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Even Wei Yi, a usually calm man, showed an enormous change of color in his face. Inwardly, his heart was also torn with anxiety. He knew clearly that from these three short whistles, Junior Brother Qin must be in dire straits. Or else, it would not sound this miserable.

In the current circumstance, he only had two choices. The first one was to aid him, regardless of the enemy. They would die together as they were fellow disciples.

The other choice was to act according to their previous promise. Once they heard the three short whistles, they would retreat without hesitation.

 "Senior Brother, what should we do?" Huang Chaoyang knew the situation was desperate when he saw Wei Yi’s expression.

"Junior Brother Qin is not in a good situation." Wei Yi said in a low voice, "Those three short whistles were extremely piercing and rushed, and it seems to have been muffled by some space. The spread of the sound wave was contained."

 "Senior Brother, we should either go help him, or retreat instantly. Further hesitation will only cause us to lose our opportunities." Lu Shaonan reminded him.

Wei Yi’s brain was in a chaotic state. Indeed, it was hard for him to make a call. If he left now, most likely, judging by Qin Wushuang’s three short whistles, it would mean he would be beyond saving.

However, they would face the same amount of danger if they went to rescue him. Perhaps, it would push all ten Core disciples into the fire pit.

In the current situation, he would either help to fulfill Qin Wushuang’s wish, or protect the future of Stargaze Palace.

Inwardly, Wei Yi was finding this decision extremely difficult. He thought: "If teacher was here, what would he do in this situation? Usually, teacher always talked about a stage, a type of perspicacity… Then, what kind of decision would count determine one’s perspicacity, the breadth of mind?"

In a moment of enlightenment, suddenly, Wei Yi made up his mind: "It should be like this! If all ten Core disciples of the Stargaze Palace died here, then what future would remain for the Stargaze Palace? Regarding the perspicacity, what things are more important than the future of the Palace?"

While feeling the pain throbbing in his heart, he made a promise: "Junior Brother Qin, if you’ve died today, I promise, one day, I will kill all nine generations of the person who killed you!"

Rays of brilliant lights shone in his eyes as he waved his hand and shouted: "Retreat!"

Usually, Lu Shaonan and Huang Chaoyan followed Wei Yi without questioning. Although they felt bad when hearing his call for a retreat, they did not hesitate and rushed away from the Green Jade Mountain quickly.

They encountered Zhou Fu and the others when they had not even gone more than ten miles. Apparently, Zhou Fu had also heard those three short piercing whistles. Revealing an anxious expression, she shouted at Wei Yi when she saw them: "Senior Brother Wei Yi, why are you retreating instead of going to rescue?"

Wei Yi shouted: "Retreat! Not a single person must remain here, retreat immediately! Or else, the situation might change!"

Earlier Qin Wushuang had saved Zhao Muzhi once. Inwardly, he was impressed by Qin Wushuang and wanted to save him. Thus, hearing Wei Yi’s words now, he shouted in refusal: "Senior Brother Wei Yi, the ten of us came here together, if we go back with one less, how could we tell the Palace Masters? Junior Brother Qin put himself in danger, it’s time for us to help him!"

 "Junior Brother Zhao, you are a fool! What is the promise we made with Junior Brother Qin? We must retreat when we hear three short whistles, without a moment of delay. Besides, these three short whistles sounded miserable and piercing. It’s informing us that the enemies must be tougher than we had imagined. If we go now, not only we would not save him, we might plunge into a desperate situation ourselves. By that time, it’s not about having one less, but all of us would not make it!"

Zhou Fu shouted: "Even if that’s the case, I will not allow Junior Brother Qin to be alone in the dangerous situation. Senior Brother Wei Yi, if you are not going to go, I will go. Who else?"

Zhao Muzhi was the first one that shouted: "I will go with you."

Both Lü Teng and Jian Rui were from the line of the Green Cloud Palace. Naturally, they did not shrink back and stood behind Zhou Fu.

However, Deng Bohu and Miao Zhongxia were hesitant and undecided. Especially Miao Zhongxia as he said embarrassedly: "I feel that we should act according to the promise. After all, this is not a joke, You guys would not wish to waste Junior Brother Qin’s warning that he had used his life to give us?"

Deng Bohu also nodded when he heard Miao Zhongxia’s words: "Indeed, if Qin knew, he would not want us to go. Or else, he would not have sent out those three short whistles. I think we need to retreat immediately and protect the future of the Stargaze Palace! This is also the painstaking efforts of Junior Brother Qin."

Zhou Fu’s eyes had become red. Apparently, after hearing everyone’s words, they knew that Junior Brother Qin would not come back. In fact, she was unwilling to admit this fact. Yet deep inside her heart, as she remembered Qin Wushuang’s three piercing whistles, she knew clearly that he had most likely encountered a situation that was beyond his capabilities…

Or else, with Junior Brother Qin’s skill, he would not have let out such miserable whistles even if he were to retreat.

When she thought here, Zhou Fu felt as if a knife was cutting her heart into pieces.

Wei Yi was speechless. Then, he comforted her: "Junior Sister Zhou, we need to attach the most importance to the bigger picture. Nothing would help to mend this matter even if we were to go. Junior Brother Qin had either escaped or…"

He did not know what more to say. Thus, he spoke to Zhao Muzhi: "Junior Brother Zhao, you are a smart man. If you cannot even see through this situation, how could you inherit your teacher’s mantle and bear the responsibility?"

Zhao Muzhi’s face showed a shameful expression. His lips trembled as he did not know what to say. His eyes had also become red. If it wasn’t due to the fact that a man should never shed tears easily, most likely, he would have already become tearful.

Wei Yi said with a tone that was filled with grief and rage: "Everyone, I, Wei Yi, vow that if Junior Brother Qin had truly encountered misfortune today, then for this grudge, it will be my duty to eliminate all the enemies in the future even if they are tens of thousands of miles away! Even if my body is torn and my bones crushed, I will do it. If I break this vow, let thousand of arrows pierce my heart!"

When he said here, Wei Yi glanced across each person’s face with a determined look: "However, for now, all of you must listen to me. We will retreat immediately! Regardless of how much sadness you hold in your hearts and how much you do not wish to leave, we must leave! Go!"

Zhou Fu could not help but cry miserably. She only ran forward after Wei Yi had pushed her lightly.

Hearing the tears from Zhou Fu, each other person felt as if a knife was cutting their heart into pieces. They remembered Qin Wushuang’s voice, appearance, and how he had only appeared half a year ago. However, there was the old saying of how "despite the short time they had gotten to know each other, it felt as if they had known each other for a long time."

For some people, even if they had a head full of white hair, they would not leave any impression.

However, for some others, it would be like they were old friends the first time they saw each other. It was as if they had a remarkable friendship from the past life as well.

In these few days, each of Qin Wushuang’s movements had left a deep mark on everyone. He had shocked them all.

His courage, his bravery, cleverness, guts, temperament and everything else…

All of his unique traits had left a deep impression in their hearts. They could not help but feel sad and mournful.

Especially Wei Yi who had matured after their fight. The doubts and grudge he’d had in the past had been swept away. Now, he was finally experiencing the responsibility being a Senior Brother.

Qin Wushuang had taught him a valuable lesson with his personality.

Justice was to be found everywhere, and death would not tear them apart…

At this moment, the nine people who were retreating at high speed suddenly heard a fierce sound of "Boom" as if the sky had collapsed and the earth had been rent.

Immediately after, a piercing shockwave rushed at them from behind and pushed their bodies directly into the air. Despite their strength, they had no ability to resist and could only fall forward under the effect of the impact of the shockwave.

Fortunately, the force was already reaching the end of its power when it had arrived here. Although it had pushed them down, it did not harm their bodies.

These nine-people stood up, their appearances in an embarrassing state, and looked back with a terrified expression. And, they saw something they would never forget in their lifetime!

Five spiritual lights shot out from the entire Green Jade Mountain into the sky.

These five spiritual lights were like the arrival of a celestial army that was cutting the Green Jade Mountain like cutting tofu. The Green Jade Mountain behind them had been cut into six pieces and continues to collapse to the side.

Mountain falls and the earth rent!

Truly, it was a disaster.

 "Go, go!" Wei Yi was the first one that reacted and shouted madly. The other eight had blanked out at the sight of this world-shaking scene.

They only regained their senses after hearing Wei Yi’s shouts. Thus, they rushed to escape without bothering to watch the show.

Inside that cave, that gold-robed man immediately grabbed the fence and observed the movements down the pit when he saw Qin Wushuang smash into the abyss. Apparently, he wanted to know whether this so-called transportation circle truly existed.

If a spiritual transportation circle existed, certainly, it would react to the spiritual Qi when someone fell in.

Everyone gathered around the fence and looked down.

 "Elder Lü, who is this kid?" One of the Elder could not help but ask.

"Who knows? But it seems that this kid is also in the Middle Stage. Ha ha, only he had no eyes and came in here to seek his own death. Sure, let’s use him as the test subject…"

Just as these five were staring at this natural pit with all their attention, suddenly beneath the pit, five waves of strange winds emerged with a "Whoosh whoosh whoosh" sound. It was as if five air vents had been opened inside the pit and five violent gales of wind were shooting out.

Just as these people were questioning what was happening, suddenly, five piercing lights shot out from the dense fog. These five rays of light carried an indestructible temperament and shattered all the fences into pieces as if these were celestial lights sent from the gods.

This strong impact sent all the elite warriors besides the fence rolling in one swing. Regardless of Middle Stage, Initial Stage or Pre-Sky Realm warriors, they were entangled by the five rolling rays of light. In one twist, they were thrown into a giant millstone and was grinded into pieces as blood and flesh flew everywhere!

The power of these five celestial rays of light was this powerful!

The few Middle Stage warriors who was bluffing earlier also turned into dust after getting thrown into the giant millstone.

Nothing could surpass these strange incidents of the world.

However, these five rays of light did not seem to stop here. Instantly, these lights had broken through the entire cave.

When the cave was broken through, the mountain stones shattered all around. These five rays of celestial lights jumped around, wreaking havoc like five vicious beasts without a collar.

Without any binding or repression, these lights rotated at a high speed and kept spreading out. It was as if five sharp god-like weapons were cutting the body of the Green Jade Mountain…

One could only hear the booming sound of the collapsing mountain. They entire Green Jade Mountain was like a weak scholar, without the strength to truss chicken, getting destroyed mercilessly.

The left and right side of that cave were the first part to be destroyed. Those martial artists who were camped in the place were shattered into crumbs before they even realized.

On the contrary, Qin Wushuang was moving forward at full speed, propelled by a strange wave of power, and he had no idea where he was going…

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