky Travel Empire?"

That young man said somewhat anxiously: "No no, by the way, why is that only people of these two empires allowed to enter that Dispersed Praying Mountain? The Red Dragon Empire is also an Upper Ranking empire, how come we cannot enter?"

That elder did not argue with him on this matter as he only smiled: "Everyone has different geographical locations and their own territories, and special privileges. Since you are from the Red Dragon Empire, the southern Illusive Heavenly Lake is your privilege. The same goes here."

That young man still felt annoyed as he mumbled and said impatiently: "Just tell me, what is the quickest way for us to enter?"

Another one wanted to enter as soon as possible. That elder seemed to be used to it and continued to repeat the words he had told Qin Wushuang.

"Contribution points?" That young man said with annoyance, "I am a freelance martial artist of the Red Dragon Empire, and I have to earn contribution points for the Nine Raven Empire. This does not make sense."

 "If you feel that you are suffering a loss, you can leave now. The Nine Raven Temple has always valued courtesy and manners, and we will never make a forceful trade." That elder slowly said with a leisurely tone.

Although that young man was unsatisfied, he knew which territory he was in. Zhu Dazhong, from the side said in a low voice: "Young Master Zhao, we need to act like Romans when in Rome, let’s follow the rules."

Zhu Dazhong was much more flexible than this young man as he knew that they were at the Nine Raven Temple, and it was not their turn to do whatever they wanted. If they had caused a ruckus, the result would surely end in their embarrassment.

"You do it." Like an explosive fire, that young man seemed to have been set alight and had an extremely hot temper, "You guys are the one that have caused the trouble. Yet you send me here after a long travel to waste time."

Being a great Head, Zhu Dazhong did not even dare to argue back after this young man had shouted at him. He knew that this young man was in a bad mood and he would be suffering a loss to argue back.

Instantly, he smiled apologetically: "Senior, let’s go by your rules."

Apparently, that elder felt annoyed by that young man’s previously arrogant attitude. His professional smile was not as brilliant as before. Instead, he said lightly: "For you two, is it only one of you entering, or both?"

"Of course the two of us will go in, why else would we come together?" That young man shouted.

 "Then you need to have two sets of contribution points.

In total, you will require two hundred points."

 "Are there any mission where we can get two hundred contribution points?" That young man asked boldly.

That elder did not bat an eyelid: "Yes."


 "Destroy the Nine Palace Faction." That elder spoke with some ridicule in his tone.

Indeed, that young man glared: "What do you mean?"

That elder laughed: "It’s a joke. There are no missions that could give you two hundred contribution points. At most, one mission will be worth one hundred contribution points."

Obviously, this elder’s joking words was probing this young man. After this probe, he had indeed understood this person was from the Nine Palace Faction. And he had even claimed to be a freelance martial artist from the Red Dragon Empire. Only, he was confused that the person besides this young man appeared much more powerful. Why did he act as if he was afraid of this young man?

On the side, Qin Wushuang was feeling shocked that they were from the Nine Palace Faction. Could this kid be somewhat related to that Zhao Heng?

If that’s the case, why is this Zhu Dazhong following them? Why did he keep following orders?

A trail of questions emerged in Qin Wushuang’s head. Gradually, with consistent guesses, he had some ideas: "Could it be that my arrow had injured Zhao Heng’s dantian? And these two also looking for that Spiritual Infant Fruit at the Dispersed Praying Mountain?"

When he thought here, Qin Wushuang could not help but feel some anticipation and slight worry. If that was the case, it could be a good thing. He could vent this anger for his teacher if he could kill these two people at the Dispersed Praying Mountain without anyone knowing. Although the main culprit, Zhao Heng, did not die and the accomplice, Gao Yue, was still alive, this Zhu Dazhong shared the same crime. When he was at the mountain road at the border of the Great Luo Empire, Qin Wushuang had almost lost his life to him, and then this guy was also involved with that fight with the Stargaze Palace…

Any of the previous points was enough to sentence him to death ten times…

When Qin Wushuang thought here, he became rather calm. He knew that he should not allow his thoughts to disturb his heart and should not reveal any traces of concern. Or else, the situation would not be good when Zhu Dazhong, this sly and cunning man, noticed the weirdness. Regardless, Qin Wushuang could never defeat someone at the Advanced Stage, such as Zhu Dazhong, head on.

His only hope was assassination!

When he thought here, he paid even closer attention to the information and did not look over to the other side at all. Although Zhu Dazhong still looked around, he still did not realize any abnormality with Qin Wushuang’s presence.

After Zhu Dazhong had talked with that elder, he followed him to pick a mission. In a moment, Zhu Dazhong took two mission of the highest level. Then, he whispered to that young man: "Young Master Zhao, I’ve already picked the mission. Should we each finish one, or do you wish to wait for me here at the Nine Raven Empire?"

That Young Master Zhao said: "How long would it take you to finish the missions?"

Zhu Dazhong thought for a moment and answered: "One of the task requires a long journey. I am afraid the round trip would take a month. Plus the time spent in carrying out the tasks, it would need two months."

 "Two months? How could I wait that long?"

Zhu Dazhong said helplessly: "Then let me do that long distance mission, and you do that mission that is closer to here. However, considering the issue of safety, it’s best if we go together, or you can wait for me here at the capital."

That Young Master Zhao said: "One for each person."

These two did not linger and started to walk outside.

Qin Wushuang was not in a rush to follow. Instead, he waited for a while and slowly walked outside after putting down the pamphlets.

When he walked out of the main lobby, he saw those two figures walking towards the north street. Qin Wushuang wanted to follow them, yet he resisted his urges.

At this moment, finding the Spiritual Infant Fruit was his top priority. To kill Zhu Dazhong and that Young Master Zhao was the next step.

He would never mix the priority of these two things.

Qin Wushuang looked through the information of the Iron Fan sect and walked toward the west side of the imperial capital. He must discover enough evidence and information before going to the Red Dragon Empire to execute this extremely tough mission. Besides this course of action, Qin Wushuang was left with no choice.

Besides this method, he had no other way to enter the Dispersed Praying Mountain. Even the people of the Red Dragon Empire must follow the rules to enter the Dispersed Praying Mountain. Not to mention someone who claimed to be a "freelance martial artist".

On the other hand, Zhu Dazhong and that Young Master Zhao had walked out of the branch of the Nine Raven Temple. That Young Master Zhao continued to complain all the way: "Darn that Stargaze Palace, how did they injured my grandfather? A single Middle Stage disciple hurt my grandpa, who is at the Perfect Stage? Zhu Dazhong, your Archaic Mysteries sect is also a troublemaker. If you guys did not come to the Nine Palace, how could so many troubles have arisen?"

Zhu Dazhong could only smile apologetically: "Young Master Zhao, this is truly an accident. Senior Heng had amazing moves, yet the Stargaze initiated a surprise attack and the weapon they use had surpassed the Spiritual Martial Force. That was why it had hurt Senior Heng a little."

That Young Master Zhao spat: "How could it be hurting a little? His dantian was injured! You call that little? Zhu Dazhong, why don’t you get hurt a little to show me?"

Zhu Dazhong kept smile bitterly: "At that moment, we saw Senior Heng block that arrow with his weapon. How could we had known that the force beneath that arrow would be that vicious and injure his dantian?"

That Young Master Zhao felt resentful: "I don’t care about these explanations. In the end, I am on this trip because of the Archaic sect. When we return, your sect must compensate my loss."

Zhu Dazhong still smiled apologetically: "It’s our sect’s fortune to compensate your loss. However, right now, we must finish this task and enter the Dispersed Praying Mountain. It will depend on our luck to find that Spiritual Infant Fruit…"

That Young Master Zhao was also worried about Zhao Heng’s injuries. He stopped being stubborn and nodded: "We will work separately and hopefully, we can finish the mission in three months. We will regroup in this imperial capital. Then, we will go to the Dispersed Praying Mountain together."

 "Great!" Zhu Dazhong nodded to agree.

On the other hand, Qin Wushuang had finally arrived to the west area of the imperial capital after walking for an hour. This area was vast and the Iron Fan Gate was located here.

Following the information, Qin Wushuang easily found the location of the Iron Fan Door. He walked before the Iron Fan Door sect, and was stopped by their hidden sentry.

Qin Wushuang did not speak much and tossed out that temporary law enforcement plate. After the other party had took it, feeling somewhat apprehensive, he immediately saluted to Qin Wushuang. Then, he said: "Mister, please follow me."

That disciple of the Iron Fan Door led Qin Wushuang toward the inner area of the Iron Fan Gate.

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