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Chapter 264: Love the House and it's Crow

With a sophisticated mind, Tan Zhongchi instantly thought of many possibilities.

The fact was, in this little county, the strongest powerhouse should be a Venerable House in this Subordinate Country. The strongest warrior should be at the Stage Seven or Eight of the Genuine Force.

Right now, Tan Zhongchi had clearly felt three presences at the peak of Stage Nine of the Genuine Force. These three presences were even close to the Upper Sky.

It caused Tan Zhongchi to become alert as he thought inwardly: "Could it be like Fu’Er said, that when Qin Wushuang fell, their enemies came to look for them?"

When he thought here, Tan Zhongchi could not help but feel furious. During these days, a wave of anger had been accumulating in his chest. He had not been able to unleash this unknown form of evil vital energy.

If someone had bumped into him at this moment, they would be finding their own suffering.

Although Qin Wushuang had fallen, Tan Zhongchi had not. Although Qin Wushuang had only contributed to the Green Cloud Palace and the Stargaze Palace for a short half year, he had written legends that others could not have accomplished in their lifetime.

Thus, Tan Zhongchi loved the house and its crow and would not allow anyone to bully the things and people Qin Wushuang had loved.

From this point, the Green Cloud Palace would become the backbone of the Royal Qin. Whoever planned to bully the Qin or loot a burning house, it would be the same as finding trouble with the Green Cloud Palace and Tan Zhongchi!

When he thought here, Tan Zhongchi’s stomach full of evil vital energy burst out. In a moment, he used his senses and locked onto those suppressed murderous intentions.

Indeed, he heard those three people whispering in one of the room as he listened.

 "Boss, tomorrow morning, we should go to the Royal Qin mansion and kill everyone. We need to kill all offspring to the Qin! Then, we can retreat." One of the guys with a hoarse voice spoke angrily.

 "No rush, we shall scout tomorrow morning and get to know the geographical region and the terrain. Then, it would be easier for us to move in the night. The Qin is only a new Royal family. They are new money and do not have much foundation. Besides that demonic Qin Wushuang, they don’t have any elite warriors. After the mansion was built, even if some elite warriors had joined them, they would not be trusted aides due to the short timeframe. Thus, those elite warriors would not be one-hundred percent loyal. If the news of Qin Wushuang’s death has spread, for sure, people would lose their will to fight. It would be a piece of cake to kill the people of the Qin!" This voice sounded low and muffled, and was filled with murderous intentions. Apparently, he was the boss of this group.

That previous hoarse voice spoke angrily: "The Qin family has very little people. Besides Qin Wushuang, that short-lived ghost, they only have an old man and a sister. That’s all their immediate family and easy targets. Boss, by that time, I will deal with Qin Lianshan’s daughter, and you should kill Qin Lianshan. Third will lure those useless troops away."

 "Second, remember, we are taking a great risk for this mission. Put away your corrupt intentions! Or else, if we are exposed, not only would us three die a miserable death, the entire Great Wu would be consigned to eternal damnation! This is not a joke!"

The previous low voiced Boss berated him. He also knew his comrade’s ugly taste. He wanted to deal with Qin Lianshan’s daughter as he wanted to take advantage of her beauty.

That hoarse voice said embarrassedly: "Ok ok, I will listen to you this time. However, if we just killed the Qin family like this, isn’t it too easy on them?"

 "We only want to seek revenge for the Martial Saint, we will not consider anything else!" That low voice said with determination.

One of the soft voices who was silent for

a while said: "Great Honored Warrior, us three was cultivated by the Martial Saint. It’s our duty to avenge him. Look at that West Chu, Qin Wushuang had also killed their Martial Saint. Yi Chenzi, the First Martial Saint from the West Chu is someone that would never take any suffering lying down and is known for his tyrannical characteristics in the Subordinate Countries. With such a good opportunity, is he not going to make any moves?"

"I do hope that Yi Chenzi will make a move, this way we can just watch the show and see them fight each other. Even if the matter is exposed, we can dodge the blame and not take any risks. However, Yi Chenzi is extremely cunning, for sure, he would have anticipated us making a move too." That low voice said.

Naturally, these three were Great Honored Warriors from the Great Wu. They had been cultivated by Qi Shengnan. Thus, they could never forget and forgive his death.

The one that spoke with a low voice was the Great Honored Warrior, the one with the hoarse voice was the Second Great Honored Warrior. The soft-spoken one was the Third.

The Third Honored Warrior spoke again softly: "If that’s the case, Great Honored Warrior, I think we should wait. Since Yi Chenzi is waiting for us to make a move, we could also wait for him to make a move. In this game, whoever can hold the longest will win."

That Second Honored Warrior spoke with the hoarse voice: "Wait? Wait until when? If we miss the chance, it would be difficult to seek revenge! Now is the best time to beat the iron while it’s hot. Why should we wait? Isn’t it much better for us to kill the Qin family, instead of using other’s power? I want to see people of the Qin beg and cry under my blade. My hatred could only be resolved after I see the blood of the Qin flow like a river!"

When Tan Zhongchi heard half the conversation, he was already planning to kill these three. However, when he heard them mention "Yi Chenzi of the West Chu," he suppressed his anger.

He thought: "Killing these people would be like killing ants. I am afraid that killing them would disturb the grass and scare the snake. The other enemy powerhouses that lurk like a tiger watching its prey would not have the guts to show their heads. I must let all of them come out. I will observe in secret and take all of them at once. This is the best strategy."

Being a towering figure, Tan Zhongchi had such scheming ideas. Instantly, he suppressed his anger and no longer listened to the words of those three. Three warriors at the peak of the Pre-Sky Realm would not make him nervous.

After that night, Tan Zhongchi left with the three disciples early next morning. Those three Honored Warriors from the Great Wu didn’t know that last night, they had already wandered into the gates of hell.

Currently, to them, the Qin family was the gates of hell. If they didn’t go, perhaps, they would not die. If they went, they would die!

Once the anger from the Second Palace Master of the Stargaze Palace had been lit, even the entire Great Wu Country could be burned to the ground instantly. Not to mention the mere three Pre-Sky Realm warriors.

 "Marquis, four guests have come to pay a visit outside the Royal Mansion, they said they are Young Master’s friends." Gou Sheng, the Second Butler of the Royal Mansion and one of the most loyal servants walked in and said.

Currently, as the Butler, Gou Sheng’s position was only less than Qin Sixi, the old servant.

Qin Sixi was the First Butler and in charge of internal affairs. As the Second Butler, he was in charge of external affairs and responsible for taking in guests. He had fully maximized his advantage from being a negotiator. Yet, he was extremely loyal and did his duty.

 "Friends? Let them come in!"

Qin Wushuang’s friends must be unusual. Qin Lianshan knew that most people who could become friends with Qin Wushuang would have extraordinary backgrounds. Naturally, he would not neglect them.

When he arrived at the main hall, Gou Sheng had already led the four into the hall.

 "My honorable guests, please excuse me for not welcoming you sooner." Qin Lianshan did not forget his manners.

Tan Zhongchi cupped his hands and sized Qin Lianshan from head toe. Although he was an honorable Advanced Staged warrior and the Second Palace Master of the Great Luo, Tan Zhongchi did not know what to say when he faced an enthusiastic Qin Lianshan.

Before a father that had lost his son, how could he tell him this nightmare? How could he face Qin Lianshan’s devastated emotions the instant he heard about this nightmare?

Although Zhou Fu and the others put on a faint smile, they could not disguise the sorrow on their face. Inwardly, Qin Lianshan thought: "Could these people already know what had happened to Qin Wushuang at the Green Jade Mountain?"

He offered tea and Tan Zhongchi opened his mouth to speak after drinking a mouthful: "Marquis Qin, I am Tan Zhongchi, your son’s teacher at the Stargaze Palace."

As soon as he had said these words, Qin Lianshan almost dropped the tea cup in his hands as his expression changed. Tan Zhongchi?

How could he not know about the name Tan Zhongchi? The Second Palace Master of the Stargaze Palace, the figure that could do whatever he wanted in the entire Great Luo. He was also Wushuang’s talent scout and teacher!

No matter how great Qin Lianshan’s imagination had become, he did not expect that this guest before him was Palace Master Tan Zhongchi, Wushuang’s teacher!

Tan Zhongchi had expected Qin Lianshan’s reaction. Inside the Great Luo Empire, only a few people would not be surprised by hearing his name.

If they had not leashed their Upper Sky presence, the entire Heavenly Royal mansion would most likely have shook when the four had walked in.

However, Tan Zhongchi was trying to put together the words to pass the tragic news to Qin Lianshan.

"Palace Master Tan?" Qin Lianshan spoke hesitatingly.

 "That’s me, Marquis Qin, you are Wushuang’s father, let’s not act so formal. These three are my disciples and Seniors to Wushuang."

 "It’s a pleasure to meet you." Zhou Fu and the others all walked up and bowed as they all offered respect to Qin Lianshan.

Yet, Qin Lianshan did not dare to take it. These three appeared young, but they were all Upper Sky warriors. Qin Lianshan did not dare to take their bows and replied instantly.

"Marquis Qin, regarding the seniority, they should have this bow. Don’t be too formal. We came this time to see Wushuang’s living environment where he grew up. Secondly, there is very bad news, and I don’t know how to tell you…"

Tan Zhongchi hesitated. Being a heroic figure for all his lifetime, he had always spoken everything he wanted and embraced everyone he had meet. Now was the first time in that he felt extremely troubled.

Qin Lianshan understood everything immediately when he saw Tan Zhongchi’s expression. At the moment, he did not bat an eyelid and said: "Please tell me."

 "Ok, Marquis Qin, Wushuang, that kid is missing and his status is unknown. Perhaps…" For a moment, Tan Zhongchi did not know if he should continue to speak.

Then, he changed his tone: "Regardless, Wushuang is my disciple and the pride of the Green Cloud Palace. Naturally, I should help his family after his death. Currently, many of your enemies want to loot a burning house. I came this time to make sure those evil people do not die easily!"

Inwardly, Qin Lianshan was shocked for Wushuang had made the correct prediction. He had expected that enemies to the Qin would use this chance to seek revenge. Indeed, it had happened. Only, Qin Wushuang would never expect that for this matter, his teacher Tan Zhongchi had arrived himself!

Just when they were talking, Gou Sheng came in and reported: "Marquis, another person is here to pay a visit. He said he’s Young Master’s friend!"

The color on Tan Zhongchi’s face fell: "Friend?"

His first thought was those people from the inn at the River County and that First Martial Saint from the West Chu who had yet to show his face!

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