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Chapter 243: Separating into Three Routes

After acquiring the white sable, finally, Qin Wushuang felt relieved. With this white sable, he had a native beast speaker as his teacher to learn the .

After resting for two days, Qin Wushuang adjusted his state while making plans for this investigation.

For the remaining time, he used it to learn the beast language. With this ideal teacher, Qin Wushuang had also developed a strong interest in learning the language.

Qin Wushuang felt that it was an exceptional skill. If he could grasp all the knowledge from the , he would have a much greater advantages than others.

In the blink of an eye, the two days of rest had passed.

On the third day of the Lunar new year, the ten Core disciples gathered together to hear the final instructions from the Head Palace Master.

The Head Palace Master said with a serious tone: "I will not speak any more. I only hope you all achieve great success."

Tan Zhongchi also said: "Regardless of anything, do not bring shame to the reputation of the Stargaze Palace. You must never damage the pride of the Great Luo Empire. This is the rule of the Tian Xuan Land, protect your homeland with all you have. If someone has invaded your land, you must contend with them to the end! That Green Jade Mountain is our land. If other countries covet it, we have no choice but to cast them out!"

Regarding this problem, the opinion from the five Palace Masters were unanimous. No matter how much they competed internally, they were united when facing foreign enemies.

The Head Palace Master nodded and asked as he looked at Qin Wushuang: "Do you have any questions?"

Those disciples had all put on a determined look. Apparently, they had prepared to face the situation and was ready to depart to the Green Jade Mountain at any moment.

However, Qin Wushuang said: "Head Palace Master, I thought that since we are going to investigate, we should do it in secret in the beginning. It would be easier to covertly investigate and avoid inadvertently scaring the snakes."

Zhuo Buqun, the Head Palace Master nodded: "Yes, that should be the case. Qin Wushuang, you are the leader, do you have a plan?"

Qin Wushuang did not conceal his thoughts: "I’ve thought about it during these two days and have come up with a plan. This time when we go to the Green Jade Mountain to investigate, we might not be able to come back in just a day or two if the matter is truly related to the Heavenly Lake Empire. Thus, I feel ten people together would attract too much attention. The ten of us should divide into three groups. We will head to the Ba Shu Country by three different routes. Everyone will assemble at the Purple Cloud Town that is hundred miles behind the Green Jade Mountain, and near the border of the Ba Shu Country. That Purple Cloud Town governs many villages. Those villages are too remote and located deep inside the Green Jade Mountain. They are not suitable as a place to regroup. Thus, three groups should investigate along the way and find any traces of evidence. After ten days, we will regroup at the Purple Cloud town."

Zhuo Buqun only smiled and looked at the other Core disciples. He wanted to hear whether they had any suggestions.

Suddenly, Wei Yi said: "I feel that Junior Brother Qin’s suggestion is well thought out. If all ten people travel together, not to mention the infighting, it’s highly possible we might lose the culprit and the real evidence."

However, Zhou Fu said: "Wushuang, how do we divide the groups?"

Qin Wushuagn said: "We should divide the groups into disciples of the same faction because we know each other best. We would act with mutual understanding. The disciples of the Green Cloud Palace will form one group, Senior Brother Wei Yi will group with Lu Shaonan and Huang Chaoyang, Senior Brother Zhao Muzhi, Deng Bohu and Miao Zhongxia would be another group. Any objections?"

Naturally, the disciples of the Green Cloud Palace

would not have any objections. With disciples of the same faction travel together, they would not have any restraints and have a much more better understanding of each other.

Wei Yi also nodded: "I think it’ll work."

When Zhao Muzhi saw that everyone was looking at him, he laughed: "Why are you all looking at me? As if I am the troublemaker. If everyone does not object, I will follow the arrangements. Indeed, three groups would make things easier. Junior Brother Qin, Wei Yi, how about this, let’s make a bet. Let’s see which group would arrive the quickest and discover the most evidence?"

Wei Yi laughed: "It’s rare for you to have such refined and elegant attitude of the mind, of course I will go along."

Qin Wuhsuang said: "Sure, let’s make a bet and it will also help everyone to travel faster. Ok, there’s no time to lose, let’s depart now."

Zhuo Buqun, the Head Palace Master said: "Hold on."

All ten disciples stopped moving. With a face full of smiles, the Head Palace Master said to one of the Shakyamuni who was standing on the side: "Shakyamuni Thousand Changes, could you lend each one of them an emulated mask?"

That Shakyamuni laughed: "Sure, sure."

Instantly, as if playing magic tricks, his hands flashed and from his sleeve, a stack of masks as thin as the wings of a cicada appeared. He handed them to the Head Palace Master and said: "Head Palace Master, these are super thin masks. Once worn, the appearance will undergo unbelievable changes. And no outsiders would able to see the flaws."

The Head Palace Maser gave one to each of them and instructed: "Since you are going to move in secret, then we should fully commit to it. Hiding your appearances will make things much easier."

When Qin Wushuang and the others took the masks, they all felt joyful inwardly. With this mask, it would make their tasks much easier.

They could just hide their identities when the time came.

After the ten Core disciples left the Stargaze Palace, they started to depart in three directions.

After a few hours, suddenly, Zhou Fu asked with a playful smile: "Junior Brother Wushuang, how do you feel being the leader?"

Qin Wushuang smiled: "Should I pass it to you so you can experience it?"

Immediately, Zhou Fu’s face revealed an expression of refusal: "Thank you, I choose to remain a follower. I am not willing be the leader. By the way, Junior Brother Wushuang, do you have any precise thoughts about our task?"

 "We should act according to the situation. I have analyzed the terrain of that Green Jade Mountain. The entire mountain range is located on one side of the Great Luo Empire. It is an extremely vast mountain range and have many routes of entry. Those Herbalist disciples should not have entered the Green Jade Mountain from one route. This has increased the difficulty of our task. We should regroup at the Purple Cloud Town. This town is one of the biggest herb centers in the Great Lou Empire and extremely prosperous. We should find more information when we go there to investigate."

Qin Wushuang had done some analysis and had some ideas. However, it was not enough to talk about the details. After all, those Herbalist disciples had been gone from the Stargaze Palace for over a year. The only thing they could do was to find evidence. Without evidence, any talk of plans would be military tactics on paper."

The Ba Shu Country was located to the west of the Bai Yue. This country was also connected with the West Chu. Among all the Subordinate Countries within the Great Luo Empire, this country was in a remote place.

On the south west of the Ba Shu Country, there was the Green Jade Mountain and the most famous mountain with an abundance of herb resources. Regardless of normal or spiritual herbs, the Green Jade Mountain had a vast store. Because of this fact, the Heavenly Lake Empire coveted this mountain.

On the west side of the Green Jade Mountain, a portion of its land extended to the border of the Heavenly Lake Empire. Thus, they claimed that the Heavenly Lake Empire should also have the authorization over it.

However, historically, the Green Jade Mountain had always been drawn within the map of the Ba Shu, and belonged to the Great Luo Empire. Both empires have never had a friendly relationship from the start as well.

Thus, this Green Jade Mountain had always been a hidden fuse. Although the two empires had never gotten into any major conflicts, they have gotten into spitting matches regarding the ownership of this Green Jade Mountain.

Precisely, the Green Jade Mountain did not belong to the land of the two empires. It belongs to the land of a Subordinate Country.

However, since the mountain produce rich herbs, it’s value had risen like a tide. The desire to fight over it had become even more intense.

Qin Wushuang knew that usually, both sides would have their own saying regarding the question of the authority. Both sides claimed they were right.

For hundreds of years, the Green Jade Mountain had been in the territory of the Ba Shu Country, without doubt, the Great Luo Empire held a more powerful position regarding the authority.

The Heavenly Lake Empire preyed on the resources, and they had revealed their intentions to fight over it. The ambition of the wolves was apparent.

Qin Wushuang was not unfamiliar with the Heavenly Lake Empire. Initially, after he had killed Li Wuji, a hidden spy from the Heavenly Lake Empire had tried to recruit him at the Qin manor. If he didn’t have his own principals, most likely, he would have been tempted by the splendor of wealth promised by the Heavenly Lake Empire.

Fortunately, Qin Wushuang did not act with hot-headed and was not interested in the material wealth of the secular world. He had refused that person from the Heavenly Lake Empire with stern words.

 "Senior Sister, and two Senior Brothers, we should act with a low-profile along the way and suppress our Upper Sky Spiritual Qi. The Heavenly Lake Empire has undoubtedly planted many spies in the Great Luo. If we show off too much, those spies might catch on, which will affect our plan."

Qin Wushuang still had some concerns when he remembered that spy from the Heavenly Lake Empire. The existence of this group to the Great Luo would definitely pose a potential threat.

If these spies caught the news of the investigation led by Qin Wushuang, most likely, not only would the plan be rendered useless, they would also risk an ambush if the enemies correctly predicted their routes.

Thus, Qin Wushuang’s group acted with much caution.

All four of them dressed in the clothes of ordinary Herbalist disciples. They rode the horses and rushed towards the Purple Cloud Town.

Initially, to go to the Ba Shu Country, passing through the Bai Yue Country would be a short cut. Along the way, he could have gone to visit his home at the Eastwood Town. However, Qin Wushuang did not do it.

He knew that for this matter, the more low-profiled they were, the less trouble they would face. Any accidents or unexpected events would pose a great threat to the plan.

After they had entered the Ba Shu, their travels were smooth on the east side. As they went on to the west, there were many questions at each pass.

Gradually, Qin Wushuang judged that something must have happened within the Ba Shu country from the information he had heard along the way. Or else, a country would not panic at the slightest move and place checkpoints at every pass as it would be unfavorable to transportation.

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