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Chapter 317: The Goal, Spiritual Infant Fruit of the Disperse P

Qin Wushuang listened quietly without speaking a word. He only nodded to agree with Tan Zhongchi.

Suddenly, Zhuo Buqun said: "Second, Wushuang has already decided to search for the Spiritual Infant Fruit in the Dispersed Praying Mountain. Even if you guys are apart by tens of thousand of miles, the connection between you guys are unbreakable. Second, with such a disciple, don’t be too sad."

Tan Zhongchi laughed straightforwardly: "Head Palace Master, I don’t have much prized life works in my life. I feel most proud that I have taken in such a disciple. In the future, it will be Qin Wushuang who will help the Stargaze Palace to flourish.

On this point, even Zhuo Buqun must accept as he smiled: "In the past, everyone looked up to Wei Yi. In the future, most likely Wei Yi will need to follow Wushuang’s accomplishments."

Tan Zhongchi laughed: "Head Palace Master, you don’t need to say these things to make me happy. Wei Yi has exceptional talent, his result will not be bad. These two will be the two stars of the future Stargaze Palace."

When he said here, Tan Zhongchi coughed lightly. Qin Wushuang immediately went up to help him.

Tan Zhongchi sighed: "Wushuang, with my personality, I will never allow you to go to the Dispersed Praying Mountain. I have always been an honest person and never want to trouble others. However, you are my disciple, if I didn’t let you go, the others will surely think that the Green Cloud Palace have no one in the eyes of the outsider. And you need to see the world and travel. You will continue to train your mind and soul."

Qin Wushuang said humbly: "Teacher, for sure, I will find the Spiritual Infant Fruit for you!"

Tan Zhongchi said with a serious expression: "Wushuang, I will not stop you from going. However, you must remember my following instructions."

 "Please tell me." Qin Wushuang said seriously.

 "The first one is, to not advance prematurely toward your goal. That Dispersed Praying Mountain belongs to the Xuan Yuan Mound, and is not within the human countries. It is filled with danger. At most, you can only enter three thousand miles, and never more than that! Secondly, within three years, regardless of success or failure, you must return to the Stargaze Palace. It’s because greater responsibility awaits you at the sect!"

Tan Zhongchi’s tone was strangely stern.

Stunned, Qin Wushuang did not answer him. With a long sigh, Tan Zhongchi seemed to feel that his tone was too stern as he comforted him: "Wushuang, for thousand of years, the Stargaze Palace has existed until now, and we had many exceptional people. However, they are not part of this world anymore. I want to tell you that despite the length of one’s life, there is a limit. And the legacy of a sect could last for eternity. You should not disregard the longstanding tradition of the Stargaze Palace because of me!"

Qin Wushuang nodded painfully as he agreed: "Teacher, I promise you that I will return in three years."

 "Regardless of success or failure, you must come back. If you are delayed, I will not consume the Spiritual Infant Fruit even if you bring it back!"

With an even more determined tone, Tan Zhongchi continued speaking: "Wushuang, usually, I have no requirements for you over the usual little details. I’ve never restricted you or your actions. However, you must remember this matter. Or else, even if I was to barely cling onto the world, I will not forgive you."

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang felt as if something had blocked his heart as he felt an unknown feeling emerge. Now, he had finally understood the stage and the breadth of mind of a Palace Master.

It was a spirit where he would rather sacrifice himself to fulfill the righteous virtue of a sect, and to carry on the torch of the sect’s legacy!

Zhuo Buqun sighed: "Wushuang, there is no time to delay, go."

Tan Zhongchi waved his hand straightf

orwardly: "Go, don’t think about me and take care of yourself."

Although Qin Wushuang did not want to go, he knew the principle of time was money. Thus, he turned around with determination and walked out of the main palace.

He went to the Pavilion book library and after some searching, he finally found some information regarding the "Spiritual Infant Fruit". This fruit had very little record in the human books.

However, there was a much richer record about the Dispersed Praying Mountain. This mountain continued on for one hundred thousand miles and was extremely rich. Inside the mountain, the paths ran up and down. Its complicated terrain marked the border between the Xuan Yuan Mountain and the human countries.

There were even less knowledge about the Xuan Yuan Mound. According to the records, the Xuan Yuan Mound also had some humans.

Only, this Xuan Yuan Mound had become an apotheosis. It was rumored that some human existence stronger than the Spiritual Martial Force had lived there.

Thus, to the human countries, miraculous places such as the Xuan Yuan Mound had become a legend. As time passed long enough, the humans called their countries human countries, and called places like the Xuan Yuan Mound Spiritual Places.

Then, he went to the Shakyamuni Thousand Face to take three masks. After he had bid goodbye to a few Core disciples, Qin Wushuang found Tong Yan and asked him to help deliver a message back to the Bai Yue Country. It would inform them of his trip and that at the latest, it would take him three years to return to the Great Luo Empire.

After he left the Stargaze Palace, Qin Wushuang kept a low profile along the way and headed toward the northwest. The Nine Raven Empire was also an Upper Ranking Empire.

The Red Dragon Empire was located to the southwest of the Three Eastern Empires, and this Nine Raven Empire was located to the northwest. After he had departed from the Great Luo, he needed to travel forty or fifty thousand miles.

Of course, Qin Wushuang travelled at full speed at close to four thousand miles a day. After ten days, he had finally entered the Nine Raven Empire.

Like the Endless Eastern Sea, that Xuan Yuan Mound was also one of the taboo places in the human countries. Naturally, a place that could be called as a Spiritual Taboo Place was extraordinary.

In the mountain range that stands between the Xuan Yuan Mound, the Dispersed Mountain continued for one hundred thousand miles. It was easy to see how vast the Xuan Yuan Mound was. It was rumored that all these Spiritual Taboo Places were as large as hundred thousand miles. No one from the human countries knew the end of it.

Different than how the Three Eastern Empires held the exploration permits to the Endless Eastern Sea, the exploration permit to the Xuan Yuan Mound was controlled by the Nine Raven and the Sky Travel Empire.

The Sky Travel Empire was located on the west side of the Nine Raven Empire.

These two Upper Ranking Empire were also the leading ones among the human countries. Overall, with them holding the permit for exploration of the Xuan Yuan Mound, those Middle and Lower Empires must watch their face if they wanted to explore.

As a foreign visitor to the Xuan Yuan Mound, Qin Wushuang must also get permission from the Nine Raven Empire to enter the Dispersed Praying Mountain. He would not have any hope by going in recklessly.

Late at night, Qin Wushuang stood before the window at the inn he was staying. Currently, it was the beginning of spring, his thoughts carried to meander as he could not calm down.

During this time, he had been travelling madly to rid the depression from his heart and to alleviate the worry in his mind.

The Spiritual Infant Fruit was a spiritual object, one could only discover it, and not ask for it…

It meant that he could only try his best. As for the result, no one could promise anything.

Three years…

Three years was a long time. If he were only trying to get an ordinary object from the Nine Raven Empire, he would only need one month for a round trip.

However, that Spiritual Infant Fruit was not an ordinary object. Thus, three years was not long. Qin Wushuang must accomplish many steps to acquire the qualification to enter the Dispersed Praying Mountain.

The incident had occurred more than half a month ago. However, inside Qin Wushuang’s brain, the scene where his teacher was hit by Zhao Heng still dwelled in his mind.

It was the scene that he could never forget. When he saw his teacher’s body flying like a broken kite, he felt as if a knife was cutting away his heart—

Regardless, his teacher did it to protect his most prized disciple. Or else, he would not have needed to follow behind Zhao Heng or even take his sudden attack!

One would never be able to experience this pain of watching one’s own teacher suffering. Even Zhou Fu, Lü Teng, and the others could not know Qin Wushuang’s feeling!

His pain could only be relieved if he could one day kill Zhao Heng, and his teacher’s dantian was restored. Or else, he would feel relief for this pain!

 "Perfect Stage, Zhao Heng… Nine Palace Faction!" Inwardly, Qin Wushuang recited these names, "And that Zhu Dazhong, Gao Yue, the Archaic Mysteries sect that led the wolf into the den…"

 "I must never rush, never rush." Qin Wushuang reminded himself, "I am on this trip to get the Spiritual Infant Fruit for my teacher. Revenge is not something I need to consider now. Anyone of them, to me, are a great threat. I must never strike the stone with an egg! To get revenge, I must enter the Advanced Stage and unlock the transportation circle of the Second Loop of the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays . I must revive that Purple Electric Flaming beast, then grasp the fortuitous opportunity at the Third Loop."

Qin Wushuang’s thoughts overflowed as he knew that he had started his training from the Bai Yue. However, he had truly achieved a breakthrough and advanced to further stages after he had entered the Stargaze Palace. The Stargaze Palace had allowed him to advance regardless of breadth of mind and stages.

When he had entered the Great Luo Empire, it was his teacher, Tan Zhongchi that came to welcome him from thousand miles away.

When he faced the threat of the Old Devil Ji Yin, it was his teacher that went to the Ji Yin mountain gate and intimidated him and forced him to not be able to make any movements…

After he had entered the sect, his teacher gave him much freedom. The expectation he had for him before the end of year exam, and his teacher’s joy after the result had come out…

After the Green Jade Mountain battle, his teacher was the first one to arrive at the scene when he thought he had died. Then, he went to the Qin family and to intimidated all the little vultures who sought to attack the Qin in Wushuang’s absence…

As for that battle with Zhao Heng, his teacher did not care about his own personal safety, and rushed to protect him…

All these little details, and each scene had contained a teacher that wanted his disciple to achieve the greatest success. He had shown his sincere care and love to his disciple from the bottom of his heart.

Such love had surpassed the relationship between a normal teacher and disciple. It had risen to the height of a love like a father’s.

In this world, how many people would save Qin Wushuang, regardless of their own life?

His father Qin Lianshan was one, and his sister Qin Xiu was another.

Perhaps, the third one was his teacher, the one that was cold on the outside, yet warm-hearted inside and often misunderstood by others in this complicated world!

Unconsciously, Qin Wushuang’s eyes blurred.

Martial arts training was not to have someone train and become a machine. This path of training should not turn people into a merciless killer, but it should encompass one with the spirit of surpassing the killing intentions.

 "My teacher has protected me so much, regardless of his intention of loving his disciple, or in consideration of the future of the sect, it would not influence this great admiration. For my entire life, I will see my teacher as a blessing and see the inheritance spirit of the Stargaze Palace as an honor, until my death. I shall never turn my back against such spirit! Teacher, wait for me! I will go through water and tread through fire to get the Spiritual Infant Fruit for you!"

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