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Chapter 307: Return in Glory

After passing the state city, those peasants were feeling joyful. They knew that as long as they keep walking along this official road, they would arrive at the River County. When they arrived there, they would be at the planning zone of the Heavenly Royal City.

When thinking here, these people moved even faster as they wanted to arrive at the Heavenly Royal City as soon as possible. They would only feel reassured when they begun work for the Heavenly Royal Mansion.

This time, these peasants did not meet with any resistance when they arrived at the outskirts of River County. On the contrary, outside the River County, packs of tents were set up. Each of these tent could take in hundreds of people. Across the vast area, a few hundreds of these tents were built.

And outside the River County, there were people to receive them. They said to this first group of peasants when they saw them: "Friends, the Heavenly King learned that that you all came to help build the Heavenly Royal City, thus we have built these tents for you to rest. Due to the large amount of people, it was not easy to organize. Thus, we have built these simple tents over these areas. However, these are military tents and very good to set up in winter to take shelter from the wind. There are one hundred beds in each tent, and each bed has been stuffed with rice straw and cotton. You only needed to put on your quilt and sleep."

Those farmers were stunned and extremely touched. They did not expect that before they had even started working, the Heavenly Royal Mansion would prepare places for them to stay.

 "Each day, the Heavenly Royal Mansion will be in charge of your daily meals. Don’t worry about it. The Marquis only has one request, and that is to let everyone be content with your place. Since you are outside your hometown, you shall never fight. The Marquis wishes you guys will arrive safely and return home in one piece."

The eyes of these farmers reddened as they rubbed the corner of their eyes. Their throats choked with emotions and they could not utter a word. They could never find such caring Marquis again even if they were holding a lantern.

 "I really hope the Heavenly Marquis could live for thousands of years and let our offspring enjoy his generosity. Long live the Heavenly Marquis!"

 "Long live the Heavenly Marquis!"

The crowd could not help but roar. They were too excited.

After some publicity, the news of how people from the Heavenly Royal Territory had come to help build the Royal City had shocked the entire nation. Even the Emperor of Bai Yue was deeply touched. Instantly, he sent food and money to honor the Heavenly Marquis’s love for the people. Additionally, this money also helped to solve the food problem of these tens of thousands of workers.

Naturally, there were also gifts from the Zhen Wu Holy Place. This way, not only these farmers could have a full stomach each day to maintain a vigorous physical fitness, they would also eat a lot of meat and protein. And Heavenly Marquis ordered that for all those who came to contribute free labor, each person would receive twenty silver coins after spring.

With tens of thousands of laborers, it would be two hundred thousand silver coins. However, the Heavenly Royal Mansion had the money. Plus the gifts from all around and the taxes from each state, the Mansion had earned a lot. Although they were not as rich as the other three great Royal territories, they definitely had two hundred thousand silver coins to distribute.

Of course, after tens of thousands of laborers had assembled, each state and county from the territory had ordered that their own farmers were forbidden to go to the royal city to prevent deepening the burden.

With the free labor from these tens of thousands of farmers, naturally, the speed of the Royal City’s construction had increased. Of course, that is a story for later.

On the other hand, w

hen Qin Wushuang had returned to the mansion, he had created a shock. The entire royal mansion was celebrating.

Currently, his sister, Qin Xiu, had given birth to a newborn boy three month ago. They had named him Da Xi Cheng.

The entire Royal Mansion had entered a festive mood in celebration of Marquis Wushuang’s triumphant return. What made Qin Wushuang feel gratified was that after practicing his secret techniques, his father and brother-in-law had increased their strength. They had climbed the ladders and had reached about Stage Nine of the Genuine Force!

Especially his brother-in-law, Da Xi Ming, who had entered Stage Nine!

Qin Wushuang was overjoyed. With Da Xi Ming’s current body condition, the one year effect from the Body Sculpting pill had tempered his body and made it extremely tough. In varying degrees, it had also urged him to break through faster in the Pre-Sky Realm.

Currently, Da Xi Ming, his brother-in-law should be ready to consume the "Supreme Quality Initial Stage Pill".

Of course, Qin Wushuang was not in a hurry. He was going to stay a bit longer at the Royal Mansion. At the same time, he would supervise the building of the Royal Mansion inner design.

The main construction of the entire Heavenly Royal City was in process. And the Royal Mansion’s construction was also in process. These two did not share a conflict in building.

Qin Wushuang was much more concerned about that ranch in the backyard of the royal mansion. From his father’s secret information, they had already dug open the secret tunnel. The source of the tunnel was not in Qin Lianshan’s room, but connected to the room of Qiu Xiu and her husband.

Qin Wushuang knew his father’s true intention. All parents in the world thought the same. To put it bluntly, this secret tunnel would be an escape route.

Qin Lianshan did it as he had left the first hope of escaping to his daughter and son-in-law.

Of course, this was only an assumption. With Qin’s current prosperity, within the Subordinate Countries, almost no one existed that could harm the Qin.

 "Father, tomorrow, I will take you to explore that secret tunnel. I will also teach you and my brother-in-law the mnemonic chant and technique to open the three mechanisms. However, you can only open that mechanisms if you are in the Upper Sky realm. Thus, I will teach you guys. And the Qin should have another Upper Sky."

Qin Wushuang sighed deeply.

 "Upper Sky?" From Qin Lianshan’s tone, there was a trace of expectation. A few years ago, while the Qin was still in the Humble Class, his strength was still at Stage One of the Genuine Force.

And after the passing of a few short years, he was already at Stage Eight. Everything seemed to have happened like a dream. Yet, it had happened before his eyes.

The line of the Qin had also risen to become a Royal Family from the Humble Class. They had become Royals that even the Emperor of the Bai Yue needed to maintain a good relationship with. Of course, all of this had happened because of Wushuang.

 "Father, do you remember that I had given you two pills to consume last year?"

 "Yes, you said that was the Body Sculpting Gold Pill."

 "It is that Body Sculpting Pill and it seems that I have underestimated its potential. This Body Sculpting Pill has increased your strength tremendously. Now, one year of progress has been equivalent to what I expected in three years. Brother-in-law is already Stage Nine. I think that within one year, he is eligible to aim for the Upper Sky!"

 "Within one year?" Qin Lianshan was also surprised.

 "One year!" Qin Wushuang said with certainty, "Don’t underestimate this Body Sculpting Pill! And this time, the pill I will have you guys consume will have incredible effects. In the past, I had given one to Purple-Robe Great Honored Warrior, and it helped him reach Upper Sky instantly. And his stage in the Upper Sky is equivalent to Senior Brother Qiu’s few dozen years of training. What do you think of the effects of this pill?"

Inwardly, Qin Lianshan was shocked: "What kind of miraculous pill is this?"

"The name of this pill is the Initial Stage Pill of the supreme quality! Normal people would reach Upper Sky by self-learning or by consuming that. If one consumes a pill, they might not reach Upper Sky. Even if they did, their potential would be limited on the path of the Upper Sky. However, this pill at the supreme quality is an exception. Not only would you be able to reach the Upper Sky, you would have richer potential than those Upper Sky who had reached it by training."

 "Supreme Quality Initial Stage Pill…" Joy filled Qin Lianshan’s eyes. "Upper Sky, Wushuang, by your words, your brother-in-law and I have the hope of reaching the Upper Sky?"

"Father, I’ve observed that with your training speed, you will reach Upper Sky in three years!"

Qin Wushuang’s tone was extremely confident and it made Qin Lianshan feel extremely overjoyed. However, he did not lose his head as he said: "For this matter, we should not make a big fuss."

The Royal Qin was hosting banquets to help celebrate Qin Wushuang’s return.

After giving birth three months ago, his sister Qin Xiu had almost returned to her normal daily routines. Although her body was somewhat chubbier than before, she had more of natural charm.

Qin Wushuang was happy to see Da Xi Cheng, this little nephew. He was constantly holding and hugging his little nephew with a bright smile.

Qin Xiu sighed: "Wushuang, I really hope that Chengcheng will be like you when he grows up. I want him to become a strong warrior in everyone’s heart that protects his country."

Da Xi Ming laughed: "Then he needs Wushuang, his uncle, to teach him."

 "When Chengcheng is three years old, I will take him to the Stargaze Palace and ask each Head Palace Masters to judge his potential. If he is going to walk the path of martial arts , it would be much better to start at the Stargaze than at Bai Yue. With a different starting point, he would reach a different height."

Da Xi Ming was overjoyed: "Then we must trouble Wushuang."

Qin Xiu said: "We are a family, there is nothing about making trouble. Wushuang, in the case that Chengcheng has talent, then wouldn’t he have to grow up at the Stargaze Palace? He would not be able to stay besides his parents?"

Qin Lianshan said: "Xiu’Er, the future is long, don’t be afraid of not enjoying family love and happiness."

Qin Xiu gave a long sigh: "Being a mother, I’ve always hoped my children will be in places that I can see."

Qin Wushuang laughed: "Sis, if that’s the case, you can also move to the Stargaze Palace. With my current status, it’s possible to get some special permission. And brother-in-law is so young, it’s also possible for him to enter the Stargaze Palace."

The entire family was joyous and harmonious as laughter filled the banquet.

In another ten days, it would be Little Cheng’s one hundred day celebration. Per local tradition, a hundred days after being born was a joyous day. Of course, guests would come unendingly to the Royal Qin.

After they had taken care of these matters, Qin Wushuang took his father Qin Lianshan and Da Xi Ming to go through that ranch. They went upstream and through many intersections in the dark to arrive at the mechanisms. While Qin Wushuang taught them the mnemonic chant, he also taught them the hand signs to initiate the mechanisms. After passing through three checkpoints, they finally arrived at the cave. Both Da Xi Ming and Qin Lianshan were somewhat tired after travelling so far in the dark. However, as soon as they entered the cave, with an opened up space, their mood had become much better as they praised this cave.

 "Wushuang, with such a giant cave, it would be easy to take in tens of thousands of people." Qin Lianshan was overjoyed.

Da Xi Ming also nodded: "Such marvelous place, Wushuang, it’s all thanks to you for discovering it. With such a place as a shelter, the Royal Qin would have less worry about having a place to go in an emergency."

Qin Wushuang nodded: "Yes, some people must have lived here in the past. You see these equipment, we can use them after some cleaning. Daily living also would not be a problem. Also the storage room, we can stock some food here at a later time. This storage room possesses some spiritual Qi and food stored here would not go rotten for a few dozen years…"

Both Qin Lianshan and Da Xi Ming nodded.

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