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Chapter 296: Who Will Win?

Among the three high towers, the first floor of each tower was where the eight divinatory trigrams was located. Surrounding this high tower, there were spiritual Qi mechanisms. After some set up, they could unleash all forms of powerful attacks.

Of course, these attacks were restricted within the Middle Stage level. Advanced Stage level attacks would not occur. Or else, with the power of this group of young people, they would be powerless against it.

After a three day period of adaptation, Wei Yi and the other six had already grasped the core of the Big Dipper Sky Gang Formation. And their cooperation with each other had also become extremely adept.

Within this period, Zhuo Buqun had been busily involved in work and had no time to watch over these young people. Thus, when he received Tan Zhongchi’s letter, he was also secretly feeling excited . He wanted to see exactly how much effect this miraculous formation would produce.

After they had walked into the formation, Qin Wushuang said: "Senior Brothers, let’s start laying out the formation. Remember, for this formation, we must smoothly cooperate with each other and not charge in recklessly. However, you should also unleash your moves quicker. It is because the attacks of this eight trigram may shoot out from different directions at the same time. Thus, everyone’s mutual cooperation is very important."

The other seven all nodded and started to get into formation according to the seven Big Dipper stars.

As they had promised, the two most important positions were secured by Wei Yi and Zhou Fu. Qin Wushuang would wander around as a substitute in case of a problem.

With the sound of a long whistle, all three great eight trigrams towers were initiated.

In the middle of the formation, a giant eight divinatory trigrams was drawn. The location of the eight divinatory trigrams were either dark, or light, or Ying or Yang and filled with many different strange spiritual movements.

Wei Yi shouted in a low voice: "Don’t get distracted, focus on maintaining the formation."

Qin Wushuang stood on the outside and also said: "Ignore my presence. I will appear when you need me. However, for now you must forget that I am on the outside and stay focused."

While he was speaking, a wave of sword Qi suddenly shot over from the northeast side. Qin Wushuang raised his hand and dissolved this wave of sword Qi into nothing.


The explosive sound caused the entire space to emite a "squeaky" sound.

In this eight divinatory formation, there were eight direction, like the points on a compass. In each direction, among the darkness, there seemed to be endless little holes.

When the Big Dipper Sky Gang Formation was formed, all seven-people sat cross legged with immense concentration. Each of them observed the changes before them. They knew that if they could continue the lead for this round, they would maintain their advantage. This way, by having a good lead on this round, they would have it much easier in the martial arts competition.

Soon, fifteen minutes had passed.

In the beginning of this fifteen minutes, the attack pattern of this eight divinatory trigrams was not very ferocious. However, the attacks were shooting out without pattern. It would attack you from all over the place. Although it was not heavy, it was unpredictable and sudden.

Qin Wushuang had observed and realized that there were patterns to the attacks.

Among the eight trigrams, the Heaven and Swamp divinatory shot out attacks with strong metal presence. The attacks were decisive, sharp and had strong penetration power.

The Thunder and the Wood-Wind Trigrams shot out attacks with thunder and wind sound. With it’s formidable temperament, it was swift and fast as lightning.

The Fire Trigram corresponded to the fire attribute and the Water Trigram corresponded to water.

There were also the Earth and Mou

ntain trigrams with an obvious attack pattern.

While Qin Wushuang was facing the sword Qi attacks that kept emerging, he also shared his observations with the other disciples.

These disciples had also done some research on these natural elements. After all, the eight Shakyamuni Residences of the Stargaze were built according to these eight trigrams. Thus, they had some knowledge about it.

After Qin Wushuang had shared his ideas, these disciples were even more prepared.

In the blink of an eye, an hour had passed.

Within this one hour, the operation of the Big Dipper Sky Gang Formation had progressed smoothly and did not encounter much strong and powerful attacks. Qin Wushuang had reduced half of the attacks on the exterior. The remaining attacks were easily dissolved by the devilish defensive circle of the giant formation.

However, no one was overly optimistic. Everyone knew clearly that the true challenge would lie in the later half, in the next hour.

Compared to Stargaze Palace’s lightness and calm, the Archaic sect appeared somewhat in a panic. With one less Middle Stage warrior, it had greatly reduced their defensive strength.

Although no one from their team had exited the test yet, there were already a few dangerous situation. If Luo Guiyun had not tried hard to avert the crisis for his colleagues, someone most likely would already gotten kicked out.

In this competition, although the set up of any of the rounds did not seem strange, it had a strong difference and one should never be careless.

In this test, the difference between the strong and the weak ones were clearly distinguished.

Luo Guiyun was extremely frustrated. However, as the Senior Brother of the Archaic Mysteries sect, it was one matter to be frustrated, but he must also bear the responsibility of being the leader.

He had already received Gao Yue’s secret instructions to do his best, but to not push himself past his limits. In this friendly competition, after the Archaic Mysteries Sect had lost Devil Boy to a nefarious plot, they were destined to not get good grades. Thus, this time, they must step back strategically. It was not because the Archaic could not afford to lose.

Although Luo Guiyun was competitive, he knew how to judge the situation. Since he knew that they were in such circumstances, it would be meaningless for him to work hard. The other two parties all had two Middle Stage warriors. He could not change such fatal difference.

Fifteen minutes into the second half, someone from the Archaic sect had gotten hit by the attacks in the formation and was sent out of the test.

With one person already disqualified from the test, in a short fifteen minutes, another three more people after him had also been sent off.

On the Dragon and Tiger side, they were in a much better situation than the Archaic. Up until to this point, no one had been sent out of the formation. Naturally, all of it was thanks to the superior skills of those two Middle Stage warriors. These two had formed into a horn shape and controlled the majority of the dead corners of the defensive circle.

The remaining gap were maintained by a few exceptional Initial Stage warriors. Although they were struggling, at least up to this point, nothing had happened.

They would only needed to hold on a bit longer and would see the light of a great victory.

Only, since this eight divinatory diagram was set up like this, it would not let them pass that easily.

Soon, the frequency of the attacks from all eight direction had increased much more. As soon as the frequency had increased, it no longer shot out one attack here and there, the attacks began to shoot at them from three or four directions or even five or six.

Instantly, like a meteor shower, all eight directions shot out flying sword Qi that covered the entire formation. It jumped like the fluttering silver dragon and the rolling gold carp. All different types of strange lights were mixed together that carried sharp murderous intent among the beautiful lights.

The names of the two strongest warriors of the Dragon and Tiger sect were Wei Shenglong and Huang Qinghu. Both were Middle Stage warriors.

Wei Shenglong said: "Junior Brothers, the formation has been set to the maximum. Now is the most crucial moment, after we make it through, it will be our victory!"

Huang Qinghu also said: "Yes, if we can make it through this one, we will be victors. We can catch up to the thirty points difference with the Stargaze Palace. Hold on for a little longer. It will be our victory."

For this year, the Dragon and the Tiger Sect had been prosperous and bustling. With two exceptional disciples, the entire Dragon and Tiger sect were extremely proud and was full of confidence of the future situation in the Three Empires. They were confident that they could become the leader of the Three Eastern Empires.

Thus, they were aiming to seize the top spot in this Three Eastern Empire’s Friendly Competition.

However, before the sound of these two’s words had faded—


With one painful cry, it shattered this intense atmosphere and shocked everyone’s nerves.

Inwardly, both Wei Shenglong and Huang Qinghu felt cold as the muscle on their face could not help but tremble.

Without question, with this cry, someone had taken a hit. Indeed, in the direction of the Wood-Wind trigram, a flashing light had covered this disciple of the Dragon and Tiger sect.

When the light flashed over, one only see that disciple get send out in the next moment.

 "It’s Junior Brother Lao!"

Huang Qinghu roared in a low voice and shouted: "All of you hold your ground, hold on!"

Wei Shenglong said: "Don’t get distracted. It doesn’t matter that one person is out, we can still aim for first place! I will not believe that the Stargaze Palace could pass altogether!"

 "Yes, with such difficulty, the Stargaze will not pass intact. Hold on!" Huang Qinghu waved his combat blade and shield while jumping around. Like a vicious and hungry tiger, he leapt forward to bear the pressure for the other disciples.

As if shocked by what had happened to Junior Brother Lao, in the next moment, every one of the Dragon and Tiger sect disciples fought even harder. Each person seemed to have been roused and became extremely ferocious as they resisted against the attacks shooting out from all direction. And the two great leaders had seemed to unleashed all their energy to help their colleagues.

Now, the eight divinatory trigram formation had reached its last stage. It was the most painful and the most dense attacks stage.

Out of the three sects, only the Stargaze Palace was still unharmed as no one had been disqualified yet.


Another long whistle came.

Everyone’s nerves finally relaxed. They only one thought in their head—It was over!

Each of the remaining seven people of the Dragon and Tiger Sect were feeling relieved and confident as they high-fived each other! Seven of them had made it to the end!

For sure, this result would allow them to sit above all Three Eastern Empires.

Both Wei Shenglong and Huang Qinghu’s clothes were tattered as sharp wind from the Sword Qi shredded them. Since the sword Qi had clashed with their own spiritual Qi, their clothes were shredded into pieces of broken rags.

However, when they looked at each other, they only felt extremely joyful.

 "Senior Brother Wei, this time, we have achieved good results!" Huang Qinghu said confidently, "For this round, I think we did better than the Stargaze!"

Wei Shenglong also nodded: "Ok, let’s go!"

As soon as they had walked out of the formation, they immediately saw that the Archaic only had four people left. They walked out in a sorry state as each of them looked depressed.

Wei Shenglong thought inwardly: "This Archaic Mysteries sect is no longer a competitor, we can take them off the list of opponents."

Everyone could not help but look over toward the Stargaze Palace.

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