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Indeed, the level of that man in grey robes was higher than Wei Yi.

In the spacious and empty valley, Zhao Muzhi and the other four held their ground. However, they could not find any gaps and any opportunity to make a move.

The attack from the man in grey robes was as rapid as the rolling thunder. His weapon was a giant spear.

This giant spear was like an extension of the man in grey robe’s arm as he used it with extreme familiarity and ease. His attack frequency was fast and the most flexible that Wei Yi had ever seen.

To a genius like Wei Yi, under attack from this man, he was also in a dire circumstance and found it tough to defend.

The man in grey robes wielded this giant spear like a rolling poisonous dragon. Each time he stabbed the spear forward, it carried the biting cold presence of a violent storm. While rolling forward, the spear had a mighty sweeping force.

Although Wei Yi had a marvelous movements, he appeared frail with his Cicada Sword compared to that giant spear. While facing the heavy attacks from the man in grey robes, in their ten exchanges so far, Wei Yi had been defending and evading for nine of them. He could hardly use his sword temperament to launch an attack.

If his defense was water tight, it would not be a bad strategy to use a defensive strategy. The problem was, Wei Yi’s defense was not very well fortified.

Wei Yi’s strength was in his attacks, his body movements and his sword moves.

Regarding his defense, he was lesser than Qin Wushuang.


The tip of the spear trembled and brought out a couple of spiral spiritual pressure that spread out like a ripple. The red tassel at the tip of the spear rolled into a circle, revealing its gracefulness. Yet, it carried a piercing murderous intent, he sent it piercing toward Wei Yi’s chest.

Wei Yi did not confront it head on. He stepped backwards continuously and slashed out two sword moves in a criss-cross. The sword light congealed itself and he used it to protect all the fatal point on his body.

 "Hmph, let me see how long you can hold!"

Obviously, that man in grey robes was bold because of his skills as he did not fear the encirclement from Zhao Muzhi and the other four people. In his point of view, the only one that could pose a threat to him was this person wielding the sword.

He would not feel too much pressure even if the others were to attack altogether.

Inwardly, Wei Yi was also shocked: "The spear moves from this person is extremely tyrannical. Since I cannot take any of his moves, he has already suppressed my Spiritual pressure. In an Upper Sky battle, it will not be long before one loses the battle if the enemy suppress the other’s Spiritual Pressure. Regardless, I must counterattack!"

Wei Yi was confident that if he got a chance to counterattack, he would make this man in grey robe fall into a sorry state. Especially with the use of the passed down from his teacher, the power of this technique was no less than any moves from the enemy. It may even be more powerful than his technique.

Only, the attack from this man in grey robe was like the moving clouds and flowing water. With each spear after another, he chained the attacks in one breath without any pause. Although each spear move appeared casually thrown out, the attacks possessed tremendous power!

The use of this spear had forced Wei Yi on the defensive, unable to attack. Not to mention preventing him from organizing his attacks, accumulating his spiritual pressure and performing his best moves.

 "Second Senior Brother, the Senior Brother is not in a good situation. We should make a move!" Huang Chaoyan, the Third disciple from the line of the Head Palace Master was somewhat anxious.

Lu Shaonan, the Second disciple said calmly: "Third, don’t be hasty. If we go now recklessly, we would not only not help the Senior Brother, but affect him and become a burden."

 "Become a burden?" Huang Chaoyang could not understand as he asked, "Then when should we go up to help him?"

Lu Shaonan could not answer this question either as he sighed: "Their attacks and counter speed is too fast. With such powerful temperament, us Initial Stage warriors could not even help them. Most likely, we would be hit by the shockwaves and get knocked away as soon as we approach that area."

 "This way, us five are like decorations and cannot help at all?" Huang Chaoyang felt discontent.

 "Wait!" Inwardly, Lu Shaonan was also extremely anxious. However, he knew that too much concern would mess things up. They must keep their cool. Or else, beside causing unnecessary deaths, it would not help.

 "Wait until when?"

 "Wait until their Spiritual Qi and pressure diminishes." Although Lu Shaonan said these words, he was not feeling optimistic. With the tyrannical attacks from the enemy, they would most likely not wait until that point to use their trump cards.

At this moment, Zhao Muzhi and the others gathered.

With a solemn expression, Zhao Muzhi said in a low voice: "You two, Senior Brother Wei Yi is not in a good situation. For now, I have a suggestion, would you like to hear it?"

 "Please." Lu Shaonan said.

 "This person has a strong attacking power. Since it’s a battle between Middle Stage elite warriors, it’ll be hard for us to interrupt. However, if we don’t help, Wei Yi will surely suffer as the battle drags on. If we allow him to suffer a loss, all of us will also suffer. We cannot stand by and watch this situation happen."

"Do you have any suggestion?" Lu Shaonan asked.

 "I’ve a thought, the individual attack from any of us would not break through their Spiritual Pressure and be much of a threat to that man in grey robes. However, if the five of us combine our power to target one spot, we could fight on par with their temperament."

 "To launch a group attack?" Lu Shaonan nodded slowly, "We could try it. We still face the same dangerous risks. I see that this man in grey robes has fast reactions. If we don’t hit the target in one shot, he will retaliate against us. Most likely, none of us could defend against his spear power! Thus, even if we were to attack as a group, at least, we must make sure we can attack three to four times. Only this way, we can ensure that Senior Brother Wei Yi has some spare hands to perform the to finish attacking from both sides."

Once their plan of attacking from both sides is initiated, the attack temperament of this man in grey robe would be suppressed and he would go on the defensive. In that case, the side of the Stargaze Palace would save the situation.

Zhao Muzhi nodded with certainty: "Yes, then let’s do it. Remember, look at my hand signal, the timing of our joint attack will happen according to my hand gesture. This way, we can avoid a messy situation. If we attack at different frequencies, it would not form a substantive threat!"

Everyone nodded and agreed to this.

Once Zhao Muzhi waved his hand, the others all took out their weapons.

With the hand signal given by Zhao Muzhi, all five people waved their five weapons. They shot out a wave of Spiritual attack with the combination of their power through either the tip of the sword or blade. These five waves joined together and formed into a giant whirlpool like attack towards the back of that man in grey robes.

The combination of these five attacks possessed tremendous power. It broke through the Spiritual Pressure of those two and posed a fatal threat.

Initially, this man in grey robe was immersed in the battle rhythm and held the absolute advantage over Wei Yi. He didn’t expect that something was happening behind his back.

For this attack move, it got somewhat delayed as it was blocked by the Spiritual Pressure. This also gave the man in grey robes some time to react. With the awareness of an elite Upper Sky warrior, he felt the movements of the air current behind his back. Instantly, he shot out his spear and evaded to the left with a shout.

Suddenly, a piercing light shot from his eyes as he sneered: "Little mischievous fishes jumping around and annoying me. Let me squeeze these fishes and kill you, the big fish."

Indeed, this man in grey robe was powerful. He could take his leave after fighting Wei Yi. On the other hand, it was impossible for Wei Yi to withdraw.

Once the man in grey robe sent out his spear attack, naturally, Wei Yi would need to defend and could not care about his friends.

That man in grey robe sneered and his figure was already shooting towards Zhao Muzhi like a graceful arrow. Zhao Muzhi made hand signals once again and five attacks, with the mix of sword and blades slashed over carrying a piercing murderous intent.

The man in grey robe looked their attacks with disdain and he shouted, he shook the long spear and sent the formed attack rings to meet the Initial Stage disciples attacks.

Carrying a cold and piercing light, like a confrontation between 2 armies, he had used a bold forward momentum and penetrated the combined attack from Zhao Muzhi and the others.


The tremendous force from the spear was like a collapsing mountain and a hasty landslide, forcing the combination attack to disperse. Instantly, it had shattered into broken air waves and raised a ground of dust.

The scene of how their combined attacks had been shattered was beyond the expectations of Zhao Muzhi and the others. For a time, each of them were dumbstruck. Zhao Muzhi had a quicker reaction as he raised his hand…

Only, by the time they reacted, the man in grey robe had already arrived before them. He pointed with the long spear and sent out a wave of white light towards Zhao Muzhi, who was the closest, like lightning.

Currently, Zhao Muzhi had just finished one of his hand signals. When he saw this tyrannical attack roaring toward him, he felt as if his soul was about to scatter and shatter away. Instinctively, he used the Magistrate brush to protect his chest. Inwardly, he felt desperate as if he was already seeing the reaper reaching his hand out at him.

At this instant, Zhao Muzhi suddenly felt a wave of power from behind push his body.

This wave of power was extremely nimble and graceful. Like a paper blown by the light wind, Zhao Muzhi’s body flew to the side.


Almost at the same time, that attack from the man in grey robes hit the ground where Zhao Muzhi had just been standing. A giant hole about ten metres deep instantly appeared.

Dust went flying and a stream of air moved randomly that shocked the sky trembling.

Although those four other Core disciples around Zhao Muzhi had jumped away, they also felt their blood was surging up and down after getting shocked by that remains of the shockwave from attack. Their inner organs seemed to have been displaced and they almost spat out blood.

Especially that Miao Zhongxia who was had been nearest and had been impacted, he vomited out mouthful of blood.

However, the man in grey robe’s main target was Zhao Muzhi. He didn’t expect that Zhao Muzhi’s body would be dragged away like a kite.

He looked forward with a pair of vicious eyes.

After escaping from death, Zhao Muzhi’s face paled and cold sweat drenched his body. He could not utter a word for a moment.

 "Junior Brother Qin!"

Wei Yi had a pair of sharp eyes. For the first time, he realized it was Qin Wushuang as he laughed joyfully, "You are finally here!"

Like a shadow, Qin Wushuang’s figure seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. He stood about a meter away from the place where Zhao Muzhi was standing before and fixed his gaze at that man in grey robes.

Inwardly, that man in grey robe was moved: "Another Middle Stage warrior of the Spiritual Martial Force!"

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