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Chapter 272: Miraculous Foresight

When the birthday of that waiter was revealed to be correct, the waiter still seemed to be in disbelief as if someone had clearly understood his secrets. Thus, he felt somewhat scared. After all, such things was in defiance of one’s logic. It was something that could never happen, yet it had.

He shook his head with a pale face: "I did not know that you really have some unique skills. I have no eyes and offended you. I will not take those five silvers, I will give it to you as payment."

Li Buyi laughed loudly and still spoke with an arrogant tone: "The five silvers are yours, how could I accept this little money? I would never care to do something like using the needle to crop the iron or stealing the mud from a swallow."

As he spoke, he glanced at Qin Wushuang as if showing his power.

Qin Wushuang remained calm and collected. He threw the five silvers to that waiter casually. That waiter caught it in a panic. Then, he escaped into the restaurant without lingering and refused to come out again.

 "Find another two, I will tell everything right. I won’t act ambiguous." Li Buyi said with a smile.

However, Qin Wushuang did not believe it. He suspected that waiter was Li Buy’s entrusted actor. However, that expression of the waiter did not seem fake. If he was pretending, then his acting skill was no less than this Li Buyi’s.

He would believe if one of them was good at acting. He would also believe it if two of them was good at acting.

However, in this Silver Leaf Country, not everyone could have the same level of acting of a superstar. Qin Wushuang did not believe it. However, unconsciously, he started to emerge some doubt to this Li Buyi.

With so many people around, Li Buyi did not go up to others, but went up to him? Did he have other intentions by doing this? Qin Wushuang had a head full of questions. Yet, he was not in a hurry to expose him.

While he was lost in his thoughts, a giant guy with fierce-looking appearance and thinly spread hair pushed away the people to make his way in. Appearing sloppy, this person held a thin stick and asked without care: "Are you the one that boasted about telling people’s fortune for free? If you are wrong, you would compensate with ten silvers?"

It was one silver before, yet this person dared to ask for ten silvers. With such fierce tone, it was apparent that he was some local thug.

 "You want to get looked at?" Li Buyi rolled his eyes.

 "Of course, why not since it’s free? However, if you are wrong, you must give all ten silvers!" The muscle on the face of this giant guy trembled, "If you give one silver less, I will break your bones."

 "Open your hand." Li Buyi did not argue back as he only lightly responded.

This giant guy was named "Single Ceratopsian" and was a famous thug in this area. He specialized in blackmailing people. Indeed, he was an extremely vicious person with a festering boil on top of his head and skin ulcers beneath his feet.

Those people who were watching the show all retreated a bit when they saw him approaching. Those with less guts had already left secretly. Everyone who knew the personality of this "Single Ceratopsian" understood that he came here to bully, and not for the fortune-telling.

"39th of the 60 year cycle, second month of the year of the rabbit and 7 am…" Li Buyi began to speak after a moment, "This time, tsk tsk tsk…

Initially, this Single Ceratopsian had come to extort him. He would only deny the answers after Li Buyi had finished speaking and force him to pay.

However, hearing the "tsk tsk" from Li Buyi, his heart trembled: "What is wrong with this? Why is it no good?"

Li Buyi asked with a smile: "Am I wrong?"

Single Ceratopsian shook his pig-like head: "Wrong, wrong. Eh, what about it if you guessed the time right? What about it?"

"Nothing wrong with the time or the month and year. Ho

wever, the three of these together are terrible. You are thirty-five this year. From my estimation, you will suffer bloody disaster within three years. This disaster is not about the government, and not from girls, but an unknown one. I cannot speak about it."

The expression of the Single Ceratopsian turned somewhat ugly. Initially, he would not believe it with his personality. He wanted to extort him of the ten silvers. However, as soon as he had spoken, he had accurately guessed his birthday like that waiter. Inwardly, he could not help but feel somewhat cowed. Thus, he believed him when he heard Li Buyi’s words afterwards.

A bloody disaster…

These words were not hard to understand and the storyteller had often spoken about it as well. Only, whenever these words appeared, it would never be good. Most likely, the person would face an unavoidable death.

Single Ceratopsian had been tyrannical for his entire life. Naturally, he did not have enough since he was only thirty-five years old. When he heard these words, his temperament instantly fell.

Still, he spoke with an unfriendly tone: "You stupid fortune-teller, could you not be lying to me?"

 "For the words from a fortune-teller, it will happen if you believe it, and nothing if you don’t. Go ahead and believe it or not. Don’t feel regretful when it is too late and don’t blame me for not making the right prediction, ha ha."

All the fat on the entire body of the Single Ceratopsian trembled and his tiny eyes narrowed into a line. The more one enjoyed life, the more they would fear death. This was an ancient phrase.

Indeed, Li Buyi’s words had completely intimidated Single Ceratopsian. He extended his hands, which were like palm-leaf fan, and started to flap himself. Currently, it was in the middle of July and it was extremely hot. After he became scared, a head full of cold sweat emerged. He put the other hand on his waist and breathed in deeply.

 "Then speak, can I avoid this bloody disaster?"

 "For all the disasters in the world, most of them are the ones one finds themselves. Your disaster is not a natural one. Of course, you can evade it, but it’s somewhat troublesome."

 "I am not afraid of troubles, living is much more important. Just tell me."

 "Ah! Too bad the gods are merciful. Although you are a vicious thug, you are a living human being. Even ants deserve to live, not to mention humans. Never mind, I will point a way for you."

In the past, whoever had dared to speak these words to him, Single Ceratopsian would have already slapped him with his palm-leaf fan hands. However, right now, Single Ceratopsian was as docile as a sheep. He nodded his head and bowed to listen attentively.

"The clear path is to the east. You will go to the east to hide in a remote corner. Don’t meet anyone. Each day, you can only have one meal. And you can only eat vegetarian foods, no meat or drinks allowed. Remember, after hiding, you cannot see anyone. Even if you see people, you must turn around to leave. Don’t talk to them and don’t cause trouble. Or else, that would be the time when the bloody disaster comes!"

Single Ceratopsian panted in large breaths. He kept nodding with a nervous expression.

 "Eat vegetables, and don’t see people, a ban on drinks and meat…" While he repeated Li Buyi’s words, he felt extremely anxious and cursed, "Hiding like this would take half of my life. However, having half a life is better than having none. I just wonder, how many days do I need to stay in hiding?"

 "How many days? You’re too optimistic, you cannot think in days, but in years. It should be fine after eight or ten years. However, after you have come out, you must know your place and never show any actions of bullying others. Or else, when the bloody disaster returns, not even the gods could save you…"

Initially, the Single Ceratopsian was feeling complicated. However, as soon as the words "Not even the gods could save you," his final wishful thoughts collapsed. Strangely, he took out a silver and put it down respectfully. Then, he pushed through the crowd and left quickly.

Li Buyi was extremely proud. When he watched the leaving back of Single Ceratopsian, a strange and mischievous smile emerged on the corner of his mouth. When Qin Wushuang saw this, he knew that Li Buyi’s later words were apparently a threat and an intimidation to that vicious guy. However, invisibly, it felt that he was doing a good deed to the people.

Up to this point, Qin Wushuang felt respect for Li Buyi. Regardless of the reason for him to entangle with Qin Wushuang, at least, this person had some true skills. Indeed, he had never heard of this technique by guessing his birthday just by looking at the lines of the palm.

As a person of two lifetimes, he had never heard such miraculous methods.

"Anyone else wants to take a look?" Li Buyi shouted, "Last spot, last one. After I’ve finished these three, even giving me a thousand gold coins will not make me do again."

He looked at Qin Wushuang and smiled: "Of course, you are the exception."

Qin Wushuang watched coldly from the side. He could not help but laugh when he heard Li Buyi’s lazy tone. From the appearance, this Li Buyi did not seem to carry evil intentions. However, what was the reason behind his actions? Qin Wushuang still could not understand.

Since he could not understand, he would continue to watch and act correspondingly to the situation. He would see what plans this Li Buyi had.

With the two live examples from before, Li Buyi had conquered the audience. This was a god-like fortune-teller and a living celestial being.

He had made all the correct guesses. If such a figure was offering to tell people’s fortune for free, wouldn’t they be idiots if they did not fight for it?

Each of them felt grief and regret for not going for the first two chances. They had wasted two spots and allowed those two guys to get in first.

The third spot went to an old and gray-haired lady. Her clothes were tattered and her face appeared malnourished, she seemed more like a beggar. Appearing about sixty or seventy years old, her manner of walking even seemed somewhat deranged. She came up while holding a crane and was selected by Li Buyi.

After looking at her palm lines, Li Buyi frowned: "It’s not right, old-lady, you have thick earlobes, a tall nose and clear palm lines. You should have a life of the rich, why are you in such dire straits?"

Then, after another moment of looking, that old lady was also extremely shocked when Li Buyi announced her birthday. She said stutteringly: "Mister, I traveled from the countryside to search for my son. It’s been four or five years. I don’t hope for the life of a rich. I only hope to see my son before I die."

Li Buyi nodded and suddenly, he laughed: "Right, you have the fate of enjoying the riches in the later half of your life. After you have turned fifty-years old, there is a calamity. After going through this calamity, you will enjoy a life of riches. Please wait a bit more. When the fortune arrives, it will push aside the clouds and reveal the clear sky. I must ask you, what is the name of your son?"

 "His surname is Zhao, and first name is Zhigao."

 "Zhao Zhigao?" Someone from the audience shouted, "Isn’t that the current chancellor?"

 "Right, regarding that Chancellor Zhao, he has been searching everywhere for his mother. Old-lady, how many years since you left your home? At least, Chancellor Zhao had been searching for his mother for three years. Many people at the Silver Leaf Country knows about it."

 "Chancellor Zhao? My Zhigao?" The old-lady was shocked.

Li Buyi smiled: "This is a kind fortune, some good people should take the old-lady to the Chancellor’s mansion. For sure, he will give you rich rewards, ha ha ha."

Then, he stood up and said to Qin Wuhsuang: "Brother, this is it for today. It all depends on you to believe it or not."

Qin Wushuang said lightly: ‘I will believe you. However, I don’t understand that among all the people, why do you want to see my fortune?"

"Because of your name, after many calculations, I could not guess your fate. Indeed, curiosity could kill a person. If you are not some person with a strange power, how could I not see through your fate?" Li Buyi sighed. He shook the signboard and was about to leave.

This time, Qin Wushuang had become more curious as he said: "Hold on for a second, Mister Li."

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