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Chapter 283: The Best Stage to Make a Come Back

Li Buyi laughed faintly: "Nice words about how you control your own fate. However, I observed that you have imposing manner and it’s unfortunate for me to not tell your fortune. I know everything in the world and am the best fortune teller. The other day, at the Silver Leaf Subordinate Country of the Heavenly Lake Empire, I got rejected by someone who didn’t listen to my words. Do you know where he ended up?"

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang’s heart jumped as he asked in a low voice: "What?"

Li Buyi pointed to that announcement board before him: "That guy did not listen to my words and is now on the list as a wanted criminal. Those who do not listen to good people’s words will suffer in the future, am I wrong?"

Inwardly Qin Wushuang did not know whether Li Buyi had intentionally said these words or unintentionally. He said without an expression: "Other’s businesses have nothing to do with me. Excuse me, I must get going."

Li Buyi laughed: "Hold on, hold on. I have a something and would like you to explain to me. How do you think it would make sense?"

"What?" Qin Wushuang saw his persistence and asked helplessly.

 "It’s about turning a new face to pretend to not recognize you." Li Buyi laughed, "These words are not difficult to understand. However, it seems it would best fit this moment. Brother, could you also be turning a new face and not recognize me?"

When he said these words, Qin Wushuang was extremely surprised. However, Li Buyi spoke with a playful expression: "My alcohol tolerance is up, if someone does not treat me to some drinks, I am afraid I might speak some nonsense."

Now, Qin Wushuang knew that although Li Buyi was pretending to be crazy, he was a senior and able person. Thus, he sighed helplessly: "Is a few drinks going to stop you from talking?"

Li Buyi laughed: "It might not be able to, but at least, I won’t talk bullshit at the moment. Ha ha, as for permanently blocking my mouth, it would depend on your performance."

Qin Wushuang looked around and he did not go to that Pine Crane inn. Instead, he led Li Buyi to head towards another bar.

Li Buyi was not picky. He sat down after finding a seat next to the window. Then, he ordered drinks and food. After drinking three cups, he laughed: "Nice, nice, good performance."

Qin Wushuang knew that regardless of what he was going to say, he would be at a disadvantage. Thus, he only waited for Li Buyi to speak.

 "Ha ha, is this how your really look? Aren’t you even more handsome? You are not like before where you were emotionless and unlikeable." Li Buyi ate a pork shoulder and whispered.

Qin Wushuang gave a light sigh and he thought that indeed, this Li Buyi had sharp eyes. Most likely, even Advanced warriors could not see through any flaws in that mask. Who was this Li Buyi, who could see through it?

 "Ha ha, strange, right? It’s my job to see people’s faces." Li Buyi was extremely proud, "Now could you let me see your fortune?"

Then, he lowered his voice and gave a evil laugh: "Or, you are pretending to not know me after you have changed your face?"

Qin Wushuang shook his head, this time, he did not reject him. Instead, he was being vigilant and alert from head to toe toward this Li Buyi.

He was not worried about whether this Li Buyi was someone from the Heavenly Lake Empire. He felt that Li Buyi was too strange. It would be best for him to not fortune tell his secrets.

 "Ah!" Li Buyi sighed sorrowfully, "I have seen a lot of people in my life and I was not wrong a single time. However, I was wrong about you. I had thought that you must have given me a fake name on that day. However, how come I couldn’t see through your lies?"

Qin Wushuang said with a light smile: "Why do you say that I am lying?"

 "For sure, your name is not Wu Xinghe. Or else, I could have guessed something by connecting

your name." Li Buyi sighed helplessly, "Whatever, you can speak your name if you want, and it would not matter if you don’t want to."

He looked outside of the window and said in a low voice: "That Archaic Mysteries Sect wanted to suck up Red Dragon Empire. Regardless if you are from the Vermillion or the Great Luo Empire, you better be careful. Ha ha, everything happening has nothing to do with me. However, you are an interesting kid. Ha ha ha, kid, I will find out your true name…"

Li Buyi stood up with laughter and slowly walked out by dragging his slow footsteps. This temperament made him look like someone elite among the society.

While Qin Wushuang watched Li Buyi’s back, he could not help but fall into deep thought. This was the first time that he felt powerless. Before Li Buyi, he felt as if all his secrets had been exposed.

He could not figure out how Li Buyi recognized him instantly. And he was so sure about it.

However, he was not worried that Li Buyi would expose his secrets. Apparently, this Li Buyi was not a scoundrel. From his performance, he should be a travelling elite warrior. It was his style to be pretentious.

He loved to pretend to be stupid, despite the fact that he knew everything!

After the incident with Li Buyi, Qin Wushuang’s head had become even clearer. After he had walked out of the bar, he walked along the street and started to head towards the Pine Crane inn just as the sky began to darken.

When he arrived at the Pine Crane inn, Qin Wushuang checked deliberately and indeed, he found the secret code left by the Stargaze Palace. He knew that disciples of the Palace had already checked in.

Inwardly, he felt extremely warm. Since his friends were here, Qin Wushuang felt much reassured. He thought about Zhao Muzhi, had he regrouped with his fellow disciples?

Since he had lured Devil Boy away, no one at the scene would be able to threaten him.

Qin Wushuang ordered a room and checked in. He decided to find the most appropriate time to regroup with his fellow disciples. It would be best if his teacher had also came and that his teacher or the Head Palace Master would seek him out. He was unsure whether the Head Palace Master or his teacher had told the secret of him still being alive to the other disciples.

Currently, the main force of the Stargaze Palace were gathered on the east side on the third floor of the inn. All the rooms on the east side were taken by the Stargaze Palace. Thus, they would not be worried about being disturbed by other guests.

Besides Zhuo Buqun, the Head Palace Master, who had to be here, the other four Palace Masters had drawn lots on who would come along. Indeed, Tan Zhongchi was one of them. The other person was Tian Zhixing, the Fifth Palace Master.

In total, these three Palace Masters had brought twelve Core disciples.

Currently, the three Palace Masters and twelve Core disciples were gathered in a giant room. Zhuo Buqun, the Head Palace Master said: "Zhao Muzhi, tell us what you have seen along the way."

Zhao Muzhi recounted his experience and emphasized the events at the Hundred Battles Mountain.

Zhuo Buqun showed a stern expression: "Devil Boy! He is the trump card of the Archaic Mysteries Sect! Even Zhao Muzhi could not beat him, for sure, he must be at the Middle Stage. However, according to secret information, after that person went off to chase the other guy, he went missing. I think that the wanted list issued by the Archaic Mysteries Sect is related to Devil Boy!"

Tan Zhongchi laughed: "If he did not come back by now, I think he is dead. Head Palace Master, when we entered the gates today, did you analyze that picture on the wanted list?"

"What?" Zhuo Buqun was confused since they had also just arrived. Tan Zhongchi still did not have the chance to explain to Zhuo Buqun about the matter of the mask.

 "Per Zhao Muzhi’s words, that person who had saved him should be a disciple of the Dragon and Tiger Sect. However, Muzhi, do you think that a disciple of that sect would step out under that circumstance?"

Zhao Muzhi said honestly: "I also felt this thing seemed somewhat suspicious and I could not understand. If I am a disciple of the Dragon and Tiger sect, I would have just watched the show and it would not be too late make a move afterwards."

Tan Zhongchi laughed: "That’s right. Thus, the person who had saved you is not a disciple from the Dragon and Tiger Sect. It was someone else. Muzhi, did you see that picture on the wanted list clearly?"

Zhao Muzhi nodded: "Yes I did. From my vague memory, that person in the picture should be the one that saved me. Now, with the Archaic Mysteries Sect going after him, I think that something must have happened to Devil Boy. Or else, if Devil Boy was able to take him down, why would they go after him?"

Zhuo Buqun looked at Tan Zhongchi’s joyful expression and suddenly, he had an idea: "Second, could it be, you already know who he is?"

Tan Zhongchi smiled: "Head Palace Master, you should also know right?"

Suddenly, these two both laughed as if they had solved a riddle.

The others, including Tian Zhixing, the Fifth Palace Master were confused: "Boss, Second, why are you guys laughing? Is something good going on?"

Zhuo Buqun said seriously: "Since we’ve reached this point, we should announce it. All the Core disciples that came here are trusted aides, and they could never expose the secrets."

Everyone else all nodded.

 "Ok, then I will tell you guys some great news!" When Zhuo Buqun said that, he was also extremely happy as he said with a gleeful tone, "The person that is wanted by the Archaic Mysteries Sect is your fellow disciple!"

 "Our fellow disciple?" Both Wei Yi and Zhao Muzhi exclaimed in disbelief.

Zhou Fu and the others also showed confusion in their eyes as they looked at Zhuo Buqun questioningly.

This time, it was Zhao Muzhi who reacted first. It was because he had felt a strange wave of familiarity when he was at the Hundred Battles Mountain.

Now, thinking back, he could not help speak involuntarily: "Could he be Junior Brother Qin Wushuang?"

 "Junior Brother Qin?" The others were all dumbstruck.

 "How could it be Junior Brother Qin, didn’t he…" Zhou Fu’s voice trembled. Excitement and expectation filled in her eyes as she looked to Tan Zhongchi.

Both Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhongchi nodded slowly.

Zhuo Buqun said: "I would like to let you guys know that during that battle at the Green Jade Mountain, Qin Wushuang did not die. Instead, due to some fortuitous chance, he got knocked down by the Elder of the Archaic Mysteries sect into a transportation circle and got sent to his home. In the past half year, he was hiding himself in the Bai Yue Country and was waiting for an opportunity to come back. And this Friendly Competition of the Three Eastern Empires will be the best stage for him to make a comeback!"

After he had said these words, besides Tan Zhongchi who remained smiling, the others were all dumbstruck and could not utter a word. Zhao Muzhi was extremely overjoyed as he murmured: "No wonder, no wonder! Junior Brother Qin, unexpectedly, you saved me again…"

Zhou Fu even cried with joy as she asked : "Teacher, is it true what Head Palace Master just said?"

Tan Zhongchi sighed: "It’s true, if Wushuang had truly died, how could I have let those two bastards go when we were at the Qin mansion?"

Wei Yi was also overjoyed: "It’s wonderful that Junior Brother Qin did not die!"

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