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Chapter 233: The Power of a Middle Stage warrior

Wei Yi, this Senior Brother that appeared as a kind and polite person, he did not disguise his true self this time. He had initiated all the power as soon as he made the move. It was as if he had dug a giant hole to make Qin Wushuang fall in.

 "Tsk tsk, so strong! No wonder Senior Brother Wei Yi is an elite warrior at the Middle Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force. Just this temperament, who amongst the younger generation could beat him?"

 "Yes, I didn’t know that our Wei Yi would also show such an extraordinary face when he reveals his fang."

Waves of towering Qi pushed the entire martial arts stage to the tip of the tide. And Wei Yi seemed to be the dragon within that rolling sea,standing within the tempest without any effort.

The Stargaze Palace disciples watching the show from offstage all felt waves of suffocating pressure attacking them. Of course, they cared about how Qin Wushuang would deal with it as he stood right before this wave.

Strangely, Qin Wushuang stood unmoving. Regardless of how much Wei Yi unleashed his temperament, he stood at the original place as towering as a legendary stabilizing needle.

Wei Yi’s suffocating temperament did not cause Qin Wushuang to lose his stance. It was because from this distance, Wei Yi’s Qi could not beat Qin Wushuang before he made a move.

For this battle, without a doubt, Qin Wushuang knew that he had the disadvantage.

He would not confront Wei Yi head on. He must unleash the limit of his power within the tiniest space. He must adjust his best state to the moment when Wei Yi dropped his temperament. Only this way, could he fight with him.

He must admit that regarding the Upper Sky stages, Wei Yi did deserve to be at the Middle Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force. Although he could not feel the same destructive power he had felt from the Old Devil Ji Yin, he was almost on par with him regarding the pureness of the Spiritual Qi.

Currently, in the eyes of those bystanders, Qin Wushuang was like a lonely ship in the vast sea. He was in an extremely dangerous and difficult situation.

Wei Yi was not in a rush to make a move. His idea was to use his temperament of the Upper Sky stage to suppress Qin Wushuang. He would force him to admit defeat.

Didn’t his teacher speak about how Qin Wushuang was exceptional over the stage? Wei Yi wanted to prove to his teacher that before his stage, Qin Wushuang’s power was not worth mentioning!

Only, since Wei Yi thought this way, it meant that he had not grasped his teacher’s reminders at all. The stage Zhuo Buqun had talked about did not just mean the simple Upper Sky stage. It was supposed to be the stage on the microscopic scale.

And Wei Yi had interpreted this stage as the Upper Sky. Thus, he had misunderstood Zhuo Buqun’s words.

After misinterpreting his intention, he had fallen into a misconception.

Zhuo Buqun, who was watching from the stage, sighed when he saw Wei Yi’s action. He knew that after all, this disciple did not take his words to heart.

Naturally, Qin Wushuang didn’t know that Wei Yi was having these complicated thoughts. He thought simply that Wei Yi had done it since he wanted him to surrender under the pressure of his temperament and to admit defeat before battle.

Only, Qin Wushuang who had gotten used to seeing important scenes. He had went through a few battles with those Subordinate Countries, of course, he was skilled at his job in dealing with such situations.

From the emergence of the Qi that came out of the Spiritual Formation to the lasting pressure, it was no less than Wei Yi’s suppression. However, Qin Wushuang did not fear and still appeared as light as a breath of the spring wind.

Naturally, it was impossible for Wei Yi to suppress him with temperament alone.

Suddenly, Qin Wushuang moved his brows and next, his throat trembled and a wave of Spiritual Qi gushed out from the chest

: "Ha!"

This roar concentrated wave of Spiritual Qi into a sound wave as sharp as the knife. It shot out and appeared to be the "Lion’s Roar".

This roar seemed to be like an explosion of the spring thunder as it shattered the silence of the cold winter. The power had blown away all the endless haze in the sky.

Instantly, Wei Yi’s hard earned temperament attack was shattered by this "Lion’s Roar." With a thunderous noise, his Qi was swept away.

This roar arrived suddenly. It was as if had been let out right beside his ear and directly shocked his internal organs. Even Wei Yi, who had built such big momentum could not help but feel his heartbeat quicken!

Wei Yi’s expression changed slightly. Finally, he understood that this Qin Wushuang was extraordinary. The momentum he had built with hard work could be said to be strong enough that no one from the younger generation of the Stargaze Palace could bear it. All of them had no choice but to obey his command.

However, this Qin Wushuang would not take it. A roar out of nowhere had actually broken the pressure built from his temperament!

He sneered and nodded to say: "Nice, Junior Brother Qin, it seems that I have underestimated you!"

As soon as his words dropped, he suddenly moved his arms. He pushed forward with the right palm and he shot out Qi from the centre of the palm. In a roll, like an inescapable net, it whistled towards Qin Wushuang.

For a time, sand and stones flew in the air and the sky darkened.

The power of this one palm attack had such power. Even Qin Wushuang, who had fought with many elite Upper Sky warriors, he could not help to draw a sharp breath when he saw Wei Yi’s one palm exude such tremendous power.

He did not dare to act slow and moved quickly with the to not avoid touching even an inch of this attack.

One could say that Wei Yi’s palm attack had almost covered all the corners of the entire martial arts stage. Even so, Qin Wushuang’s feet seemed to have grown eyes. He could always find the best footholds to evade Wei Yi’s power coverage.

It was like a jar filled with stone. On the surface, it seemed to be full. However, in between the stones, there would always be some gaps.

And these little gaps were Qin Wushuang’s only moving area.

Qin Wushuang felt extremely excited. Finally, he had met an opponent that he must remain one hundred and twenty percent focused. This opponent had the extreme power that could threaten his life at any moment.

The more it went on, the more Qin Wushuang felt excited.

Like a celestial dragon, Wei Yi’s figure moved left and right at high speed. All the bystanders who were watching were speechless at his speed.

Indeed, a capable person would know everything. This Senior Brother Wei Yi’s movement technique was also nimble and quick. He came and went like the wind as he travelled through the martial arts stage.

The entire martial arts stage seemed to have become his own performance stage. And the tremendous momentum he had built from the palm attack had become the only background of this stage.

And Qin Wushuang seemed to be a wave of scenery that pass by occasionally and appeared graceful and lithe.

Now, everyone in the audience beneath the stage held their breath. However, their inner emotions were expressed exactly through their expression.

There was nervousness, excitement, eagerness, joy, worry, expectation…

All different emotions were visibly written on their faces . People that had good vision could see that Wei Yi had indeed used his true power as he had promised. They would not know whether he had used all his power. At least, Wei Yi was treating this battle seriously.

In the past battles, he had never treated them seriously. Just by looking at Wei Yi’s serious expression alone, they knew that he also wanted to finish this battle quickly and beat Qin Wushuang.

Many pessimistic disciples felt sad for Qin Wushuang as they watched him jump between the gaps in the attack. They felt that judging from his actions, he would not hold on much longer. Usually, during an Upper Sky battle, when the opponent had the upper hand regarding the temperament, they would control the battle and the tempo.

In such a battle, one had never heard of one not failing in it.

However, Qin Wushuang’s performance was like those undying cockroaches. Those people who was in a rush to see him lose were left disappointed.

Wei Yi’s temperament was strong and his attack power was at the peak. Regardless of his movement techniques or the power from his palm, he had unleashed close to his full power. Although, he had not use some of his trump cards, he still could not take down Qin Wushuang. Even he felt somewhat astonished.

Previously, he had watched some of Qin Wushuang’s battles and knew that he was a master at controlling tempo. However, to him, it did not matter.

With the difference in the stages of the Spiritual Qi, Wei Yi was not worried that Qin Wushuang would control the tempo. While facing the difference of absolute power, Qin Wushuang would not be able to unleash his technique to control the tempo!

Indeed, things were proceeding as Wei Yi had predicted. He had controlled the tempo with stability. Qin Wushuang didn’t even dare to think about competing in tempo with him.

From the beginning to end, Qin Wushuang had always been on the defensive and constantly evading him.

He didn’t even plan to draw out the sword from his back nor the soft whip wrapped on his waist.

In other words, Qin Wushuang had given up control of the tempo. It seemed that to not get hit by Wei Yi and get beaten off the stage was his biggest goal.

On the contrary, Qin Wushuang enjoyed it. No one knew that although he appeared in a sorry state, the truth was that—He was enjoying it.

He discovered that while Wei Yi controlled the tempo, Wei Yi’s spiritual Qi covered the entire martial arts stage. The pure and rich Qi did not spread outside of the stage.

To Qin Wushuang who excelled in using the to absorb the Qi, it was a feast. He had opened all the pores from his body and absorbed the Spiritual Qi with greed. He used the two thumbs of the both hands to absorb the Qi through the Young Shang Acupoint, follow by the travel path of the Deep North Pool into his sea of internal Qi.

Although the pureness of the Qi was incomparable to the Qi drawn out directly since it had touched the air, there would still be benefits to absorbing it.

He would not fear its impurity. During the merging process, he would naturally filter the impurities and merge the best parts into his own body. 

If Wei Yi knew about the truth behind the battle situation he had created through hard work, he would most likely vomit blood due to extreme anger.

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