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In a moment’s flash, Qin Wushuang had immediately understood the enemy’s evil intentions. He retreated a couple of metres and dragged that Initial Stage warrior with him tightly and shouted: "Stop, or else this person dies!"

As he spoke, he wrapped the whip tightly around his throat. Instantly, that person’s breathing turned ragged as he flailed both of his hands wildly. His pair of eyes seemed like it was about to pop out of their sockets.

When that Senior Brother He saw his friend suffering, he immediately shouted: "Head Zhu, hold on."

With a stomach full of anger, in relation to his personality, Zhu Dazhong would not stop. Although he did not fear these disciples of the Nine Palace Faction, he did fear their background and sect. He had no choice but to stop when he heard his words.

That Senior Brother He negotiated again: "Mister, we hold no grudge with the Stargaze Palace and have no intention of making trouble for disciples of the Stargaze. If you can verify your identity, we will let you go. I must tell you that we are pursuing a runaway criminal. This person is extremely creepy and most likely, he knew how to dress himself as someone else. Thus, we must be cautious and will not allow this criminal to escape from our eyes."

Qin Wushuang said coldly: "How should I prove it? Such thing would only depend on one’s mouth in the end. If I say I am who I am, and you would deny me. In the end, it would be useless."

That Senior Brother He said: "You should have a symbol plate of the Stargaze, no?"

Qin Wushuang raised his hand and threw out a plate. When that Senior Brother He caught it, his expression softened after looking at it. However, he said: "This plate is real, yet it has no name. Thus, it would not be good enough evidence for the future."

Qin Wushuang said with a cold smile: "I already show you the plate, now you want my name, do you plan to seek revenge in the future?"

He had guessed right because this Senior Brother He had such intentions through his non-straightforward words. He remained expressionless when he heard that Qin Wushuang had exposed him: "If it’s a misunderstanding, how could be so small-minded?"

Qin Wushuang shook his head: "The world is dangerous; I must be cautious. Earlier you said you would let me go if I can prove my identity. Now, you’ve already seen my identity card, what else do you want?"

That person shook his head to refuse: "You must state who you are."

Qin Wushuang said unhappily: "You are going overboard."

Zhu Dachong said coldly: "Kid, do you know who you are talking to?"

Qin Wushuang said lightly: "I also find it strange. The great Head of the Heavenly Lake Empire is bowing down to a few juniors. It’s truly strange how you are sucking up to them."

Initially, Qin Wushuang did not know the background of this Zhu Dazhong. However, he heard them calling him Head. Thus, they must not have come from the same place. Then, he thought about what he had heard earlier at the Hundred Battles Mountain about the Nine Palace Faction was seeking help from the Archaic Mysteries sect. And at the home of the Archaic Mysteries sect, he had only seen three of the Head Palace Masters. With that much evidence, it was not difficult to guess the result.

Hearing his words, a wave of anger emerged from Zhu Dazhong’s stomach as he shouted: "Kid, it seems you are truly lacking in manners."

He turned around to speak to that Senior Brother He: "Junior He, for all my life, I have never been shamed by a Junior. If I bring disaster to your colleague when I make a move out of anger, please bear with it. I must teach this kid a lesson."

That Senior Brother He saw Qin Wushuang would not be persuaded and it would be tough to lure him into the trap. He nodded his head and said: "Ok, please make sure that my colleague stays alive."

Although he had said the words, he also knew that if he were to make a move, his colleague would not live. However, he felt deeply suspicious when this person was unwilling to speak his name. He would rather kill him than let him go, even if it were a mistake.

After receiving such promise, naturally, Zhu Dazhong was overjoyed.

He pinched with both of his legs to urge the horse to run forward. In a flash, a pair of chain spears appeared in his hand as he shot it towards Qin Wushuang.

It would not be an ordinary move when an Advanced Stage warrior made his move.

Qin Wushuang did not expect that the other party would act without holding back. He did not even care about the life or death of his colleague.

Instantly, a strong Qi presence surged over like the tide.

Like lightning, the chain spear slashed the sky as it shot forward. It arrived in a flash like a celestial dragon. Qin Wushuang only felt a wave of pressure on his chest that had blocked his breathing. The richness of the enemy’s Spiritual Qi made him feel like he was drowning.

He did not even think and threw the snake-shaped whip from his hand. Then, he pushed the person towards the chain spear. Even if he were to die, he must take someone with him.

Once that chain spear went out, it would not stop. In a flash, Zhu Dazhong knew that he could not withdraw the chain spear when he saw Qin Wushuang had pushed the disciples of the Nine Palace Faction into the spear’s path. He twitched his mouth and shot the chain spear through the disciple’s stomach and made a large bloody opening. Then, it continued to shoot towards Qin Wushuang like a viper.

After the spears momentum was slowed down by the disciple’s body, Qin Wushuang had already retreated to the end of the road. Inwardly, he felt a boundless resentment and was about to fight to his last breath.

At this moment, as if arriving from the sky, a wave of strong Qi and a hand had grabbed the spearhead of that chain.

When this figure flashed over and with one light tremble of the sleeve, Zhu Dazhong only heard the sound of "crash" from the chain spear. In fact, it got straightened by the hand and emitted a "jeering" explosion sound that clashed with the sky and spread electric currents.

With a flash before his eyes, Qin Wushuang saw the person was Zhuo Buqun, the Head Palace Master.

Although Zhuo Buqun showed a calm expression, in between his brows, there hid a wave of unnoticeable anger. How could he not see that in the last move, Zhu Dazhong had clearly wanted to take Qin Wushuang’s life. If he had not caught up at the right time, Qin Wushuang would have died here, despite surviving the Green Jade Mountain.

Zhuo Buqun had a calm personality and he would only care about the general situation. He would not usually bother too much with small conflicts. However, it did not mean that he had no intention to protect his own disciples.

Especially someone like Qin Wushuang who was crucial to the Stargaze Palace strategically. And this Zhu Dazhong had made a killer move instantly that showed no bearing of a senior. How could Zhuo Buqun not be frustrated?

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang felt much safer when he saw that the Head Palace Master had come. He did not complain and only stood to the side. He imprinted Zhu Dazhong’s face into his mind. This person was acting so tyrannical and wanted to kill him immediately.

Zhu Dazhong may be exceptional, but he was lesser than Zhuo Buqun, the Head Palace Master of the Stargaze Palace. With Zhuo Buqun holding his chain spear, he sent three waves of inner Qi through it. However, it showed no reaction like a stone dropping into the ocean.

Zhuo Buqun said lightly: "Head Zhu, how did my disciple offend you? You are showing no courtesy when making a move, you want to take his life?"

Zhu Dazhong said: "This kid is talking nonsense and showed no respect to his seniors. He said that he is a disciple to the Stargaze, but I think he is a fake one."

Although he had said the words, he also felt doubtful inwardly. Zhuo Buqun may be slightly more easygoing than Tan Zhongchi, but he had witnessed him trying to take Qin Wushuang’s life. If they were to fight, he would suffer a great loss.

Despite being arrogant, he could not match up with Zhuo Buqun. Thus, he had spoke with words to try to blame to others.

Zhuo Buqun said with some disdain: "What is the so-called seniority? Are you the Palace Master of my Stargaze? Why would my disciples show respect to you? You are acting tyrannical and making things difficult for my disciples here in the Great Luo. You dare to talk about seniority? Should I take you down and bring you before Gao Yue for the crime of being disrespectful?"

Zhu Dazhong’s face had turned into the color of pig liver: "Head Palace Master Zhuo, I know that you are stronger than me. However, aren’t you exaggerating by saying you will take me down?"

Zhuo Buqun said lightly: "You can try."

That Senior Brother He saw Zhuo Buqun showing an unfriendly expression and could not help but feel shocked inwardly. He immediately intervened: "Head Palace Master Zhuo, please listen to my words."

Although Zhuo Buqun had guessed his identity, he still asked: "Who are you?"

Senior Brother He was a two-faced person. While feeling annoyed inwardly when he felt Zhuo Buqun was looking down on him, he still smiled on the surface: "I came from the Nine Palace Faction of the Red Dragon Empire. This Head Zhu was helping my sect to pursue a runaway criminal. Thus, your disciple appeared suspicious and had caused a misunderstanding. Could you please let us go, by giving face to the Nine Palace Faction?"

By using the name of the Nine Palace Faction, naturally he was trying to pressured Zhuo Buqun. Yet, the more Zhuo Buqun heard his words, the more he felt alarmed. He wondered when had the Archaic Mysteries sect connected with the Nine Palace Faction?"

Regarding such important situation, Zhuo Buqun was the most sensitive. Vividly, he had caught some little things but did not expose it. He only said: "The Stargaze has never bothered the Nine Palace Faction. It’s my disciple’s right to travel within the Great Luo Empire. No one is qualified to restrain their movements. I don’t know what kind of excuses did you guys use to stop him, did you get permission from the Stargaze?"

Inside the Great Luo, if you wanted to enter, you must get permission from the Stargaze Palace. Not to mention pursuing a runaway criminal. The action of stopping a Stargaze disciple was equivalent to hitting your own face. Even if Zhuo Buqun restrained his fear of the Nine Palace Faction, he would not go easy on such authoritative matters as the Head.

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang also felt extremely comforted when he heard the strong supportive words from the Head Palace Master. Initially, he thought that the Head Palace Master would restrain himself. He didn’t expect that he was being so tyrannical.

Instantly, Qin Wushuang seemed to have understood something. This was what one does, and what one does not do!

Inwardly, that Senior Brother He also felt somewhat uncertain when he heard Zhuo Buqun’s forceful tone. He considered that he was the number one elite warrior of the Stargaze as he had the skills to take all of them down.

One must bow their heads while stepping in someone else’s territory. He softened his tone and said carefully: "Head Palace Master Zhuo, we caused too much fuss over this matter. Here, I am sorry."

Zhuo Buqun waved his hand: "Since you are the disciple to the Nine Palace Faction, I can pass on this misunderstanding. However, Zhu Dazhong intended to kill my disciple, he must apologize to him. Or else, he must stay."

Inwardly, Zhu Dazhong was furious when he heard these words. To ask him apologize to a junior? And to apologize under Zhuo Buqun’s pressure, how could he show his face if this news got out?

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