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When this person spoke, his voice made one’s blood run cold. His guttural and shrieking voice, plus his figure and appearance made him look like a full-fledged evil ghost.

However, even Zhuo Buqun did not dare to underestimate him when he had initiated his Spiritual pressure. He protected Qin Wushuang and Wei Yi behind his back and said in a low voice: "Head Bai, who is your disciple? Why do you ask the Stargaze for the murderer?"

Indeed, this person was the Second Head of the Archaic Mysteries Sect. He was a super figure known for being the most vicious and the most insidious. His name was Bai Gujing and it was rumored that he was practicing some type of evil technique that could make the bones of the dead retreat. Thus, he got the name Bai Gujing!

 "Stop with the bullshit, Zhuo Buqun, I will only ask you once, do you give me him or not." This Bai Gujing spoke with an extremely arrogant and tyrannical tone.

Only, in Zhuo Buqun’s eyes, his tyrannical actions seemed to be a show off.

Zhuo Bun lightly glanced at those Upper Sky elite warriors that surrounded the Pine Crane inn and shook his head helplessly: "Head Bai, you are putting on such a show, as a sign of intimidation? Or a provocation?"

 "Only, don’t you think it’s unnecessary to bring these people to simply talk?" Zhuo Buqun’s cleverness had clearly shown here.

Since you are comiung hard-core at me with a violent temper, he would go around the way to soften you up.

He would make you feel that you would be powerless against the words.

Bai Gujing said coldly: "Zhuo Buqun, let me ask you again. Are you going to hand over the murderer that killed my disciple? If not, I am afraid the moon will never be full again after today."

"Firstly, you have too many disciples, which one was killed? Secondly, the Stargaze disciples only just arrived, how could we kill someone from the Archaic Mysteries? Thirdly, you are being extremely aggressive, could it be, you think that being a local bully is interesting?"

Zhuo Buqun spoke with clear logic in which not a single drop of water could leak through. He forced Bai Gujing to be incapable to unleash his anger or find any breakthrough point.

Bai Gujing waved his hand: "Shi Feilan, come here."

That Core disciple named Shi Feilan with the red headscarf walked over: "Second Senior Uncle, I am here."

 "Ok, tell them, on that day at the Hundred Battles Mountain, who challenged the arena, and who fought with your Junior Brother Devil Boy?"

That Shi Feilan said: "Initially, there was one person, named Cui Niu. He got beaten off for being a random person. Then, there came an extremely capable person, who claimed to be Zhao Muzhi, of the Stargaze Palace. That person could not beat Devil Boy, and just when he was about to get killed, someone sneak attacked Devil Boy and lured him away. Then, I don’t know what happened to him."

Bai Gujing opened his giant pair of green eyes and shrieked: "Zhuo Buqun, did you hear that? That person must be someone of the Stargaze Palace, or else, why would he save that Zhao Muzhi?"

Zhuo Buqun could not help but laugh: "Head Bai, if you are an official at the government offices, you would know how many unjust, fake and false charges are reported each day. You are relying on these non-credible assumptions and think it was the disciples of the Stargaze who had done it. It’s too strange. Plus, Zhao Muzhi travelled alone and had no companions. How did you come up with him having an accomplice?"

Bai Gujing said angrily: "If your Stargaze did not plan to play tricks, why did you travel separately? For sure, something must be going on with the Stargaze."

 "Head Bai, how could the Stargaze Palace have predicted that the Archaic Mysteries Sect would set up an arena under the Hundred Battles Mountain? And that we would send off our elite warriors ahead of the time to challenge it? You must think the Stargaze Palace too highly. For sure, the Stargaze does not have the ability to see the future like this."

Although Bai Gujing was vicious and sly, but he could not accept the losing his beloved disciple for the time being. Despite being emotional, he was left with no words to argue back after Zhuo Buqun’s words.

Initially, he came here to cause a ruckus because he had no evidence. He only used his estimation and guesses to scare the people of Stargaze Palace. Unexpectedly, he was stumped by Zhuo Buqun.

However, Bai Gujing was after all, a sly person. He came here as he wanted to investigate the true murderer and on the other hand, how could he not have the intention intimidate?

 "Head Palace Master Zhuo, since you keep refusing, would you dare to call out all your disciples and let me try to recognize them?" Bai Gujing asked lightly.

However, Zhuo Buqun said: "The Stargaze Palace is on par with your Archaic Mysteries Sect. We are guests since we came to your Heavenly Lake Empire and are not criminals. You are putting on a big show, why should I allow you to examine my disciples? Regardless of morality or reasoning, it’s impossible."

Bai Gujing said angrily: "If you don’t let me, then you must be feeling guilty."

 "Head Bai, usually, you never accumulate merit during your actions, now you are not speaking words that could help you to accumulate merit. Aren’t you afraid of karma?" Zhuo Buqun’s tone had turned cold in contrast to his earlier gentle tone.

He knew that this Bai Gujin was closing in hard and probing his reaction. If he kept saying good words, for sure, Bai Gujing would not be satisfied with small gains.

To put it bluntly, even though the Stargaze Palace had come as guests, they would not fear the Archaic Mysteries sect.

Historically, there was a hidden rule during each Friendly Competition. To prevent the host bullying the others, the other two powerhouses would form a temporary alliance in secret.

Thus, once the Archaic Mysteries Sect wanted to use the geographical advantage, for sure, the Dragon and the Tiger Sect from the Vermillion Empire would not ignore it.

Bai Gujing laughed coldly: "Karma? I, Bai Gujing have acted tyrannically for close to two hundred years, I don’t know the word karma. Palace Master Zhuo, for today’s matter, don’t think it will end like this. Sooner or later, I will reap all the benefits and interest at the same time."

He glared at Zhuo Buqun for a moment, then Bai Gujing waved his hand and left with his large group of subordinates.

Although this Bai Gujing had come aggressively, of course he felt frustrated after not getting any benefits. It was not because he did not want to use force, but he knew that when facing Zhuo Buqun, most likely he would be lesser than him despite his powerful evil martial arts.

Besides, now was not the time to declare war with the Great Luo Empire. In the case the Vermillion and the Great Luo joined forces, it would be tough to deal with them despite being the host.

Thus, Bai Gujing decided to retreat temporarily. Inwardly, he swore: "Zhuo Buqun, let’s see how long the Stargaze can hold on to this pride. One day, I will make you regret…"

When he returned to the Archaic Mysteries Sect, Bai Gujing walked over to the Headmaster.

The Head of the Archaic Mysteries Sect was named Gao Yue. He was an ambitious and ruthless character and planned far ahead. Thus, he had a completely different temperament to Bai Gujing.

 "Boss Gao, I am sure that the death of Devil Boy is connected to the Stargaze Palace!" Bai Gujing yelled with a distorted expression and an angry tone.

 "What? Did you acquire any evidence after probing them?" A trace of a sharp light flashed across Gao Yue’s eyes. Devil Boy’s death had not only made Bai Gujing depressed, it had been a major blow to the Head of the sect. It could be said that Archaic Mysteries sect’s entire foundation had been influenced greatly.

Especially during this Friendly Competition, Devil Boy was going to win with the element of surprise as their hidden trump card. Now, Devil Boy had gone missing mysteriously and lost his life.

 "That Zhuo Buqun was extremely cunning as he did not let in a drop of water. I could not see a trace of flaw from his answers and expression. However, the more he behaved like this, the more I am suspicious." Bai Gujing said angrily.

 "Second…" Gao Yue gave a long sigh, "Devil Boy’s death has greatly obstructed our plan. Regardless of the murderer, it’s another matter. Now, we must plan on how to deal with this Friendly Competition."

Bai Gujing said with grievance and lamentation: "My poor short-lived disciple, if he did not die, how could there be any suspense or uncertainty to this Friendly Competition? Boss Gao, do you think, could it be that those Palace Masters or Clan leaders had secretly assassinated him?"

 "From the investigation at the scene, it’s not impossible However, think of it this way, Devil Boy was originally a hidden blade. No one had expected this arena. How could those old guys know beforehand and pretend to wait for Devil Boy’s appearance?"

After much analysis over and over, there were flaws in that train of thought that was difficult to overlook.

Despite feeling restless, Bai Gujing had no choice as he said: "I am discouraged by the death of Devil Boy. Boss Gao, for this Friendly Competition, it all depends on how your disciples perform. If your prized disciple can perform outstandingly, it’s not impossible for him to win the Friendly Competition."

 "Not entirely, the Dragon and Tiger Sect has always remained mysterious and has many talents. And the Stargaze Palace also has Wei Yi who has the Natural Spiritual Roots. We cannot underestimate him… If the Dragon and the Tiger Sect have only one Core disciple at the Middle Stage, then the three Empires would be balanced. The Archaic Mysteries Sect would have a higher chance to win. I am afraid that Dragon and Tiger sect still have trump cards."

Bai Gujing called out in surprise: "Where did they get those trump cards?The Three Eastern Empires know each other quite well. It’s impossible that with our Devil Boy who is so rare as to appear only once every hundred years, they would find some trump card, too?"

 "The world is unpredictable; you must assume the worst." Gao Yue was holding his stance.

Bai Gujing grabbed his almost hairless head and showed a mad expression: "Devil Boy, it’s all my fault. If I didn’t let you go to that arena, we would not have fallen into today’s difficult situation!"

Gao Yue sighed: "Second, in the recent years, our Archaic Mysteries Sect has been suffering many misfortunes. We lost five Elders at the Green Jade Mountain, and today, Devil Boy died. If we don’t do something about this situation, I am afraid it will influence the foundation of the Heavenly Lake Empire."

 "Something?" Bai Gujing was stunned, "How?"

 "This time, the Nine Palace Faction of the Red Dragon Empire suddenly paid a visit. It’s a good chance. If we could make a connection with the Nine Palace Faction, the Archaic Mysteries Sect, and the Heavenly Lake Empire, could become the leader of the Three Eastern Empires!" Gao Yue said with a cold tone, "I spoke with that law enforcement representative from the Nine Palace Faction, and we also sent Third and Fourth to help them to catch the criminal. This is a fortuitous opportunity. If we could combine the death of Devil Boy with the criminal wanted by the Nine Palace Faction, we can form a bowl of dirty water to spill onto either the Stargaze or the Dragon and Tiger Sect."

Bai Gujing laughed evilly as strange lights flashed from his green eyes. He kept nodding: "Great, Boss Gao. This is a great move. Not to mention the Dragon and Tiger Sect, let’s pour this dirty water onto the Stargaze Palace. Let’s say that criminal had most likely escaped into the Great Luo Empire. And Devil Boy had gotten involved with catching the criminal and got killed by an unknown force. This unknown force is most likely the runaway criminal’s accomplice!"

When he said here, Bai Gujing and Gao Yue looked at each other. Both of them revealed a trace of evil and vicious intentions.

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