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Li Buyi laughed: "Could you have changed your mind?"

Qin Wushuang was stunned. After some thinking, in the end, he did not make him stay: "Please don’t make yourself feel inconvenienced."

His reaction made Li Buyi feel somewhat strange. In the end, he only moved his lips and did not say anything. His interest was coming to an end as he waved his hand and stopped asking Qin Wushuang to stay with an obstinate expression.

Qin Wushuang knew that Li Buyi was not some ordinary fortune-teller. He must have some skills or a background. However, since he was in a foreign land, he thought over and over that it was best to stay away from trouble. After all, he could not be sure of the background of this Li Buyi. If he was someone from the Heavenly Lake Empire, wouldn’t he be asking for trouble by making a connection with him?

When Li Buyi saw Qin Wushuang leaving without hesitation, suddenly, he looked at him with a trace of thoughtfulness from his seemingly dull eyes. He watched Qin Wushuang’s back deeply.

On the other hand, he mused: "Wu Xinghe? Could this person have hidden his true name? How come when I calculated, I didn’t feel that he was making up a name for me?"

Then, a trace of understanding smile emerged on his face. He shook his head and thought: "Interesting, to meet such an interesting figure, it means that the human world is somewhat interesting, ha ha ha…"

After he had walked a few steps, he thought: "This guy had a body full of strength and must be an Upper Sky. Although he hides his Upper Sky presence so that any elite warrior at the Spiritual Martial Force most likely could not sense his true strength, he does show some movements of the Spiritual Qi. He should be an elite warrior from one of the Eastern Empire… Is he going to participate in the Friendly Competition between the Three Eastern Empires?"

Thinking up to this point, at a curious coincidence, Li Buyi had developed a deep interest in Qin Wushuang. He followed him and decided to see what happened next.

When Qin Wushuang had left the restaurant, the sky had already darkened. Thus, he found an inn to rest. Early in the next morning, he got up and started his journey.

On this day, when Qin Wushuang had arrived at the desolate area outside the town, the map showed that this place was a dangerous place in the Heavenly Lake Empire. There was a dangerous canyon in front that was called the Sky Breaker Canyon.

Even the name made it apparent that it was an extremely dangerous place.

However, to get to the imperial capital, he must pass this place. Or else, he would have to go around in a big circle and walk an extra thousand miles.

Qin Wushuang did not dare to let down his guard. He let out that white sable he acquired from Shakyamuni Cang Ze to scout the road in front. After spending a year with this white sable, the current Qin Wushuang had already grasped the basic beast communication words after starting as a beginner.

Although he had not grasped the language one hundred percent, he was a professional regarding the beast language.

In a moment, that white sable rushed from his palm and scrambled into the canyon.

Qin Wushuang walked slowly as he was not in a rush. Although this Sky Breaker Canyon had a troublesome terrain, it was not difficult to Qin Wushuang, a professional.

He was more concerned about the extremely dark feeling of this Sky Breaker Canyon. It made him feel that this place was filled with danger when he approached.

This was the astute feeling of an elite Upper Sky. Sometimes, this type of feeling could not be proven. However, in most times, these instincts were extremely effective.

Before he had walked a few steps, a few figures shot out from the other side of the canyon and blocked off Qin Wushuang’s path.

Qin Wushuang stopped and raised his head to have a clear look at the three people before him. Each of them was dressed in the same uniform. Just by looking at their lavish clothing, he knew that they were not ordinary people.

Qin Wushuang was more surprised that these three were all elite Upper Sky warriors. One of them was also at the Middle Stage!

Although the other two was at the Initial Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force, their strength should not be underestimated. These three sized Qin Wushuang from head to toe with an unfriendly look.

"Senior Brother Wang, is that him?"

That Middle Stage in the middle was the person being called "Senior Brother Wang." He sized him up with a pair of narrowed eyes and smiled evilly: "I don’t think so. That person was injured and was escaping. He should not be this clean."

The other Initial Stage warriors shouted loudly: "Kid, we are blockading this road for three days, turn around quickly."

Now, Qin Wushuang could not find out the background of these three as he said while remaining calm and collected: "You three, are you elite warriors from the Heavenly Lake Empire?"

 "Ha ha ha, what does the Heavenly Lake Empire matter? Of course, not." That Initial Stage warrior shouted, "Stop speaking rubbish, if you know the situation, get lost. Don’t delay us, the Nine Palace Faction, from catching vicious thieves. If you don’t get lost, we will frame you with the crime of being an accomplice and kill you. You will not even have the time to cry out in grief."

Nine Palace Faction? Indeed, Qin Wushuang was stunned. What sort of sect was that? From his tone, he seemed to not put the Heavenly Lake Empire in his eyes. Could it not be a sect from the Heavenly Lake?

 "If they are not from the sect in the Heavenly Lake Empire, could it be a sect from the Vermillion Empire?" While Qin Wushuang thought about it, he said in a low voice, "I am from the Heavenly Lake Empire, why should I take a detour in my own country? If you are not from my empire, wouldn’t it be too tyrannical to set up a blockade at this place?"

That Senior Brother Wang waved his hand and stopped his two Junior Brothers from speaking. He asked lightly: "Which sect do you belong to, and which teacher?"

Hearing his question, naturally, Qin Wushuang would not speak the truth. Instead, he said with an enraged tone: "No need to ask me that. If you are not from the Heavenly Lake Empire, I advise you to retreat immediately. Or else, if the five Leaders from my Archaic Mysteries Sect get the news, they will not let you go easily."

That Senior Brother Wang laughed with disdain and did not speak a word. The other two Initial Stage warriors laughed. One of the short one said with a mocking tone: "Archaic Mysteries Sect? So what if the five Leaders all came together? When the Nine Palace Faction wants to borrow your land, it’s not your place to refuse!"

His words did not seem to be a bluff. Qin Wushuang felt his heart sank. From his tone, could this Nine Palace Faction be even more powerful than the Archaic Mysteries Sect?

Apparently, that Senior Brother Wang did not want to speak any more words or waste time. Instead, he lowered his voice: "Mister, regardless of you being a disciple from the Archaic Mysteries Sect, or your position in the sect. If you want to pass this area, you must wait for three days. After three days, it would be another story whether we let you pass!"

The tone of this person had a type of arrogance and a sense of superiority. He gave the feeling of "Do as I say, or you will get trouble."

Of course, Qin Wushuang would not compromise easily. He said: "If you guys are here to catch criminals, you must have a goal. The passing of travellers should not influence the general situation. In the end, you guys are still tyrannical and acting however you want in the Heavenly Lake Empire."

Revealing an unfriendly expression, Senior Brother Wang said with a cold smile: "So what if we are being ruthless or doing whatever we want? If you have the skill, come and break through."

That short Initial Stage warrior also shouted: "Right, us three are holding this place. If you have the skill, come at us. If you can, then you have the skill and we will not stop you. Ha ha, if you cannot, then you must submit to your fate!"

Beneath his words, he meant that if you could not force your way through, it would be death!

Just as Qin Wushuang was thinking, suddenly, a white light flashed as that white sable rushed out from the grassland. It whispered beside Qin Wushuang’s ears and it meant that there were three checkpoints around this canyon. Besides this place, the other two places all had three people guarding it.

Although Qin Wushuang felt angry inwardly, he thought that since the other party had a three people back-up at each place, it would be a great trouble despite having one Middle Stage overseeing each place. Immediately, he decided to act according to the situation and dodge this place. He would wait for the right chance to pass through.

To know the true identity of this Nine Palace Faction, he would only get the information after he had regrouped with the Elders from the Stargaze Palace at the imperial capital.

He nodded: "Ok, today since you have greater numbers, I will step back. I will remember you, Nine Palace Faction. Hopefully you guys are not an existence that the Archaic Mysterious Sect cannot offend. Or else, ha ha…"

With two sneers, Qin Wushuang was about to turn around to leave. Since he pretended to be a disciple from the Archaic Mysteries Sect, he would pretend to the end. It would be good if he could lure the trouble to the sect after forming a grudge with this so-called Nine Palace Faction.

However, just when he was about to leave, that Senior Brother Wang shouted: "Hold on!"

Qin Wushuang said unhappily: "What more?"

Senior Brother Wang started at the white sable in Qin Wushuang’s hand and said: "Leave your Spiritual beast, and you can go freely. Or else, don’t try to leave!"

 "Why?" Qin Wushuang asked with a low voice.

That Senior Brother Wang rolled his eyes: "No reason, you must leave it."

Qin Wushuang sneered: "In your dreams."

After he had said the words, he turned around to leave. That Senior Brother Wang shouted: "Failure to appreciate a favor."

Before the sounds of his words had dropped, his body sprung suddenly and the remnants of his shadow slashed across the sky. This person was holding a tiger jointed mace. In one wave, he used it to slash towards Qin Wushuang’s head.

This slash emitted a great light and in one breath, it had arrived at Qin Wushuang’s head.

Inwardly, an anger surged up in Qin Wushuang’s mind. Regardless of the background of this Nine Palace Faction, their tyrannical actions were too much. He twisted his body one hundred eighty degrees and rushed forward. Thus, he had dodged past the Senior Brother Wang who was rushing forward.

Stunned, that Senior Brother Wang saw Qin Wushuang’s creepy body movements and jumped backwards in the air to rush at him again.

Without looking, Qin Wushuang suddenly increased his speed and rushed forward.

Since he made a move, he would follow through to the end. Like a wave of light wind, Qin Wushuang’s body flew forward directly toward that short Initial Stage warrior.

A moment ago, this guy had spoke some arrogant words. Qin Wushuang did not show mercy when he made a move. He raised the sword from his hand and in a flash, the Violet Sun Sword went out and back into its sheath. The others could not even see the sword before the short guy was slashed into halves by Qin Wushuang!

Instantly, Qin Wushuang’s attack made the remaining two feel dread. They never expected that this Qin Wushuang, who had appeared ordinary before this move, was actually astonishing!

Senior Brother Wang gnawed his lip and let out a wave of sharp whistles.

Once the sharp whistle went out, in a moment, two of the same sharp whistles emerged within the hundred miles.

Qin Wushuang’s expression changed abruptly as he knew that this person was calling his friends!

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