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Chapter 260: Comprehension in the Cave

However, Qin Wushuang was currently not in a rush to explore this path. He felt reassured since it existed. His most urgent task at the moment was to consolidate his Middle Stage.

After he had broken through, he had been involved in continuous battles and did not have any free time to consolidate this stage. And Qin Wushuang had absorbed quite a bit of spiritual Qi from the battle in the cave. Only, he had no time to merge it into his body.

Now, since returning to this cave, Qin Wushuang felt this was the safest place. Regardless of mental or physical well-being, he was extremely relaxed. Immediately, he started to merge the Qi.

After spending a day in the cave, Qin Wushuang had merged all the Qi completely when he opened his eyes again. However, doubt emerged in his heart.

 "Are those five rays of lights spiritual Qi? How is it that each time, I can feel the power enter my body, but I cannot feel them in my sea of internal Qi? Could it be that those lights did not enter my sea of spiritual Qi?"

Qin Wushuang’s instincts helped him to judge that the lights half year ago and these lights from the transportation circle had a lot of special effects. Or else, the injuries he had suffered would not have gotten healed so easily. The regeneration was so powerful that he seemed to not have experienced an injury.

Additionally, each time after getting injured, he felt that his body had become much stronger and his combat abilities had increased.

Although such feeling could not be verified, Qin Wushuang could feel the changes in his body. It was the so-called saying of how his body was able to adapt to all types of weather.

 "Perhaps, those miraculous power had tempered my body, my sea of spiritual Qi, but could not enter into my body completely…" Qin Wushuang thought.

He would have no idea that those five rays of lights were not in the same level as his current Spiritual Qi. If they had entered his sea of Spiritual Qi, even a tiny grain would be enough to cause it to explode.

This miraculous power would only temper his body and perfect it.

Of course, the current Qin Wushuang knew nothing.

After having trained in isolation for a few days, when Qin Wushuang walked to the entrance of the cave, he saw that outside was full of brilliant snowfall. The accumulated snow had already spread across the entire valley like an extravagant white cloth.

Currently, heavy snow the size of goose feathers continued to fall.

Qin Wushuang stood at the cave entrance and seemed to have understood something as he watched the snow. He casually extended his hand to catch the snowflakes.

When the snowflakes dropped into his hand, it melted away immediately from the heat in his palm and vapors rose.

As Qin Wushuang watched that rising fog, he thought: "This snowflake turns into vapor when it touches my hand. It seemed to exist, but disappeared in an instant. Only, it changed its shape… For the martial arts technique, the move I launch in the beginning is different than the one in contact with the enemy. This is the so-called saying of how no one could find an antelope when it hangs the horn. Isn’t this the profound sword intention of the Lone Nine Sword? The sword intention of the Lone Nine Sword technique truly incorporates the inner essence of the nature. Since ancient times, how could these innovators that created these exceptional martial techniques be elite warriors that excelled in everything? And for me, I can only use their knowledge and use their techniques… One day, if I could create my own technique and comprehend the moves within the changes of nature, only then could I bear the title of "Grandmaster", right?"

He remembered how in his former world, people had called him the "Ancient Grandmaster". Now, thinking back, he felt somewhat embarrassed. One could only be called a grandmaster in the ancient martial arts world in the earth. In this world,

the strength of the Pre-Sky Realm was only the beginning.

Qin Wushuang stared at these falling snowflakes in the valley. A strange feeling emerged in his mind. These pieces of snowflakes were like the mass of common people. To this earth and sky, they were just bystanders.

Only, the fall of the snowflakes would only accumulate for three or five days. However, a human being would live for more than hundreds of years. Regardless of the length of the time, on the cosmic scale, they were after all, guests. The only difference was the time length.

 "Isn’t training an act that acts to defy the natural order, to fight for a longer life? To avoid death? However, in the world, are there truly immortals?" Qin Wushuang also had a trace of doubt. He wanted to know whether immortality existed in this Tian Xuan Land.

If they existed, what sort of demonic existences were they? Were they gods, celestial beings? Or something else?

Unconsciously, Qin Wushuang extended his hand again. When the snowflakes dropped onto his palm and fingertips, again, vapors rose as the snowflake melted.

 "When the snowflakes turned into fog, as it keeps rising, it still exists within the world. However, once the human body ages and is destroyed, they would cease to exist like a light being extinguished. This way, in the end, humans are less than these snowflakes. Only, the snowflakes reincarnate in between the water and mist. And could the lives of the human beings and souls be unable to reincarnate? Has no one escaped reincarnation to live forever?"

Qin Wushuang felt that since all living things moved along its course, there would be reincarnation. Being a part of all living things, humans should also follow this principle. Since reincarnation existed, then for sure, there would be some existence that did not reincarnate…

Although Qin Wushuang thought this way, he knew that everything were his hypothesis.

Suddenly, his eyes fixed to the snowflakes on his pinky finger. They had condensed into sparkling and translucent ice crystals.

How did this happen?"

Qin Wushuang was stunned. His palm emitted heat and the snowflakes would melt for sure when it dropped. Why did it condense into ice crystals when it dropped onto his pinky?

After some examination, Qin Wushuang understood the reason. Unconsciously, he had used the spiritual Qi from the path along the " Heart Meridian." These passages in which the vital energy passes through belonged to the feminine side. It was one of the rare feminine sword Qi in the .

Since it was not close to Qin Wushuang’s usual masculine style, he had rarely used the "Young Dashed Sword" from these passages.

Although he had rarely used it, it did not mean that he never used it. In fact, the Young Dash Sword had a lot of variations and agility. It was a fresh and active sword Qi.

Suddenly, many ideas emerged in Qin Wushuang’s head. Although these ideas were strange, they were extremely lively. Qin Wushuang immediately sat down cross-legged and started thinking.

Vividly, he felt that he was about to learn something. To put it precisely, he was about to grasp something. Although he could not figure it out, he knew it would be new knowledge.

"The original attribute of this snowflake is water. Regardless of whether it shows itself in the shape of the snowflake, fog, or water, the original attribute is water. Perhaps, the water element is not the most tyrannical attribute in the five basic elements, it is the gentlest and has the most variations. Since these snowflakes condensed into ice crystals on my fingertips, naturally, it was influenced by my invisible sword Qi. Vividly, I should have grasped the profound secrets within the water attributes. Since I can merge it into the sword Qi, wouldn’t this become an elemental attack?"

As Qin Wushuang thought this way, he initiated the sword Qi through the fingertips and a wave of mist emerged with a rising fog.

Qin Wushuang shook his head: "Not powerful enough, the fog spread out and did not condense. It has no penetration power."

He tried it again and it was the same result.

Once, twice, three times…

When Qin Wushuang practiced martial arts, he never lacked persistence and madness.

True to his nature, he sat down for three days and three nights as he immersed himself into the understanding of the "Ice Sword Qi." Finally, he had gone from a rough understanding to more knowledge until he had grasped all the profound knowledge within it.

He moved his pinky finger and the sword Qi gushed out straightforwardly with an icy coldness. A wave of ice crystals shot at a vulture that was outside the cave.


That vulture was penetrated by the sword Qi and not a drop of blood was spilled as its entire body turned white. In fact, it had frozen into an icy chicken.

Qin Wushuang was overjoyed: "Indeed, an elemental attack has many times the power from before. At least, such power attack is five times more powerful than the one from the Initial Stage. No wonder there is no miracles when an Initial Stage Warrior fights against a Middle Stage. The little difference between stages has revealed a great gap!"

Indeed, he was happy. This was the first time he had understood the profoundness from an elemental attack and combined it with his own moves. Although such understanding could not be said as innovation, he had already started the first step in comprehension by himself.

Regardless of martial arts training, secret technique books and moves, they would not stay the same. Regarding the variations, it would not depend on the moves, but the person wielding it.

It was one example of understanding that Qin Wushuang grasped by watching the snow.

 "Initially, this sword Qi was called Young Dashed Sword. After combining with the mutated ice element from the water element, it will be called the Ice Sword Qi." Qin Wushuang named this move.

After understanding this "Ice Sword Qi," Qin Wushuang’s mood had instantly become much more smooth.

He calculated the days and realized that he had been in the cave for many days. He wanted to know now, what kind of change was the outside world experiencing.

He was more concerned about whether those disciples from the Stargaze Palace had escaped. By his estimation, if they had retreated after hearing the whistles, it’s highly possible that they had survived. He just didn’t know what choices they had made.

Now, regardless of how much concern he felt, he could not change the reality. Qin Wushuang decided to break through the traps that led to the foot of the mountain. Then, he would make other plans.

 "Perhaps, to the outside world, I am a dead person?" Qin Wushuang mocked himself. He also felt that this time, he was able to survive because of luck.

However, Qin Wushuang did not plan to linger too long. He remembered that his sister was pregnant. If the news had passed to the Royal Qin mansion and his sister injured the fetus due to extreme sorrow, then he would become the culprit responsible. Thus, after some thoughts, he decided to go down the mountain after getting used to those traps. Then, he would stay hidden in the royal mansion and observe trends of the outside world before making further plans.

For this matter, the Heavenly Lake Empire would not escape responsibility. Qin Wushuang wanted to see how the higher-ups would treat this matter.

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