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In the end, all the ceremonies needed to be held.

Regardless of how unwilling the Archaic Mysterious sect may be, as one of the Three Eastern Empires, they could not abandon their manners by forgoing closing ceremony of the Friendly Competition. Not only would they hold it, they must force a smile on their faces and congratulate them with insincere hearts. Only this way, the Stargaze and the Dragon and Tiger sect would not be on guard.

As the head of a Palace, Zhuo Buqun still had his temperament. Although he felt good about winning first place at the Heavenly Lake Empire, he did not gloat nor did he give the impression of a person of lowly status that had accomplished something.

All people of the Stargaze Palace had relatively restrained themselves. Although they felt good, they kept it to themselves and did not show off too much.

For the Dragon and Tiger sect, although Shi Chenglong felt somewhat depressed, he was convinced by the results of the Stargaze Palace. Regardless, the Stargaze did not win by a fluke or some random luck. While feeling somewhat down, he did not feel jealous or resentful of them when he considered that the Vermillion had always had a good relationship with the Great Luo Empire.

On the contrary, he went up to congratulate him with sincerity: "Senior Zhuo, now, I finally know how it feels to hand over the dowry to someone else. Initially when I make the wagers, I didn’t know that it would be to add the firewood to the Stargaze. Senior Zhuo, what is your move called? It’s called to make a fortune in secret!"

Zhuo Buqun said with a smile: "Fortunes rise and fall. In the previous four or five Friendly Competitions, the Stargaze did not touch first place. Your Dragon and Tiger sect had been first place for so long, it’s time for a change."

Shi Chenglong did not feel depressed as he said with optimism: "One loss does not mean anything. For thousands of years, the Eastern Friendly Competition has been host for I don’t know how many times. There are wins and losses and in the end, it would not affect the three Empires standing as three competing rivals."

Zhuo Buqun had understood it deeply:" Yes, the most crucial part is for the stability of the Three Eastern Empires. Any of our three empires cannot take over the entire eastern side of the Tian Xuan Land. Now, with three empires existing together and encouraging each other, it’s the best situation."

Naturally, as the winner, he had said these beautiful words.

Inwardly, Gao Yue did not accept it, yet he would not object in public. He only said: "You two, let’s not discuss the major things in a hurry and let’s do what needs to be done."

Currently, Gao Yue only wanted to get rid of these two groups of people. What the eyes doesn’t see, the heart would not grieve over.

Of course, the first step was to honor the wager. All twelve sealed treasures was carried out. Naturally, Zhuo Buqun took it with a smile without holding back.

Beneath the stage, all disciples of the Dragon and Archaic sect sobbed. Their faces was full of misery and regret. This time, the wagers were too rich. To any of them, any piece of the wagered treasures was extremely precious. Unfortunately, they could only watch the Stargaze take it all away.

After they had honored the wagers, it was time to sign the new contract. For every twenty years, they would sign a new contract regarding the exploration to the Endless Eastern Sea.

The contract had stated clearly that when the results of the new Eastern Friendly Competition was announced, the first, second, and third place would each get ten, six and four spots .

The three leaders of the Stargaze, Archaic and the Dragon and Tiger sect signed their names on the contract. Now, the new contract was established.

After they had agreed to the contract, next would be the celebration ceremony for the victors. Since the Great Luo was the victor, the Stargaze did not want to show off too much in the Heavenly Lake Empire. Thus, although the celebrating activities went on as planned, the atmosphere were not as engaged. They just dealt with it and ended it early.

After all, at such Friendly Competition, the host empire had the greatest hope of getting first place. Thus, the ceremonies were usually prepared for the host. Now, with the host placing last, the Archaic Mysterious sect had no intention to celebrate. Of course, the people of the Heavenly Lake Empire would not be willing to do it for the Stargaze. Thus, the atmosphere at the scene was much more muted than anticipated.

The Stargaze people did not mind this. They returned to the Pine Crane inn after the ceremony. Zhuo Buqun put all the treasures they had won on the table.

He withdrew the four treasures that came from the Stargaze and put all the eight remaining pieces on the table. He smiled and said: "Eight semi-final participants, it’s good that each of you will have one."

Naturally, the other disciples did not object to such division. Although other disciples had participated in the preliminary rounds, they did not make it to the semi-final. Without enough contribution, it was reasonable for them to be ineligible to share the wagers.

 "Of course, those disciples that did not make to the semi-final, we will reward you with other things when we return to the Stargaze Palace. We need to celebrate since we came first this time."

With all eight pieces on the table, besides Wei Yi and Qin Wushuang who appeared relaxed, all other six were deeply moved. Especially Lu Shaonan and Huang Chaoyang who were not the first disciples in the line of the Head Palace Master. Of course, their benefits and treatment were not on par with the others. Zhou Fu and the others were all first disciples to their own Palace Master and received some goods.

Tan Zhongchi said: "Head Palace Master, let Wei Yi choose first." This time, he was being generous. Through this trip to the Heavenly Lake Empire and his communication with the Head Palace Master in the past six month, Tan Zhongchi also felt much more open regarding his breadth of mind. Plus with the outstanding result the disciples of the Green Cloud Palace had achieved during the Core Ranking Competition, he did not value the competition between each Palaces as much as before.

However, Wei Yi waved his hand: "No, regardless, I am not the one that contributed the most. And I did not rank in the top during the Core Ranking Competition. I am afraid it would not be fair to let me pick first."

This modest refusal had deepened the warm atmosphere to the Stargaze Palace.

Wei Yi smiled to Qin Wushuang: "Junior Brother Qin, regarding passion or reason, you should be the first one to choose."

Initially, Qin Wushuang was unwilling to pass on these to the others. However, when facing the humbleness from his fellow disciples, he would not take their spotlight being the one that had entered the sect the latest. Besides, he also had some of his own good things as he smiled: "Senior Brother Wei should go first."

Wei Yi shook his head stubbornly: "For other things, I may go first. This time, I have no reason to do it."

Naturally, the other disciples were not qualified to fight with Qin Wushuang or Wei Yi. At this moment, they could not step forward to take the initative. After all, they were the two Middle Stage that had the highest contribution.

Zhuo Buqun could not help but laugh when he saw them passing the lead to each other: "Ok, I will make the decision. This time, Wushuang and Wei Yi both made significant contributions. However, considering of how Wushuang made the Archaic lose one of their soldiers and ruined their plans to win first place before the start of the competition, this act was much more significant and meaningful in helping us to win. Thus, Wushuang, you go first. I have spoken."

Wei Yi also said: "It should be this way."

Tan Zhongchi laughed: "Wushuang, since Head Palace Master and Wei Yi has said the word, go ahead. These are all good things and there were not much difference in who goes first or after."

Zhou Fu also said: "Yes, you two will go first anyways. Out of all eight pieces, there should be something that you guys like."

Zhao Muzhi laughed: "I would be satisfied if I just pick a random one."

Naturally, the others had no words to say for they only nodded in agreement.

Qin Wushuang looked around and all eight treasures were all excellent.

Qin Wushuang did not plan to take either of the two Advanced Stage weapons. He did not lack weapons at the moment. The two defense armours were also at the Advanced Stage, and Qin Wushuang did not plan to pick those either.

What remained were those two talismans and two Middle Stage beasts. In contrast, these four items were rarer than the weapons and armours.

Qin Wushuang smiled and said: "Senior Brother Wei, tell me first, what do you like? Senior Sister Zhou and Zhao, tell me what you like too. In case if there are something you like, I will not take it. Anyways, to me, I don’t have a particular interest of any of them."

Hearing Qin Wushuang’s words, Zhou Fu did not hold back and said: "I like that Six Ear Gold-Eye Monkey."

Ever since Zhou Fu had learned some beast words and felt that Qin Wushuang’s white sable was too cute, she had taken a liking to spiritual beasts and wanted one as an company. Besides, it would be a very cool thing to train a Middle Stage spiritual beast as a contract beast. Thus, she had announced what she wanted.

Zhao Muzhi also said with a smile: "I always feel somewhat lonely when training by myself in the mountain. It would be nice to have a spiritual beast. However, if Senior Brother Wei or Junior Brother Qin also desires it, I can choose something else."

Wei Yi laughed: "Then I will take that "Water Cloud Talisman".

This "Water Cloud Talisman" would turn water into cloud and one would be like stepping on the flat ground when going through water. It was a precious object that exceeded the Spiritual Martial Force stage.

Of course, it still had its disadvantages being a piece of talisman. Its spiritual power could only be used three times. Each time, it would last about ten days.

Since everyone had made their choice, Qin Wushuang smiled and said: "Then I will pick this "Wind Walk Talisman". I also want to see how it feels travelling tens of thousands of miles in a day, ha ha."

For normal Initial Stage warriors, it would not be a problem to travel one or two thousand miles. For Middle Stage warriors, they could travel up to three thousand miles a day if they used all their energy. Advanced Stage warriors could only travel five to six thousand miles a day. It was rumored that Perfect Stage could travel up to eight thousand miles!

Naturally, travelling beyond tens of thousands of miles was a skill not in the Spiritual Martial Force. Unfortunately, this "Wind Walk Talisman" was much lesser that that "Water Cloud Talisman" as it could only use three times. Each time would only last a day and a night.

Although both of them could only be used three times, the "Water Cloud Talisman" could last ten days for each usage.

After Qin Wushuang had picked the "Wind Walk Talisman", the second one was Wei Yi who picked the "Water Cloud Talisman". Immediately following them, Zhou Fu and Zhao Muzhi took the "Six Ears Golden Eye Monkey" and the "Drilling Mole."

The remaining four pieces were all weapons and armours. To Deng Bohu, Miao Zhongxia, Lu Shaonan and Huang Chaoyan, these were all unexpected gains.

After all, those were Advanced Stage level weapons and armours. These were many times better than what they had now. Naturally, they could not afford to be picky.

After they had spilt the rewards, everyone was happy. Zhuo Buqun laughed: "This time, the Eastern Friendly Competition has concluded perfectly. Let’s head back after a few days of rest. I believe that everyone in the Great Luo is looking forward to our victorious return!"

From Zhuo Buqun’s tone, there was also a trace enormously pride at their success.

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