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The Head Examiner was also surprised when he received the report: "Such a martial art student existed in this tiny River County? Have you investigated the background of that Qin Wushuang?"

"Mr. Head Examiner, Qin Wushuang came from a Humble Class Family in Eastwood Town of River County. He is an unconventional aristocratic child!" One of the subordinate handed him an information sheet.

"Since ancient times, all the geniuses came from the Humble Class. Unfortunately, most talents were destroyed by the selection process." The Head Examiner sighed repeatedly. Then, he ordered: "Since I've discovered this kind of talented person, I will not let him go! Go and pass my orders, Qin Wushuang's grade report will be kept confidential! For his final grade on this Martial Arts Student Exam, he will be graded at level seven."

"Mr. Head Examiner, since we are going to lift him, why not mark him at level nine? Besides, he has earned this grade," that subordinate asked carefully.

"Haha, this is just a trick. After all, he is a young man! If I graded him at level nine, I am afraid he will become overconfident, and that will not be good. Awarding him level seven will inspire him to practice more. If a jade is not cut and polished, it cannot be made into anything. Little Six, our Zhen Wu Holy Place needs this kind of young talent the most. Remember, pass on my words, you must keep it confidential and never let the news spread to the outside world. We have to prevent headhunters from the other countries!"

This Head Examiner held some power at Bai Yue Country's Zhen Wu Holy Place. He was someone that had an acute foresight.

"Yes! I will pass on your words immediately. To keep it strictly confidential!"

Qin Wushuang, who had finished the exam, walked out from the River Square. The father and the daughter of the Qin family who had been waiting outside quickly came forward and questioned him.

The parents of the martial art students that were waiting outside were all looking forward to their sons coming out as the best, so they could show off in front of everyone.

To their astonishment, the son of the Qin family had walked out first! A martial art student that had been kicked out by the martial arts academy. Had he already failed? Or else, what other reason would he have to have come out this early?

To clarify, it had been less than two hours since the start of the exam. It was far too early for someone to have finished all their tests.

The other onlookers were certain that he'd been expelled midway through the exam. Although three years ago, Qin Wushuang had killed Zhang Xian, it now seemed to like it had merely been a fluke.

Regardless, it would be impossible to pass the Martial Arts Student Exam in such short time! Almost everyone believed this.

"Qin Wushuang, how did the exam go?" Qin Xiu cared about her brother's future the most and asked urgently.

"It was okay. Sis, let's walk and talk."

"Haha, Lianshan, don't feel down. Although your son has already dropped out…" That Niu Da came over with his giant belly, and he spoke in a mocking tone as if the cat was weeping over the death of a mouse.

Qin Lianshan lightly sneered and ignored him. It was apparent that Qin Lianshan also felt that his son had come out way too early.

"Qin Wushuang, is our Niu Dou performing alright?" Niu Da knew very well of his son's strength. Before the exam, the whole family had expected Niu Dou to guarantee a spot at level five and to reach for level six.

"Eh, he was lagging half a lap behind in the running part. I don't know if he managed to catch up after." Qin Wushuang pretended to be confused.

"Nonsense! I know very well of our A'Dou's strength," Niu Fen, that pitiful child, scolded him. When he glanced at Qin Xiu, all the bones in his body immediately turned soft. (It means he quickly became gentle when he saw Qin Xiu)

An A'Dou and a Niu Fen. (In Chinese, these are stupid names for people) Qin Wushuang was impressed at Shopkeeper Niu's naming skills. What kind of stupid names were these!

He yawned to the sky, shrugged and curled his lips to mutter: "Believe it or don't believe it!"

As he stared at the back of Qin Lianshan's family of three, Niu Da snarled: "Jealousy! Xiao Fen, do you see it. This is pure jealousy!"

Zhang Maorui gloated: "Qin Lianshan was acting so arrogantly. He still hoped this unfortunate kid would help prop up his façade! After all, watery mud will never stick onto the wall."

To the side, a few other Prominent Class patriarchs all laughed as they went back to waiting for their children's test result.

Initially, Xu Sanli was resting with his eyes closed. Suddenly, he opened his eyelids lazily: "For four hundred years, the Qin family has existed in River County. Now, they are finished."

Even Xu Sanli thought that Qin Wushuang had dropped out during the midst of the exam. The thought that the son of the Qin family may have come out so quickly because he'd finished the exam early never even crossed his mind. Everyone knew about the contents of the tests in the Martial Arts Student Exam. It would take at least four to six hours for an adult at the peak of the Power Force to finish it.

Of course, Qin Wushuang never cared about how people gossiped behind his back. He pulled both his father and sister's hands and exclaimed: "Dad, Sis, let's go eat somewhere. Right now, there shouldn't be any business happening at any of the shops, so we will not be disturbed!"

"My dear little brother, hurry and tell me your test results!" Deep in her heart, Qin Xiu was very anxious when her brother had come out early. She had a bad feeling.

"Big Sister, don't be anxious. I have passed all four of the tests."

"You've passed all of them?" Qin Lianshan suddenly stopped and said in disbelief: " Wushuang, you... You are sure you have taken all the tests?"

"Of course! Father, I've not only passed, but I've also passed them on the most challenging difficulties. Right now, it will be up to the examiners to grade me, a Humble Class child." Qin Wushuang's tone was laden with meaning.

Next, he explained all the tests he'd gone through to his father and sister. Qin Lianshan had also participated in the Martial Arts Student Exam before. When he heard Qin Wushuang talking, he could not help but nod. When he heard the end of Wushuang's explanation, Qin Lianshan's face suddenly changed color: "Wushuang, you are saying that you destroyed all nine puppets in the puppet formation?"

In these four years, Qin Wushuang had won over Qin Lianshan with his training. However, a martial art student would never have the strength to destroy the puppets!

"That's right! The rules did not forbid it. I saw that the examiner also did not care and gave me a perfect score." Qin Wushuang could not understand why his father had reacted so strongly.

Qin Lianshan took a deep breath and glanced around. He pulled Qin Wushuang to a quiet corner and asked with a serious tone: "Wushuang, I have always believed in you since you were a child. But today, do you promise that you are not lying about any of the things you have said?"

"Father, let us compare our hand strength." Qin Wushuang knew it would take too much time to explain. It would be good enough to demonstrate his power so that his father would be convinced.

Initially, he had wanted to save the demonstration of his strength for the "Family Class Evaluation" to surprise his father. However, things didn't always go according to plan.

Both father and son held hands. Qin Lianshan slightly used his strength and wanted to unbalance his son. But it was as if a stone had dropped into the sea…

He continued to increase his strength. However, when he used seventy percent of his power, it still felt as if a stone had dropped into the sea…

"Father, I am going to use my strength now…" Qin Wushuang slightly moved his spiritual force and gently pulled Qin Lianshan's hand.

A Stage Three Genuine Force Warrior could KO two oxen with one punch. However, he'd lost his balance when his son had gently pulled him.

Qin Wushuang grabbed his father and steadied him. He smiled: "Father."

This time, Qin Lianshan was more than astonished. He was stunned on the spot and stood motionlessly for ten seconds. Suddenly, he clenched his fists and jumped a few meters into the air and yelled: "I, Qin Lianshan, have a great son!"

On the side of the road, all the passersby evaded them when they saw Qin Lianshan had suddenly turned crazy. They stared at Qin Lianshan with a strange look and wondered if his brain had malfunctioned as he was acting incredibly childishly.

Qin Lianshan was glowing with elation. He grabbed Qin Wushuang and Qin Xiu, saying to them: "Let's go. We are going to the best restaurant!"

This gentle, middle-aged man had always been good at suppressing his emotions. He rarely allowed his emotions to be exposed. However, this time, he could not conceal his excitement!

A moment ago, when he had been testing his strength against his son's, he had felt an unusual inner strength from his son. Inner strength belonged to mighty warriors in the Genuine Force! It felt unpredictable like the deep sea.

To clarify, his son was only sixteen years old. And Yet, he could already produce inner strength, and this inner strength was very powerful!

If he flipped through his family tree, he did not have any ancestors that had had such profound achievements!

In other words, his son had established a new record for the Qin family!

Now he understood why his son always appeared confident and collected. This kid had trained to such an extent without revealing anything!

Qin Xiu did not understand much about martial arts. She was almost an outsider. However, she also felt happy when she saw her father was happy. Along their way to the restaurant, she wept tears of joy. Since the time she became sensible, her father had always seemed solemn and depressed.

He rarely smiled, not to mention jumping for joy like today.

Naturally, this must be because of excellent news. Qin Xiu was smart, and she knew that her little brother must have achieved good grades on the exam, which was what had made her father this jubilant. When she thought back to all the times when her father had been worried and depressed over the family, Qin Xiu grieved and felt happy at the same time.

After all the food had arrived, Qin Lianshan filled the cups of his daughter and son. He smiled: "Xiu'er must also have a drink today."

"Yes." Usually, Qin Xiu never touched a single drop of alcohol. But today, her father's happiness had given her motivation and courage.

"To Wushuang's Martial Arts Student Exam, cheers!" With a sound of "Chi Liu," Qin Lianshan looked up, and the cup of alcohol went down his throat.

"Big Sister, you just drink slowly. I am going to crush a cup with our father!" As Qin Wushuang was affected by this happy atmosphere, he also gulped down his drink in an instant.

Qin Xiu wiped her tears, held the cup up and also drank it in one gulp. After she'd drank it, her delicate face immediately turned red.

"Good! Xiu'er should stop drinking. Father will drink another cup for your deceased mother!"

He looked up and drank another cup. Alcohol could make one feel happier, but Qin Lianshan had already reached the peak of happiness.

After another cup, Qin Wushuang immediately refilled it for his father. Qin Lianshan heroically lifted the cup again: "This cup is for our ancestors."

After three cups of the alcohol, Qin Lianshan finally put down the cup. As he laughed, his eyes twinkled as crystalline tears brimmed his eyes.

"Good little brother. Big Sis is going to drink another cup with you!" Tears also filled Qin Xiu's autumn-like eyes. After one drink, it helped her in releasing twenty years of depression.

"Sister…" Qin Xiu had already grabbed the alcohol pot before Qin Wushuang could say anything further. She refilled her cup and stuttered at Qin Lianshan and Qin Wushuang: "Father, Wushuang, drink!"

After this last cup, Qin Xiu had already fallen asleep on the table before she could even put down her cup. She became drunk with happiness.

Tears filled Qin Lianshan's eyes. He gestured at Qin Wushuang and whispered: "Wushuang, let your sister rest for a bit! These past years have been very hard for her. I was too busy taking care of the family that I almost forgot. My daughter, Qin Xiu, is already twenty-two years old!"

Qin Lianshan's voice was filled with guilt. Qin Wushuang could feel his father's emotion, and he was also touched. When he looked at his drunk sister who was sleeping on the table, guilt also filled his heart. That's right; Big Sister was already twenty-two years old. Most girls at her age already had children big enough to run errands. Regarding appearance, and familial loyalty, who would his sister lose to even if one searched the entire River County?

But, that "Demon" who hid in a corner like a ghost had tortured his big sister. He never gave her any peace and had not allowed his sister enjoy her time as a young lady!

Qin Wushuang was waiting. He was waiting for that so-called "Demon" to appear. He only wanted to do one thing, and that was to turn him into dust and ashes. Only this method could relieve a little bit of his hatred.

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