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Chapter 282: Ruckus

Without hesitation, Qin Wushuang destroyed all traces of the evidence. Then, he left after he had disperse all the Upper Sky Qi away.

For sure, he would cause complete confusion for the Heavenly Lake Empire after he had killed Devil Boy. Qin Wushuang had already predicted this fact. Thus, after doing all this, he would not leave any traces of evidence.

After he had reclaimed the three green jaded arrows, besides the mud pot-hole at the scene, Devil Boy’s corpse had dispersed as a pile of dust and thrown to the river to feed the fish.

Thus, even if the Archaic Mysteries Sect were to investigate, they could only find this battle scene.

Just this battle scene alone would not make them become suspicious of Qin Wushuang. After all, regarding the destruction level of this scene, it was not something to be done by a Middle Stage warrior.

While Qin Wushuang walked, he was already overwhelmed by emotions. Finally, he realized the power of the Graceful Spiritual Bow. It could no longer be described by the word "Shocking."

Indeed, it was an existence that was "World-shaking".

Currently, he was filled with gratitude. He felt deeply moved by this sworn brother in which they had met by chance.

For their first meeting, he had given him such a treasure. Thinking back, Qin Wushuang felt embarrassed.

He knew that Shang Ye was repaying his favor for giving him the pill. However, Senior Brother Shang Ye said that it was his teacher’s wish to give the bow to someone destined.

Regarding the reality of this wish, Qin Wushuang could never forget about this great favor.

Fortunately, he used this "Graceful Spiritual Bow" to kill Devil Boy and it would force a tremendous amount of reaction from the Archaic Mysteries Sect. He would have already attracted a portion of the attention.

At least when something like this had happened, the elite warriors of the Archaic Mysteries Sect would not be bothered to spend time for the Red Dragon Empire.

Indirectly, he was also sharing a portion of pressure for Senior Brother Shang Ye. If the Head of the Archaic Mysteries Sect did not step out, most likely no one else could pose a threat to Shang Ye.

Currently, he would not worry about getting exposed with his mask. As long as he was able to get away from the trackers, he could go wherever he wanted!

Qin Wushuang left the scene quickly and traveled for three days and nights to put himself thousands of miles away from that scene. Finally, he found a remote place and started to merge the Spiritual Qi he had received from Devil Boy.

Although Devil Boy had suffered serious injuries, the Spiritual Qi inside him had not been reduced. This time, Qin Wushuang had received a great harvest from this absorption that superseded the past experiences.

 "The Spiritual Qi from Devil Boy is this rich and seems extraordinary. The richness of the Qi is surprising…" Qin Wushuang slowly merged with it.

Naturally, Spiritual Qi of a Middle Stage warrior was much harder to digest than an Initial Stage warrior. Fortunately, Qin Wushuang’s own power had risen another level. Being a Middle Stage warrior, his digestive power had risen much.

Although it was much tougher to digest and to merge, once he had turned it into his own with his Sea of Spiritual Qi, the effect and the outcome would be much better.

This merging took three days. Finally, Qin Wushuang had gotten rid of the last bit of impurity travelling within his pubic region as he had completely merged Devil Boy’s Spiritual Qi completely.

"No wonder he is a Middle Stage warrior, this Devil Boy’s Qi is so rich. This addition should be able to help me to make another huge step in the Middle Stage." Inwardly, Qin Wushuang also felt satisfied.

Although the process from the Middle Stage to Advanced Stage was slow, it was far less to just absorb Devil Boy’s Spiritual Qi. However, Qin Wushuang was not depressed and

not in a rush to succeed.

Before one had amassed short steps, they would not travel thousand of miles.

He believed that his speed was fast. As long as he could meet the right opportunity, dashing to the Advanced Stage would not be a problem. The problem was the length of time.

The current Qin Wushuang very much looked forward to the Advanced Stage. His thoughts still lingered on that forbidden trap inside the Second Loop in the cave of the Great Cang Mountains.

As long as he entered the Advanced Stage, he could enter the Third Loop. At the same time, he could also solve that "Petrification Spell" on that giant green jade stone. Then, he could take that Purple Electric Flaming beast as his own.

That beast had the power of a Perfect Stage!

Once that day came, Qin Wushuang firmly believed that he could ride on top of all human countries. Among all human countries, he would not be afraid of any type of authority!

 "By that time, I don’t need to fear the Red Dragon Empire. If they still pursue Senior Brother Shang Ye, then I must take charge." Qin Wushuang thought this way.

When he walked out from the dark corner, Qin Wushuang took off the mask and changed his clothes. He had restored his original appearance. He did it to ensure his own safety.

Earlier, he had shown this appearance to people. Even if no one had paid attention to him, he could not ensure that no one had not secretly set their eyes on him.

Many people had seen him luring Devil Boy away. Most likely, someone from there had remembered his appearance and become a witness for the Archaic Mysteries to investigate.

Thus, when he had restored his original appearance, no one in the Heavenly Lake Empire could recognize him.

After all, to others, he was a historical person that had died half a year ago.

Therefore, he did not attract any attention along the way when he had taken off his mask. Plus, Qin Wushuang had kept a low profile. He only travelled and did not pay any attention to events. Thus, he did not meet any difficulties.

Along the way, each day as Qin Wushuang travelled, he felt the change brought by the death of Devil Boy. Each day, the news became more serious.

Every place was all spreading one piece of news regarding the missing Devil Boy.

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang was surprised and did not get involved with the bustling activities. On this day, he had finally arrived at the imperial capital of the Heavenly Lake Empire. He used his identity as a Stargaze Palace disciple and did not encounter any obstacles when he entered through the gates.

 "Ha ha, he had clever foresights to not carve in my name for the name plate." Qin Wushuang took back the identity plate and walked inside the city. Just when he was looking for the Pine Crane Inn, suddenly, he saw a group of people was looking at an announcement that was posted under the city gate.

 "A wanted list!"

From afar, Qin Wushuang saw these three words.

There were two faces drawn on the wanted list. One of the face was Shang Ye and the other face made Qin Wushuang feel extremely lucky, it was his face with his mask on.

The wanted list wrote that this person was a runaway criminal from the Red Dragon Empire and extremely powerful. These two faces could be one person, and could be different people…

Qin Wushuang gave a long sigh and thought inwardly: "Indeed, many pair of eyes in the darkness had paid attention to my face. Although that face seems seventy or eighty percent correct, someone had apparently described it in detail to be drawn so precisely. This way, although I kept a low-profile, some people still paid attention to me. It’s good that I have taken off my mask. Or else, wouldn’t I be looking for trouble?"

The Archaic Mysteries Sect worked efficiently. They had thoroughly investigated everything within these short ten days. Indeed, they were a major sect.

Of course, in the end, this so-called "Wanted List" was to join in the fun and did not speak much about the details. It only wrote that if anyone had seen these two faces and provided useful information, they would be taken in as disciples to the Archaic Mysteries Sect and become a National Scholar.

However, this wanted list did not mention the death of Devil Boy at all.

In fact, the Archaic Mysteries Sect should have the means to verify the death of Devil Boy. Just by analyzing that battle scene, they should have been able to analyze that Devil Boy had died.

However, this wanted list did not mention a word.

Qin Wushuang knew that the Archaic Mysteries Sect was disguising their intention. Most likely, even if the Heads of the sect knew about his death, they could not announce it within the Core disciple circle. If they did, it would greatly influence their fighting spirits.

After watching for a moment, Qin Wushuang did not think much and turned around to leave.

Inwardly, he thought that indeed, the Archaic Mysteries Sect had good imagination. Could they truly think that it was Senior Brother Shang Ye that had killed Devil Boy?

Of course, the Heavenly Lake Empire did it since they wanted to tie the benefits of their own with the Red Dragon. Thus, they were currying favor with the Red Dragon Empire.

Qin Wushuang had no spare energy to analyze their motive. Today was already June 27th, and there were only three days until July 1st.

Perhaps, disciples from the Stargaze Palace had already arrived.

 "I wonder if my teacher, Tan Zhongchi, is the leader? If he is here, he would know it’s me when he sees this face. With my teacher’s intelligence network, he would surely know the reason behind this wanted list. He would guess that I had killed Devil Boy."

While Qin Wushuang was dwelling on the thought, he did not go ask for direction. Instead, he walked freely along the street and did not care where he went. After having walked for about an hour, Qin Wushuang saw a flag flying on the street before him. It had the words of "Pine Crane Inn". He was just about walk to that inn.

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded: "I know astronomy, geography, I take nothing to tell your fortune…"

 "This Brother, you are showing great temperament with your great walking manner, please hold on for a second."

Apparently, this voice was calling Qin Wushuang. And apparently, this person was that fortune-teller, Li Buyi, he had met at the border of the Heavenly Lake Empire.

 "How did this guy come here?" Inwardly, Qin Wushuang felt the situation wasn’t good. He thought that back in the day, he was using that face to show to people. If Li Buyi had recognized him, wouldn’t he bring him trouble?

Instantly, he did not look back and was about to leave at a fast pace.

Unexpectedly, Li Buyi followed him quickly and said jokingly: "Brother, brother, I am calling you, please hold on."

"Sorry, I control my own fate. I am not interested in fortune telling." Qin Wushuang lowered his voice and said.

Qin Wushuang stated his intention clearly to make sure that Li Buyi had no way to refuse and to prevent him from getting involved.

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