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Chapter 268: Above the Spiritual Martial Force is the Void Mart

Forcing them to break three fingers on their own was not the end.

Tan Zhongchi sneered. Suddenly, his body moved like a trail of light smoke before the three people. Then, he waved his finger and brushed through Yi Chenzi and the other three Honored Warriors like a dragonfly touching the water lightly.

In a blur, Tan Zhongchi returned to the original place as if he had not moved at all.

Those three only felt a wave of coldness emerge from inside bodies. Although they felt a wave of mysterious power had invaded their body, they could not tell what it was exactly.

Tan Zhongchi said coldly: "I have planted the "Soul Devouring Finger of Noon" into your body. As its name says, each day at 11 AM, you will experience the feeling of tens of thousands of ants biting through your skin and body for four hours. This won’t be a great feeling, but it will not cost you your lives. After three years, if you all have the intention to repent, you can come to the Stargaze Palace and ask for the remedy. Within three years, each day for four hours during lunch, experience this well. This is the price of your stupidity! Don’t try to blame the fate or others."

Yi Chenzi and the three Honored Warriors kept quiet out of fear. Although their entire body trembled uncontrollably, they did not dare to utter a single sound of complaint or show a dissatisfied expression. They would listen to all of Tan Zhongchi’s words. They would bear everything Tan Zhongchi instructed.

Or else, as long as they showed the slightest dissatisfaction, a single movement of Tan Zhongchi’s finger would most likely make them die at the scene.

After Tan Zhongchi had finished speaking, he asked Qin Lianshan with a smile: "Marquis Qin, what do you think of my methods?"

 "Palace Master is extremely kind and wise, I am impressed." Of course, Qin Lianshan did not dare to object.

Currently, Yi Chenzi and the others were so regretful that their intestines might turn green. In one ill-considered action, they had fallen into such an outcome. Still, it was the result of Tan Zhongchi’s kindness that he did not kill them instantly. Or else, they would have nowhere to voice their grievances after their death.

Tan Zhongchi had said it himself, regardless of Qin Wushuang being alive or dead, the Qin would remain a direct line of powerhouses to the Green Cloud Palace. No one would bully them.

Whoever dared to bully them, they would be declaring war on the Green Cloud Palace!

It might not work if someone else had said these words. However, Tan Zhongchi had spoken these words himself and it would work better than any imperial edict. Currently, Yi Chenzi and the others had totally abandoned their intentions to seek revenge. They would be extremely thankful if the Qin did not hold onto this grudge. Or else, even if they were able to escape death, the West Chu and the Great Wu would most likely meet with miserable fates.

Being relegated to the status of a Slave Country…

Once this threat became reality, all of them would be condemned by history in their own countries!

Tan Zhongchi waved his sleeves: "Ok, you can get lost. Remember, for four hours during lunch, the Devouring Finger will break out. During these hours, think about my words. I hope you won’t treat it as wind past your ear. If you do, it would be a disaster."

Although the words were sketched in light shades, it made Yi Chenzi and the others shed another wave of cold sweat. Yi Chenzi said with understanding: "With the Palace Master, if I, Yi Chenzi still hold the intention of repeating my actions, let me die by a strike of heavenly thunder."

Tan Zhongchi waved his sleeves again and sent these four into the sky. In one sweep, they had flown out of the backyard. The moment when Yi Chenzi’s butt landed, he scrambled to escape without caring for his pride as the Martial Saint and without looking back. He only wanted to escape b

ack to the West Chu and never hear anything related to the Bai Yue in his lifetime.

Tan Zhongchi’s casual actions had almost destroyed Yi Chenzi’s nerves. He had stripped him of all his pride and respect as the Martial Saint. Now, he was in the most embarrassing and shameful state.

When Qin Lianshan watched this scene, he also sighed endlessly. This was the most elite warrior. With one move of his finger, he caused the elite warrior from the West Chu and the Great Wu to become scared witless, to scramble to escape without the guts to utter a single word.

It seemed that Tan Zhongchi had just finished a very easy task. He approached Qin Wushuang’s hiding place and asked with a smile: "Wushuang, do you feel that it was not enough for me to handle the matter like this?"

Qin Wushuang sighed: "How could I object when you are the one to make the decision? Besides, I could also understand that teacher is treating the problem from the viewpoint of the Stargaze Palace. With your status, it would tarnish your position by killing these people. I understand it. After sometime, I can come out. If that little Yi Chenzi is having some other ill-intentions, I can take care of him easily."

Tan Zhongchi nodded lightly: "Yes. If Yi Chenzi had learned that you did not die, most likely, he would have become even more regretful of his actions. Wushuang, since you are already hiding in the dark, you should stay in hiding a bit longer. I will report this matter to the Head Palace Master. This way, during our Friendly Competition between the Three Empires, we can use you as a surprise. How about it?"

Initially, Qin Wushuang did not think too much about not showing his face. He only wanted to see the reactions of the different parties when they learned about his death. He did not think about that Friendly Competition.

He could not help but ask: "Teacher, this time, we are in a very bad relationship with the Heavenly Lake Empire because of what happened at the Green Jade Mountain, the competition will still go on?"

Tan Zhongchi laughed: "To become hostile towards each other is one matter, as long as we do not engage in war, the competition will continue. This is a tradition of the three Empires of the east throughout the generations. Because of this hostility, the competition would most likely add some sparks and increase some rivalry."

Qin Wushuang thought for a moment and understood everything. It was like the major countries in his former world. Each country would impede each other. During the process, they would engage in some conflicts. However, as long as they did not engage in war, their communications over other aspects would not be influenced. Their relationship would only be affected depending on the depth of the matter.

 "Wushuang, right now you are in the Middle Stage. This good news will definitely become a crucial part of the Stargaze Palace winning along with the element of surprise. Among the younger generation in the three Middle Empires of the east, right now I have not heard of any sect that had encountered such a wonderful situation with two bright young stars shining at once! Thus, although this friendly competition is being hosted at the Heavenly Lake Empire, we can look forward to it!"

When Tan Zhongchi said that, his expression showed that he also seemed to look forward to it. After all, in the past few competitions, the Great Luo had not achieve very good results. One could even say that their results was somewhat poor.

Especially when the competition was held at the Heavenly Lake Empire, one could say that the Great Luo had placed last each time. There were no suspense in this aspect.

Thus, before this friendly competition, even Zhuo Buqun did not have much expectation. He only hoped that they would not place last to reveal the gigantic difference between the other two empires.

However, with the appearance of Qin Wushuang, this dark horse, everything would be different.

 "Teacher, in the three Middle Stage Empires of the east, we have the Stargaze Palace in the Great Luo and the Archaic Mysteries Sect in the Heavenly Lake Empire. Then, what is the number one sect in the Vermillion Empire?"

 "The number one sect in the Vermillion Empire? It’s called the Dragon and Tiger Sect. It is divided into the Dragon Sect and the Tiger Sect. Between the two sects, they all have a lot of talents. Their strength would not lose to the Stargaze nor the Archaic Mysteries sect. These three major sects are the strongest powerhouses in the eastern land. Under usual circumstances, the other major Empires would not interfere within this zone. This is the mutual understanding achieved historically in the Tian Xuan Land. It’s like a promise."

It was correct to say that at this east corner in the Tian Xuan Land, the three Empires was in charge. The other powerhouses would not interfere and was unable to stick their hands in.

The same thing applied to the zones occupied by the other Empires. These three major Empires in the east would not be able to interfere in their business. By not interfering with each other, they formed a mutual understanding.

Thus, regardless of being friendly or hostile, the other Empires would not disturb this affairs between the three east Empires.

Or else, they would be viewed as breaking the rules.

 "Dragon and Tiger Sect, Archaic Mysteries Sect…" As Qin Wushuang said these two names, he suddenly asked, "Teacher, in these two powerhouse sects, the strongest existence should be an elite warrior at the Advanced Stage?"

Tan Zhongchi sighed: "Theoretically, yes. However, I heard that in the previous years the leader of the Dragon Sect seemed to be nearing a break through to the Perfect Stage. I don’t know about his current situation."

 "The Perfect Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force? If that’s the case, wouldn’t they be qualified to be promoted to an Upper Ranking Empire?" Qin Wushuang asked curiously.

 "Not exactly. Although an Upper Ranking empire needs to be overseen by a Perfect Stage warrior, usually, they would have more than one Perfect Stage. The Upper Ranking Empire is the highest existence we know of in this area. Thus, just by having one Perfect Stage is not enough to advance to an Upper Ranking Empire status. They must also be judged by other skills."

When Tan Zhongchi said that, he emphasized: "Most importantly, they must be acknowledged by the other Upper Ranking Empires. Or else, whoever dared to proclaim themselves an Upper Ranking Empire, they would face a coalition of the other three Upper Ranking Empire’s forces."

 "This complicated?"

 "Yes!" Tan Zhongchi sighed, "How could the three Upper Stage Empires be willing to see the emergence of other Upper Ranking Empires? Naturally, the less opponents the better! Thus, within the last few hundred years, there have been no new Upper Ranking Empires."

Suddenly, Tan Zhongchi’s tone became deeply moved: "Of course, so what if they are the Upper Ranking Empires? They could only be said to be the strongest existence in the human world. In the entire Tian Xuan Land, they are still not on the list. To speak straightforwardly, the territories we are occupying right now are the remnants of those powerhouses. I have told you this when you had just entered the sect."

Indeed, Qin Wushuang had heard Tan Zhongchi mention this problem.

 "Teacher, as you said, it means the entire Tian Xuan Land is filled with elite warriors. I just wonder, what is the strongest existence of all?"

 "The strongest existence? On this, I have no idea." Tan Zhongchi smiled bitterly, "However, in the human countries, it’s not enough to enter the Perfect Stage if you want to rise up to become an Upper Ranking Empire. However, if an elite warrior could break through the Perfect Stage and enter the legendary Void Force, the Void Martial Force… Even the Initial Stage of the Void Martial Force will suppress everything. Even if they were to proclaim themselves the Master Empire that stands above the three Upper Ranking Empires, I am afraid they would not object!"

"To become one with the void, the Void Martial Force?" Qin Wushuang drew a breath of cold air. Would this be the end of the Spiritual Martial Force, a new stage?

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