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Chapter 308: Teacher's Anger and Frustration

After he took Qin Lianshan and Da Xi Ming for a stroll around the entire cave, Qin Wushuang instructed seriously: "Now, this cave is the top secret of the Qin. Besides us three, no one is allowed to find out about this secret cave."

Qin Lianshan and Da Xi Ming all nodded seriously. Naturally, they understood the gains and losses within this matter. It’s better for less people to know such top secret information.

In the central area of the cave, Da Xi Ming could not help but feel surprised when he saw that giant green stone: "Wushuang, look at this giant green stone, the shape is so strange. It seems like a cowering tiger and a creeping vicious beast. Even the best sculptor could not sculpt such a life like stone sculpture, right?"

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang smiled bitterly. This was not a stone sculpture, but a spiritual beast. Only, it had become to this state after taking the "Petrification technique".

Of course, to Da Xi Ming who knew nothing, it was not strange for him to feel surprised. After all, this thing did appear somewhat strange.

Qin Wushuang did not explain. For now, he would not tell them the secrets about the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays. And he would not tell them that he had undergone a spiritual Qi baptism from the First Loop and the Second Loop in this cave.

Since the others did not possess such spiritual Qi, they would not be able to initiate a connection or communicate with the spirit.

Thus, Qin Wushuang did not worry about it. Only, such single stone room seemed somewhat strange. He also did not wish his father and brother-in-law to wander around.

Instantly, he said: "Father, this stone room is strange. When you come to this cave, don’t come here alone, to avoid getting hurt by unknown mechanisms. I’ve looked at other places, and they’re okay to visit. For this stone room, we need to seal it off. We should explore it next time when I come back."

Currently, Qin Wushuang was the main force of the royal mansion. Since he had voiced his opinion, Qin Lianshan and Da Xi Ming trusted him and nodded in agreement.

After a look around, they returned by the same path.

Qin Wushuang stayed at the royal mansion for another few days. On this day, he found Da Xi Ming and held a piece of the "Initial Stage Upper Sky pill" in his hand.

 "Brother in law, when you consume this pill, it will ensure you enter the Upper Sky in one year. After you have consumed it, you need to train to digest its power. I hope that by the time I return, the Royal Qin mansion will have another Upper Sky warrior."

Da Xi Ming was overjoyed: "Wushuang, this pill is this marvelous?"

"The Purple-Robed Great Honored Warrior had reached Upper Sky on the spot after consuming it. In one year of time, his Upper Sky stage was equivalent to the previous Martial Saint’s power after a few dozen years of training. What would you think of the magical elements of this pill?"

Da Xi Ming sighed: "Wushuang, you are exactly like your name, you are unrivalled in the entire nation. I think that in the history of the Bai Yue Country, no such genius has existed like you. I really feel fortunate that I have met you and your sister at the Windy Pool restaurant in River County. It’s was the luckiest moment of my life. Not only did I meet the love of my life, and got rid of that burden from the Xi Men Feudal Lords, I also achieved an unbelievable breakthrough over martial arts training!"

In the Venerable Da Xi family, Da Xi Heng, the head of the family, had two sons. Da Xi Ming was a free and easy person, and Da Xi Yang was mature. Publicly, everyone thought that Da Xi Yang would inherit Da Xi Heng’s position. Everyone thought that he would surpass Da Xi Ming.

Only, a watched flower never blooms, but an untended willow grows. Da Xi Ming, the unfavorable one to the outside world, had amazed the world with a single brilliant feat. Not only had he

received an increase in social status, his strength also far surpassed Da Xi Yang. Thus, he had helped the Venerable Da Xi family achieve an unimaginable honorable status.

The current Venerable Da Xi family already had already been nominated. Perhaps, in the near future, they would get a special bestowal by the Royal family to become a Feudal Lord family.

Of course, everything was possible because of Da Xi Ming.

From beginning to end, Qin Wushuang had spent a month of time at home. Soon, he set out to return to the Stargaze Palace.

He knew that he should never ignore the prediction made by the Head Palace Master on the road. Without wind, there would not be any tide. Since the Archaic Mysteries Sect had made connections with the disciples of the Nine Palace Faction of the Red Dragon Empire, they would not have any good intentions.

Inside this matter, perhaps, there would be some evil scheming. Being a Stargaze disciple, he must return to await orders.

Without any troubles along the way, Qin Wushuang returned to the Stargaze Palace swiftly. The other disciples had also returned.

To Qin Wushuang’s surprise, these nine people such as Wei Yi, Zhou Fu, Zhao Muzhi, Deng Bohu, Miao Zhongxia, Lu Shaonan, Huang Changyang, Lü Teng, and Jian Rui had already started practicing the "Big Dipper Sky Gang Formation".

When this formation was cultivated, it could form many combination. Each person was required to learn this formation thoroughly in each position. They must make sure that at any time and any of the seven people could form this "Big Dipper Sky Gang Formation."

The other Core disciples of the Stargaze had formed many different groups to practice this technique.

Now, with the Head Palace Master deep in isolation training, Tan Zhongchi had taken charge of the daily operations in the Stargaze Palace. Tan Zhongchi had a lightning style with much temperament and power.

Not only did the Core disciples have to practice this formation, even the ten Palace Emissaries, all the Elders, and Shakyamuni had to practice it.

Of course, regardless of the Shakyamuni or Elders, no one dared to complain. It was because when the Head Palace Master had returned, he announced to the entire Palace that the Second Palace Master, Tan Zhongchi, would be in charge of everything during his isolation training time. For Tan Zhongchi’s orders, all Palace Masters down to the disciples at the Initial Stage must execute it fully.

If someone dared to disobey, they would be served with home punishment.

This was only one of the reasons. The other most important reason for this was that the Head Palace Master already revealed to all higher-ups at the Stargaze Palace the severe situation. All the higher-ups had fully realized that in the near future, an unprecedented change would happen to this Eastern land.

And these changes would most likely come from the interference of the Upper Ranking Empire, the Red Dragon.

With this layer of pressure, after these higher-ups had experienced the profoundness of the "Big Dipper Sky Gang Formation," how could they refuse to train? Each of them worked harder than the others.

Although the entire atmosphere of the Stargaze Palace was somewhat intense, they were extremely unified. Even Zhong Wuying, who usually did not get along well with Tan Zhongchi, had nothing to say. Secretly, he also helped Tan Zhongchi with a lot of problems.

Of course, all of this was a result of Zhao Muzhi speaking a lot of good words before his teacher. Regardless, Qin Wushuang had saved Zhao Muzhi twice. And this time, Zhao Muzhi did not receive unfair treatment when receiving the rewards from the Friendly Competition. Zhong Wuyin’s initial fears about his disciple being left with scraps from the competition rewards did not occur. Naturally, he felt much more at peace.

Being a Palace Master, when you became calmer, your breadth of mind would also increase a lot more. Many unsolved grudges or problems from the past had also dissolved.

Zhong Wuying knew that the future problem did not reside within the Stargaze Palace. Instead, it would be a test of survival for the Great Luo Empire among the Three Eastern Empires.

Once the Red Dragon Empire got involved, the Great Luo’s situation would be like a single crane in the wind. In this situation, they could even sink into despair without hope of reprieve.

The power of the Upper Ranking Empire could not be ignored by these Middle Ranking Empires. In between them, there were fatal differences.

Or else, for thousand of years, the human countries would have more than just three Upper Ranking Empires. With so many Middle Ranking empires, there were only three Upper Ranking Empires. It was apparent that to rise up to the status of Upper Ranking Empire, one needed strong power, some well-rounded abilities, and some luck!

Qin Wushuang’s return had caused the younger generation at the Stargaze Palace to become restless. Currently, these Core disciples no longer felt distant or indifferent to Qin Wushuang like earlier. They had become more accepting toward him.

After going through so many disasters, the friendship between the disciples had also risen tremendously.

Tan Zhongchi had been secretly informed by Zhuo Buqun and knew that Qin Wushuang had been threatened by the Nine Palace Faction and Zhu Dazhong. He knew that his life had been threatened.

Thus, Tan Zhongchi had accumulated a stomach full of anger.

When he saw Qin Wushuang returned, he summoned him before him: "Wushuang, I heard that Zhu Dazhong, Old Man Zhu, had tried to assassinate you?"

Qin Wushuang nodded angrily: "Indeed, that person was sucking up to the Nine Palace Faction. He appeared like a servant and had a low personality. Teacher, this Archaic has some unknown relationship with the Nine Palace Faction, I am afraid that they are planning to lead the wolf into the den."

With a solemn face, Tan Zhongchi nodded: "Indeed, we must take precautions on this matter. During this time, the entire Stargaze is working endlessly. You can also see that your "Big Dipper Sky Gang Formation" been spread through the entire Stargaze Palace. Just in case. It would not be bad to make more preparation than doing nothing. I only hope that the Head Palace Master would succeed in his training. Once the Stargaze has a Perfect Stage, we would be in much better situation. Or else, no matter how much we prepare, if the Red Dragon Empire truly wanted to interfere by sending a Perfect Stage, it would be enough to make the entire Palace full of worry."

When he saw Qin Wushuang remaining silent, Tan Zhongchi emphasized: "Wushuang, these are not words to scare you. One Perfect Stage definitely has the power to threaten the entire Stargaze Palace. Besides, the Nine Palace Faction has twelve Advanced Stage warriors. They also have three Perfect Stages! These do not include those spiritual beasts at the Advanced Stage."

 "Just the Nine Palace Faction alone has such terrifying power?" Qin Wushuang drew a breath of cold air.

 "Yes, just the Nine Palace Faction alone. Besides, the Red Dragon also has many other sects. Although they are not on par with the Nine Palace, they also have many Advanced Stage warriors. The entire Red Dragon Empire has about twenty Advanced Stage Warriors."

Although Tan Zhongchi’s tone carried a trace of begrudging, there was also some feelings of helplessness. When facing the extreme might of the Red Dragon Empire, even the combination of the Three Eastern Empires would not be a match for them. Not to mention that the Heavenly Lake Empire planned to work with the devil.

Qin Wushuang asked again after a moment of silence: "Teacher, the Nine Palace have three Perfect Stage. Does that include any combat spiritual beast at the Perfect Stage?"

Tan Zhongchi shook his head with a bitter smile: "A combat spiritual beast at the Perfect Stage? The Red Dragon Empire does not have such things. The entire collection of human countries most likely does not have one."

 "Why is that?" Qin Wushuang felt intrigued.

 "As you know, the combat power of an ordinary spiritual beast is weaker than human beings at the same level. The only exceptions are some super strong combat spiritual beast that are stronger than elite human warriors. However, in the human countries, it’s very difficult for a combat spiritual beast to raise their level when they reach the Advanced stage. Once a spiritual beast has reached the Perfect Stage, it could look down on all the human Perfect Stage warriors!"

While feeling surprised, Qin Wushuang was also feeling strangely excited as expectation filled his heart.

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