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Chapter 265: Regroup

When Qin Lianshan saw Tan Zhongchi acting like this, he also did not dare to act on his own initiative. Instead, he asked: "Palace Master, could this person be an enemy of the Qin?"

Tan Zhongchi said: "At the River County inn, I heard three evil guys from the Great Wu is scheming to deal with the Qin. They also mentioned how the First Martial Saint, Yi Chenzi, also shared this ambition. I do want to see of how many powerhouses want to deal with your family. When they all arrived together, I can kill them all!"

He turned around and said to Qin Lianshan: "Regardless of friend or foe, let him come in."

Qin Lianshan nodded: "To prevent him from growing suspicious, please wait here. I am going to welcome the guest."

Tan Zhongchi nodded: "Good."

The teacher and the three disciples sat on the chairs. Zhou Fu said with an angry expression: "Teacher, once that Yi Chenzi dares to come to cause trouble, I will slash him in two! When we return to the Stargaze Palace, we also need to speak to those two Core disciples from the West Chu under the Fifth Palace Master. Junior Brother Wushuang worked hard for the Great Luo and died for the empire, how could we allow these evil people to bully his family?"

 "No need to feel anxious, regardless of whether Yi Chenzi comes or not, he will find no argument if he has this idea! Let’s see who this person is."

Although Tan Zhongchi remained calm, the anger inside his heart had already started burning.

However, right now, he had a strange feeling. This was the most unique feeling that only belonged to an elite warrior. When he first set foot into the Eastwood Town, he felt extremely peaceful as if the gloominess had went away to some extent.

Vividly, he felt an indiscernible friendliness. It seemed that this place who had cultivated Qin Wushuang gave him an illusion. This illusion was that—Qin Wushuang did not die and was still living well at this Eastwood Town.

However, he also knew that after all, this was only an illusion.

Regardless, how could Qin Wushuang be at this Eastwood Town?

Inwardly, Tan Zhongchi smiled bitterly. He felt that he had fallen for such an illusion because he was thinking too much about his beloved disciple.

Suddenly, Lü Teng said: "Teacher, Marquis Qin has a deep breadth of mind. When he heard the devastating news, his expression only changed a little. Indeed, it’s too hard on him. Perhaps, he mentioned welcoming the guest to not let us see him feeling sad, right?"

Tan Zhongchi gave a long and helpless sigh: "All parents in the world are the same. Wushuang, I promise you that in the future, I will not let anything happen to the Qin family!"

Then, he turned around and instructed: "Fu’Er, you three listen well. In the future, no matter which of you inherit my place and take charge of the Green Cloud Palace, you must treat the Qin family as our direct line of powerhouse and take care of them. We must not allow any powerhouses to bully them, understand?"


Zhou Fu and the other two all answered seriously.

On the other hand, when Qin Lianshan walked out of the main hall, he immediately instructed Gou Sheng: "Go ask the Young Miss to come here and wait for me here. I need to tell her something."

Gou Sheng went to carry out the instructions. Qin Lianshan walked out the door with his group of subordinates. However, he only saw a young and handsome man that was anxiously waiting with a face full of sorrow and worry.

When Qin Lianshan saw this person, he felt that he seemed somewhat familiar. Yet, he could not tell who he was. Instantly, he welcomed him to come in.

That person bowed: "I am Tong Yao, it’s my honor to meet with you, Marquis."

 "Miss Tong Yao?" Naturally, Qin Lianshan knew Tong Yao. However, why was she dressed as a man? And it was apparent that she had also polished her appearance. Thus, from

the outside, no one could tell that she was Tong Yao.

 "Marquis, this is not the place to talk. Let’s talk inside." Tong Yao had travelled a significant distance to deliver the news. And naturally, she had masked her face to pull the wool over people’s eyes. While she was being friendly to the Qin by delivering the news, at the same time, she did not forget to protect her own family. If Qin’s enemies had learned that she was the one that delivered the news, it’s possible that they might seek revenge on them too. Thus, Tong Yao was taking a risk to come here and she had no choice to hide her identity.

Qin Lianshan seemed to have guessed something and nodded: "Please."

When they walked halfway, he saw Qin Xiu was waiting at the front. Qin Lianshan said to Tong Yao: "Please wait for a bit, I need to speak to my daughter."

 "Please go ahead." Tong Yao said respectfully and glanced at Qin Xiu’s slightly bulging stomach. Inwardly, she thought, "Princess Qin Xiu is pregnant? Then how could we let her know about Marquis Wushuang?"

Inwardly, she felt extremely pained as if a knife was twisting her internal organs when she thought about the devastating news regarding Qin Wushuang.

Qin Lianshan walked before Qin Xiu and said in a low voice: "Xiu’Er, go tell Wushuang quickly that his teacher is here. He should not stay in hiding."

Although Qin Xiu felt surprised, she nodded seriously: "Ok, I will go now."

After Qin Xiu had left, Qin Lianshan walked back: "Miss Tong, please!"

When she walked into the main hall, Tong Yao was surprised to see that four guests were already there. She could not help but to feel stunned and did not know whether to speak.

 "Miss Tong, these guests are our close friends. There is no need to be wary, you can speak freely." Qin Lianshan did not know about Tan Zhongchi and his people’s intentions. Thus, it was not appropriate for him to introduce them.

When Tan Zhongchi saw that Qin Lianshan knew this person, he knew that she was not an enemy. However, he did want to see her intention as she showed a worried face.

Tong Yao looked at Tan Zhongchi and his people. While they looked unfamiliar, each of them had a great temperament.

Fortunately, Tan Zhongchi and the others did not reveal their Upper Sky Qi. Or else, with Tong Yao’s intuition, she would have guessed something.

 "Marquis, I learned some devastating news. I don’t wish to inform you, but I had to come and tell you immediately. Marquis Wushuang, I heard that he is missing after going on a mission for the Stargaze Palace. The information shows that most likely, he has already died. When I got this news, I was heartbroken. Yet I did not dare to neglect and came to inform you. I only hope that you could fight through your grief and think about strategies. If the enemies have learned of this news, they will definitely make a move. You must be careful."

Qin Lianshan’s expression also changed. This Tong Yao had come to inform them of the news. He did feel extremely grateful at the moment. When one could take the risk to inform them the news, this was true friendship.

Although the Heavenly Royal Mansion was the King of this territory, their power was not embedded into people’s hearts. Once Qin Wushuang’s name no longer held any threat, it was unknown whether those major powerhouses would continue to stay loyal to the Heavenly Royal Mansion.

At least, regardless of her personal relationship to Wushuang or as duty, Tong Yao’s action was extremely rare.

This was the so-called saying where the storm would put the strong grass to test. At this moment, Qin Lianshan was somewhat impressed by his son’s tactic of using his death to test his enemies.

Tan Zhongchi sighed: "Good girl, and a brave one. Marquis Qin, who is this girl?"

Qin Lianshan said: "This girl is one of the princesses to a Venerable family in the Royal territory. Her name is Tong Yao and a very smart girl. Her younger brother is at the Stargaze Palace."

 "Oh? Tong Yao, what is your brother’s name? Who is he studying with?"

 "My little brother’s name is Tong Yan and he is an Herbalist disciple to Shakyamuni Li Huo." Inwardly, Tong Yao was shaken. Hearing the words from Marquis Qin, could these people also have come from the Stargaze Palace?

 "Shakyamuni Li Huo?" Tan Zhongchi suddenly realized something, "No wonder Wushuang made a connection with that old man Li Huo, there is a middleman. Your brother has a close relationship with Wushuang, right?"

 "Yes, they share the friendship of gentlemen."

Tan Zhongchi gave a long sigh: "Fu’Er, you see, this is how the storm tests the grasses. In a crucial moment, it is easy to see who is loyal and who is a foe."

Zhou Fu nodded: "Yes, indeed, teacher."

Tong Yao looked at Tan Zhongchi and the others and knew that these people had an unusual background, could they be…

She did not even dare to think more. Vividly, she already guessed something.

 "I am the Second Palace Master of the Stargaze Palace, Tan Zhongchi. Tong Yao, I admire your strength of character in providing aid during these difficult times. Let me ask you, would you like to follow me to the Green Cloud Palace, and train to reach the Upper Sky?"

Of course, Tong Yao was overjoyed at the turn of events: "Of course I would, I just wonder I would receive such fortuitous opportunity?"

Tan Zhongchi showed a desolate expression: "When I lost Wushuang, it was as if I had lost one of my arms. And you are Wushuang’s good friend while he was still alive. You also possess such bravery. Even if you have a lower potential, you are qualified to study under me."

Tong Yao let out cries of joy and said gratefully: "Thank you so much for this opportunity."

She remembered about Qin Wushuang’s miserable death. Initially, she still held out hope. However, after hearing his teacher say so, she knew that he was beyond saving. Her tears could not help but fall.

When Zhou Fu and the others saw her shed tears, their eyes also became red as they were also extremely heartbroken.

At this moment, Qin Xiu’s figure flashed before the door. Instantly, Qin Lianshan walked out and whispered to Qin Xiu. He walked in and said respectfully to Tan Zhongchi: "Mr. Palace Master, could we please talk privately?"

Tan Zhongchi saw Qin Lianshan acting somewhat strange. However, he did not refuse as he thought that he might have some special requests. As long as they were matters concerning Qin Wushuang’s home, he would carry it as his unshaking responsibility.

After walking out the door, Qin Lianshan said to Qin Xiu: "Xiu’Er, please take care of our honorable guests. I am taking the Palace Master to that place."

Tan Zhongchi did not think too much and walked out with Qin Lianshan. After making a few turns through a number of corridors, they arrived at a remote and quiet backyard. It showed a rather peaceful scene.

 "Marquis Qin, your mansion is a place that derives reflected glory from an illustrious son. I think that your ancestors are not ordinary people." Tan Zhongchi had keen eyes. After one tour, he realized the profoundness within the place and felt extremely surprised. He did not expect that in such remote Eastwood Town, there was this place that showed such great structure and layout. He could not help but to develop a great interest in Qin Wushuang’s ancestors.

Qin Lianshan gave a long sigh: "Speaking about ancestors, the Qin do have some history. Only, the later generations were not very good. It was not until Wushuang’s generation that we started to show some of the same grandeur as the ancestors. Palace Master, we are here."

Tan Zhongchi said: "Marquis Qin, I wonder why you have brought me here?"

 "To show you someone." Qin Lianshan sighed, "Wushuang, Palace Master is here, are you still hiding?"

Tan Zhongchi’s chest shook as it went up and down. Then, he looked forward with a pair of joyous eyes. He used his perception and sensed a familiar presence.

If it wasn’t Qin Wushuang, then who else could it be?

Qin Wushuang was not dead? He was at this Qin mansion? And Tan Zhongchi was not caught in an illusion when he had walked into the mansion. It was his instinct as a true elite warrior?

Qin Wushuang smiled lightly and walked out. He bowed on the ground: "Qin Wushuang, the shameful disciple is feeling incredibly joyous to see teacher again. I am extremely humiliated that you had to come here yourself."

When Qin Wushuang said these words, his voice could not help but choke up with emotion as he was deeply touched. To have such a loving and caring teacher, what more could you ask for?

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