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The Head Palace Master’s acute foresight had suppressed Tan Zhongchi’s murderous intent. However, he did not persuade him completely.

Inwardly, Tan Zhongchi was secretly scheming on how many lives from the Archaic Mysteries Sect and the death of their Core disciples it would require to compensate the pain of him losing his disciple!

Since he could not declare war openly, he would use assassination!

Regardless, he could never swallow this lump of fury and be forced to accept this fact. This was not Tan Zhongchi’s personality and style!

Since the Archaic Mysteries Sect had killed his disciple and destroyed his hope, he would need them to pay a disastrous price! It would not matter if the Archaic Mysteries Sect also had large number of elite warriors!

On the contrary, Zhuo Buqun used the name of the Great Luo Empire and sent out an indignant statement in writing. He blamed them for slaughtering the innocent people of the Purple Cloud Town, invading the Green Jade Mountain and was the sole reason for the death of their Core disciple from the Stargaze Palace!

Regardless of how one treats the aftermath of this matter, they must take the upper hand regarding the morality. This was the breadth of Zhuo Buqun’s mind, being the number one figure in the Great Luo Empire.

He knew that when a matter involved the dispute between the two large Empires, they should not consider other things, but to take action first. They must occupy the height of public opinion. To fight or to find other methods would come later.

Unexpectedly, the number one sect of the Heavenly Lake Empire, the Archaic Mysteries Sect, had suffered an even greater loss. They had lost five Middle Stage ranking Elders and a group of Core disciples. Although those were not their strongest Core disciples, it was a great loss.

Only, they did not hold any authority in the Green Jade Mountain. Even by geographical boundaries, they only occupied a small amount of the Green Jade Mountain.

This time, they had sent their army deep into the mountain and all within the Great Luo Empire. Thus, they were unable to speak up about their suffering.

When they saw the statement from the Great Luo Empire, the Archaic Mysteries Sect also felt extremely furious. They felt that the Great Luo had received benefits, but pretended to not have any!

Instantly, they also sent out a statement and claimed that the Great Luo Empire was the one that had started the provocations and the Heavenly Lake Empire was forced to counterattack.

This way, by going back and forth, both sides continued their spitting war. It seemed that this matter might become even more serious.

Putting the tension between the Great Luo Empire and the Heavenly Lake Empire aside. When the Great Luo Empire had sent out the official statement, the entire Stargaze Palace, and the entire Great Luo Empire, had woken up from the dream. They learned that the Stargaze Palace had lost a Core disciple, the one that had ranked number one.

The dark horse, Qin Wushuang!

When the news spread out, indeed, some were extremely sad and some were happy.

The most happy ones were the Great Wu and the West Chu. Especially the Great Wu, they would have celebrated if they were not in fear of the power from the Stargaze Palace.

All the martial arts students from the Great Wu gathered together with Qi Yinfeng as the leader. Each of them were beaming from ear to ear as if they were celebrating a holiday.

"Boss Qi, this is karma. That Qin Wushuang used the special attention given from the Second Palace Master and killed our Martial Saint. Now, he got himself killed, if this is not karma, what is?"

 "With the death of Qin Wushuang, the Bai Yue will not have anymore protection! Us Great Wu would only need to rest and recharge for ten or twenty years, then we could invade the Bai Yue again. At that time, let’s take account of all the new and old grudges! I believe that at that time, the West Chu will not refuse to send out the army together with us!"

Qi Yinfeng nodded: "Everyone, speak no more of this matter. Let’s just be happy in secret. We must never show us taking joy in the calamity. Or else, when the people from the Green Cloud Palace finds out about it, we would not have good days!"

 "Yes, Boss Qi knows well."

In the Zhen Wu Holy Place of the Bai Yue Country, the Purple-robed Martial Saint was also dumbstruck when he received the news.

"Qin Wushuang is dead?" He found it extremely hard to believe this fact. Even the death of Qiu Lingde, the previous Martial Saint had not shocked him as much.

Qin Wushuang had risen steadily and was the number one elite warrior at the Core disciples in the Stargaze Palace. How could he have died suddenly? Then, he learned that the death of Qin Wushuang was related to that Green Jade Mountain. The rumors also said that for some unknown reason, the entire Green Jade Mountain had been destroyed. Not only had Qin Wushuang died, many elite warriors from the Heavenly Lake Empire had also died.

The Purple-robed Martial Saint felt as if a knife was cutting his heart. Previously, to Qin Wushuang, he was a guide and a senior.

Later, Qin Wushuang reached the Upper Sky first and gave him an Upper Sky Initial Stage pill of supreme quality. It helped him to become an Upper Sky. This was a tremendous favor.

Before he had a chance to repay him, he had received the terrible news of Qin Wushuang’s death! It gave the Purple-robed Warrior the feeling that the sky had lost all its color.

"When the news of of Marquis Wushuang’s death spreads out, for sure, the Great Wu and the West Chu would celebrate nationally. The Great Wu would not matter since they no longer have the strength to invade. Regarding the West Chu, although one of their Martial Saint had died, their military power has not decreased. We must stay alert if they decide to invade from the south!"

Since the Purple-robed Martial Saint ruled over the Martial Saint mountain, he needed to consider the overall political outlook when dealing with problems. Although he felt sorrow for Qin Wushuang’s death, he could not help but worry about Bai Yue’s destiny.

 "Right now, the people of the Royal Qin most likely do not know about the news yet. How should we hide this news?" When the Purple-robed Martial Saint thought about the fate for the Qin, he also felt extremely distressed.

The fate of the Qin was full of trouble and misfortune.

 "Regardless, I must protect their prosperity with everything I have. No matter if Marquis Wushuang is here or not, the position of the Royal Qin shall not change! Even if Qin Wushuang is not here, the contributions he has made for the Bai Yue is still not there. As long as I remain the Martial Saint, I will not allow any change to the Royal Qin!" Inwardly, the Purple-robed Martial Saint was determined with this idea.

Only, once the news spread from the Great Luo, it travelled unstoppably. Tong Yan had acquired this news instantly. While he was shocked, he sent the information back to his family.

When Tong Yao received this news, she also felt as if she had been electrocuted and almost doubted whether Tong Yan had made a mistake. However, through the family’s intelligence networks, she verified that the news from the Green Jade Mountain was not fake.

Although Tong Yao had shared a platonic friendship with Qin Wushuang, as insipid as the water, she could not help but feel deeply saddened as the tears welled up in her eyes.

She also didn’t know whether she was mourning, or truly felt sad. Qin Wushuang’s voice and appearance lingered in her head and made her feel even more sad. She felt that she vaguely seemed to have lost something extremely precious…

"However, Young Master Qin did not seem to be a short-lived person." Tong Yao wiped away the tears and comforted herself, "Even if the Green Jade Mountain is destroyed, as long as we don’t find the body, we will not be sure that Young Master Qin had died…"

Only, such self-comforting words seemed somewhat insincere. The heaven falls and the earth rent was the punishment from nature. No matter how strong a human warrior may be, how could they resist against nature?

 "Perhaps, people of the Qin still don’t know it. I must bring this news to them instantly. Or else, would their enemy take the chance to seek revenge?"

Although Tong Yao was someone with a lot of emotions, she did not lose her common sense while being sad. Instantly, she thought of many problems.

When she thought here, she immediately packed and began her departure to the Eastwood Town.

At the Zhen Wu Holy Place in the West Chu, Yi Chenzi, the First Martial Saint was also taking joy in this calamity: "Qin Wushuang, Qin Wushuang, you are in the prime of youth, but didn’t you know that having a sharp vigor would get you punishment from the heaven? This is your retribution. You killed my Martial Saint, and got killed in return. Let’s see who can support the Bai Yue Country in the future?"

Yi Chenzi still held a deep grudge and started to plan another invasion to the Bai Yue after some time. He would take revenge for the Second Martial Saint.

At this time, the Third Martial Saint walked over in a rush.

"Great Martial Saint, I already received the top-secret news from the Stargaze Palace, both Lü and Gu Core disciples had replied that Qin Wushuang had definitely died! They are both Core disciples of the Fifth Palace Master, you can imagine their credibility of the news? For this matter, it should not be wrong!"

From the tone of the Third Martial Saint, there was a trace of malicious glee in the other’s misfortune.

"Since Lü and Gu had said it, then it would not be wrong." From the smile of Yi Chenzi, there was a trace of viciousness, "That Qin Wushuang had created a fuss at the imperial palace and killed the Second Martial Saint. Before, we had to swallow this grudge. Now, since he has been punished by the wrath of heaven, we must make him pay!"

 "Make him pay?" The Third Martial Saint blinked his eyes.

Yi Chenzi said creepily: "Although Qin Wushuang has died, his Qin family remains and each of them are still alive! The Emperor of the Bai Yue and the new Martial Saint are all living well."

 "You mean?" A trace of joy flashed across the eyes of the Third Martial Saint.

"One needs to beat the iron while it’s still hot. Now, this is the time where the Stargaze Palace is in a chaotic state. This is the time to take revenge, to kill the Qin. When the Stargaze Palace reacts, it would not be easy to do it. We will make a move in spite of the chaos and in secret. Qin Wushuang had made many enemies in the Bai Yue Country while he was still alive, plus the Zhen Wu Holy Place from the Great Wu, wouldn’t they be scared of elite warriors going to assassinate the Qin?"

There was a trace of evil in Yi Chenzi’s tone as he said: "Third, I am going to go by myself. You will be in charge for the Martial Saint Mountain. If someone comes to pay a visit, just tell them I am training in isolation. At most, I will return in seven days."

The West Chu was a neighboring country with the Bai Yue. With the speed of an Upper Sky warrior, they would not need too much time to travel by shortcuts.

Just as Yi Chenzi had expected, although the Zhen Wu Holy Place of the Great Wu had lost Qi Shengnan, their Martial Saint, they still had a few Great Honored Warriors.

Initially, when Qin Wushuang was killing around in the Great Wu, he had no time to destroy their Zhen Wu Holy Place. He knew that all Zhen Wu Holy Place in each country were strange and well hidden. It was tough to find each one. Thus, he did not go to the Zhen Wu Holy Place.

Apparently, these Great Honored Warriors also planned to seek revenge on the Qin by gathering together! Since Qin Wushuang had killed their Martial Saint, it was a righteous thing to do to destroy the Qin!

Each day, Qin Wushuang was dealing with the other entrance in that cave and trying to figure out the secrets within the traps. That entrance was a secret river in the innermost side of the cave. Qin Wushuang had searched along the way and had no idea that because of his "death", huge changes had occurred in the outside world. The outlook had become even more sensitive and everything seemed to take off like an arrow strung on the bow.

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