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As he reflect on those words, Qin Wushuang do feel that he was lucky. At the Green Jade Mountain mountain, if he had hit one person and smashed him down to the natural pit, wouldn’t he lost this fortuitous opportunity?"

And he would have no choice to become the sacrifice objects for this fortuitous opportunity.

The loss and gain within this opportunity had a great gap.

Those people from the Heavenly Lake Empire must had felt proud when they smashed him down to the pit. However, how could they ever thought that they would die in the next moment?

And when Qin Wushuang had fall into the abyss, how could he have expected this outcome?

The great rise and fall of the a person’s life time was like this.

 "How much more secrets are there to this Seven Deadly Arrays of Matrix?" Qin Wushuang heard that voice say that this matrix would become his personal territory. Naturally, he looked forward to it.

That voice stopped speaking for a moment as if he was waiting for Qin Wushuang to digest all these news. After a while, the voice spoke again: "Of course, before you go into the third loop, you must achieve the Advanced Stage. Or else, you could not activate the transportation circle for the Third Loop. Don’t worry, in the following activation of the transportation circle, such destructible events would not occur."

Advanced Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force!

This was the basic condition to enter the Third Loop? Qin Wushuang had to sigh with astonishment. The senior who had set up this matrix truly had a sophisticated mind. He had thought thoroughly of each loop.

The First Loop was at the Green Jade Mountain and allowed everyone to compete for it.

In the Second Loop, once the lucky one had entered, the transportation circle from the First Loop would self-destruct. This way, no one would get to know the exact secrets of that transportation circle at the Green Jade Mountain."

"Lucky one, I know that you must be feeling overwhelmed, digest it slowly, ha ha ha." That aged voice stopped for a moment and suddenly, it spoke with a serious tone, "However, you must remember, no matter how superior my Seven Deadly Arrays of Matrix may be, it is located in seven different places at the Tian Xuan Land. Regardless, anyone could discover any Loop. However, it is one matter of discovering it and activating it is another matter. For example, if someone had discovered the Fourth Loop, if he did not undergone through the first three Loop, he would not be able to activate it regardless of his strength to enter the Fifth Loop!"

Qin Wushuang had understand thoroughly of this Seven Deadly Arrays of Matrix. For this matrix, each Loop was connected. If one did not go through one of these Loop and tried to intercept in the middle, they would not be able to activate the prohibition and the next transportation circle.

And they could only look at all the treasures and secret technique books, but not moving it.

Once they moved it, they would activated the prohibition and get killed mercilessly.

This was the miraculous aspect of the Seven Deadly Arrays of Matrix. Only the one lucky person who had went through the trial of the First and the Second Loop would become the true heir to these matrices.

 "Remember, others could not activate these Loops. However, it did not mean they could not threaten you. If someone else discovered the matrices, although they could not activate it, they could form threats to you, who possess the ability to activate it. Thus, your enemy is not the matrices, but those people who accidentally bumped into it. It’s the same for any Loops!"

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang nodded for he understood this reason. If someone had discovered the secret to the Great Cang Mountain, it would be the biggest threat.

Fortunately, the location of this secret cave was well hidden. It’s impossible for others to discover it. Initially, if Qin Wushuang had not accidentally touched the spiritual movements by practicing the , he would not learn about this secret in his life time. In this deep Great Cang Mountain, so much treasures were hiding in here.

There were many questions in his head. However, he knew that since this voice was left by the soul, it could not answer his questions.

Fortunately, this voice did not pretend to play deep, but explained everything in detail.

"Lucky one, remember, in this Seven Deadly Arrays of Matrix, the First and the Second Loop is only a beginning. The following Loops will be the unforeseeable miracles you would never predict. Manage it well and take the chances. If you can enter the Seventh Loop, nothing in this Tian Xuan Land would bind your steps, ha ha ha…"

Then, this voice changed tone: "However, if you don’t have enough luck, or die early, not to mention the Seventh Loop, even the Fourth Loop would be a great problem. Of course, the Third Loop should not be a problem. Work hard! Remember, there are many exciting things and secrets for you to reveal. With these Seven Loops, it means you are having many personal territory and you can lead large group of people travel. Perhaps, you could not feel the benefits, but sooner or later, you would discover that these Seven Matrices are life-saving matrices!"

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang thought, he could lead large group of people travelling altogether? This is for sure, an unexpected news. Initially, he thought that since these Loops belonged to his personal territory, he would only be able to use it.

 "The Matrix is beneath this giant green stone. Don’t underestimate it, I had used supreme Spiritual Qi and solidified a spiritual beast. When you reach the Advanced Stage, you will be able to activate my prohibition, unleash the petrification spell and restore it’s original form! His original form is the Purple Electric Flaming Beast…The one that solved it’s spell will be the owner! This is the biggest fortuitous opportunity in the Second Loop. The strength of this beast is at least equivalent to the Perfect Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force!"

Perfect Stage? Qin Wushuang was dumbstruck.

What did it mean?

The Five Palace Masters from the Stargaze Palace, including the Head Palace Master was unable to break through the last obstacle and enter the Perfect Stage.

And this Spiritual Beast was at the Perfect Stage?

Such powerful Spiritual Beast had gotten sealed at this place by someone using the "Petrification spell"?

How devilish would that Petrification spell be? And how much more powerful would this person be to carry this method? Vaguely, Qin Wushuang felt that he was after all, a little frog in the deep well.

Earlier, he felt that been an Upper Sky warrior was already powerful. For both his life times, pursuing Upper Sky was his goal. Now, after entering the Upper Sky, he discovered that in the entire world, the Upper Sky stage was also little.

It was like in his former world of how a child from the country side entered the county and learned that the city was big. When he had entered the city, he learned that there was the imperial capital, and outside the capital, there was the entire earth…

Outside the earth, there was the solar system, the galaxy and the entire endless universe.

This endless feeling had accurately described Qin Wushuang’s mood.

 "Lucky one, you must feel that the Perfect Stage is incredibly awesome. Ha ha, even at the Tian Xuan Land, Perfect Stage is not an awe-inspiring existence. I picked this Purple Electric Flaming beast not because of his strength, but because he had the ability and the potential to keep advancing."

"The so-called talented spiritual beast is different than ordinary beast. Initially, their body engraved extraordinary potential. Such miraculous potential is bestowed by the gods. They are existence like the prodigies among the human beings for they receive the blessing from the gods! Once a talented beast had ignite their fire of advancement, they would advance and evolve with an incomparable speed to humans. In the end, they would become a terrifying existence. I used my soul light to brainwashed his soul. As long as you break his seal, he would obey you unconditionally! This is the biggest fortuitous opportunity I am giving you in the Second Loop! Once you reached the Advanced Stage, you will be able to acquire it!"

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang was feeling the ups and downs for he was emotionally stirred by all of these words.

All of these fortuitous opportunities had came too quickly and he could not digest everything at once. Imagine it, if he had a Spiritual Beast at the level of Perfect Stage, for sure, he would not be forced into the situation like the time at the Green Jade Mountain!

For the first time, Qin Wushuang looked forward of having a powerful contract beast.

At the same time, he also felt extremely lucky by becoming the owner of these Seven Deadly Arrays of Matrix. He must treasure such fortuitous opportunity with all his heart.

Just when Qin Wushuang’s thoughts went flying in his head, that voice gave a long sigh and continues to speak: "Lucky one, in this Loop, this is all the suggestion and warning I can give to you. If you can enter the Third Loop, more clues will await you. I hope by that time, you are still alive and to hear my voice again. Don’t disappoint me! Right, there are few traps in the other entrance of this cave that is connected to the foot of the mountain. Near the traps, with my instructions, you can activate it. So, you don’t need to go up and down from the sheer cliff, ha ha ha…"

This voice of the soul had gradually become low and muffled and disappeared.

In a moment, those dense lights also disappeared gradually. Everything had returned to as before. The giant green stone still remained as one stone. From the appearance, it do looked like a cowering vicious beast. It opened its angry eyes like a legendary beast.

Qin Wushuang touched the head of that Purple Electric Flame beast and smiled: "Buddy, wait for me, I will come quickly to unseal your spell. Then we will be best buddy, Ha ha."

With the instruction from that voice, Qin Wushuang did not need to investigate other places in the cave. He knew that this cave is the Second Loop of the Seven Deadly Arrays of Matrix. All the profound secrets were here.

However, it would be unfortunate to not use the cave’s vast space. Qin Wushuang kept thinking and already started to plan on how to use this cave.

He was considering of how to connect this cave with the Royal Qin Mansion. In an emergency situation, the people of the mansion could retreat to here. 

Didn’t that voice said that the other entrance of the cave was directly connected to the bottom of the mountain?

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