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Chapter 249: Middle Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force!

Outside the camp, each of the nine Core disciples of the Stargaze Palace were on full alert. Fifteen minutes ago, a long piercing whistle of extraordinary power was heard coming from deep within Green Jade Mountain.

Although they didn’t know the reason for this long whistle, they guessed that it did not represent something good.

Currently, there was two more hours until the first sun arrived. It was the last bit of darkness before the dawn and the time of the day in which one was most tired and distracted.

Especially Wei Yi who was in the outer perimeter, he did not dare to show the least bit of carelessness. As a Middle Stage Warrior, he could feel an invisible pressure from the long whistle.

If that someone could instill pressure on Wei Yi, he would also be, at least, a Middle Stage warrior! And his power would not be lower than his, he could even be stronger than him.

After all, Wei Yi was young. He only broke into the Middle Stage two or three years ago. On his mastery of the Middle Stage, he was still classified as a beginner and at a relatively weak stage.

Although he had Natural Spiritual Roots, the training in the Middle Stage was completely different to the Initial Stage. If he wanted to break through, he must train in the basics of all five elements. If his training in any of the five aspects showed signs of stagnation, it would drag the entire process of the training.

Thus, the difficulty level of the Middle Stage training was at least five times harder than the training of the Initial Stage.

Although it was tough to break into the Middle Stage from the Initial Stage, to break into the Advanced stage was even tougher.

Even to a Middle Ranking Empire like the Great Luo, there were only five Advanced Stage Warriors. They were all extremely powerful people in the Great Luo and became the five heads of the Stargaze Palace.

Suddenly, Wei Yi narrowed his eyes and stopped at a place before him. He shouted: "Stop, the person there!"

Next, Wei Yi felt inwardly shocked. He could feel that a wave of strong Spiritual pressure seemed to have released suddenly and was gushing towards him like the eruption of a sleeping volcano.

Wei Yi immediately urged his Spiritual Qi to resist against it.

When the Spiritual Qi clashed, they were sharply opposed to each other in which neither side was prepared to give an inch. They collided against each other and Wei Yi could not help but take a step back.

To that faintly discernible man who moved liked the wind, he only drifted onward like a wave of green smoke without faltering.

Inwardly, Wei Yi was shocked. He had lost ground when their Spiritual Qi had collided.

Immediately, he shouted: "Everyone be careful, a strong foe has come. Stay together!"

That person facing him slowly drifted over like smoke. He asked coldly: "Nice, Middle Stage warrior, let me ask you, did you kill my contract beast?"

Inwardly, Wei Yi was shocked, a contract beast? Could the War Beast killed by Junior Brother Qin have belonged to this person? A single War Beast had forced Junior Brother Qin into such an embarrassing state, then how much stronger would this owner be?

However, since the other party interrogated in such way, Wei Yi was not in a rush to deny. Instead, he asked in a low voice: "Did you kill the tens of thousands of people from the Purple Cloud Town?"

 "For those tiny individuals with no power, it’s no loss to kill one and not much of loss even if I killed one hundred thousand of them. Yes, I killed them." That man in grey robe laughed eerily and continued to approach.

Wei Yi did not dare to act indolently. He flicked his sleeve and already, he was holding the Cicada Sword and channeling his Spiritual pressure in preparation to attack. As long as this person entered his range, he would launch a fatal attack to slash the enemy down with his fast sword moves.


" Suddenly, the light lit in the eyes of the man in grey robe. He glanced around: "Nine people? There is one more that is hiding in the tent and won’t come out?"

Even at such far distance, he could sense Qin Wushuang’s Upper Sky presence that was continually flowing out. However, he did not know that Qin Wushuang was at the most crucial moment of his advancement into the Middle Stage.

In a flash, many thoughts raced through Wei Yi’s head. If he were to start the battle now, the impact from the strong Upper Sky presence would most likely influence Qin Wushuang’s breakthrough.

If he were to lure this person away, Wei Yi knew that his power was much weaker than this person. If he had the help with the Junior Brothers and Sister, perhaps, they could stabilize the battle.

Such a difficult choice, yet he knew there was no time for him to hesitate. There wasn’t much time left for him to decide. The opportunity may be lost in the blink of an eye.

When he thought here, suddenly a wave of majestic emotions emerged from Wei Yi’s heart. He had already made up his mind.

Immediately, he said in cold voice: "Mister, I killed your War Beast. You slaughtered many innocent lives from the Purple Cloud town, I also need to settle records with you for this. If you are a man, come with me!"

As Wei Yi said, he started to fly towards the hills to the left side.

When that man in grey robe heard him saying such words, a murderous intent glowed in his eyes as he said coldly: "I see, then bow down to your fate!"

After he had finished speaking, he followed Wei Yi with a twist of his body. When the man in grey robe saw there were nine people with Wei Yi,he was more or less somewhat cautious. Now, regardless of the reason Wei Yi had initiated to fight one-one-one, he had no reason to decline.

Zhou Fu immediately said: "Lu Shaonan and Hao Chaoyan, go and help Wei Yi, don’t let him suffer any loss. This person has extraordinary strength!"

Both Lu Shaonan and Huang Chaoyang came from the same faction as Wei Yi. Naturally, they cared more about him. Hearing Zhou Fu’s order, they nodded and followed.

 "Junior Brother Zhao Muzhi, bring Deng Bohu and Miao Zhongxia to aid him from the sides. We must not let Wei Yi suffer."

At such a crucial moment, Zhou Fu had assumed her responsibility as the Senior Sister. She knew that this person was a mighty enemy. With this person gone, at least, this area would not face any dangerous situation.

Zhao Muzhi did not dare to neglect as he nodded: "Yes!"

Zhou Fu instructed Lü Teng and Jian Rui from her line: "Junior Brothers, us three will be responsible for protecting Junior Brother Wushuang. If any enemies were to come, do you know what to do?"

 "Of course, we will fight with our lives, we must never allow the enemy to disturb Wushuang’s breakthrough!" Lü Teng pledged his life to show his stance. Inwardly, he had also become hot-blooded.

From Wei Yi’s performance a moment ago, he had seen the true friendship between the disciples of the Stargaze and Senior Brother Wei Yi’s noble character.

Although he had lost at the hands of Junior Brother Wushuang, Senior Brother Wei Yi had gone beyond his former hatred and created a good environment for Junior Brother Wushuang. He was taking a mortal risk to lure the enemy away.

It could be said that Wei Yi’s action a moment ago had not only convinced the disciples of the Green Cloud, he had also impressed disciples from the other three Palaces. With Wei Yi as the example, these smart people had instantly understood the responsibility of being a Core disciples and the meaning of training.

What were fellow disciples? It meant that they belonged to the same sect, they were existence that would carry the falling sky and fill the sinking earth if it were to happen!

Feeling touched, Zhou Fu murmured: "Senior Brother Wei Yi, you guys must take care."

Then, she looked at the tent and could not help but feel somewhat anxious inwardly: "I wonder when Junior Brother Wushuang is going to succeed in breaking through. That enemy is an elite warrior at the Middle Stage and even stronger than Senior Brother Wei Yi. Only when Wushuang finishes breaking through and work together with Wei Yi, perhaps, they could kill this person!"

She raised her head to look toward the east. The last trace of darkness before the dawn seemed extremely long. Today’s rising sun seemed to be unwilling to stick its head out.

The current Qin Wushuang had arrived at a crucial moment in his breakthrough. He had slowly exhaled that mouthful of turbid vitality energy from the rich Spiritual Qi.

This mouthful of turbid energy was the most essential one that one must excrete to advance into the Middle Stage. After exhaling out this breath of turbid energy, it meant that he would have successfully passed the threshold!

Qin Wushuang slowly spat it out. Under his guidance, that wave of warm current slowly reached the peak. As long as this wave of warm current reached the peak, he would have gotten rid of this mouthful of turbid energy completely and would have broken through completely!

Only, this peak state was like that rising sun in the winter days. It left people waiting impatiently. Qin Wushuang had become completely selfless and was preparing for the last round.

Currently, he had no idea what was going on in the outside world and had no time to care about it.

He only had one thought in his mind. He would exhale this mouthful of turbid air and break through the last traces of binding of the Initial Stage in order to finish his ascension into the Middle Stage!


Under the expectation of Zhou Fu and the others, from the east side, the red rising sun had finally peaked half of its head over the marble colour of the dawn sky! The rising sun from the east marked that a brand new day had finally arrived. The morning rays of light had awakened the entire earth, the deep sleep of the night and brought forth a brand new vitality.

Qin Wushuang who was in the tent seemed to have been stirred by this rising sun. Suddenly, that wave of warm current rushed forward as if a marvelous energy born from the body had met its destiny!


He sprayed out this mouthful of turbid energy. Like a sharp blade, this turbid energy shot out of the tent with tremendous force.

Qin Wushuang’s eyes was filled with a shining light. He stood up, radiant with light of health and vigor. His entire person was immersed with an aura of one turning over a new leaf!

He stepped out of the tent in large strides and Zhou Fu and the others immediately came up to him.

 "Junior Brother Wushuang, you have broken through?" Zhou Fu was the first one that asked, her expression was filled with concern and care.

 "Senior Sister, yes!" Qin Wushuang also had a trace of joy. He looked around and asked doubtfully, "Where are the others?"

Zhou Fu immediately explained the situation from last night and did not forget to add with gratification: "Senior Brother Wei Yi is wise. In the most crucial moment, he did not get consumed by the internal strife between the Palaces and had lured that strong foe away. Junior Brother Wushuang, this is also the charm from your personality."

Qin Wushuang’s eyes flickered. He also felt extremely touched as he said: "Let’s go take a look this instant, we must not let Senior Brother Wei Yi suffer!"

"Yes, let’s go." Zhou Fu called, "We all need to go."

A group of four people rushed towards the previous path taken by Wei Yi and quickly chased after the trail left behind. Inwardly, Qin Wushuang felt extremely warm. Although they were in the middle of winter, Wei Yi’s actions had showcased the invisible bond between fellow disciples and allowed him to experience the warmth on top of the competition.

Only such a sect would deserve the name of being the Number One disciples of the Great Luo!

Inwardly, the good feeling and a sense of belonging had further increased inside Qin Wushuang’s heart. He also came to a deeper realization of the type of responsibility that was connected with him!

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