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Among the human countries in the Tian Xuan Land, from what his teacher Tan Zhongchi had told him, an Upper Stage Empire were the highest existence. They were supreme powerhouses headed by Perfect Stage Warriors of the Spiritual Martial Force.

Although the Tian Xuan Land was as vast as the open sea, in the end, human countries viewed them as the peak.

It was not strange for the disciples of the Nine Palace Faction to act unreasonably as they had extraordinary backgrounds. Although it was somewhat suspicious for elite warriors from the Upper Stage Empires to come into a Middle Stage Empire, they still acted with tyrannical behaviour. It was apparent that they were used to acting like this and did not put a Middle Stage Empire in the eyes.

That Shang Ye explained again: "In total, the Nine Palace Faction sent thirteen elite warriors from their law enforcement group. There were four Middle Stage and eight Initial Stage warriors. I killed four of them along the way. The remaining nine forced me into this Heavenly Lake Empire. Ha ha…"

He patted that bow on his back as Shang Ye said again: "If I didn’t have this bow, most likely, I would have already disintegrated into smoke by these bastards. As of now, plus the other three, I’ve already killed seven of the thirteen law enforcement people. Even if I die, I’ve gained enough."

When he said here, this Shang Ye’s tone was full of wildness. He shook his head and spat: "Of course, it’s not easy for these bastards to kill me."

He gave a gratified glance toward Qin Wushuang and said seriously: "Your pill is not a simple one! My injuries have healed about eighty percent. With such speed, most likely it will be completely healed in one day!"

Qin Wushuang waved his hand: "Your liquor is also not ordinary. I am just repaying the favor, you didn’t take any advantage of me."

However, that Shang Ye shook his head: "No, I only gave you the alcohol to thank you for letting me kill those three bastards. That liquor is merely a decoration to the perfection. However, to me, your pill has helped me in my dire circumstance. Thus, I owe you."

 "Since we are friends in times of tribulations, don’t speak about favors. Currently, the most crucial point is how to escape the tracking from those six." Qin Wushuang said.

Shang Ye nodded seriously. After thinking for a moment, he asked: "You sure you want to face the enemy with me?"

Qin Wushuang said coldly: "Since they’ve bothered me, I shall follow through the end. Or else, it will always be trouble to let these people go!"

 "You are not worried about making troubles for your teacher, and the Heavenly Lake Empire?"

Qin Wushuang twitched his mouth into a smile: "I am not from the Heavenly Lake."

Stunned, Shang Ye laughed: "Good! Ha ha ha, wonderful! Your move is also sneaky and I love it. The Heavenly Lake Empire knew that the law enforcement team from the Red Dragon had crossed , they just did not dare to ask. Just with this temperament as timid as mice, I look down on them. Initially, I thought it was somewhat strange when I heard you saying that you are from here. I didn’t expect that you were also fabricating it."

In between the smiles, the two had gotten closer.

Shang Ye sighed: "I’ve always had a cold personality. In my entire life, I haven’t laughed as much as I have today. Interesting indeed. When I saw those bastards from the Nine Palace Faction having trouble and suffering, I found it extremely amusing."

 "Do you hold a grudge against them?"

A strange light emerged in the eyes of Shang Ye as he nodded: "Absolutely irreconcilable. I have always been an orphan and only one teacher took me in. However, my teacher was assassinated by people from the Nine Palace Faction. The vengeance for killing my teacher, is the same as if they had killed my father."

Qin Wushuang was speechless. Then, he sighed: "With one man alone fighting against the power of a sect. I am deeply impressed by your courage, Brother Shang. However, allow me to say, it’s not a smart choice."

Shang Ye sighed: "How can I not know that? Thus, I never went to provoke the headquarters of the Nine Palace Faction and never let the outside world know that I am teacher’s only disciple. This time I only heard coincidentally while stealing the Nine Refinements Ying Yang Spiritual Wine. It was made by the First Brewer under the Nine Palace with the help of a place with rich Spiritual Qi. I got ahold of their itinerary and stole it."

 "You are very brave. I just wonder what special effects this Nine Refinements Ying Yang Spiritual Wine has? After it entered my stomach, it was cold at first, then it turned hot. This change is marvelous."

 "This is the marvelous aspect of the wine. It has nine changes of the Yin Yang and turns the alcohol into Spiritual Qi to stimulate the internal sea of Spiritual Qi. One mouthful of this wine is equivalent to three months of hard training. This alcohol was brewed by the spring from the extreme cold underground pond in the Red Dragon Empire. Then, they used the extremely rare event that happens every ten years where the pond carries both cold and hot gas to brew this Spiritual Alcohol. It is extremely rare. Even a major sect like the Nine Palace only brewed three gourds. I stole one, how could they not fly into a rage out of humiliation?"

There was a trace of fury in the tone of Shang Ye. Apparently, he hated the Nine Palace Faction extremely.

There was a strange place at the Red Dragon Empire and it was called the Red Water Pond. The water in this pond was either icy cold or blazing hot. These two situations would occur interchangeably.

Once both states appeared at the same time, it would emit both cold and hot air. At that time, it was the best moment to extract this Nine Refinements Ying Yang Spiritual Wine.

Only, this opportunity was extremely rare and would only occur every ten years. It would not appear for more than three days. Thus, the extraction of the underground water was extremely little and the portion that could be refined into the Spiritual drink was even less.

Don’t underestimate these three gourds. These were more than enough to become the most treacherous goods for the Nine Palace and enough for ten years of consumption. If their Core disciples had met a bottleneck, they could break through by drinking this Spiritual Wine.

This Spiritual Wine was incomparable to ordinary pills. After consuming it, it would not only influence the potential of the Core disciples, it could even stimulate it. Thus, it was a rare treasure.

In the Red Dragon Empire, the Nine Palace Faction held supreme authority. No one dared to pluck a hair out of their heads. Thus, although they were cautious during the escort, they were somewhat careless. They allowed Shang Ye to exploit one gourd when they did not pay attention and escaped.

Despite this fact, the Nine Palace Faction reacted quickly afterwards. After they had investigated Shang Ye’s approximate power, they sent a corresponding team to chase after and kill him. They only had one goal and that was to kill him and get back the Nine Refinements Ying Yang Spiritual Wine!

Only, the Nine Palace Faction never thought that Shang Ye had a Celestial Bow left to him from his teacher. With the tremendous power of this bow, he had killed many elite warriors along the way.

Qin Wushuang had understood the situation after hearing the details from Shang Ye. He finally realized that the grudge between Shang Ye and this Nine Palace Faction had originated this way. At the same time, he had become much more impressed by him.

Naturally, he was a generous person with a wide breadth of mind when he treated him with such rare items, despite the fact they had only fought together for the first time. It would be worth becoming friends with him.

Currently, Qin Wushuang felt it deeply that he did not have much friends around him. Besides his fellow disciples, nobody had a similar strength to him.

If he could make a few more friends like him, it would be a great thing. He saw that although this Shang Ye appeared cold on the surface, he was a warm-hearted person once they got to know each other. With Qin Wushuang’s two lifetimes of experience in judging people, he saw that he was worth becoming friends with.

Instantly, he smiled: "Brother Shang, for now, I feel that you should conceal your strength and bide your time to accumulate your strength. You should not tangle with that Nine Palace. After all, you are alone. Once you catch the attention of the most elite warrior from the Nine Palace, then you would not make it out."

Shang Ye sighed: "How could I not be thinking that? Initially, I stole that Spiritual Wine to speed up my training. This object is marvelous. When I got it, I was close to breaking through the Initial Stage. Now, my Middle Stage is already solidified! It has only been half a year since I drank it!"

When Shang Ye said that, he watched Qin Wushuang with a faint smile: "Your strength is not weak, you should also be at the Middle Stage?"

Qin Wushuang saw that Shang Ye did not ask his name during all this. He was being open and honest and thinking of others. He could not help but feel much closer to him.

 "Yes, my name is Qin Wushuang, it has only been half a year since I broke through the Middle Stage."

 "Qin Wushuang? Nice name!" Shang Ye complimented, "Since you’ve told me your name, I vow on my life that I will keep it secret. I will carry all the responsibility for killing the disciples of the Nine Palace Faction. Regardless of my future, dead or alive, you should never worry about your name getting exposed!"

Shang Ye spoke with an honest tone that carried an unquestionably sincerity.

In a flash, an object appeared in Qin Wushuang’s hand. It was that mask given by Shakyamuni Thousand Faces when they had departed for a mission to the Green Jade Mountain. Qin Wushuang no longer had a use for it. He was using the other one given to him by Tan Zhongchi.

 "Here is a mask, you should use it. Now, as long as you walk out of this Sky Breaker Canyon, you can vanish among the crowd. It would be like trying to find a needle in the haystack when the people of the Nine Palace tries to search for you."

Revealing a joyful expression, Shang Ye took it and wore it. He touched his face and it appeared extremely smooth as if he was not wearing a mask. It was as if he was touching his own skin.

"Nice method, good thing!" Shang Ye complimented and a trace of happiness shone from his eyes. He stood up and said seriously, "Qin, I had always been alone since I was young, I had no brothers or family. Today, we became familiar at first sight, I want to swear brotherhood with you as a sign of our profound friendship. Although it seems somewhat unsophisticated, I want to do it from the bottom of my heart."

Qin Wushuang took off the mask and showed his true appearance. He also said joyfully: "I want the same."

These two did not hold back as they started to bow to each other by using the dirt as the incense candle.

Shang Ye said: "I, Shang Ye, am willing to become sworn brothers with Qin Wushuang. I will not fear blade, spear nor any arrows. Regardless of life or death, I will never abandon this vow."

Qin Wushuang also repeated his words and they told each other their age. Shang Ye was twenty-seven and appeared an outstanding young man. However, when he heard Qin Wushuang say that he was only eighteen years old, Shang Ye could only continue to say ‘marvelous.’

 "Brother, at such a young age, you’ve accomplished so much. It would not be impossible for you to reach the Dao of the Void! I will work hard alongside you!"

Both of them were overjoyed and started to drink that Nine Refinements Ying Yang Spiritual Wine. With one mouthful after another, they finished it all.

The treasure viewed by the Nine Palace Faction had entered the stomach of these two as if they were drinking tea.

Obviously, Shang Ye was in a good mood. After he had spoken with Qin Wushuang about some matters regarding the Red Dragon Empire, he also asked some question about the Great Luo. When he heard that Qin Wushuang was going to participate in the Friendly Competition, he nodded and took out an object suddenly.

Once he took out this object, lights filled the entire karst cave as if a bright pearl had broken through the earth as resplendent light shone all around.

One did not even need to look at it to know that this object was extraordinary.

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