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It was rare for the aristocratic offspring to duel each other in River County. There had not been a duel between the children of the nobility in three to five years. In this year, because all of the aristocratic children that had gathered together at River County for the national exams, there was an increase in the occurrence of such duels.

As soon as the news had spread out, the word immediately spread out from one person to ten people and in turn, spread out to hundreds of people. The story instantly became the talk of the town. Some of the younger warriors all rushed to the River Square because they did not want to be late for this exciting show.

As more and more people gathered at the River Square, people started to make inquiries to those that had arrived earlier about the exact details behind the duel. Discussions sprung up among the people when they heard that the eldest young master of the Zhang family had challenged a level seven martial arts student.

"To hell with it, right? A level seven martial arts student will duel with a warrior at the peak of the Power Force. His head must have been kicked by a donkey, right?"

"Right? This kind of lopsided duel is equivalent to suicide. You should just jump into the river if you feel that you have lived too long!"

"Ai, for sure he did not volunteer! Did you not hear? The Zhang family had the Wealthy Class Xu family at their backs! In River County, the Xu family is the number one bully. This level seven martial arts student must have shown off too much and that must have had stung their eyes!"

"I say, can you guys not be so fussy. Finally, there is a duel. No matter how one-sided it would be, it's still a live performance. It would be much more interesting to watch this than the other ones, right?"

"You are right. Is Qin Wushuang that level seven martial arts student? That Qin Wushuang from the Humble Class?"

"For sure it's him, right? After all, a Humble Class is just a Class that has no basic human rights! They're being oppressed after showing off a little bit, this world…"

"What do you know? This Qin Wushuang had previously killed Zhang Yao's little brother, so he is simply settling old records!"

Initially, the discussions were cynical towards the level seven martial arts student. Gradually, some people started to pity Qin Wushuang. Everyone felt that someone had schemed up this duel!

It was a persecution of the Humble Class by the Wealthy Class!

Many of the people present were offsprings of the Humble Class, and they could not help but have sympathy as if a fox were weeping for a rabbit. Pity filled their eyes when they looked at Qin Wushuang.

Qin Wushuang did not care about these gossips. With a calm and composed attitude, he stood in the middle of the square as if he were the only one in the world.

"Wushuang, you must be careful!" Qin Xiu reminded him again.

"Sister, don't worry, I am only teaching a lesson to a vicious dog. It will be over in minutes." Qin Wushuang smiled brightly. This smile had greatly moved Qin Xiu as she also became much more optimistic.

"Wow, this level seven martial arts student is crazy. He must have been looking for abuse when he challenged his opponent on the spot!"

"Too much pressure? Maybe he has fallen apart?"

"Such a waste. An offspring of the Humble Class that is supposed to have a bright future has fallen from the sky, just like this."

"As a level seven martial arts student, he could have possibly trained to the peak of the Power Force after another two years, right?"

Zhang Yao entered the stage. He dressed in a specialized clothing designed for combat. Underneath the black glove, he held a sharp short knife.

"Poor little martial arts student. I am going to use this knife to reap your stupid head." Zhang Yao smiled nastily.

"One finger is enough to deal with a vicious dog. If I have to move more than one of my fingers, then I am useless!"

Zhang Yao knew very well that he was provoking him. However, he still could not help but say resentfully: "Kid, you will die miserably. Then, I'm going to f*ck your sister and sell her to some cheap brothel!"

As soon as he said these words, a layer of coldness immediately shrouded Qin Wushuang's face. He openly revealed his deep murderous intent.

Even Da Xi Ming who was a distance from the stage had furrowed his brows in a frown. He looked at Qin Xiu and saw that her face had turned pale. She was obviously furious.

He walked up, and comforted her with a small voice: "Missy Qin, don't worry. Your brother will not lose."

"Yes!" Qin Xiu nodded her head assuredly. She smiled lightly: "Young Master Da Xi, thank you for being the officiator."

Her smile was like the sun of the early spring, bright and genuine without a trace of pretense and politeness. It caused the experienced, and knowledgeable Da Xi Ming's heart to rapidly jump. This lady's smile was pure, beautiful and had an entirely different meaning than any other young missy's temperament in River County.

"Kid, give me your life!"

On the stage, Zhang Yao growled and moved his feet. He unleashed all his strength and leapt forward to attack Qin Wushuang. He raised his short knife and slashed at Qin Wushuang.

In this slash, he had incorporated the essence of his life. He planned to take Qin Wushuang's life in one blow!

Ten meters, five meters…

Three meters…

Qin Wushuang did not move at all; he stood upright like a pine tree as if Zhang Yao's exaggerated momentum did not exist. What did it mean to be at such close distance to him? Those elite assassins of the Blood Rose organization had a profound experience.

When you were fighting him, a grandmaster of ancient martial arts, the closer you were to him, the closer you were to hell!

"Wow, that martial arts student is scared to death!"

"No way? There must be some deeper mysteries to the duel since he is just standing there like a practice dummy!"

"That's right; this is just too absurd, right?"

"What? He moved!"

Suddenly, Qin Wushuang opened his tiger-like eyes widely. His body rushed forward instead of retreating. As soon as he moved, he quickly accelerated his movements!

He raised his right hand, his middle finger holding onto his thumb, and a power shot out from his fingertips. Gushing, and like a falling star, the perfect arc of his fingers stopped its motion. The Congealed Finger!


On the center of Zhang Yao's forehead, there was a finger mark that had penetrated a few inches into his forehead. Although Zhang Yao's slash continued its momentum, his footsteps had stopped and were rooted in place.

Both of his eyes were opened bigger than a copper bell and in them, showed his deep terror.

Kuang dang! His hand released the short knife. In the next moment, Zhang Yao's large body collapsed.

Hong, as the body hit the floor of the square, it stirred up a cloud of dust. Qin Wushuang swung his robe and lightly shook his head. He moved his gaze to Xu Yuan and his group and asked casually, with his hands behind his back: "Is Young Master Xu Yuan up next?"

For dozens of seconds, it was quiet. Dead silence!

In the big River County Square, thunder-like whistles only occurred after dozens of seconds. This scene was too extraordinary and unbelievable. Even the most remarkable story would not be as strange as this moment. The level of strangeness was beyond any description!

If they had not seen it with their eyes, they would never believe it even if someone beat them to death---

A warrior at the peak of the Power Force had been instantly killed by a level seven martial arts student in one blow. And it had happened under the circumstance where the warrior at the peak of the Power Force had attacked first, giving him the offensive advantage!

Zhang Yao did not even have a chance to make a sound before he'd died. He had collapsed like a dead dog in one attack.

The audience felt the heads on their neck became a little heavier. They felt that everything that had just happened right before them was an illusion or a dream.

In short, their brains was still in the middle of a short circuit as they could not accept the reality before them.

A discharge of power from the fingertips that could strike a warrior at the peak of the Power Force, who was as healthy as a cow, to his death. Just imagining this power made people shiver.

Could he be a warrior of the Genuine Force? When their thoughts arrived there, everyone looked at Qin Wushuang with a newfound admiration and with a little fear.

In a world where the powerful ruled, only one's might could convince people.

A teenage martial arts student with the power of the Genuine Force that just graduated from the Martial Arts Academy, what did it represent?


Such an overused word was not enough to describe it. If you must describe him, then "Beast" would be the most fitting word. He was a complete beast!

"Is Young Master Xu Yuan up next?" Qin Wushuang asked again with a raised voice.

When he had witnessed Zhang Yao collapsing onto the ground like a dead dog in one blow, Xu Yuan, who had initially just wanted to enjoy the show and then reap the reward, had inwardly become more terrified than anyone in the Square.

Zhang Yao was at the peak of the Power Force, and he was a Stage One Warrior at the Genuine Force. Although there was some gap between their power, he did not have the ability to kill his opponent in mere seconds. If Zhang Yao could not take even one attack from the other party, then it would be the same result if he went up—He, too, would be killed.

If a little martial arts student killed him, he would not only lose his life but he would also lose face for his family.

"Xu Yuan…" Da Xi Ming was also shocked by Qin Wushuang's fatal attack a moment ago. He jumped into the square nimbly and investigated Zhang Yao's body. Then, he slowly said, "Zhang Yao is dead. The next battle, are you going to fight, or not?"

"What is going on? Is Xu Yuan also going to fight? He is one of the "Seven Young Masters" in our River County!"

"It's true that he is one of the "Seven Young Masters," but he is only ranked last. Do you see that young master dressed in white that acted as the officiator? He is the head of the "Seven Young Masters," and a strong warrior at Stage Five of the Genuine Force!"

"I say, this matter is a little strange. Why are they fighting? They are fighting against a martial arts student with the combined power of the Wealthy and the Prominent Classes."

"Haha. This is the inside story, I heard that they fought over a plate of the spicy crabs at the Windy Pool Restaurant."

"For real? A good young master of the Prominent Class lost his life over a plate of spicy crabs? You cannot seriously crave a food to such extent, right?"

"It would not be good to explain the details. After all, this news is genuine."

"Tsk, tsk, it's such a miracle. From what you said, among the offsprings of the aristocrats, that Zhang Yao is the one that has died in the most ridiculous situation."

"A plate of spicy crabs, haha, it's only a matter of dozens of dollars. It's totally not worth it!"

"Everyone, is that Young Master Xu Yuan going to fight?"

"I think, most likely it will not happen. He is obviously scared."

"Right! How can this martial arts student be a simple martial arts student? Clearly, he is a mighty warrior of Stage Five or Six of the Genuine Force."

"Who said that? He is a level seven martial arts student. The exam only ended a few days ago! The public roll is still hanging over there. Qin Wushuang, a level seven martial arts student, did you not see it?"

"Ah, he is Qin Wushuang?"

"What? Could it be you did not know who he is after having watched the show for some time?"

"I do not get it, when did martial arts student become so vicious in this year's exam? He is the most influential martial arts student in history!"

In fact, Xu Yuan was in an awkward situation. To him, it was impossible to stop halfway in the present events.

If he went up on the stage, the other party would not miss the opportunity to kill him legally.

But if he did not go on the stage, then the Xu family would lose a significant amount of reputation because of him. It would become a great joke if the news traveled around about how a martial arts student had frightened him enough to stop him from going up on the stage. This joke would qualify to become the best joke of the year.

Were reputations more important than his life?

At last, his desire to live won over, he bit the teeth and snarled: "Son of the Qin family, you are fierce! You dressed up as a pig and ate a tiger. You've certainly hidden yourself deeply! I give up on the duel, I lose!"

Under the gazes of thousands of people, an offspring of the Wealthy Class had been forced to speak such frustrated words. Xu Yuan lowered his face all the way to his pants and left with his comrades without looking back.

"Che…" Everywhere, the audience booed. They had expected Xu Yuan would straighten his back and answer the challenge. So they could admire the battle between warriors of the Genuine Force!

However, nobody had expected that he would immediately give up. He had honestly brought shame to the name of the "Seven Young Masters." To a dog that had drowned in the water, people did not mind booing him as he left the square, the sound of the boos carried itself for several miles.

The Xu family, even if they were the Wealthy Class, their social status will suffer a devastating decline in River County after having lost their face today!

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