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After a moment, the waiter ran back upstairs and spoke as soon as he entered the room: "Young Master, it did not work. They took the spicy crabs, I could not stop them."

Anger immediately exploded within Qin Wushuang when he heard him. It was not easy for the Qin brother and sister to be able to eat good food. They had only wanted to relieve their cravings, yet someone had spoiled their pleasure.

He stood up abruptly and shouted in a low voice: "Bring me there!"

He walked out, taking giant steps. Behind him, Qin Xiu quickly called out: "Wushuang, don't cause trouble. If they want to eat it, then let's give it to them."

Qin Wushuang took a deep breath. He turned to look back and said: "Sister, if we give them the spicy crabs dish today; tomorrow, they will not be satisfied with small gains and will ask to take away our thousand acres of fertile land, should we give it to them? Today, no matter what, I will not let go of this spicy crabs dish!"

Qin Xiu was stunned. Suddenly, she felt that her little brother seemed to have turned into an adult. As the older sister, even she could not argue against his reasons.

"Which ignorant bastard did not let us eat our meals in peace. If you are not born from a turtle, then get out."

Qin Wushuang punched on the railing of the corridor. The entire row of the railing shook violently as if an earthquake had come. The momentum was terrifying.

"Stupid brat…"

"Which bastard is making a big fuss!"

As soon as Qin Wushuang had finished his words, five or six noble young men rushed out from the Number One Heaven Suite. Each and every one of them were adults, the youngest was about the same age as Qin Xiu.

Qin Wushuang glanced across the faces of these six nobles with a piercing gaze. He recognized two of them.

The first person was the second young master of the Xu family, Xu Yuan, who was the older brother of Xu Ting. He was known as one of the "Seven Young Masters" in River County. Although, he only ranked last, he was still one of the famous figures in the younger generation of River County.

The other was Zhang Yao, the eldest son of Zhang Maorui. It was not the first time Qin Wushuang had met him. He inwardly laughed as he remembered that this guy had had to stay hidden for many days. But today, he swaggered about and finally showed his face.

Qin Wushuang could not recognize the other four. However, regarding their identities and strength, they were below Xu Yuan.

Finally, he saw through everything. These few people had not come here coincidentally. It seems they had come with ill-intentions.

Fighting for the spicy crabs was only an excuse. The truth was, they were after the large inheritance of the Qin family. After QIn Wushuang had realized this, he became even calmer.

"Tsk, kid, why are you yelling when we only took a dish from you? In River County, you had better remember your family's background if you are going to act unreasonably," Zhang Yao said with a sharp and harsh tone.

Qin Xiu jumped in to protect her little brother as she had always done. She argued as she was afraid he would get the worst of it: "You are just a child of the Prominent Class, why are you so arrogant? We are all lower-class aristocrats; you guys have no right to ask us to give you anything."

The laws of Bai Yue Country stated that under these kind of circumstances, higher-class aristocrats have the priority. They could request the lower-class aristocrats to give them this spicy crabs dish.

However, in River County, the Venerable Da Xi family was the only family that represented the upper-class aristocrats.

"Yo, such cute little girl, do you have a husband?" Zhang Yao smiled insincerely with a scoundrel's face.

"Hahaha…" Behind Zhang Yao, those sons of the nobilities all laughed. Only Xu Yuan stayed calm and composed, yet his eyes still wandered over Qin Xiu's body.

Qin Xiu's beautiful face reddened. She bit her lips lightly and quickly said: "You guys are shameless!"

"You are embarrassed! Could it be, you are still a maiden?" Zhang Yao's tone became even more exaggerated, "Nowadays, it's not easy to find maidens, Young Master Xu, are you interested…?"

Qin Wushuang knew that these people were deliberately provoking him so they could find an excuse to fight. They were considering how to get rid of him while staying within the rules.

Suddenly, a cold and detached voice scolded from the mid-air: "Shameless!"

"Who? Who are you scolding?" Zhang Yao asked angrily.

"I am scolding each and every one of you. You are all scum, beneath that mask of your immaculate clothing you're all worse than a beast."

Although this voice sounded cold, it carried a special meaning.

"What kind of ability is it to swear behind people's back. If you are a man, then come out!" In River County, there weren't many people they could not afford to offend. Almost nobody would dare to scold them in public.

"You want me to come out?"

As soon as he finished speaking, a figure shot out from a suite as fast as lighting with a flash of white light.


A clear slap mark was imprinted onto Zhao Yao's pale face.

"It's you…" Xu Yuan looked over at the white shadow. He cried out involuntarily when he saw a man dressed in white leaned on the other side of the railing with a leisurely expression.

This person was a little more than twenty years old. His eyebrows were like the early spring bending a willow tree, and his face resembled the old moon of the third autumn month. He had a delicate and graceful face. Only, he had a slightly emotionless expression. He played with the white jade wine cup in his hand, his entire personality appeared somewhat cold.

"You… Who are you that dared to hit a son of an aristocrat?" Zhang Yao was hit without a good cause and became outraged. If he were not in fear of the other party's strength, he would have surely gone up and fought with all his might.

"It would not be enough even if I killed you. Xu Yuan, you are friends with this kind of person. Do you really deserve to be given the title of one of the "Seven Young Masters" of River County?"

Xu Yuan's face turned greenish for a moment, then turned white. He mumbled and did not dare to argue back.

"Big Brother Da Xi, this is a misunderstanding," Xu Yuan explained as sweat started to bead his forehead.

"A misunderstanding? I was watching and listening to the whole thing on the side, was that a misconception?" The identity of that young master dressed in white was someone from the Da Xi family!

Zhang Yao stroked his stinging cheek and became terrified. He had such bad luck to have had provoked an influential person from the Da Xi family.

Fortunately, he did not use all his strength. Or else, even if he had slapped him to death, he would have no way to argue.

"Big Brother Da Xi, this country bumpkin did not know his manners. Zhang Yao had only wanted to teach him a little lesson in manners. Or else, they would shame the face of River County in the future," Xu Yuan quibbled.


At this moment, Qin Wushuang suddenly laughed.

"I have seen many rude people. However, it's my first time seeing someone as shameless as you, Young Master Xu. You said that I had no manners when you wanted to rob me of my things. I dare to ask you, Young Master Xu, is that human skin on your face? Usually, it's impossible for human skin to have such thickness."

Xu Yuan did not dare to be angry when Young Master Da Xi reprimanded him. However, Qin Wushuang was only an ant in his eyes. A murderous look appeared on his face: "Kid, you are speaking out of line. Go downstairs; I am going to teach you a lesson."

Private duels were forbidden. However, regarding public challenges, they could fight as long as both parties agreed.

"Wushuang, don't say yes." Qin Xiu anxiously reminded him.

"Tsk, tsk, You are quite the person. A character of the "Seven Young Masters" actually challenged a martial arts student. Xu Yuan, I think you are losing all the face of the Xu family. Today, I am leaving my words here. Whoever dares to kick people around, you are going against me, Da Xi Ming."

After he had finished, Da Xi Ming, this noble son of the Da Xi family that was first among the "Seven Young Masters" turned around and walked back into his suite.

Qin Xiu could not help but continue to stare at Da Xi Ming's confident and relaxed figure as he returned to the suite. She inwardly thought that he served as a true example of an educated and indulgent offspring of an aristocrat.

Da Xi Ming's words had suppressed Xu Yuan's bellyful of anger. He glared at Qin Wushuang: "Kid, you got lucky today!"

"Let's go!"

Zhang Yao and his people also feared the power of the Da Xi family. They did not dare to cause trouble and walked downstairs with a scowl on their faces.

"Son of the Qin family, don't be so pleased. One day, I will kill you and offer you as a sacrifice to my brother's soul in the Heavens!" As he walked downstairs, Zhang Yao did not forget to look back and give a vicious and threatening look.

"There is no time like the present; I am here today. I am not scared of the Venerable Da Xi family, what are you guys afraid of? Qin Wushuang said lightly.

Xu Yuan stopped his footsteps. Inwardly, he was jubilant since this kid was asking to die. Now, he would like to see how Da Xi Ming would protect him. Immediately, he shouted: "Big Brother Da Xi, you heard him. This kid initiated the challenge; you cannot blame me for this, right?"

Da Xi Ming slightly frowned and stepped out again. He glanced at Qin Wushuang, he had not expected the son of the Qin family would antagonize the matter.

With a calm and composed attitude, Qin Wushuang cupped his hands in a salute: "I am Qin Wushuang. Thank you, Big Brother Da Xi, for interceding. However, it has been quite a long time that this Young Master Xu and this Young Master Zhang had coveted the assets of the Qin family. They must be secretly planning on how to get rid of me and to ensure the Qin family loses their only heir. Thus, they would have achieved their goals."

Both Xu Yuan and Zhang Yao looked at each other in dismay. They had not expected this little martial arts student to expose those despicable matters hidden in their mind. And he had hit the nail on the head!

"So?" Da Xi Ming gently lifted his thin lips and asked: "What are you trying to say?"

"Since this conflict is inevitable, it would be best to finish it today, sooner rather than later. Big Brother Da Xi, please be the officiator. These two young masters and I will publicly duel with our lives in the hands of the gods. It will also help them to save some time from having to keep scheming up ways to bother me.

Da Xi Ming thought for a moment. He saw that Qin Wushuang was serious. However, the lady behind him seemed somewhat anxious.

"You are only a martial arts student, can you make the decision? Will your sister agree?"

"Young Master Da Xi, if it's a fair and one-on-one duel, Xiu'er will allow my brother to fight." Qin Xiu also heard from her father that her littler brother's strength had already surpassed their father.

"Ok! Zhang Yao, what say you?" Da Xi Ming knew that Xu Yuan had real power for he was already a Stage One Warrior of the Genuine Force. Thus, he deliberately avoided Xu Yuan and instead asked Zhang Yao.

"I have no objections!" Zhang Yao could not wait to take this opportunity to avenge his little brother. After all, Qin Wushuang was only a level seven martial arts student! Whereas, he, Zhang Yao, was a mighty warrior at the peak of the Power Force and was about to break through to the Genuine Force!

Wouldn't it be a piece of cake to fight a simple martial arts student? Today was the day he would get revenge for his deceased little brother!

Da Xi Ming nodded when he saw that there were no objections from both parties: "Good, it will be a public duel at the River Square! You will be responsible for your lives!"

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