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Chapter 267: Tan Zhongchi's Methods

After Tan Zhongchi had headed out, he arrived outside of the royal mansion in a flash.

Behind the Royal mansion and in the grassland beside the stream, someone was concealing his body. In the broad daylight, this person was wearing a black mask over his entire head. Obviously, he was planning some evil deeds.

This person concealed himself calmly among the grasslands outside the backyard of the Royal mansion. He had already sensed that Great Wu’s three Honored Warriors at the peak of the Pre-Sky Realm was making a move and investigating the terrain.

If that was the case, there was no need for him to make a move. He only needed to observe quietly and watch the fires burning across the river. If it was needed, he could extend a hand in secret to deal with the fish that escaped the net.

Unknown to anyone, he would leave behind some traces of those people from the Great Wu and place the blame on their country. Thus, he could feign his innocence.

Naturally, the one who was scheming was Yi Chenzi, the First Martial Saint from the West Chu.

His idea was extremely vicious. He would use the three Honored Warriors from the Great Wu to destroy the Qin mansion. At the same time, he would not allow those three to leave without leaving any evidence.

He would get them to do the dirty work and lead the attention away. Indeed, this vicious idea was marvelous. Not only could he destroy the Qin family and seek revenge, he could also stay out of it and escape responsibility.

This scheme was crafty.

Only, after so much calculation, he did not think that the Stargaze Palace would value a "dead disciple" with that much importance. Most importantly, he never expected that Tan Zhongchi had come here.

Of course, even if Tan Zhongchi did not come, most likely, Yi Chenzi would have met death anyways. It was because the "dead" Qin Wushuang was hiding in the Qin mansion and waiting for these ill-intentioned people to come to his door. Indeed, he was guarding the tree and waiting for rabbits.

Just as Yi Chenzi was relishing in his plan, he suddenly felt someone tap his shoulder.

Feeling extremely surprised, he turned around to look. However, there was not a single figure. He almost felt that he was experiencing an illusion.

However, he looked sideways and saw a hand mark on his shoulder that was deeply imprinted onto his outer robe. The mark was like a brand.

All the hairs on Yi Chenzi’s entire body stood backwards. Was it a ghost?

Having lived for more than a few hundred years, it was the first time he was seeing such situation. Being the First Martial Saint among all the Subordinate Countries, he had rarely encountered any enemies on par with him. Not to mention that he had only noticed the sensation after someone had tapped him.

It had completely overwhelmed his common sense.

He started to sense his surrounding with his spiritual Qi. At this moment, he felt another tap on his left shoulder.


This tap was firm and strong and emitted a crisp sound.

After this tap, Yi Chenzi was almost incontinent and terror-stricken. He looked back abruptly and there were still nothing.

Finally, he realized that—He had met with an elite warrior!

Cold sweat emerged all over Yi Chenzi’s body. With someone that could play with him any way he wanted, killing him would be as easy as killing an ant.

 "Exposed?" Yi Chenzi only felt as if his entire body had dropped into an icy lake as he did not dare to think more. If he was exposed, then he would not be the only one to suffer. The entire West Chu would fall into eternal damnation. When he thought about such terrible outcome, each hair on Yi Chenzi’s body stood up.

 "Which divinity are you that is playing with me?" Yi Chenzi laughed miserably. This laugh was much more vulgar than cries that would make one feel terrified.

The mighty Martial Saint, Yi Chenzi, who claimed to be th

e First Martial Saint among the Subordinate Countries, could not help but speak with a trembling voice. As he was speaking, all his teeth was chattering.

He knew that this time, he was not meeting with an opponent, but a nightmare. If it was an opponent, he would have some hope if he were to fight with all he had. However, he was powerless to resist against a nightmare and could only bear the consequences.

 "Yi Chenzi…" A light voice sounded. This tone of the voice sounded as if it were floating out of the empty sky and directly penetrated into his eardrums. The Spiritual Qi carried by this voice caused Yi Chenzi’s mind to fall into a chaotic state. He only felt as if numerous iron needles was piercing into his eardrums and made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

He knew that if the other party had wanted to, he could use the sound to pierce through his mind and shatter his internal organs and sea of Spiritual Qi.

Such an elite warrior was at a stage beyond the Middle Stage!

Instead, he must be an Advanced Stage warrior!

When he thought here, Yi Chenzi’s entire body softened as he almost fell. In the entire Great Luo Empire, there were only five Advanced Stage warriors. Currently, they were all holding the positions of Palace Masters of the Stargaze.

And who could have come to the Royal Qin? Most likely, he should be Tan Zhongchi, Qin Wushuang’s teacher from when he was still alive! Although Yi Chenzi was panicking, his wit was quick and he arrived at this result.

However, after he had analyzed the situation, it further increased his terror. He had heard about how Tan Zhongchi was an overprotective person. Only, he had never thought that he would come to this place.

Still, Yi Chenzi refused to believe that a dead Qin Wushuang had such charisma to cause an elite warrior at the level of Palace Master to come here.

At this moment, his eyes felt blurred and a figure stood before him with a faint smile out of nowhere.

 "Yi Chenzi, if you want to visit the Qin family, why are you not going through the front door, but from the back door, is this proper?" Tan Zhongchi spoke with a somewhat mocking tone.

 "You…" Yi Chenzi was dumbstruck and did not know what to say.

 "I am Tan Zhongchi." Although Tan Zhongchi spoke lightly, his tone had carried a few traces of cold arrogance.

Yi Chenzi’s entire body was shaking. Indeed, it was him. He had exposed his hiding place instantly. This way, all of his schemes had been noticed?

"Don’t tell me that you are here as a tourist?" Tan Zhongchi asked coldly.

Yi Chenzi’s entire body was shaking all over. Under Tan Zhongchi’s extreme Spiritual pressure, he had lost the ability to speak. His body could only shake uncontrollably. Like a sheep meeting a tiger, he was only left with fear and desperation."

 "And those three little mice from the Great Wu, they should not have come here as guests, right?"

Yi Chenzi had lost all hope. Everything was within Tan Zhongchi’s awareness, what more could he say? With Tan Zhongchi’s personality and style, most likely, he would have no other choice but to die.

Tan Zhongchi also did not speak anymore. He lifted Yi Chenzi’s body and in a leaps, he was dropped in the backyard of the Qin mansion. The three Honored Warriors from the Great Wu were also thrown from the grassland here like three dead animals.

Tan Zhongchi threw Yi Chenzi casually and said lightly: "It’s nice how each of you was scheming against each other. Yi Chenzi, were you hoping these three would destroy the Qin and you would watch the burning house from the other side. Then, you would use some tricks to leave some traces to frame the Great Wu? To make sure the West Chu stays innocent?"

Yi Chenzi had nothing nothing to say as his mouth was full of bitterness.

When the three Honored Warriors from the Great Wu heard these words, their bodies became even more limp. They only learned today that even if they were to succeed, they would have been framed by Yi Chenzi, this old and cunning thug.

Tan Zhongchi said seriously: "With my personality, I should have just killed all of you and relegated the West Chu and the Great Wu to Slave Countries."

Yi Chenzi and the three Honored Warriors looked at each other in dismay. From Tan Zhongchi’s tone, it seemed that this matter still had some leeway.

Tan Zhongchi said lightly: "Marquis Qin, come out for a bit."

Qin Lianshan walked out from the dark corner.

Tan Zhongchi pointed to Qin Lianshan: "Patriarch Qin is my disciple, Qin Wushuang’s father, and the Marquis at this Heavenly Royal mansion. For sure, you all had come with one purpose, to kill every member of the Qin family."

Yi Chenzi and the three Honored Warriors wanted to cry, but no tears would come out. Currently, they were all prisoners, what more could they say?

 "Qin Wushuang, one of the offspring to the Qin is my disciple. Regardless of him being alive or dead, he is my disciple in the Green Cloud Palace. His family is the direct line of powerhouses to the Green Cloud Palace. If you all wanted to deal with the Qin, it’s the same as declaring war on the Green Cloud Palace."

Tan Zhongchi spoke with a neither fast nor slow tone. He did not speak with overly terrifying words. Yet, just these light words had made these people tremble uncontrollably as fear emerged in their eyes.

To declare war on the Green Cloud Palace? Them? They were not even enough to fill the gaps between the teeth.

 "Marquis Qin, these people are your prisoners. Regarding how to punish them, you should be the one to decide."

Tan Zhongchi was giving Qin Lianshan a chance to speak his mind.

Qin Lianshan knew that Tan Zhongchi had intended to mediate and act as peacemaker to prevent all future troubles. At the moment, he nodded: "The Qin has always treated gratitude and grudges equally. We will not attack unless people attack us. With the Second Palace Master stepping in, I don’t dare to make decisions, I will listen to whatever the Second Palace Master is intending to do."

Tan Zhongchi nodded: "Great! Since this is the case, if I am to exterminate all of you, it would show that the Stargaze Palace is a ruthless place. Yi Chenzi and you three useless guys, listen well. Today, I don’t have to kill you, and I don’t even have to go after the West Chu and the Great Wu for sharing the liability."

Yi Chenzi and the three Honored Warriors were all overjoyed when they heard these words. They had never expected that today’s events could turn out well. Instantly, they all blinked their eyes and waited for Tan Zhongchi’s instructions.

 "If you all want to live, you will listen to all my arrangements. If not, I will hand you over to Patriarch Qin!"

Yi Chenzi and the other three nodded instantly to show that they were willing listen to Tan Zhongchi.

 "Ok, I only have these words. Regardless of the grudge you all hold in the past, you were the one that started it first. And my disciple, Qin Wushuang went to seek revenge afterwards. All the killings needs to stop here. From this point, both parties should cease with the idea of revenge. You will not cause any more troubles."

When Tan Zhongchi said here, his tone had suddenly become sharper as he shouted: "It’s not because I don’t know how to kill people, or not because I can’t kill you all. It is because I don’t wish people to say that I used my position as a Palace Master to bully the weak. However, this does not mean I would not kill you all!"

 "If something were to happen again after today’s arbitration. Then, not only will all of you die, the suffering would pass onto nine generations of your family. It will also strip the West Chu and the Great Wu down to Slave Countries. As long as the lines of the Green Cloud Palace stays alive, all of you will have no chance to rebel!"

Yi Chenzi and the other three revealed an expression as dull as the dust. They understood too clearly Tan Zhongchi’s power and knew that it was a piece of cake for him to carry out these threats!

Tan Zhongchi waved his sleeves and those four’s body immediately became free. As soon as the restrictions were been released, all of them pressed their heads to the ground continuously: "Palace Master, we had no eyes to offend your power. If there is a next time, we will receive heavenly punishment and would not be reincarnated forever."

Tan Zhongchi sneered coldly: "Swearing is useless. You can escape death, but not the punishment. If I don’t teach you a lesson, how could you remember today?"

He said coldly: "Each of you will break three of your fingers as a blood vow. Whenever you feel you want to make a move, look at the fingerless hands. Then, you will remember my words from today!"

Yi Chenzi and the other three did not hesitate for they touched the left and right hands to break the three fingers after the middle hand on the left hand. Although it was painful, they did not dare to utter a sound.

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